From the Forum – Suggestions to move (central) air conditioning unit about 12 inches?

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Suggestions to move air conditioning unit about 12 inches?

“Does anyone have suggestions (DIY or contractor) to move an air conditioning unit about one foot? We’re installing a rain barrel, and the ac unit needs to be moved over just a tad. We’re hoping it won’t cost hundreds of dollars to do, but if that’s the only choice, so be it. We’re already committed to moving forward as we installed a downspout. Thanks for any ideas!”

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  • We have used Millenium HVAC and found them to be very reliable. Sergio Dejesus. 301.674-7688.

  • It would be much simpler to just run a downspout extension to wherever your rain barrel can sit. Moving your AC for a rain barrel is like trading in your car every time the ashtray is full. Just doesn’t make much sense. I can’t imagine this costing you anything less than 600-700 bucks.

    They are going to have to come, drain your refrigerant, likely extend the new copper refrigerant lines and then recharge your entire system. Thats “if” you have sufficient slack in your electrical feeds where you don’t have to extend those too.

  • gotryit

    I assume you’re talking about the outdoor unit only? The connections to those are usually flexible enough that you can move the unit. You just need to think about where the lines are coming from so that you’re not stretching them too far.
    There are usually three components: the refrigerant line, which is usually 1/2″ (or 3/4″) flexible copper covered by some insulation (I’ve usually seen black foam-like wrap). If you need to cut / lengthen this pipe (or if you break it), call a professional and expect to pay a few thousand (more if its an older unit with the outdated coolant). It’s also the least flexible of the bunch. The other lines are usually electrical power and thermostat / control driven, and should be more flexible. If you need to move / lengthen the electrical line, that is doable as DIY or shouldn’t be too expensive for an electrician to do.
    If you do move it yourself, I recommend moving it slowly and avoid stressing the joints in the flexible copper line.

    • Agree with everything here. the electrical line is probably “easy” to do, but messing with the copper lines is going to be a headache, IMHO.

      (I do all my own home repairs, including putting in a new electric line to a garage with a 60-amp sub panel. I, however, wouldn’t risk f’ing up the copper coolant line to my A/C unit by moving it.)

      By the way, is there a cement pad where you want to move it to? Or is it just on one of the plastic pieces, which would move with it?

  • I concur with the above — get a flexible rainspot — done. Or if you are particularly keen on keeping a straight drop — procure a thinner A/C

  • this is not going to be cheap. definitely move the rain barrel.

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