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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • Farragut

    RAVE: Early Random Reader post!

    RAVE: Had a blast playing D&D last night! It’s been too long.

    • So jealous of your second rave!

      • Farragut

        Don’t be jealous, you can do it, too! I’m not sure where you’re located, but a lot of the game stores are running D&D Encounters for people to play.

    • The new edition, by chance? I want to try it so bad!

      • Farragut

        Yup, the 5th Edition Player’s Handbook just came out on Tuesday, so I picked it up when I went to my game store to play D&D Encounters. My gaming session was fun, I just wish I hadn’t died! Who knew that I could roll so many 1s…

        The new rules take a little getting used to if you’ve got 3rd and/or 4th ed. experience… a couple things worked differently than we were expecting, though I’m liking the new rules so far. Now I just need to make a new character for next week. Not sure what; it should probably be a melee class, since we already have 2 good archers.

        • Aww! I just got a d20 tattoo; if it ends up being good luck I’ll let you know. 🙂 Where do you go to play? If it doesn’t conflict with my regular D&D group I’d like to try some Encounters sessions.

          • Farragut

            A d20 tattoo? Awesome!
            I’ve been playing at Labyrinth Games (off the Eastern Market Metro station): http://www.labyrinthgameshop.com/
            Check their events page there’s always stuff going on. I like them because they’re like the only “RPG game store” that’s Metro accessible in the area (the only other ones I know of are out in Fairfax or wherever).
            Unfortunately, D&D Encounters is in high demand (at least right now–the very first session was last night), so you have to register online first. I think registration opens at 1pm on SUNDAYS. And I’m not kidding about registering then–when I registered for this week, the tables got full pretty quickly after that!
            Hope that helps a bit!

  • Rave: I ran into Skj84 as both of use were headed to Ladies Night at Annie’s Hardware last night. It was nice to catch up!
    Rave: Ladies Night was a blast. I got some supplies at 10% off, got a free massage, a free nail polish change, talked to the owner of the new Petworth Crossfit, and the band was awesome.
    Rave: I’m a regular at the hardware store! I don’t actually think I’ve ever been a regular anywhere, but the guy who rang me up said he recognized me from coming in a lot. I feel like I’ve accomplished something, though I’m not really sure why.
    Rave: I made roasted strawberry buttermilk ice cream last night and churned it this morning. It’ll be ready to go for my condo association happy hour tonight. I licked the bowl, it’s delicious.
    Rave: I’m ordering my new sectional today after a month long fabric decision paralysis. My current and beloved sofa will be on the market in 4-6 weeks. It’s the Chloe from Macy’s in the gray color if anyone is interested.

    • Rant: Now I want roasted strawberry buttermilk ice cream
      Rave: My niece is due on Saturday, I can’t wait to meet her!

    • Re: your rave about becoming a regular. I felt that way when the liquor store near my apartment told me I don’t need to show my ID anymore because they recognize me. But then I started wondering if I drink too much…

      • HA! When I was switching over to a DC ID I was nervous that bars wouldn’t let me in with a paper copy. Then I remembered that there are several bars that “know me” and that I haven’t shown my ID in a while anyway. There are indeed benefits to drinking too much!

      • Farragut

        Liquor store regular can be an odd one, but I feel worse when I’m a “regular” at a fast food place, and they know my usual order…

        • Emmaleigh504

          In grad school me and my roommate became regulars at a fast food joint. We tried alternating cars so they wouldn’t notice we were there every other night, but it didn’t work. Damn workers are way too observant!

        • When I first arrived in Japan, McDonald’s (whose Japan-only offerings I was keen to try) was doing a “limited time only” banana shake. I didn’t realize I had been getting it that often until one day I approached the counter and the women said “Banana sheki desu ne?” (“Banana shake, right?”) I was laughing so hard I had tears coming out of my eyes.

          • Did you live in Japan, textdoc? I lived there for a really long time! I definitely miss their Japan-only limited edition menu items. 🙂

          • Leah — Yep, for a year! I don’t know if there are any Japanese McDonald’s items I miss all that much, but I do miss the Morinaga brand aloe-and-yogurt drink. And inari-zushi from the convenience store. And (sometimes) the absurdly named Calorie Mate, which I think was marketed as a meal replacement but in reality was mostly butter.
            Where did you live? I lived in Kyoto and worked in Kyoto and Osaka. The Osaka Umeda station was where the banana-shake incident happened.

