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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • Rave: Finally made it out to kickball last night, they seemed nice enough but kind of cliquey
    Rave: Ran into an old team (different league) that I lost touch with about a year ago, ended up going to their bar
    Rant: Didn’t drink at all, still feel hungover.

  • pablo .raw

    Rant: money should be spent on science and medical research and not of weapons and war. Who knows, maybe at this point we would have the cure for cancer, HIV and Ebola.
    Rave: Learning new things about photography, trying new things. It’s getting exciting.

    • Lots of amazing technology came from defense spending. There would be no internet without us fighting and winning the Cold War.

      • See Charles Kenny’s article in Bloomberg this week – although defense spending may have resulted in technology, they are not developing these technologies in an efficient manner.

      • pablo .raw

        I know that but it doesn’t mean that is the only way to get advanced technology. Lots of amazing technology came for space exploration.

        • That space exploration wouldn’t have happened if it weren’t for the Cold War.

          The only reason we went all in on the moon landing is we were trying to beat the Russians.

      • And a lot of defense products, like the ships I design, are used in humanitarian crisises. It’s not all for evil.

      • that’s what DoD contractors and their lobbyists say at least.

        • I think at least some of it is true. The DoD is much more realistic about costs/needs than Congress, which tells them what to spend the money on (e.g. fighter jets they don’t need). DoD is actually a huge leader in renewable energy, simply because their fuel costs are so high. On social issues, not so much, though…

          • They also do a lot of research into alternative energy because of operational constraints. For example, the NRL just found a way to turn seawater into fuel, which will be useful in situations where a ship out at sea can’t refuel the usual ways.

          • Wasn’t racial integration of the DoD a huge driver in pushing the rest of the country?

          • pablo .raw

            Research, racial integration, energy efficiency, internet, medical technology could have been done without developing weapons of war. Because they are necessary.

  • ENORMOUS RANT: If a tenant breaks a lease and refuses to pay rent (we gave the ok provided rent is paid until new person is found–new person not procurred yet), what are our options? small claims court? something else? do we need a lawyer? ugh, what a pain.

    • is the place in DC? Is the tenant living there or has he moved out?

      if still living there, you could try to evict him, but honestly it’s going to take so long that he’d probably be out by the time it’s over. It would show up on his rental history though if you want to screw him over.

      If he’s not living there, small claims court could work. You’d need to know how to serve him properly though. There is a good guide on the DC court website about small claims court. Again, prepare for lots of time and some money to be involved. If the place isn’t damaged and it’s just one month’s rent, you might just want to keep the security deposit and call it even.

      The landlord-tenant court and small claims courts are in the same building in DC and they both have resource centers (check the website for hours). You might want to talk with a lawyer there for actual advice.

      • In DC, tenant moving out today, leaving behind a roommate. I know the roommate is technically on the hook for the full amount of the rent, but we’re trying to back her up so that she doesn’t end up paying her soon-to-be former roommate’s share while she finds a new roommate. (she was given very little notice)

        Thanks for the tips about landlord-tenant court, small claims courts, and resource centers. I’ll check those out.

      • +1 to “If the place isn’t damaged and it’s just one month’s rent, you might just want to keep the security deposit and call it even. ”
        The thing with small claims court is that (at least in my brother’s case, with a roommate who owed him rent) apparently even if the case is decided in your favor, apparently that’s no guarantee that you’ll actually get the money you’re owed.

        • Oops… pardon the double “apparently.”

        • Yeah, I think I’d then need to go the collections agency route. Boo for unreasonable people.

        • You cannot keep security deposit for unpaid rent unless they agree, and get it in writing, because there are rules prohibiting it in DC.

          • Sure, but are there not also rules prohibiting failing to honor a legal lease agreement? Two wrongs don’t make a right but is either party really going to pursue legal action here?

    • This has not happened to me, but assuming tenant has moved out I would just keep the security deposit and rent the place to someone else. I would think that in DC, finding a new tenant has to be easier and cheaper than spending time and money going after someone who has bailed on you.

      • Unfortunately, less than half of the security deposit was paid because the tenant paid it directly to the person who initially rented the full 2br apartment and somehow never got around to paying the rest of the deposit. But that’s a good point of not returning the security deposit if the rent isn’t paid. There are a number of previous hassles that make us want to dig in our heels on the rent issue, but perhaps we shoud just figure it’s a blessing that this person won’t be our problem anymore, and split the difference with the remaining tenant until she can find a replacement.

        • Okay, but I don’t get it. You got a security deposit from initial renter, and then next renter was supposed to pay initial renter when s/he took their spot? Is that what’s going on? If so, you have the security deposit; it’s initial renter that is out of luck.
          Anyway, dig your heels in if you wish, but really consider what you have to gain and lose by each of your options. Digging one’s heels in often seems right on principle but from a practical point of view is disruptive and not very productive. Good luck.

