From the Forum – restoring an antique chandelier and Beeping sound at 14th and Q

Photo by PoPville flickr user *tinadelarosa

restoring an antique chandelier:

“I recently inherited an 70+ year old, small lead crystal chandelier that has been sitting in a box for about 30 years. I’d like to get it rewired and cleaned up so I can hang it from my dining room ceiling. Does anyone have any recommendations on local businesses that do this sort of work? Any tips on installation or care?”

Beeping sound at 14th and Q:

“There’s been a loud, sporadic beeping sound near 14th and Q for at least a week. It sounds like a truck backing up … beep beep beep … but lasts for hours and throughout the night. It’s going on right now over the rain. Anybody have a clue what it is? Apart from maybe a yuppie mating call. Would love to find a solution.”

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  • Artisan Lamp in Cleveland Park

  • LOL yuppie mating call.

  • I think the beeping is either Kingman Boys and Girls club or the place behind it, the door or alarm or something. I live over there too and it happens a lot. Very irritating.

  • I kept hearing a beeping sound from my apartment in Adams Morgan. I realized it’s the same noise that apartment call boxes make when you try to have someone buzz you in and no one answers, so it keeps ringing. Sometimes I’ll hear it going for hours in the middle of the night, I think because no one is there to cut it off. Is that a possibility?

  • Chatree’s in Old Town Alexandria. His work and Restoration is incredible. I have a fully restored 1920’s chandelier from him.

  • wmm

    The beeping right there may be from the horn that crane doing the work on the old shelter. I hear it every morning at 7:00 am sharp.

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