          • I miss the bacon potato pies from McDonald’s. 😛 I used to eat Calorie Mate as a snack before I realized they were meal replacements! I definitely miss the convenience stores in general there.

            I lived in Fukuoka for a few years, but spent about 15 years in Tokyo.

          • Reminds me of when I lived in Korea. My gf at the time would always call the local chinese delivery place for me. Finally one day she decided that enough was enough and that I should order. I tell the restaurant what I want, and as soon as I tell them, they reply by telling me my address. I just started cracking up, and realized I ordered the same thing too often… My gf and I couldn’t decide if it was the order or my accent that gave me away.

      • I love being a regular! In Boston, I was a regular at a sandwich shop, and after 9 months I walked back in, and they remembered my “usual.” Here, I am a regular at a couple bars, and I learned last night that I have a regular drink too, when they offered to bring me a brown ale without me asking.

    • Rant: I didn’t pay close enough attention to the announcement about the Ladies’ Night at Annie’s Ace; I was thinking it was going to be on a Monday or something. Sounds like it was fun; I’ll have to keep an eye out for the next one (if there’s another — have there been others in the past?).

      • skj84

        I’ve attended two at the Ace Hardware in Mount Vernon Square, but I think this one was the best. I’ve found out about the two at Mount Vernon Square through Gregslist, and the event yesterday on Facebook.

    • Becks

      Rant: The ladies night sounded like fun. Disappointed that I missed it!
      Rave: It’s neat to run into people from Popville on the street.

    • skj84

      Great seeing you at the Ladies Night Jeslett! And helping me find Annie’s Ace, I was standing at the metro trying to get Google Maps to work on my phone when you walked past. It was a fun event. Bummed I didn’t have time for the massage.

    • What?! Ladies night sounds AWESOME!! I can’t wait for the next one haha

      • This was the e-mail/press release I saw about it on a neighborhood Yahoogroup. (The headline did make me cringe, though.)
        WASHINGTON, D.C. (August 15, 2014)– Annie’s Ace Hardware will host its first ever Ladies Night on Wednesday, August 20, 2014 from 6 p.m. – 8 p.m. Women shoppers will receive 10% off all
        regularly priced merchandise from grills to power tools to plumbing parts. The first 100 customers will receive free goodie bags with samples. Raffle tickets will be sold to raise funds for the District Alliance for Safe Housing (DASH) or GirlsRock DC! Raffle prizes include a Weber Gold Charcoal Grill or Craftsman EVOLV Circular Saw, a Soda Stream machine, or a $50 Ace gift card.
        “This event will not only showcase our store and the services we provide,” says owner
        Anne Stom, “but it also celebrates other locally, women-owned businesses.” Customers can get a massage from Petworth Massage, free nail polish changes from Axis Salon, yoga instruction from
        Lighthouse Yoga, tours of the new CrossFit Petworth, coupons for Willow Fashion and Fia’s Fabulous Finds, and enjoy some vintage New Orleans jazz with a trio led by Mt. Rainier Saxophonist Megan Nortrup. Customers can also participate in a one-on-one bike repair clinic from the women of The Bike House, receive power tool instruction from women on proper and safe use of a circular saw, jig saw, miter saw, grinder, and other power tools, and join in an on-site
        creative re-use craft activities hosted by SCRAP DC. All of these local businesses and organizations are owned or co-owned and operated by women.
        Refreshments will be served. Annie’s Ace Hardware is located at 1240 Upshur St NW, Washington, DC 20011

        • Yeah, I don’t love the headline either, but technically it was true; you could both learn to use a miter saw and get your nails done. Using a miter saw made all of my HGTV dreams come true.

        • gotryit

          As a guy, I’m kind of jealous because I want to get a massage and get 10% off power tools. But I’m damn thankful that my 4 year old daughter gets to see positive role models of women with power tools. So thanks, Annie – you rock.

          • I don’t think it’s ‘no boys allowed,’ the store is still open. But, I’m not sure how the discount works in that case. There were men in the store doing their regular shopping. I wouldn’t recommend that during the 5th and K Ladies Night because you can barely move in the crowds at that one.

        • This sounds amazing and I’m jealous it’s not in my neighborhood!

