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Packages stolen from the 1200 block of Lamont St NW:

“Multiple packages have been stolen off porches of the 1200 block of Lamont. I’ve never had a problem with this in the past, but know other places have. Just an FYI to look out for our neighbors.”

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  • We had several things taken from our building too on Monroe. Seems to be a problem around 11th street in Columbia Heights.

  • Since this was Wednesday, my assumption is I saw the same guy as someone tried to steal a package off my porch on Newton Pl near Georgia Ave. Big shout out to Sprint for sending me a broken, refurbished phone so I couldn’t call 911.

    He definitely had a friend doing lookout, as when I opened the door, he ran down the alley and was joined by a friend. If people want to keep a lookout, he was about 5’9″ or 5’10” and around 160lbs, around 20 years old, with thin dreadlocks that were shoulder length. He was wearing a bright red Alabama t-shirt (not that you’re likely to see him wearing the same clothes, but who knows) Not the best identifiers, but he was carrying a big, empty, gray backpack that should have been a red flag when I saw him on the street. The guy with him I think was shorter and had short hair, but I didn’t get a good look at him.

    I didn’t report it, because I thought I was a target of opportunity. I had a big box and I’m right next to the alley, but looking back it’s pretty obvious this was a concerted effort and they might have even been following the delivery truck. I’ve emailed this description to MPD but thought others would want to know.

  • I came home last week to find a guy who looked like he was about to go through my trash, which is in front of my condo building (13th and Park). I told him to move along and waited outside until he very hesitantly finally left. When I came back out about 15 minutes later, there was a cop out there. He said the guy had stashed a stolen package next to our cans and he was trying to nab him. We kept a lookout for a few minutes but assumed the guy had given up. The cop took the package, said he was going to return it to the owners, and told me that if I ever saw the guy again that I should call 911. I was surprised at that but frankly kind of grateful: package theft isn’t exactly the worst crime committed in this city, but it’s REALLY frustrating and just generally makes the neighborhood feel less secure than it is. Props to the cops for taking it seriously.

  • I had a package stolen off my front porch (11th and W) and the cops caught the guy in the act, arrested him, and delivered the package back to me. The cop, who was very junior, looked adorably proud of himself, lol. But I was happy to hear they are trying to stop these guys. Apparently these theives follow UPS trucks and so do the cops. Props!

  • A friendly reminder to those that work in an office building – start having your packages delivered to work. I realize some are self employed, etc.

  • We had 3 packages stolen from below our front stairs last week (1400 blk of Harvard). We reported them and tried to reroute another delivery but it was already in progress. The tracking information showed that next package was “out for delivery” with usps for close to 36 hours. I finally got the delivery but only because I sat out in front of my house for hours waiting. The text USPS sent to show it was delivered came 2 hours after the package was in my hands. 2 hours is plenty of time to make off with someone’s delivery. It makes me think the carrier postponed the scan, but either way, what’s the point of tracking a package electronically if it becomes lost in the system for days once it hits the post office? FWIW, I work from home & would have happily answered the door to retrieve the packages if anyone ever bothered to ring the bell. Super frustrating to pay twice for things you work hard to afford the first time!

  • Stolen packages on the 700 block of Harvard this week as well.

    • 900 block of Quincy St NW, we had a huge box on our porch with Amazon subscribe & save delivery. Too big to steal I guess, but the thief opened the box and took items out (diapers, popcorn, some other kid stuff). We get stuff regularly with no problem…second incident in 5 years. Somehow felt like an even bigger violation that someone opened and picked through it rather than stealing it. Sounds like this is could be related.. all near 11th St.

  • This topic seems to come up monthly. Doesn’t anyone learn?

  • Package theft just recently became a problem in Lincoln Park (Capitol Hill) too. Never was an issue in the past but started a few months ago.

  • My boyfriend had a package stolen from his front porch on the 600 block of Kenyon this week. It’s happened several times before..

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