Topical Bus Stop Ads…


“Dear PoPville,

Who is in charge of these things? Walked by this one today on mass ave. (hard to read but says don’t forget to shovel your snow.)”

I guess it’s better than the ones reminding us about May’s Bike to Work Day…

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  • It costs money to send someone out to replace/update ads, so unless the owner resells that space, it usually does not make financial sense to replace ads of this nature (where the advertiser is not getting any useful increased exposure).

  • If it’s a bus stop shelter within DC, the city is responsible for it.

    • I believe ClearChannel (or whatever they’re called now) is responsible for the building/maintaining shelters themselves, and in exchange they pay nothing for the advertising space.

  • Any reminder of this requirement is OK by me. Maybe the fact that it is so out of place will actually make it stick in people’s minds. Although I doubt my neighbors would read it even if I laminated it on their front doors. (funny thing, I initially mis-typed “neighbors” as “neighbros” – 100% accurate for the worst offenders on my block)

    • +! NeighBROS (with the trucks they cannot parallel park on the left side of the street, where their house is) are across from me, too!

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