  • Becks

    Rave: My PT appointment really helped. My back feels sore but better today!
    Rave: Made a great Chicken/ Cauliflower/pea curry last night. But Oh Boy, was it spicy! I used habanero AND cayenne. I forgot I had used habanero and then sprinkled in some cayenne.
    Rave: Got to speak to a college buddy last night. She is so grounding.
    Rave: Not a single rant…Yet!

  • Rave: Sometimes I just love living in DC (usually in nice weather, not so much the winter)

    Rant: I don’t understand the rational behind the view of not having personal responsibility. Other than “I just want what I want” what is the argument for the mentality that you should not ever be held responsible for your own actions or choices? I am noticing that mentality more and more in our society and I am not sure how it is becoming so prevalent. I am all for making your own choices but you must take the consequences of them. Anyone have any insight on the “its your responsibility to make sure I am ok and I have what I want” mentality?

  • Have you guys seen this corner store thing that Uber is doing? Not only can you get late night snacks, you can get condoms. on demand. within 10 minutes. that is seriously a game changer, especially since they’ve extended the hours and are doing late night trips. so sick

    • That was a total RAVE btw

    • Except the service is from 9am to 9pm. Unless your definition of “late night” is different than mine, it’s a no-go.

    • It looks pretty cool, but their redlining of neighborhoods is quite medieval since you can only get those deliveries if you’re in the lily white part of NW and Capitol Hill.

      • I’m sorry, but that’s a really loaded term (“redlining”) to be throwing around. Considering Uber has no issues picking up and dropping off fares in those underserved and high AA population neighborhoods that cabbies won’t go to, I think maybe perhaps rather than imputing some discriminatory motive, it may have something to do with economic feasability. And I may give them the benefit of the doubt that they will expand coverage if this works for them.

        • Accountering

          Meh, it is a loaded term with a very negative history, but ultimately, can you come up with a term that better describes picking individual neighborhoods to provide a service too, based on a the demographics of said neighborhoods? Everyone who read it know exactly what he meant, and sure, it likely isn’t a racist thing, but redlining ultimately is picking neighborhoods, based on demographic characteristics. Seems like that is what is happening here.

          • saf

            See, I think it is obvious that it is race-based redlining.

          • Really? If there was a high-income neighborhood full of young people who are likely Uber customers, and the majority race of that neighborhood was black, you believe Uber would decline service there?

          • I’m with Sweet Thing on this. Uber couldn’t care less about the race of its users, so long that they have their working credit card number.

          • Accountering

            Easy there… Demographics means more than just race. I was saying they picked areas full of wealthy young people. If you re-read, I am saying that it is NOT based on race, but on disposable income and age etc.

          • Take a look at the coverage map of Trinidad and then tell me it’s not redlining. They cover the first three blocks into Trinidad behind Florida Ave (the north border is Neal Street NE), but not of the rest of the neighborhood. If the real reason was “economics,” then the border would be at Florida Avenue and they would cut out the entire neighborhood.
            BTW, the whole argument about “economic feasibility” is EXACTLY the same thing said in Chicago, NYC, Detroit and many other cities during the redlining of the 1950s to 1970s. “Oh, we can’t extend credit to those neighborhoods, we won’t make money/it’s not profitable/it’s a bad investment.” It only became those things when banks pulled out their underwriting from those areas and African-Americans were forced to turn to loan sharks to get a mortgage (or shady speculators who drew up illegal contracts that allowed them to foreclose right before the house was paid off). Know your history, folks.

          • “ultimately, can you come up with a term that better describes picking individual neighborhoods to provide a service too, based on a the demographics of said neighborhoods?


  • Rave: Older lady who stopped to love on my dog this morning. She said she’s missed the affection since her dog passed away and thanked me for making her day better. My usually bouncy and rambunctious dog was super calm with her, too. It was a sweet moment.
    Rave: Email from a friend with ALS about how excited he is that the ice bucket challenge has taken off.
    Rant: Dating. Blegh.

    • msmaryedith

      Rave: As much as I’m tired of the challenge videos, I’m really, really thrilled for all the new ALS attention and donations. And it also prompted me to turn of my “autoplay” settings on Facebook videos, which I’ve been needing to do 🙂
      About your rant: Keep on keeping on! I know it sucks, and I was in that boat for years–it can be so demoralizing. But I’m glad I stuck with it and finally found a keeper. It will happen, and you’ll be glad you kept up in spite of the “blegh.”

