Video in Support of Half Street Market proposed for near Nationals Park in Navy Yard

This would be awesome. The building hoped for Half Street Market is located at 49 L Street, SE near Nats Park. Their website says:

“The Half Street Market is a re-use concept for an existing GSA property in Southeast, Washington, DC that will provide the neighborhood and city with a public venue for a food market, restaurant, and flexible community space.”

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  • i’m curious how this will work out with the hotel that’s planned directly in front of it on M:

    • David Garber

      Bill — the hotel planned at M and Half SE is on a separate parcel/address (Half Street Market on back half of the block and hotel on the front half). The “market” parcel and use is not dependent on an M Street frontage or taking up the entire block.

      • hi david, thanks for your response– i realize that this is on the back half, i’m just wondering what sort of requirements the hotel required when they agreed to build that would effect anything that goes in the market parcel. like are there requirements that the market parcel remain a single story, etc. bll

  • This would be perfect for that space. With so little authentic industrial architecture in DC, I’ve been really worried this interesting building would get replaced by another bland box. This gives me hope. It would fit well with the overall industrial-chic motif they’re going for in Navy Yard.

  • This would indeed be awesome; hope they can make it happen.

  • Accountering

    GSA is going to put this thing to its highest and best use. That means whatever is going to pay the most. As unfortunate as it is, this project is not that. GSA knows that the republicans are watching everything they do, and can you imagine how much flack GSA would get for selling this building to a non-high bidder? I can see the republican talking points already.

    • jim_ed

      Yep, especially for this property considering the Republicans held a hearing inside this very property to chastise GSA for having unused properties. Everyone’s favorite congressman John Mica was there and referred to DC residents as children, because he’s a racist, smug, clown of a little man.

      • David Garber

        I agree that it’s more difficult to imagine the feds just giving the property away — although doing so for a community use *is* sometimes part of their vacant property disposition programming. More likely is DC government agreeing to purchase the building, then selling the property and air rights to a private developer to help pay for it, with the requirement that the ground floor be preserved and remain in market/community use.

        • jim_ed

          I hate to play the pessimist, but I see that as unlikely since GSA would likely require DC to pay full-market value for the land, and then DC would either A) Have to sell it at a sweetheart rate and take a bath on it because no developer is going to pay full freight and be dictated to on how to use their ground floor retail or B) Sit on the land until everything else around it is developed and the land is at a premium, which is 10+ years out at minimum.

          That said, there are plenty of creative ways to get around all of this, but I wouldn’t hold my breath that it happens anytime in the near future.

      • Accountering

        I hate to use a +1, but yeah, I agree with the above.

  • How about the big hole at Half and N, that’s been sitting there without any activity for the last seven years? It would be really nice to see something get built there sometime. Especially if the All-Star Game is coming in a few years, as is rumored.

  • I love the name “Half Street Market” and for that matter “Half Street” itself, so I hope this happens. (There’s an even cooler name, 9 1/2 Street, off U NW, but I doubt there’s any possibility of a market with that name.)

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