Sauf Haus Bier Hall Opens this Thursday in Dupont – Have a Look Inside

1216 18th Street, NW at the corner of Jefferson just off Connecticut Ave

From a press release:

Sauf Haus Bier Hall, located at the corner of Jefferson and Connecticut Avenues in Dupont, will officially open on Thursday, July 24, 2014. The upscale tavern features a 2000 square foot patio and two floors with full bars and event space.

Inspired by traditional German Bier Garten’s, Sauf Haus will offer 16 beers on tap, directly imported from Germany, and a variety of seasonal, local craft and European beers in cans and bottles. Sauf Haus’s bar program will also include specially designed cocktails, inspired by German influences. Focusing on simplicity and authenticity, the menu will include Bavarian style pretzels and Bratwursts, Frankfurters and Oysters starting in August.

The warm colors and décor of Sauf Haus are reminiscent of beer taverns in Germany. The hallways and stairwells feature old-fashioned black and white photos of German Bier Gartens.

Doors open on June 24th at 4:00pm.”

Photo courtesy Sauf Haus

Lots more photos after the jump.

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  • Cannot wait for this place to open, been watching the work throughout the months. Now if they could just get their social media up and running.

  • The space looks really cool, too bad it’s all the way out in Dupont 😉

  • Tasteful HDR? These guys could teach the DC Realtor association a thing or two.

    • Tasteful? I dunno, there’s something about it that looks pretty oversaturated and unrealistic to me.

  • As a resident of SuDuBottom, I can’t wait for this to open!

  • “Doors open on June 26th at 4:00pm.”

    They got the bolded date wrong.

  • From Sauf Haus’s website:
    “WATER, BARLEY, HOPS AND YEAST. This is what the focus is at Sauf Haus. Gone are the frilly cocktails and in is a cold simple pint.”

    From Sauf Haus’s press release:
    “upscale tavern” / “specially designed cocktails”

  • I wonder if they’ll have a canopy over the outdoor part. If not, it’ll be unbearable up there in the daytime during the summer.

  • Looks like Buffalo Billiards and Front Page had a kid, and this is it. Nothing screams “Bier Garten” like exposed ductwork and subway tile.

  • Enough already with the Dickensian workhouse decor! Seriously! If I want to drink beer on a hard bench at a picnic table I can pick up a six-pack and do that in my own backyard.

    • That’s the traditional biergarten bench style in Germany; i think that’s what they’re going for with those benches.

      • When they have Valkyries in dirndls carrying 6 steins in each hand like in Germany I’ll go along with “traditional bench style.”

        • Almost no one in Germany drinks from a stein any more. A stein is a stoneware mug.

          The 1-liter glass mugs served at Oktoberfest are known as Masskruge (pl).

    • I’m sure they already have a very special cushion reserved just for your use.

  • I’m curious. I remember the space from the Guitar Shop days– and the entrances to the second and third floors were up steep narrow staircases — which would be very odd for this type of space. I hope they’ve created another entrance.

  • I’m sure the pastel shorts and boat shoes will be queued up. This is closer to Clarendon, so perhaps they’ll skip The Standard and Dacha. One can dream….

    • @anonymous….You must be a cool hipster that lives in NE or Shaw. DuPont is so far!!! Nodoubt, you probably work there. Love the tortures artist cool comments. It’ll be better off without you.

      • Hey bro, I’m just secretly jealous of your closet full of Vineyard Vines and Topsiders.

        • I love the hipsters that only talk about how lame everyone else is. Look at me in my campo shoes, bright colored tank, and $400 shades (even though i only paid $150). See everyone can do it. Grow up and stop making fun of something materialistic as clothes and shoes. Otherwise, you will remain to be what you are, a loser. Get over yourselves. No one cares about you so stop caring about others.

    • So my first thought was “this space looks incredible!” followed by, “this will be the most bro-ey spot in the area.” But that impulse isn’t really helpful I admit. As someone who is more likely to be characterized as a hipster (whatever that means), it’s frustrating when I see bars and restaurants that I like starting to be taken over by the frattier bunch, especially when I think this city could use a bit more hipsters/punks/weirdos (despite the venom towards those types of people on this site.) But it takes all types to make a city. One love.

      • I see what you’re saying, but I think the venom on this site is reserved for frattier bros who are not likely to visit blogs like this, not hipsters, not the other way around. As a fratty dude who wears polos and boat shoes often, I think it’s pretty hipstery farther you get from Dupont/Adams Morgan (on a weekday).

  • justinbc

    Looks pretty Germanic to me, I’ll give them a shot at least.

  • Anastasia Beaverhausen

    Just FYI, “Sauf” comes from the German verb “saufen” which means “to drink like a fish.” It’s usually used in the context of someone who is drinking just to get drunk.

    • If you consider the location and the scale of this place, I’m sure that’s exactly what the owners have in mind.

  • Brandy

    We are standing in line, they most definitely were not open at 4…opening at 5.

  • Reality > Potential. Great space, completely unprepared. Majority of taps dysfunctional, long lines, understaffed. Feel bad for bartenders who are at whim of taps. Would have been smart to wait a couple weeks and BE READY TO SERVE BEER. It is a bier haus after all.

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