    • Amazing how the ice bucket challenge has taken off, and the amount of money that has been donated towards finding a cure for ALS. At first I had was thinking that I’m not going to take part – I give to other charities and this isn’t one of them.
      Then I watched one video that showed up on my FB newsfeed from a few people – at first it was silly and cheesy, then the person who was being videoed talked about how his grandmother and his mother had died from ALS and he had recently been diagnosed with the disease. There’s no cure, and the progression of the disease is devastating.
      So, donating today.

      • The ice bucket challenge has arrived at my office and I’m not sure how I feel about it.
        People how want to participate are going to being extra clothes, a towel, and a bucket to our back lot during lunch next Tuesday and do it collectively. The company will provide the ice and water and will donate $1000 to ALS research. I don’t think I’m going to participate.

        • Ugh. That would annoy the crap out of me.
          I love my government office, we have extremely strict rules about solicitations and fundraising (NOT ALLOWED, referred to HR if you try). No selling crap on behalf of your kids.
          Only CFC is allowed. That’s fine with me.

  • Rant: Found out this morning that I have to board my dog. None of my usual family members can take her. It’s only two days, but that adds to my vacation expenses.

    Rave: That makes it easier on me. I don’t have to drive out to my mother or brother’s house tonight and the boarding place is pretty close to home. Also, they open at 7 am, so I’m leaving a little later than normal. Hope I don’t get stuck in beach traffic.

    Rant: It’s supposed to rain during my beach weekend.

    • msmaryedith

      Years ago, I posted on Craigslist when I was leaving town and didn’t want to board my cat (he’d go insane), but didn’t have anyone to come stay with him. I basically said “you can stay in my well-located apartment for free as long as you fed him/give him some attention.” I had several good replies, and ended up finding a great retired couple who had adult children in the area they wanted to visit. Their kids didn’t have space for them to stay, so they were psyched about having their own apartment/not having to pay for a hotel. Anyway, it’s too late-notice to help you this time, but you may want to think about looking into it another time. They stayed there several times through the years and it saved me a lot of money and hassle!

      • Thanks for the suggestion. My dog loves the boarding place. She can play with other dogs literally 24 hours a day. She always sleeps for a day when I pick her up. Boarding is always a last option for me since she can usually stay with family members (and she loves my brother and sister in law’s dogs.) I can afford to board her, but I would rather save the money I’ll now have to spend.

    • A friend just signed up to board dogs in her home on Rover.com. There are actually lots of people who do this – at around $30.00 a night.

    • Rover . com is a service a friend swears by.

  • Rave: Great laughing and storytelling with best colleagues this morning
    Rave: Lovely morning run
    Rave: 30s buses have changed and so far so good/fast!
    Rant: Missing family wedding next month

    • Rave: one great colleague just upgraded my upcoming (long) flights – simply the best!

    • Did the 30s bus line changes start already? I thought it started next week for some reason. This morning there was an 18 minute wait for a 30s bus at my stop! Thank goodness for the Circulator.

      • the nice lady in a yellow WMATA vest said it started – only waited 3 mins for next 30s after one went by my stop b/c it was empty – it is never empty which means the buses are efficient for the first time.

  • Rant: Accidentally fell asleep for a couple of hours with clothes in the dryer in the building’s laundry room last night and felt like a big jerk when I woke up. Luckily for me it seems nobody else was trying to do any laundry while I slept. The twentysomething women my building is full of might have thrown my clothes on the floor and peed on them!

    Revel: Going to the Heights tonight for dinner so I can try out the restroom. I have reason to suspect it’s the finest restroom in the city and you wouldn’t want to miss a chance to use it.

  • Accountering

    Rave: Wedding weekend! Off work tomorrow for golf, rehearsal dinner, and rehearsal. Hooray older brother and future bride!
    Rave2: Andie and Mintwood are joining this weekend! Very excited for fun times!
    Rant: After being sick yesterday, I actually have work I need to accomplish today. Super lame.

  • Rave: Just discovered the Dirty Soy Chai—sooo yummy, wish I ordered 2!
    Rant: Can’t shake this summer cold. Keep coughing up…things. Ew.
    Rave: Yummy warm drink helps
    Rave: Third day in a row wearing exercise pants to work (not leggings or tight at the ankle), no one has caught on yet. I’m justifying it because I’m sick and shouldn’t be here anyway, so I might as well be able to fold my legs in my chair.