          • Technically, it’s the initial tenant/soon to be former roommate that’s financially responsible for the mess, in part because of cotenant laws, and in part because she paid the entire security deposit upfront and her roommate (the one who’s leaving) paid part of her portion of the security deposit to her. But I feel bad she got screwed and want to help. Generally we are quite accommodating of our tenants–except when they make it difficult for us to do so.

        • If the remaining tenant is a good tenant, it might be worth sucking up some of the cost that’s technically hers (and keeping whatever portion of the security deposit was paid by the tenant who just left).

          • That’s what I’m tempted to do; some sort of shared-risk arrangement. She’s sweet and seems to be easy to work with.

  • Rant: Dated a guy for a few months and he did the fade away. I hadn’t spoken to him since early May and I got a text from him last night saying “wanna hook up?” So charming..
    Rant: I’ve been in a funk all week and don’t know how to get out of it.
    Rave: 90s party tonight! I love dressing up and dancing to 90s music!

  • Rant: I got new orthotic inserts yesterday and they squeak like crazy. My feet sound like Donald Duck. For some reason they didn’t do this in the doctor’s office. ARGH

  • Rant: Another trip to the bird vet… $2,400 in vet bills so far, but need to make sure my son is OK. Can’t imagine having kids at this point in my life. 🙁

    Rant: Neighbor mad at me for telling him the alley wasn’t a safe place for his children to play. He doesn’t wave to me anymore, but at least we all have less of a chance of accidentally running over his children.

    Rant: Trash cans are way too rare on DC streets… The city saves tons of money by not having as many trash cans on the street as they did in the 90s, yet spends more when they need to drudge that trash out of storm drains and the Potomac. Makes no sense.

    Rave: Coffee makes me happy, as long as I don’t drink it anywhere near bed time.

    Rave: Happy Friday!

    • Oh, no! Hope your little guy gets better soon. (And I definitely sympathize having just spent $$$ on dental work for my little buddy.)

      • Thanks a million, it’s been a very challenging last month… Ill be okay and it will all be worth it if he recovers well. 🙂

  • Rant: My panda Smarttrip card fell out of my pocket yesterday somewhere on metro. And they ran out of them, so I can’t replace it. At least I registered it so I was able to cancel it without losing money.

    Rave: Helpful station manager when I was stuck in metro without a Smartrip card. He asked me where I started, looked up the Smartrip fare, then asked me to go buy a paper fare card for that amount and give it to him. I was afraid it was going to be much more of a PITA than that or that he was going to make me pay max fare.

  • Rave: Friday! The end of a productive week is near.
    Rave: I have a much needed massage scheduled for tonight. An awesome way to start the weekend.
    Rant: Unexpected household expenses. I hate it when things break.
    Rave: A relatively unplanned, unscheduled weekend ahead. And I get to celebrate the first birthday of my favorite little man.

  • GiantSquid

    Revel: a year ago today, I had back surgery. It was very necessary and very scary, especially with the possibility I could wake up with no feeling in my legs. Thankfully, it went well and quality of life is much improved.
    Revel: the PoPville community was incredibly supportive before and after. You guys are great, thank you!
    Rant: Being one size on top and another on the bottom. Bought a really cute dress to wear tonight to Komi, but am now at least one size smaller on top than bottom, so had to put some quick darts in the armholes to avoid gaping and flashing my bra.

    • Your revel reminds me of a rant: one year ago tomorrow I had my second hip surgery. My hip is works slightly better, but is in more pain than before (it didn’t work at all before, but there was no pain). It is completely changing my way of life, and not in a good way. All the docs and PTs can say is wait and see. Just SO @#$#@#$ frustrating.

      • Emmaleigh504

        Ugh that sucks. I hope it improves!

      • GiantSquid

        I’m really sorry to hear that. Even with all the advances we’ve made in medicine, it still isn’t an exact science. Have you considered/tried “alternative” therapies like acupuncture? Even though it didn’t heal my back, it went a long way towards relieving the symptoms before and healing afterwards.

        • I tried acupuncture for my migraines/vertigo a while back and it made them immediately and noticeably worse (i.e. at the end of a session the migraine/dizziness would be so bad I couldn’t walk). I tried two different people and multiple session to see if it would work (thinking the first guy didn’t know what she was doing), but it happened in each of the sessions I tried. Both acupuncturists told me it was impossible for acupuncture to make symptoms worse, which was a load of BS because it absolutely did make mine worse. So, I’m a little afraid of trying it for this.

