Become an MPD Reserve Officer

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From an email:

“The Reserve Corps is a sworn volunteer component of the Metropolitan Police Department. Upon completion of the MPD Academy, the same as the career officers only during off-hours, you are a sworn and armed DC police officer. It’s a great opportunity for those who perhaps always wanted to be a cop, but life seemed to get in the way.”

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  • Sounds like the perfect hobby for brookland_rez!

  • This sounds INCREDIBLY sketchy! You get to take all of the enhanced risk of getting shot for free! Who on earth would want to do this? If you want to be a police officer, then be a police officer. It’s an incredibly important and noble profession. But get paid for it, and get the department-paid life insurance policy. If you’re interested in doing volunteer work, try to find some that doesn’t involve a kevlar vest…

    • Yeah, I’m curious about the types of people that would be interested in this. I don’t know anyone that wants to be a police officer, let alone for no pay.

      • And relatedly, there’s a decent chance that “the types of people who would be interested in this” are precisely the type we want to keep far, far away from firearms, or the cloak of police authority.

      • My first thought on reading this is that it sounds like something that George Zimmerman would love. Given the risks that I would guess could be associated with this, I hope that people applying are screened very carefully.

      • From what I’ve seen most of the Reserve Officers are in their 30’s which makes them more mature than a lot of the new career guys on the street. Former military guys, IT contractors, they seem to run the gamut.

        And they go through the same background and psychological that the career officers do, for what that’s worth.

        • Yep – pretty amazing that we have neighbors that are willing to to do police work with no pay. All I’ve met have been nice, dedicated, and genuinely nice gals/guys.

          • I imagine they’re the same kind of people who would put on a mask and cape if being Batman were legal. LOL.

    • From what I understand one of the big uses (though not only use) of these reserve officers are used for events like inauguration and other big events where police need more officers for road closures and other related activities. That would mean not allotting all officers to events in case there are problems elsewhere in the city that need police attendance.

  • Eh, it’s what you make of it. Some Reserves I know come in once or twice a month and get to wear a uniform which they like. Others work 2 shifts a week and are just as talented as many of the career officers I know.

    • My guess is that this might be a good option for retired cops who are a bit bored. It’s also a great way to pull up additional trained staff during times of emergency (ex: 9/11) when we generally need police on every corner to maintain order, provide search & rescue, keep traffic moving, etc.
      I think this is pretty cool, TBH. So long as the volunteers aren’t crazy people with a Hero Complex.

    • What do they typically get involved in doing? Is there anyway I could get assigned to DC Taxicab enforcement? If yes, I’ll sign up RIGHT NOW. Seriously.

  • When do we get the freakin guns.

  • Well, we absolutely need more police on the streets – especially in Columbia Heights, Shaw and Petworth. However, this sounds like a band-aid approach. Why not hire more police? I’ll gladly pay more taxes if that’s what it takes. We need more beat patrols and pro-active policing. In some cities, mayors are pulling people off desk duty to focus on policing and… you know… protecting the public.

  • Because the regular paid police are woking as private security in their off hours, that’s why. And when do I get me my gun?

  • Here’s the first applicant:

    (I can’t believe that no one mention Dwight Shrute yet.)

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