TruOrleans Transformation into Driftwood Kitchen nearly Complete on H Street

400 H Street, NE

Thanks to a reader for sending:

“The new restaurant opening up in the former True Orleans space is called Driftwood Kitchen.
A little birdy told me it’ll be American style cuisine with a Mediterranean influence. My guess is that it’ll open sometime in late August.

Also, a new Lebanese place [Micho’s Lebanese Grill] just opened on the corner of 5th and H Street NE.”

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  • can anyone translate the arabic letters hidden in the “D”?

  • justinbc

    Damnit, I was hoping they would auction off all that ironwork!

  • The owners of Le Diplomate missed an opportunity here. yhis could have easily been Le Diplomate East. No other building on H street has this outside character.

    • justinbc

      It sounds like the same ownership group still had a current lease there, which is why they didn’t get kicked out for someone else to take it.

      • Is it the same owner as Tru Orleans? If so, I hope they get their act together. I really have little to no faith in that ownership.

        • justinbc

          The same guy yes, but I think they changed the ownership %’s or something? I forget the details. A lot of people were pissed that the same failures of before would likely just continue here.

          • Not same ownership, new concept from new people that have no prior relationship with owner of building lease. If driftwood fails it has nothing to do with Tru Orleans. Everything I’ve heard so far makes me believe this will not be a failure.

    • Starr still has plans for more restaurants in DC (2 I believe). No idea concepts or locations.

      • I heard that–but this would have been a great location for one of them. The building is a really good looking and I wouldn’t mind if it went totally upscale.

  • I live two blocks away and have been watching the progress. The exterior is very strange to me- looks like they just nailed some old planks of wood around all that beautiful iron work. It just doesn’t look right. Also, the lettering is way too small and hard to read.

    • I agree. That wood really doesn’t look right and doesnt do the ironwork justice. The sign is also no proportional. I never heard one good word about TruOrleans. Fingers crossed they changed more in the ownership and management than mere percentages….

  • I agree with the strangeness of the wood and the smallness of the signs. I wish they had fixed the gutters in the process of nailing up the wood which is not attached well and will not wear well. I stand in front of that building and wait for the bus and get wet even after it has rained. This was a problem even before the wood.

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