    • Emmaleigh504

      Oh yeah, I had my surgery a year ago today too, and had much fun taunting you with pics of good food when you couldn’t eat any 🙂 I’m glad your back is well.

  • Rave: Got to sleep in just a little bit this morning but it made all the difference.
    Rant: Street harassment. I found this Upworthy piece after a week with a few uncomfortable experiences. I don’t agree with everything in the video but I think it is powerful and worth a watch. http://www.upworthy.com/a-woman-wore-a-hidden-camera-to-show-how-many-times-in-a-day-she-gets-harassed-argh?c=ufb1
    Rant/Rave/Observation: I’ve been in a social rut and probably need to put myself out there more to meet new people. Planning to be at the next happy hour!

  • Random: Anyone have a list of good gluten free restraunts in DC? Girl i am seeing is gluten free and its always hard for me to figure out what exactly that means, let alone find a place with good options (preferable around Adams Morgan, Columbia Heights U/14th street area)
    Rave: Seeing bar girl for the first time in almost 3 weeks.
    Rant: A little nervous hope the spark is still there

    • http://brightestyoungthings.com/articles/the-byt-gluten-free-guide-to-dc.htm

      Mellow mushroom is excellent about allergies (my dad has a severe lactose allergy and they prepare the whole crust in a separate area with lactose-free equipment, they have separate gluten-free areas too). Also try El Centro, and maybe gelato/fro-yo for dessert, or wander up to Sticky Fingers?

    • Does she actually have Celiac disease? If so, I can understand bending over backwards to accommodate her. However, if it’s just a “oh, my tummy doesn’t feel good when I eat gluten” sort of thing, this would probably be a deal-breaker for me–especially since that’s probably bunk. http://www.forbes.com/sites/rosspomeroy/2014/05/15/non-celiac-gluten-sensitivity-may-not-exist/

    • For casual, Pete’s pizza has gluten free crust and pastas. I think the owner has a family member or friend with celiac disease, so they take their gluten free seriously (no cross contamination).

    • pablo .raw

      Rave: I can eat whatever I want. Only thing that doesn’t work for me is tequila.

    • anonymouse_dianne

      Firefly in Dupont South has a gluten free menu.

    • Smilla

      I have a couple of high-maintenance diet friends, neither of whom have medical issues. One is simply really picky and kind of cheap. The other has sworn off of ALL starch (not just gluten, but rice and potatoes) and sugar — even when it’s in a dressing or soy sauce. Neither friend talks about their diet obsessively or proselytizes, but, for an omnivore who likes to try new restaurants and views meals as a social event, it’s still a drag. Honestly, it makes me reconsider my friendships with them.

      • I have a friend who’s Doing South Beach. I am very tempted to tell her to call me when she’s done, because I don’t want to spend another meal hearing about the south-beach-worthiness of each and every menu item, or long conversations with the waiter about what can be MADE south-beach-worthy, or deep sighs about how much she would love a beer.

    • I’ve been gluten-free (for diagnosed health reasons) in Columbia Heights for awhile now. Pete’s Pizza, Beau Thai in Mt. P can make most dishes gluten-free and Is our go-to date spot, Mellow Mushroom in AdMo, Coffy Café has gluten-free crepes, and Sticky Fingers has gfree cupcakes. I know this isn’t in the area you are considering, but Daikaya will put rice in their shio instead of ramen noodes.

      I would also like to note that Celiac’s tests aren’t always conclusive, can require extremely invasive testing, and that there are various degrees of gluten intolerance. I get just as irritated as the commenters here when I come across people who are just gfree to be trendy but I also get that going gluten-free isn’t always so black and white.

      • Apologies for random typos in there! “Celiac tests

      • AliceinDC, I totally agree with you. While some people are going gluten free for trendy diet purposes, there are valid health reasons (beyond a positive diagnosis of have Celiac disease) why a person may need to go gluten-free. Thanks for bringing up that point!

    • My sister is gluten free and she loved Estadio when she visited (especially the gin drinks! Gin is gluten free). I think any place with a good variety of foods will be fine. i.e. don’t take her to a pasta-only place, chinese (soy sauce in everything) or non-gluten friendly pizza or sandwich joint, but generally most places work.

      • Sister also loved Zaytinya but who doesn’t. The Think Food Group places are typically good bets for those with food limitations.

    • While not 100% GF, Thai and Indian places have many options that are GF without having to make a ton of customizations.

    • let her pick the places.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rave: Actually remembered to order my sister’s birthday present before her birthday!
    Rave: It’s from her favorite jewelry store.
    Rant: It’s not The Bracelet or anything gold or diamonds.
    Rave: She’ll love it anyway.
    Rave: Taunting her about her birthday present all over the internet!

