(Future)House of the Day


I thought this looked really cool not far from Glover Park. I’ve never seen a standalone deconstructed and then added on to (at this stage) before. I’ll try to remember and go back to take photos when it’s finished.



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  • This is pretty common in my neighborhood. The explanation I was given is that the zoning code changed in 1958, becoming much more restrictive. Houses that were built before the zoning code change can be expanded to what would have been allowed under the old code. So you can get a much bigger house by expanding an existing house than by tearing it down and building new.

    The definition of an existing house is one wall and the foundation, so you see a lot of projects where one wall is kept and essentially a new house built around it. Once the new house is built all the walls become “old,” so you sometimes see staged construction where one wall is kept for stage one, then for stage two that wall is replaced with a new wall.

    There was an interesting case recently where during construction the one saved wall collapsed. Litigation ensued.

  • Looks promising. This could end up either really cool or really bad. I wonder what that cantilevered piece will be.

  • Is it a pirate house? If not, who’s going to walk the plank they put in the middle?

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