  • Rave – Robyn and Royksopp show tonight at Wolf Trap!!!!
    Rant – Have to go in for my car inspection tomorrow morning at 7:30 am. Tomorrow morning will not be fun.

    • We are going too! I’m a bit worried about how bad the traffic from DC will be. Have you ever made the trip on a weeknight after work before? I’m not sure what time I should leave/what to expect.

      • I’ve never been to Wolf Trap before so I have no idea what to expect. I didn’t want to worry about traffic and parking so I’m going to take the Metro. You can take a shuttle bus directly to the venue from the West Falls Church station. But I’ll probably have to leave a bit the show a bit early to catch the last train back to DC.

        • I haven’t looked recently, but it wouldn’t surprise me if they change the shuttle service to one of the silver line stops since they’re closer. You might want to check if you haven’t already. Have fun at the show!

          • Accountering

            Still goes to West Falls Church. It should get switched to Spring Hill, as that stop is within a ~5 minute drive of Wolf Trap.

        • Get there early if you don’t have reserved seats- the lawn fills up super fast and people get cranky when you try to squeeze in.

        • tonyr

          I’m not a WolfTrap regular, but I think that they schedule the show to finish at a time that allows the last shuttle to get to the metro before the last train departs. If not I’ll see you there. I’ll be the one wandering around aimlessly looking grumpy.

        • Wolf Trap has a curfew and shows can’t go on past 10:30 or 11:00.

      • Accountering

        Its not bad. Once you are out of the city, take 267, and it is the first exit outside of the beltway. Outside of the little traffic you will find on 66 around Arlington, you should get there quickly.

      • I’ve driven out there twice in the last couple of weeks, and there was almost ZERO traffic. Took us ~25 mins from the Mall, leaving at 5:30. I’d think you’ll have the same since it’s still August.

        The lawn does fill up, so get there as early as you can

  • Rant: Stupid bartender over poured and I told her it’s ok. She said that I’d have to pay for a double if I wanted the drink that way. I said really? That’s ok. So she poured some of the liquor out and into another cup and tossed it in the bar sink. I left her a fat 0 tip and did not go back to her. Instant justice.
    Rave: I didn’t feel the need to write a long letter to PoP looking for sympathy or to call out the business.

    • +1 on both

    • you aren’t pregnant though, why should you be honored by having good service?

    • So how is that justice? I don’t think she should have asked you to pay for the overpour necessarily, but you acknowledged the overpour and were asked to pay said no and was charged the appropriate price for the proper pour. Is the argument you should get it for free if she was going to toss out?
      Rant: people using any excuse to not tip. What you want me to pay for the booze you gave me? No tip for you. Had someone tell me he’d have tipped me more if one of his juices was free, for example.

      • Accountering

        Yes, if she was going to toss it out, she should have just finished making the drink, instead of turning it into a weird awkward situation.

      • I acknowledged it basic you said “oh shoot” it looked like a normal drink to me, as many people were already making comments about the drinks being weak. That’s why I told her to leave it as is.
        Think what you want– I know for a fact she would have gotten a “better” tip if she left the drink as is and I would have continued to go to her for my other drinks thus ending up with even more tips.

        • At most places bartenders pool, so you likely didn’t make her lose anything by going to another bartender. Yes, at times drinks are truly weak, but that’s subjective and pours vary wildly between establishments. You wanted more booze for free because people said drinks were weak. When she didn’t go for it, you stiffed her. Not how I do business, but more power to you.

          • Accountering

            I love how the servers poor attitude and service somehow became the customers fault. I tip 20% basically across the board, but do find the occaison to very rarely go to zero, especially if something happens. Not sure if I would have done that here, but I don’t think OP was out of line in the least.
            It is interesting the perspective you get from bartenders and servers who comment here. The contempt for customers that shows through is often fairly shocking, including this case.

          • re: accountering Exactly- by default I normally tip %20 and I even scour my friends tip% just to see if I should leave extra. Even sometimes when bartender mixed the wrong drink I’ll say ah i’ll take it no biggie. Some bartenders are sorry and beg to make a new one, some say that one on me. etc…I’ve never seen a bartender take back a drink because they felt they over poured. Buh eh whatever!