  • Rant: lazy coworker (who occasionally naps in her office) mentioned she’s overworked, she has no assignments, and wishes she could assign me work. I can’t wait to work in a functional office.
    Rant/rave: I interviewed for a job with my boss’s boss yesterday. The interview went alright. I’m unlikely to get the job as the person in the job now is also interviewing. My boss’s boss asked me if I had time to help a different division right now. She coordinated with my boss, who agreed to loan me out for 50% of my time. Now, I have an email from the other division’s boss discussing my request for reassignment. I had no request for reassignment, though I am not sure I’d be opposed to reassignment. What the hell is going on.
    Rant: as of yesterday, the person who poops on the toilet seat is back to their nefarious fecal terrorism.
    Rant: Israel/Gaza; Syria; Ukraine/Russia; ebola…

    • Bonus rant: that damn German exploitation video of the poor homeless guy. Probably one of the most self-promotional “acts of charity” I’ve seen.

      • Yes, did you see my rant a couple days ago? I can’t believe all these people I know were weeping over it.

      • skj84

        what was this German exploitation video? Was it a facebook thing? I hate when people post things like that on their walls. Or pictures of sick children asking them to like. Most of the time these things are clickbait and not authorized by the subjects in the photo. No one ever checks their sources.

        • This was a video of some dbag asking a homeless guy if he could borrow his bucket. What follows will bring you to tears (of rage).

          • Rave: Productive morning: run on the beach, quick swim afterwards, now getting my oil changed (and posting from my phone for the first time)
            Rave: it felt like I had the ocean to myself for my swim this morning 🙂
            Rave: fun bachelorette party in Ocean City this weekend
            Rant: Stomach growling…come on car service
            Rave: All is well 🙂 Have a great weekend!

        • It was one of those idiotic “Somebody did something. You won’t believe what happened next!” videos that are all the rage on social media (and “news” websites now too.) I didn’t watch it. It took watching about two of these dumb videos to find out that I *will* believe what happens next, and it never shocks/surprises/amazes me. Maybe I’m jaded…

          • My Facebook friends usually don’t fell for crap like that, so when they did I felt compelled to check it out. What those people did to that homeless man make me sick. Based on his body language he was not comfortable with the situation at all. Just because someone needs money doesn’t give you the right to exploit them for it without their consent. Their dignity is more important than a handful of change.

      • I tend to avoid viewing any videos with the words “German” and “exploitation” in the title. Learned my lesson about that years ago!

        • things not to google at work…

          • LOL!
            Non sequitur: Beau, did you make it to that Hong Kong film “Aberdeen”? I successfully located Becks, but didn’t know what you looked like.

          • No, I did not. I look like your average incredibly handsome redhead.

          • Interesting — Becks is also a redhead! That was how she described herself, and how I located her.
            I am not a redhead, so I am not as easy to find in a crowd/line.

  • Rant: People that have no respect for other’s property. The fact that there are people out here that think that it is perfectly acceptable and OK to bump into other people’s cars while parallel parking. Those of you that do it purposely are the worst of the worst, where did you learn to drive? In what driving school do they teach you that technique as being a skill? You people suck and should not have cars. The fact that you tried to justify your lack of parallel parking skills with your reasoning is asinine. If you can’t fit, you can’t fit, don’t force your way in or if you aren’t sure how much room you have, get your lazy ass out of the car and check, don’t purposely back into or drive into another car because you can’t judge your distance/closeness. Again, you people suck and need to practice in Lionel Richie, start riding a bike, taking the metro, something. SMH @ “That’s what bumpers are made for”. Umm, no they are not, that shit is unacceptable. You all are the reason, I can’t keep a decent paint job on my bumper. With your reasoning, in a crowd it is OK for people to just knock everyone in there way over because well, you are just that important. No harm, no foul, right? Fcuk outta here! I hate people sometimes. SMDH!
    Rave: Going fishing on a charter out of Chesapeake Beach this weekend. Looking to catch some rockfish (live lining spot), croaker, jumbo spot, blues and hopefully some spanish mackerel (though I don’t think it is has been hot or dry enough for the spanish to be here). Anyway, I am looking forward to getting up at 4a for this. Hopefully a lot of tight lines.

  • My first time posting a rant/rave, so forgive me if it’s been covered ad nauseam…

    But FFS, Dave Thomas Circle is just an absolute shitshow front-to-back. Sat on Florida for 30 minutes trying to get across NY Ave. at 2:30 yesterday. How do people who spend that many years in school studying transportation design something so bad?

