New CVS Coming to H Street, NE


Thanks to a reader for sending:

“Today I came across a sign at 7th and H NE, announcing that a CVS will be coming to the South Western corner of that intersection! It will be great to have a new pharmacy on H, as the Rite Aid on 8th and H is run down and located in that ugly strip mall.”

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  • Run down is run down. The store is old, not well maintained and in a strip mall with documented rodent problems. The Rite Aid would be run down if located on H Street or in the Hamptons. What an asinine comment.

    • I will be glad to have a CVS there (although in my view a Walgreens would have been better). As for that Rite Aid, I have never set foot in there – and none of my neighbors go there either – because we have heard some horrible stories. To be frank, Rappaport’s entire ugly H St Connection strip mall is an eyesore and makes that middle stretch of H lag behind the western and eastern ends of H. If only they would step up with their re-development plans. There is a dearth of amenities along that stretch between 7th and 9th. Whole Foods will help enormously in 2017, but for now, even a CVS feels like an achievement. Yay!!

  • brookland_rez

    Is that coming to the old Foot Locker space?

    • I think it’s one block West. In the bottom of that DC government building that they’ve been gutting, and across the street from Inspire BBQ and Hikari Sushi.

  • Its coming to the renovated office building owned by Jair Lynch. The DC agency is moving from the intersection of 6th and H to 7th and H and that will be where the CVS will be located. He is also building apartments in adjacent to the renovated building where the big hole in the ground is.

  • Hope the H Street CVS pharmacy is better than the disaster that is the Benning/Bladensburg Road location. What a nightmare.

  • Don’t bad mouth the Rite Aid, you can still probably buy Christmas ornaments in august there!

  • Interesting. The new Giant on H is already remodeling to add a pharmacy too.

  • Very excited! I’ve been hoping the rumors of a CVS coming to H are true. And I only live three blocks away! I’m also happy the Giant is getting a real pharmacy, but CVS is definitely better for sundry household items that Giant may or may not have.

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