    • Accountering

      What a dumb bartender. You over pouring is not my fault. I like the 0 tip for her being horrible.

      • True, but she very easily could have made the double and charged for it without asking. Then what? You say I didn’t order a double even though you consumed one and complain about the price. In either case, I’d not have made a big deal out of it. I’ve dealt with people like dcreal. Received a verbal warning for having 1cm too much head on a beer for the only guy drinking stout in summer even after allowing it to settle and adding more beer. I’m sure she didn’t miss the couple bucks, and hopefully she won’t have to deal with you again.

        • I didn’t make a big deal out of it, I just didn’t tip. The mistake was on her- She wasn’t using a measurer and was totally eyeballing it. So How did she know how much she over poured by? It could have been the ice that made it look like a lot for all I know. I felt it was good service.
          I’ve dealt with bartenders like you and again I know how to deal with it. Every bar has a bartender that is known to avoid because their service and attitude sucks and I’ll be damn if I give them my money and or business.

        • Accountering

          No. She could not have done this. DCreal ordered a drink, not a double. In what world could she have charged you for a double despite just ordering a standard drink? It is people like you who give bartenders a bad name my friend. Not shocked in the least that you are hiding behind an anon on this one.

          • The most common serving in a bar is 1.5 oz, free-poured to a count of 3. There are about 17 1.5 oz. servings in a 750 ml. bottle. If a bottle of rail liquor costs $8.00, that is .47 per serving. If a bartenter might make that a slow 3 count, she might only get about 13 servings per bottle, but that is still only .61 per serving. A savvy customer might appreciate that extra little quarter ounce, come back more often, buy more drinks and tip more. A stingy pour (weak drink) will have the opposite effect.

            This bartender was just dumb. But I too appreciate the OP not “calling out” the business just for one dumb employee.

        • Accountering

          Also, my comment above about contempt for customers was made prior to reading this post. Oh, how right I was…..

        • “True, but she very easily could have made the double and charged for it without asking.” Um, no. Pull that crap with the wrong customer and the bar has a valid DCRA complaint on its hands and you’re out of a job.

    • skj84

      I feel like this story is going to end up on Behind Oven Doors in a few weeks.

    • Dcreal could perhaps have handled this better, but the fault was really the bartender’s. It’s not dcreal’s fault that she overpoured. She should have decided either to give him a double for the price of a single, or — without making any comment — just poured out the excess liquor.
      It doesn’t seem to me that she was so rude as to have warranted zero tip, though.

      • The thing is- it was her attitude about the mistake is why I didn’t leave a tip. It was her reaction to over pouring which seemed to made her a little embarrassed so she tried to take it out on me. Hell plus I had to wait for her to pour it into another cup and then for her walk over to pour that cup in the sink before she finished making my drink.
        All I did was took note and said to myself Ok not going to her again. Went on with my night.

  • skj84

    Rave: Great time at the Annie’s Ace Hardware Ladies night yesterday and hanging with Jeslett! I really do think this was the best event that Ace Hardware has put one, there was bicycle workshops, cat adoption, seminars, massages and manicures. Plus a really awesome jazz ensemble playing and free food and drink. I got a nice polish change that I managed to wreck within minutes. But they gave me a polish sample in my gift bag that I can fix it with. I wish the rain had held off, I believe most of the event was supposed to be outside so it was a bit cramped inside.

    Rave: Fun Google Citydwellers Party at Hill County Yesterday. My second stop of the evening. I’ve actually never eaten at Hill County, the pork spare ribs were delicious and I ran into a friend who I haven’t seen in a bit. I love free parties!

    Rant: Family members stressing me out. Let me state I love my family and I’m glad they care, but they can be a bit overbearing.

  • Rant: fat day
    Rave: new area rug

  • Rant: Very slow Comcast internet
    Rant: When will other options come to my small part of the world

  • Rave: An AMAZING two and a half hour workshop with an AMAZING pole star last night – Cleo the Hurricane – look her up, 2x Miss Pole Dance Australia…she’s phenomenal… 🙂
    Rave-ish Rant: I am so delightfully sore today!
    Rant: I would really like to still be curled up in bed 🙂

    • I read too fast and thought that I had missed a celestial event. Wondered for a minute if Pablo had gotten pictures of the amazing pole star.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Quotia Zelda, do you know what building that is in the picture??
    Rave: gorgeous orange cosmos on Calvert St

  • Yesterday’s R&R discussion about women being told to smile, or smile because it will make them look prettier, reminded me of this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=twO293UQ_MQ

    • LOL saw that one yesterday- definitely applies to me! I think it’s possible my BRF has gotten so bad that no one even dares to tell me to smile anymore. Used to happen all the time (from random people on the street) and now I can’t remember the last time someone said that to me.