  • Rant: I haven’t been super productive lately so I have a lot to do today.
    Rant: I was being super productive at Qualia this morning and it was nice on the patio, but the wifi was so slow that I had to head home. I don’t know what it is about being near people, but it makes me more productive. I feel like my work environments are an obstacle to doing my work well, especially my hermit cubicle, which shields me from all social interactions.
    Rave: it’s Friday, so it’s not that bad.

    • Emmaleigh504

      I do better when I’m near people too. Right now I don’t have an office mate and it’s making me insane and unproductive. I keep begging my bosses to put someone in here and they just look at me like I’m nuts b/c who wouldn’t want a private office. Me, that’s who!

      • Yes! And the nature of my position is that I’m the only one in the 700+ person company who does this stuff. So, while I do get to go talk to other people about stuff sometimes, I don’t really have the opportunity for much collaboration day to day. I want to interact with people outside of chit chatting 🙁

    • Same here. Last week I had to leave early for a dental appointment, so I made up for it by bringing some work to do at the park afterward. I got more done in one hour than I had all week. At work I’m cold and miserable and tucked in a corner so I don’t interact much either.

    • skj84

      I think I just get easily distracted when I’m by myself. Also when I’m doing work in a cafe I usually put myself on a deadline so I’m not camping out. I focus better because I need to get work done in a more efficient manner.

  • Rant: It’s been a hard week
    Rave: uh, I’m still kicking.
    Question: Any experiences with solidcore? I’m thinking about signing up, but since it’s absurdly expensive (for me), I wanted to get some opinions…thanks!

  • skj84

    Rave: Won tickets to the Chefs Challenge at Citi Open yesterday. Had a blast and got to watch the tennis match after. I’ve never really been into tennis but I still enjoyed the whole atmosphere.

    Rant: Being lectured by friends. I’ve mentioned before that I don’t like unsolicited advice. I was chatting with a friend about my skype fiasco from Tuesday(My Skype interview was originally scheduled last Thursday and the recruiter cancelled at the last minute. We rescheduled for Tuesday and I wrote the wrong time down and missed the interview. I’ve been trying in vain to reschedule at the recruiters request, but have not heard back.) I know I messed up. I totally own up the fact I messed up. But friend launches into this speech about how I need to double check my times and I wasted the recruiters time and I just felt that she was rubbing salt in the wound. I’m feeling really down and I needed support not lecture. Especially since she had a major screw up at work recently and instead of focusing on what she did wrong I gave her support and kind words. If I want to know what I can do to fix the situation I’ll ask. The whole thing felt condescending

    Rave: Two really good therapy sessions in a row. I’ve made some good breakthroughs with my therapist.

    Also I set up the doodle poll for August Brunch. Still trying to figure a venue but I’d like to check out Brooklands Finest. http://doodle.com/2xnhx7236yez944v

  • Metro is supposed to be using shuttle buses from Noma to Fort Totten today because of track work. Anyone know if that has started yet or if it’s later today/tonight? I took the Green Line in this morning and transferred at Gallery Place to get to Union Station. Not sure about what to do when I go home.

  • Rave: kiddo is doing great hanging out with her grandparents yesterday and today! I’m not sure if she remembers them from six weeks ago or is just getting a little better with less familiar faces. Either way, it’s made life much easier while she’s home sick (though not seeming to feel sick) from day care!
    Rave: Got to go for a pre-work walk with my wife since my parents were at the house to be on kid-duty while she slept/when she woke up. We haven’t gotten to do that since before she was born! And to top that, we get a full night away Saturday night (complete with B&B stay) to celebrate our anniversary next week. Yay for parents who love their grandchild and can travel easily 🙂

  • Rant: Next-door neighbor won’t talk to me. She is a stay-at-home mom with 2 young girls, and so she watched my child (and I paid her a going rate) 3 days per week, and then I worked from home the other 2. Well, I had to go back to work full-time, and since she couldn’t watch mine full-time, we found someone else who could. She won’t look at me, won’t let her kids come up and say hi to mine, and is now just generally a you-know-what. We used to help each other out, but I think that time has come to an end.

    Rant: My birthday was yesterday and the only people that said anything were my parents and my husband.

    Rave: It’s Friday. Mama needs a NAP, or at least maybe a sleep-in for an extra hour tomorrow.

    • One more rant. It’s chilly here in the office, but I have to turn on my desk fan to somewhat drown out my coworker’s super loud eating. He must have been raised in an environment where he ate out of a trough.

    • Not discounting your rant, but I’m just curious: Why couldn’t the neighbor watch your kid 5 days a week?
      It sounds like she’s overreacting, but I guess when there is (or has been) a business aspect to a formerly non-business relationship, it can sour the non-business side of things. (Like when a friend becomes a tenant or roommate and it doesn’t work so well.)

