Mon. Afternoon Rental Option – Adams Morgan/Kalorama

1871 California Street Northwest

This rental is located at 1871 California Street, Northwest. The listing says:

“Pets lovingly welcome! Awesome , renovated, 2BR/2BA w/private outdoor patio in the heart of Kalorama. Private back patio perfect for BBQs. Nicer floors, modern lighting, stainless steel/granite kitchen. Open living/dining areas. Dishwasher and washer/dryer in unit! Approx 1100 sqft. Rent includes water. 5 Blocks to Dupont Circle Metro. Available Sept 1st!!”

You can see more photos here.

This 2 bed/2 bath is going for $2,695/Mo.

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  • will be rented before the first posting…

  • Meh. It annoys me when listings fail to mention that the unit is a basement unit.

  • How is this the heart of Kalorama? I would consider this smack dab in Adams Morgan (maybe a touch of Dupont Circle north, since this building is closer to 19th than 18th, so it has a bit of a different vibe at that end of the street). Kalorama is the other side of Connecticut and Kalorama Triangle is the other side of Columbia between the bridges. Not that it won’t rent immediately, though…

    • We always wondered how we would market our unit in the same block. While I agree with respondtojoy on the borders, our title reads Kalorama. So it’s not an stretch to listed as Kalorama, which carries a premium over AdMo.

      Didn’t the city try to assign this area some cheesy acronym not that long ago?

  • Man, the days when paying $1300+ and have a roommate being a joke weren’t that long ago, were they?

  • Hard to tell from the photos whether that second bedroom is a real bedroom or not. $1350+utilities (except water) to share two tiny rooms in a basement… they’ll probably get it but it’s not exactly a steal.

  • Ugh. NO. 1300+ to share a basement is an insult to dignity. You can find better 2BRs in this price range near Woodley/Cleveland Park, let alone Columbia Heights, Petworth…..

    It’s not even particularly nice. No. Definitely no.

    • um, no, you can’t. you will not find any 2bed in any of those areas for this little, and definitely not one that isn’t a basement. also, who gives a crap if it’s a “basement”? English garden apartments are what you’ll find around here. that’s the style. it’s certainly no insult to your “dignity”

      • A quick craigslist and trulia search shows that you’re wrong. Basements are more prone to vermin/pests, flooding, and break-ins. They generally have now light, and from living in a situation where there were only three windows in an entire apartment I will never repeat the experience. There’s nothing wrong with living in a basement (no matter how pretty you paint it with the work ‘english’) but it’s kind of an insult at that price, imo.

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