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Photo by PoPville flickr user Lauren PM

Building lighting codes:

“A new condo went up right behind out building. Our bedroom faces the back of the condo and it has just put up lights facing the alley between our building and theirs that shine straight into our bedroom, despite the streetlight already up in the alley. I realize this is private property but are there any building codes that limit these things? It seems really excessive considering that there was already a streetlight and I’m wondering how far their lights can really extend off of their own property.”

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  • In case the OP didn’t see my comment on the Forum post: I don’t know what the codes are, but have you tried talking to the new owners to see if they can change the direction of the light? They may not know that it is going straight into your bedroom. There may be a way to face the light more downwards towards the alley or parking pad (if they have one) that meets the condo’s needs and doesn’t hit your windows.

  • Beautiful photograph.

  • The latest DC codes address light trespass as part of the Green Building Code; however, this building was likely permitted under an earlier code. Also, it’s hard to say from the description whether it does violate the current code

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