      • She was just doing me a favor while I got back to work full-time. My company let me work from home part-time, as my daughter had some health concerns and because she was adopted, we learned at the last minute that we’d be getting her. Had no daycare options at the time. So she watched her for a few months, a few days per week. She didn’t want to do it everyday. Which I understand- she had other stuff to take care of. And that was the original agreement, that it would be a short-term plan until we found daycare that was something we could afford and something that didn’t have a huge waiting list. I could just deal without the attitude. Plus, it’s kind of sad when her kids see mine and say “Oh, look, it’s so-and-so!” and try to run over, but the mom grabs them and keeps them away.

    • Sounds like your neighbor had it really good if you were paying her the going rate for nannying/babysitting for your kid in her home. As DCUM would say, it’s an unlicensed daycare.

      • Well, she was doing me a favor while I got back to work full-time. So it was more like babysitting.

  • Rave: Capital Bikeshare nailed it this morning. Got to work and there were no docks anywhere around. Finally found one but when I tried to put the bike in, it wouldn’t lock. I had to run to work so I left it in the dock (but not locked in) and worried all morning that I’d be charged. Turns out, the guy who moves the bikes around in the vans locked it in for me and removed the charges from my account (for all the extra time >30mins that it sat in the dock unlocked). So nice!

    Rant: Caught some kind of a 24 hour stomach bug yesterday. Feeling a bit better today but I haven’t eaten for a day or so, and I’m afraid to start again. Anyone else catch this? I worried it was ebola for a few hours and then reasoned that I was probably fine…

  • Rant: Office building is implementing “random security screenings” in order to deter “the presence prohibited and illegal items.” Likely a baby-step on the path to full security screenings for everyone. This is reportedly being done in response to the Navy Yard shooting last year, perpetrated by a mentally ill individual. We employees, however, are not being offered mental health days or any kind of free mental healthcare.

    …land of the free and the home of the brave.

    • So, don’t bring anything prohibited or illegal and you’ll be all right.

    • Also, check out your Employee Assistance Program for free counseling services.

    • Ditto on checking out your organization’s EAP — which will likely provide a limited number of sessions at no charge as well as referrals for on-going services and/or more specific services such as grief counseling. Also check out your insurance — which likely covers mental health services.

    • Translation – “I can’t believe they’re implementing security screening. They should just provide extra days off instead.”

  • Rave: I started taking Pilates classes, and I feel amazing. I am hooked. Everyone should cross-train with Pilates.

    Rant: possibility of rain tomorrow. I really want to play tennis though!

    • +1 on your pilates rave. It’s the best! Where are you taking classes?

      • I don’t go to real pilates studio. I take classes at my gym, WSC. I am a beginner, so the basic classes are perfect for me. When I get “better,” I’m seriously considering paying for a pilates studio. Saving up for the reformer classes at WSC because I hear that’s amazing.

        • Be careful about that. Most gym based instructors have done training that maybe lasts a couple weekends. Real pilates certification takes hundreds of hours of training over the course of a year or more, and intense professional development training requirements to keep the certification valid. It’s a complicated system and risk of injury is high if you’re not being taught proper form, which gym instructors rarely offer in crowded classes. Pilates studios are not cheap, but they cost what they do for a reason!

  • SUPER RANT: My daughter (14 months old) busted up the area below her nose and above her upper lip (no damage to the lip or nose) somehow yesterday and nobody from the daycare knows how it happened. They could only say that it may have happened during free play in their gym or when they were wiping her nose. Neither one of those excuses are acceptable. 1. How is it that nobody saw her fall or knew for sure if she fell given that they way it was busted up I have no doubt that she was crying loudly. 2. How could this possibly happen from wiping her nose, how hard were you wiping (her nose hadn’t been running prior to daycare nor was it running when she was picked up). And if you are rubbing that hard wiping her nose and caused that injury, she nor does any other kid need to be there. My wife spoke with the director and she is going to have a stern talk with the caretakers in the one year old class today. She agreed this it was totally unacceptable and was extremely concerned that nobody had answer. Listen, I know that kids will fall and such and I get it but something like this makes you want to look elsewhere even if it were a complete accident (and yes stuff has happened before but we let it go as her being a toddler but this was something else).

    • So if it was an accident (likely, with toddlers), what exactly do you want? To find a daycare where no accidents happen?
      I get it – I hate seeing my kids get hurt too, but no need to go over the top on the outrage.

      • I think he’s justified in being angry about the fact that no one seems to know how it happened. It doesn’t even sound like they can pinpoint when it happened. Maybe during play? Maybe when someone was wiping her nose? WTF? If it’s your job to watch kids how could you even say that a child’s lip may have gotten busted while you were wiping their nose but you’re not sure? That’s absurd and would make me assume that they’re not speaking up about something. (I’m not even a parent btw.)

