Union Market News – Panorama Bakery and a Toki Underground Breakfast Pop Up

1309 5th Street, NE

Thanks to @vplus for tweeting us:

Panorama Bakery

“new “Panorama Bakery” at @UnionMarketDC going in..”


@vplus also notes that it looks like a Toki Underground stall is coming to Union Market:

“what about @TokiUnderground new space at @UnionMarketDC ? Looks like it. it’s next to the butcher in the back corner”

Union Market’s website says:

“Toki Underground, the acclaimed Ramen and dumpling house from H Street Corridor will be at Union Market serving street food breakfast. Toki will run from 8 a.m. until it is sold out, Tuesday-Saturday.”

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  • I’m confused. Is the Toki pop up moving locations within Union Market? It has been there for quite some time. It’s across from Takorean.

    • Yes, moving around the corner from their old space (which will be the bakery).

      Unfortunately, Toki is planning to switch to sandwiches & buns, and will no longer serve ramen & soup. Still all tasty though of course!

      • Thanks for clarifying. Odd timing for Toki to switch from soup to sandwiches considering summer is coming to a close and people will be craving soup when the weather turns.

  • +100 to Panorama. They have some of the best baguettes in town, bar Breadfurst. Loic Feillet is an awesome baker. Cowgirl Creamery carried his baguettes for the most part and I would go out of the way to pick them up. IMO, they are better than those found in most places and bakeries, including Lyon.

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