    • skj84

      +1000. The struggle is real

    • LOL that video is the truth.

  • Rave: We worked out the logistics of our winter holidays last night. Yay! This is our last big hurrah before 2015 austerity measures set in.
    Rant: I really wish I would win the lottery.
    Rant: Work is so slow right now. I’m trying to enjoy the lull, but it is making me a bit batty.
    Rave: Learning how to make baklava this weekend.

  • Rant: Overemployed! Got a night gig because my temp job was supposed to end, but it didn’t, so now I’m working everyday. 🙁
    Rave: Closing on my home by year’s end.
    Rave: Learning all sorts of things about wine.

  • rant: my 5 bosses are cannot seem to coordinate, and have all told me that their individual pet projects are the highest priority and i need to reshuffle my other tasks.
    rave: job interview on monday.

  • BIG rave: The amazing, warm response this community gave DC Nurture yesterday http://www.popville.com/2014/08/support-group-dc-nurture-created-for-those-dealing-with-pregnancy-loss-and-fertility-issues
    Bigger rave: 10 terrific ladies are already in the group and I think more still will join
    Rant: I can’t seem to find a good platform to use for a discussion forum. I’m trying Muut and it’s super glitchy. Any help out there?

    • Another big rave: the Muut support is awesome! If anyone has any burning issues to post on the dcnurture forum, it now seems to be up and running. Fingers crossed.

  • hispanicandproud

    Rave: Feeling good about carrying a suitcase for an elderly woman down a broken CoHi escalator during this morning’s rush. She was super happy!
    Rave: Getting a pass to miss my morning tempo run so I could sleep in an extra hour! I’ll make it up later today.
    Rave: Receiving up to the minute messages from family members via a group text. Best way to stay connected to those who truly love you!

  • homerule

    Rant: on going construction on our block makes my dog hate going outside. He hides under the bed when I get his leash, and no amount of his treats will persuade him to come out.

    Rave: Thursday! Ready for the weekend, and to see two of my friends get married!

  • skj84

    Rant: I can’t leave my laptop unplugged. The battery has reached the point where it won’t hold a charge. It’s fine when I have the laptop around the house, but is problematic when I take it out with me. I had to circle the seating area at Tryst a few times the other day in effort to find a seat near an outlet. My laptop is about 4 years old at this point so I’m torn on buying a new battery or new laptop. A new battery costs almost as much as a new laptop, but the laptop is in decent shape right now. As much as I want a new laptop, I don’t need a new one.

  • Rave: Nice morning run, kiddo didn’t melt down when I dropped her off at day care, and quick & easy check-in with the RE to discuss steps for trying for #2.
    Rant: Not looking forward to the frustration of going through the process again. Hopefully the office has gotten less disorganized in the last couple of years. Keeping my fingers crossed and planning on being super organized myself to hopefully avoid billing messes.

  • Rant: Would-Be Condo Tenant #2 is now confirmed as a flake. I sent her a text last night as a follow-up to my unanswered e-mails, and received no response — not even a sheepish “Yes, I changed my mind; sorry.” I guess there are more flakes in this world than I realized. On Monday, she was even talking about where she was planning to put her furniture! Sigh.

    • Sorry this happened! Hopefully you end up with the perfect tenant!!!

    • How is this possible!? You’re offering a great deal and you would make a completely reasonable landlord. If I were in the market (/could afford $1,750 a month…), I would be all over this apartment.

    • Isn’t it crazy how people go out of their way to be such flakes? I’m like you’re not hurting me by telling me NO, you’re hurting me by playing games and wasting my time and energy where I can be putting it else where….geeesh!!! But be glad- because that is NOT the type of tenant I want renting my place.