      • When daycare in this town cost $2k-$3k/month, they better have a clue what happened, and not have a c’est la vie attitude.

      • They pretty much explained it all.

    • Forgot to mention that her forehead was red as well, like she had fallen and gotten rug burn on her head. I noticed it as I was feeding her last night.

      • jim_ed

        Yeah I would be looking for a new daycare ASAP. Anytime our 6 month old has had a bump or red spot, they’ve always deliberately pointed it out and explained what occured. Accidents with kids happen, but if they can’t tell you why/how, that would be a major concern to me.

      • Yeah, my day care calls anytime there’s even a minor injury. Makes me confident that anytime something concerning happens, they’ll absolutely let me know.

      • Absolutely find a new day care. My mother has been the head of a daycare for many, many years, and every incident with a child must be documented and investigated! Just looking around and shrugging is not acceptable. What is likely is that someone was not doing their job and is not feigning innocence about the cause. My mom, who does not play that nonsense, has had to fire someone for lying about not knowing how a child got injured and it eventually came out that she was on the phone and not paying attention.

      • I tend to agree with all of you. I do think that someone was not paying attention i.e. on the phone but even if that was the case you would know she fell because she would have been screaming, that is what concerns me. Somebody knows that somebody was not doing their job. The daycare has been pretty good and I know they have some new people, we will keep a close eye on everything while considering our options. Thanks for all of your input.

  • Rant: I improved my ad for renting my condo (http://washingtondc.craigslist.org/doc/apa/4569768020.html ), thanks to advice from Identified, Emilie504, and other PoPvillagers, but I’m still not getting much interest. I’ve been nudging down the rent every few days, but I guess I haven’t yet hit the “sweet spot.” Any more advice on the ad? (I still need to add photos of the building exterior, the residential entrance, and the bike rack.)
    Rave: Friday.
    Rant: The Friday Question of the Day thread is reminding me that I see way fewer movies now that I have my cat than I did before. She always sounds so reproachful when I get home, no matter what time it is, which makes me feel a little guilty about going to a movie straight from work.
    Rave: Sweet cat.

    • I live in area, and I think your price is reasonable/market rate considering that you have a washer and dryer in the unit. One question: one of the pictures looks like you may have access to a roof deck? If that’s the case, I would highlight that in your post. That’s always a nice added perk. Good luck!

      • *live in that area

      • No access to a roof deck (alas) — that’s the view from one of the living room windows. (Which I’ve always thought was pretty awesome — when I was looking for a place in 2002, many places had no real view to speak of. One faced a brick wall about 8 feet away!)
        Thanks for the feedback!

    • Emmaleigh504

      It looks good, I think the price is a steal. I see it doesn’t face Columbia, is it quiet? Maybe mention that it’s conveniently located on Columbia with none of the noise. or something like that. That was a big selling point for me with my apartment in the area. Right by all the nightlife, none of the noise (or puke).

      • I think “quiet” would be an exaggeration. It’s definitely quieter than if it faced Columbia, but it’s not as quiet as if it were, say, one street over on Lanier.

    • jim_ed

      I feel like that’s a terrific deal considering location and DC real estate market. Out of curiosity, is the no pets thing a building rule or personal preference? Considering the dearth of pet-friendly apartments outside of new construction, you might be able to kick up the rent and get someone with a dog in there, and have enough of a pet deposit to cover replacing the carpet if necessary.

      • Jim_ed, the no-pets thing is personal preference. (Which some people might consider hypocritical, considering that I now have a cat… but I think it’s a little different when you have a pet knowing that YOU will be the one to deal with/pay for any pet-related damage, vs. being a landlord, when you get none of the enjoyment from your tenant’s pet but potentially all of the damage-related hassle.)
        I just didn’t want to deal with the potential hassle/damage factor of a pet if I had enough potential non-pet tenants. I know this has been discussed repeatedly on PoPville and many landlords feel there is no downside in allowing pets, but I just didn’t want to have to deal with it if I didn’t have to.
        If I don’t get more interest soon, I might consider allowing pets (or at least cats — dogs are a potential noise issue for neighbors) and bumping up the rent.

        • I hear ya. I rent out my english basement and have two dogs but I don’t allow pets. I would most likely consider allowing a cat in the absence of qualified tenants with no pets, but my dogs don’t like other dogs so it would be tricky to have one living right below us. I definitely feel a bit hypocritical but like you said, you can’t guarantee the tenant will be the same kind of pet owner you are.

