24 Hour Surfside opening in Dupont hoping for “the end of September”

1800 N Street, NW just west of Connecticut Ave

Good news for those who’ve been excited about the 24 hour Surfside coming to Dupont – I’m told they are hoping to open by “the end of September”! Stay tuned for an exact date.

Looking east towards STK and Connecticut Ave

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  • WOW, for them to be open by “the end of September” is damn optimistic.

  • South of Dupont Circle? They will probably open 24-hours and then abandon that except for weekends or less.

    • Yeah, that seems to be the trend. Starts out 24 hrs for a couple months and then cuts down the hours when business doesn’t justify it. At least now everybody knows that’s going to be the case now.

      In the heady days of the Obama inauguration/”DC is the New NYC” era (late ’08 to early ’10), these 24 hours openings generated all sorts of buzz and excitement.

      • Yep. Because the bars close fairly early here, and the majority of people are 9-to-5ers, DC is not a 24-hour type of city.

  • In some what related news, does anyone know why Moby Dick across the street ended their late night hours?

  • If it’s open 24 hours, maybe the night shift would do food prep for the food truck?

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