Harris Teeter opening in Navy Yard October 1st – Hours listed as 6am-12am daily

1212 4th Street, SE

@GarberDC tweets the good news yesterday:

“It’s like there’s a grocery store coming to the neighborhood or something. Sched. opening 10/1.”

Hours on a liquor license placard posted out front (for beer and wine sales) says hours will be Sunday through Saturday *6 am – 12 am (with beer and wine sales starting at 7am.)

This is the Twelve12 building also soon to be home to Takorean and Vida Fitness:



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  • That’s a hour earlier than the ones in NE and Penns ave. Awesomeness!

  • Lookout SW Safeway, your days of taking my money while disrespecting my patronage are numbered!

    • I live across the street but will be making my way to HT. I think Safeway is going to really feel this one. Hopefully it’ll pressure them into having more than 2 lanes and the self checkout open.

      • i’m hoping it pressures them into doing more than that. everytime i’m there they’re out of a good portion of my list (and i’m talking basics like arugula, scallions, frozen veggies, etc.), there’s never anyone working who can check and see if those things are in a box, waiting to be stocked and then to top it all off, i have to buy my deodorant at the customer service counter.

  • I think it’s a mistake to say wine and beer sales starts at 7 a.m. — think it’s District law no sales before 9 a.m.

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