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  • 1200 block represent!!!

  • The 1930 Census list a John C Ewald on 1242 Florida Avenue. He was born in Germany he had a wife named Josephine and a daughter named Ella and he said he was a baker. The 1920 Census had Emma his son John C (who became an electrician), and another daughter Ella. The 1900 Census had him on 1231 M Street NE.

    A 1902 directory had him as a baker/confectioner at the Center Market and still living at 1231 M St. NE. One from 1906 had him at 1244 Florida under the listing of bakers. One from 1928 has him at 1244 Florida Ave. with a business Ewald & Co. (two other people were at 1242). an 1898 directly had him at 20 H St. NE.

  • JC Ewald built 1244-48 Florida Avenue NE in 1905. He had already built (earlier in 1905) a substantial stable in the rear of those properties that appears to be extant. From 1908 to 1910 he enlarged his bakery, across the alley, behind the houses on Morse Street. He also added substantially to the stable in 1910, and in 1912-13 built the larger, finer stone dwelling (presumably) for his family at 1242, left side of the photo. ET has him at 1231 M Street NE prior to that. M is now Morse, so the bakery was in the rear of his former residence and Mr. Ewald’s empire spanned Square 4069.

    • On Sundays Ewald would take his team out for a pleasure drive in a loop around the County, through the Soldiers Home and back on 14th Street Road, across the old bridge over Piney Branch, the remains of which can be seen today. 😉

    • Great stuff!! A much fuller picture of Ewald.

      BTW both his daughters were not Ella I had a brain fart – the other was named Emma.

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