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  • i get that it’s giggle inducing to poke fun at metro… might not be perfect but what would DC look like without a mass transit system? *shudders*

  • magpies

    I kind of appreciate that they used an old train in the ad. Lessens the sting a little bit. I mean, it’s an eerily clean-looking train, but still.

  • DC’s metro still has a long way to go before it comes close to systems in Asia or Europe.

  • I love the fact that the escalator doesn’t even work in the ad.

  • I’m hoping that the second one is the parody — even though it starts with a commercial.

  • I liked the advertisement. I thought it was creative and entertaining. People in Northern Virginia can’t dance that well though.

    • Haha, I liked both videos, but a parody of guys in brown flip flops doing an awkward shuffle to the same music would be funny too.

  • Which one cost tens of thousands of dollars. And which one took a day of work from two people?

  • “We’re taking you for a ride”…how did they not see/hear the negative connotations in that song’s title? And the image of folks walking along a road with cars buzzing by – it just looked dangerous. I honestly thought it was the parody until more than halfway through.

  • Thought both videos werr quite putrid.

  • There’s just no pleasing some people.

  • justinbc

    It’s almost accurate, except at the end the guy who misses the train would have definitely been sprinting harder and pushed an old lady out of the way.

  • Regardless of how bad the official ad is, at least it employed some local dancers, right? RIGHT?!

    But seriously, I’ve seen more ads for the silver line than I’ve seen for booze lately and that’s saying something. Is it really necessary to aggressively advertise the silver line? I know wmata isn’t perfect, and no one should expect them to be, but their budgeting decisions are so confusing/absurd sometimes.

    • I think the official ad is cute. For some reason dorky people in office clothes dancing always makes me smile.
      And yes, I do think the advertising is necessary. A lot of suburbanites still consider public transportation inferior to driving everywhere. I like how some of the other ads addressed the annoyances of living in the suburbs and offered the silver line as a solution. It might get some people who would never consider taking Metro to at least try it.

  • Are there any single family home neighborhoods actually in walking distance to silver line? Just curious as to where that was filmed. Maybe they should have showed the folks dancing at a bus stop in the rain waiting for a way to get to metro…

  • The real ad is actually pretty accurate. The escalators aren’t working from the 54 second mark on.

  • Some of the dancers were on point…the young black guy in a black t shirt who later had on a white button down was about it…he showed up in their print ads too…

  • Thanks, snarky ukelele girl, for getting a Christmas song stuck in my head in the middle of summer.

  • Probably wasn’t safe to have a crowd of dancers on a moving escalator. At the very least, they’d need a lot of takes.

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