Tomato Glut – Get 25 pounds of them for $27 from Lancaster Farm

Photo via Lancaster Farm Fresh Cooperative

For those not this successful, thanks to a reader for passing on the opportunity from Lancaster Farm Fresh Cooperative:

“Now we’ve run into a situation where our farmers have LOTS and LOTS of Certified Organic Red Roma Tomatoes, and we need your help to find them all good homes! Starting now, we are offering bulk orders of these lovely reds in 25lb. case quantities for only $27, so put your order in today!

Orders can be placed now through the end of Thursday, July 31st.

Whether you are a current CSA shareholder, a former CSA shareholder, or a friend of the Coop, you will all have the opportunity to choose from many of our current Spring Summer CSA pickup locations for where you would like to have your order delivered. Please take special note to the address of your pickup location as you place your order, for it will not be included in your confirmation email.

Your tomatoes will arrive in brown tomato boxes with your confirmation receipt taped to the top and a label on the side of the box with your name. Please look carefully for your appropriate order, and do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions while picking up your order.

All deliveries will be sent out the week of August 4th, which is Week 12 of the CSA. Similarly to our last bulk orders, these deliveries will following our normal CSA delivery schedule. You must pick up at the location you choose, and it must happen between the provided pickup window at each unique location. Sorry, Folks, no exceptions here.

Order Your Bulk Romas Here!

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  • Who’s up for a tomato fight in Dupont Circle?

  • I’m seriously tempted by this, but I’m not sure I know what to do with that kind of quantity. Any thoughts on good ways to preserve?

    • Do you have a food processor? My parents chop theirs up and freeze them in ziplocs. They make a nice sauce in the winter!

    • Roma tomatoes are great for canning.

    • 25 pounds of tomatoes will make about 9-10 quarts of sauce, depending on what else you put in and a few other factors.
      I don’t bother with canning… just freeze the finished sauce in ziplocs in single-meal portions. Then again, I’ve never made 10 quarts before!

    • I’ve never done it with this many tomatoes, but I make huge batches of tomato sauce and freeze it in 1 cup increments. I have a vacuum sealer, so it lasts forever. The tomatoes really cook down, so it works well.

  • I buy about 75 pounds every year from Lancaster – they’re fantastic tomatoes at a great price. If you don’t want to can them, I recommend oven roasting them overnight at 200 degrees and then freezing them (check out Food in Jars for more details), or dehydrating them. If you’re going to can them, I recommend picking up a copy of the Ball Blue book, their recipe for roasted tomatoes with garlic is fantastic. Canning whole tomatoes is also very easy and gives you a lot of leeway in how to use them down the road. I’ve done sauce but it is a lot of work and a long day. Good luck!

  • Or wait a month or so if you are going to can or freeze. Towards the end of tomato season pretty much every farmers market around here will have somebody doing 25 lbs/$20 for “seconds” which are totally fine for these purposes. They won’t necessarily be romas, but other varieties are more flavorful anyway.

  • Just ordered! I’ll be making the majority of them into this:
    It’s delicious, very easy, and scalable. I’ll freeze them in quart-sized Ziplocs.

  • A little off topic, but does anyone know of any good CSA’s in the area?

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