    • Probably competitive/fair rent (have you checked the comps?) But my first thought upon seeing the photos was an overwhelming feeling of bleakness. Searching for a home is at least 50% emotional. No need for expensive staging, but the photos as is makes me think I will die alone on my poor stick furniture living on ramen and tap water while my gloomy and desultory cat stares out the window ignoring me.

      • Really? It’s already staged, albeit self-staged, and mainly with IKEA furniture because it’s just me (no partner) and I had to go with things I could (mostly) move myself. (Though I did hire Accountering to help me move a bed, and was able to get a condo neighbor to help with the heaviest piece of the sofa.)
        Originally I had the Craigslist ad with photos showing the unit completely empty (same photos as in http://www.popville.com/2014/05/whats-a-fair-price-for-my-rental-unit/ ), and the furniture made it look much more inviting. Even my dad, who doesn’t really have much awareness of aesthetics, said he thought the furniture made a big difference.

        • I gotta agree with Victoria. The photos w/out the furniture make it look better. I hate blank, white walls though. Maybe put some posters up? Without the furniture, I don’t notice them as much since it is an empty unit and I’m thinking of how to use the space. That imagination is adios though with the furniture.

          I don’t know, I just find it depressing for some reason.

          And I don’t think it is as good a deal as other people. 1-bedroom unit places in my building (5 minute walk away) go for a little under $1600/month. While no w/d in the units, their bedrooms are larger and have more windows. You probably wouldn’t have any problem if it were $1700/month. Or perhaps better staging…

          Sorry, don’t mean to be super critical, just my two cents.

          • Where is your building? Is it one of the ones down Columbia Road that has window units?

          • Emmaleigh504

            1 bedrooms in my building 1/2 a block away start at 1700 and do not have in-unit washers and dryers, dishwashers or central ac. The size and finishes are comparable, so I think this is a steal.

        • I think the staging is fine but you’re renting it out unfurnished, right? Maybe mention that in the ad. Apologies if you already do (I only skimmed) but before I read this thread I thought the furniture was staying.

        • Really what? Why would I bother to post something that I didn’t think was true? You asked for opinions – that’s mine. Ignore it if you like, but don’t get your knickers in a twist. That “staging” with sparse Ikea furniture makes me think – desperate, dull, bleak, dismal, boring, acquiescing to all the quotidian blandness that I fought against in my enthusiastic youth but always knew was probably my true destiny, yet am not entirely ready to embrace, so I’ll keep looking.

          Your personal relationship status and efforts to move furniture are irrelevant, as is the fact that your dad likes it. You asked for opinions.

          • I asked for advice on improving the ad. You provided an opinion — a characteristically caustic one — but didn’t offer any advice on improving the ad. An anonymous poster agreed with your opinion, but managed to do so in a much less caustic way and with actual suggestions (e.g., adding artwork).

          • _Constructive_ criticism is helpful, which is why I mentioned that my ability to move big furniture is limited. And generally I think that the opinions of one’s parents are biased/irrelevant, but my dad is so clueless with regard to how things look that I thought that his actually _noticing_ a difference between the no-furniture/furniture photos was significant.
            People disagree about what looks good/bad. That’s fine. I staged the apartment so that potential renters would have an idea of what would fit where. I guess I find it surprising that someone would think a place looked more “depressing” staged than completely empty — unless it were staged in an extremely taste-specific manner — but to each her own.

    • i think the apt is a pretty good deal.
      maybe you could add some language about being a local landlord, so if there’s an issue with anything, you are close by to solve the problem? you could also estimate what gas/electric tend to be.
      As we get closer to Sept, i suspect that you will get a lot more interest as people move to town. it seems dec/Jan and late summer are big lease turn-over times.

      • Ahh, good ideas re. mentioning my being local and providing an average amount for the electric bill. (There’s no gas.) Thanks!

  • Had this very weird, lucid dream that I was on a scavenger hunt in Baltimore. It ended with realizing I had lost my shoes and I said “This is the third time I’ve lost my shoes in Baltimore.” Please let the record show that I’ve never lost my shoes in Charm City!

  • Not really a rant or a rave, but a call to owners of cats and other pets: Please submit photos for the Afternoon Animal Fix. I think the last four have been all-dog editions.
    (I like dogs, but I prefer it when there’s more of a canine/feline balance in AAF.)

  • Lunchtime rant: just dropped a piece of sushi roll into the soy sauce cup causing it to splatter all over me.
    Rave: at least I can go home and change?

  • rant: sick kitties
    This is random, but if anyone has a recommendation for a good vet in Las Vegas, NV, please share – my sister just adopted two cats and both are having different health issues. (She has been taking them to a vet for treatment but they’re not improving, I’m just soliciting for any personal recommendations anyone might possibly have).

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