    • Thanks for the support! Yeah, I’m sure I’ll find a good tenant eventually; I just didn’t anticipate having to kiss so many frogs (as it were) until then. I’m doing another open house this weekend, so maybe I’ll land a non-flaky applicant then.
      Fortunately after Flaky Would-Be Tenant #1 I was at least a little on guard, and thus better prepared for Flaky Would Be Tenant #2.

    • Are you avoiding renting to couples? I feel like a couple would easily swoop in at that price. $1750 is high for one person to foot the bill.
      If you open it up to allowing cats, you’ll also get a ton of interest.

      • Couples are fine — I had a couple who came by the other weekend, but they ended up deciding on another place.
        I might end up allowing cats — I’d prefer to get a no-pets tenant if I can (less potential headache/hassle/replacement of carpet), but if that doesn’t seem to be going anywhere, I’ll certainly consider it.

    • Honestly, I think the location would turn me off of the apartment, no matter the price. It’s too close to the drunken hooplah that occurs on the Adams Morgan bar strip every weekend. Then again, for every person like me is a person who would love to have an apartment with nightlife that intense nearby. That might be one thing keeping a certain portion of the tenants away, anyway.

      • Hmm… I’m not into drunken hoopla, and it worked OK for me. (When I lived there, I generally went out in the Dupont Circle area and in U Street.) It’s close to 18th Street, but far enough removed that it’s not noisy.
        I see your point, though — maybe I need to emphasize in the listing that it’s NOT like living directly on 18th Street.

      • Sorry if this sounds snarky but: you don’t go to Adams Morgan much do you? It’s not as crazy as it used to be and as textdoc said, it is far away enough from 18th St where it wouldn’t really be an issue even if it were as bad as it used to be.

    • In my limited experience, you seem to be having particularly bad luck with prospective tenants.

      • LOL! Yeah, I didn’t run into anything like this when I was looking for a basement tenant (for my rowhouse) earlier this year.

  • I don’t know if this is a good place for this, but what with all the ice buckets, it’s on my mind, so here goes:
    Does donating money to disease foundations actually do anything but enable them to hire fancier executives and pay more staff to collect more donations? Are the donations funding any actual research? I heard a researcher say once that the hold-up in new treatments is lack of new ideas, not lack of money to follow up on brilliant but untested ideas.
    Do we have any epidemiology researchers in PoPville? Any disease foundation staff? And for the latter, does any of the money go to helping sufferers defray their medical costs, or adjust their lives to better cope with the effects of the disease?

    • To your first question (does donating money to disease foundations do any good), the answer is so, so dependent on the organization. Simply being a nonprofit doesn’t mean anything in terms of how money is brought in (nonprofit =/= nonrevenue) or spent.

      So if you want to know where your money is going you have to do your research. Charity Navigator (charitynavigator.org) is a good place to start. They rate charities on a couple of different factors. One of those is “fundraising efficiency”, the amount of money spent on fundraising per dollar raised. For ALS Association (where most but not all of the Ice Bucket $ are going) the fundraising efficiency is $0.16 (it costs ALSA $0.16 to raise $1). This is quite good, as Charity Navigator will show you, if you click on the name of the metric to get more information.

      As to how charities are spending their money, that, too, varies, and depends on the mission. Some organizations exist solely to fund research, some do not fund research, but instead fund patient services. Many do both. To figure out what a given organization is doing, you can look at their financials (on Charity Navigator or others, or through the IRS 990 form), or the organizations annual report. For ALSA, you can find a breakout of their spending here (http://www.alsa.org/about-us/financial-information.html). Generally if you cannot find a recent annual report or other financial information (both where money comes from and where it goes), you should be cautious about giving.

      (I don’t work for ALSA, and haven’t done the Ice Bucket thing. I just like to be well-informed when I’m going to have uncharitable — ha! — opinions about certain (other) high profile nonprofits.)

  • Rave: moonlighting for another division is going well – just one case assigned, but I nailed the legal analysis and then we talked about whisky for half an hour. Much better situation than my current one – will see if I can switch permanently.
    Rant: lots to do but no time to do it, both at work and outside work.
    Rant: just learned about the slave labor in the shrimp industry.

  • Rant: Guy sitting on bench in front of my building yelling vile things at me as I left for work this morning.
    Rant: Depression really hitting hard today.
    Rave: Got a lot of work done today in spite of depression.
    Rave: Officially selling a property today that’s been on the market a year.
    Rave: I can’t be at the closing.

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