From the Forum – Good Restaurant Downtown/Near 14th Street with Large Circular Table for 10?

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Good Restaurant Downtown/Near 14th Street with Large Circular Table for 10?

“I have a very specific request indeed. I am looking for a very good (read: relatively fancy) restaurant downtown or near 14th st (Logan Circle area) that can accommodate 10 people. However, I greatly prefer the use of a circular table rather than a long rectangular one. It makes for a more interesting experience since you are better able to converse with people other than those immediately seated in and around your seat. So – any suggestions? Note – price is not necessarily an object however due to a the group size I think we will likely avoid anything particularly ethnic since some members of the party may not be comfortable.”

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  • Joe’s Seafood.

    They have tons of large round tables.

  • Estadio has a round table. I’ve been there with 8, but it might fit 10.

  • If the group is generally carnivorous, BLT steak has a large central table that can fit 10 people.

  • Since you said downtown, I’ll throw this out there – Founding Farmers has a table that seats 10-12 and you can reserve.

  • I think Daily Grill has one too and has a lot of variety in its menu.

  • Vinoteca on 11th and U has a private room upstairs that can accomodate a party of 10 – If I recall correctly, the table is a large oval. But it’s nice and quiet up there so that helps facilitate the conversation. The rest of that restaurant is very loud.

  • Lupo Verde does though the service there is pretty slow.

  • District Commons and Blue Duck Tavern both have big round tables!

  • Poste in downtown has a large circular table in a very elegant private room that can be reserved.

    • i LOVED my private-dining room experience at poste!

      otherwise, Ive had an 8 person dinner at a round table in the back at POSTO on 14th street (highly recommended). Im sure Lincoln a little further downtown can accomodate.

    • I second Poste, I actually just planned a business dinner there for work, but keep in mind, if you book a private room pretty much anywhere they usually have minimums you have to hit for food and alcohol.

  • But also you’re wrong – in a restaurant with any noise it becomes impossible to talk to anyone at a big round table.

    • lovefifteen

      Yes, I totally agree with this. Big round tables are actually terrible for group conversation. You either have to shout across the table awkwardly to have one big group conversation, or you’re basically stuck talking with the person next to you. I don’t recommend a round table at all.

  • Tonic near Foggy Bottom has some larger round tables upstairs.

  • Pretty sure Tosca downtown has a large round table. Pricey but delicious.

  • the Pope’s table at Bucca. it also has great accustics so everyone can hear each other

  • Hamilton has a great round table in a semi-private corner room, seats 10-12.

  • I was at a work event with 8 at a big round table at The Palm. Ex-bosses favorite place. Lets just say I’m glad it wasn’t my money.

  • Taberna Del Alaberdero has round (or oval-shaped, I guess is more accurate) tables that make for a lovely dining experience. And the paella is delicious!

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