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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • Rant: U.S.-Africa Leaders Summit next week here in DC. With countries being locked down for Ebola and Liberia now saying they cannot control the disease, seems like a pretty bad time to be having African heads of state (and their entourage) from Sierra Leone, Liberia, etc…
    Rave: I’m not worried because the government knows what it’s doing, and it will take the necessary precautions. This is a huge event for Obama and worth the risk of killing a few people. Besides, if Ebola makes it here, CDC has assured me that it will be quickly contained. /sarcasm

    • Personally, I want to hear more about the family of the US doctor who has now come down with ebola. They came back to the US shortly before his symptoms showed up. So are they in quarantine somewhere or is there a chance they brought it back with them?

      • I think I read they’re under a 21-day fever watch (whatever that means) but aren’t being quarantined. Supposedly you’re not contagious until you start showing symptoms.

      • No, they’re not in quarantine, according to all the news I’ve seen. This is absolutely crazy. They saw him two days before he was diagnosed and had the full-blown symptoms. The disease can incubate for 21 days. But authorities are saying they “likely” were not in contact with infected individuals. Craziness. I support the good work the doctor has done, and I appreciate the sacrifices his family made, but they need to be isolated. He and the other lady should not be allowed to travel to Europe or the U.S. They made a choice to do something that was very good, but very dangerous. Personally, their choice to have 3 and 5 year olds in a country with a major Ebola outbreak showed pretty bad judgment on their part (kids are too young to make an educated decision for themselves), but not everyone is as rational as I’d like them to be.

    • pablo .raw

      Several years ago, a friend who lives in MD and works in DC takes metro to work found out that he had the flesh eating bacteria. With probably thousands of Americans going to Africa for vacation, and Africans coming to this country every day, the Summit shouldn’t make a difference.

      • Yikes, I hope your friend is ok. I know someone who used to live in MD and works in DC who died a gruesome death from it a couple years ago.

      • Pablo, the flesh-eating bacteria isn’t the same thing. There are isolated cases of that particular problem when people cut themselves and go swimming in the Potomac River (see recent case of Virginia man) or- in one wierd case- have their wisdom teeth extracted up in Long Island, but Ebola is a highly communicable disease. There’s a reason why the countries themselves are sealing their borders. You can cut it off if you can contain it. Patrick Sawyer, the Liberian heading back to Minnesota, was very close to bringing it home to his two daughters and wife (and people beyond that). And right now, I’d be afraid if I was sitting on the plane anywhere near him. Meanwhile, because some people in these countries are suspicious of health care workers, they have had families abscond with infected loved ones from hospitals, thus allowing the disease to spread further. One person dying here is not worth this stupid conference, and it is not worth allowing people to travel so openly back and forth from those particular countries.

        • Some of the fear mongering around here is insane. I have been to Liberia twice (and Nigeria twice) since this outbreak began. And I don’t have Ebola. Nor am I afraid of contracting it because the Liberian head of state might show up here. There are dozens of people in my office every day who have been in these countries in the past months. Ebola is not something that concerns me at all–on the day to day things I’m afraid of scale. We aren’t medical professionals and we aren’t running clinics or active in clinical settings at this time. I’m much more concerned about being blown up by Boko Haram than getting Ebola. The number of people in this city who have been in West Africa recently or have been on a plane with someone from West Africa numbers in the tens of thousands. A delegation of heads of state isn’t going to change things. An ebola out break isn’t coming to DC, it’s just not.

          I wish CNN had never started covering this because some of the comments I’m hearing are absolutely absurd (not just here–everywhere online and off).

          • You’re entitled to your opinion, but the fact of the matter is this is the fastest spreading case of Ebola since it was first discovered in 1976. Even if your chance is low of contracting it, when YOU get it, the stats don’t matter. Common sense involves taking every necessary precaution to prevent it from coming here because a single death is not ideal. Again, the countries themselves are sealing their borders. Why? Because they understand that you prevent the spread by containing. And lest you think that only heads of state are coming, they will be escorted by hundreds of staffers. Patrick Sawyer was in contact with the Nigerian ambassador to Liberia shortly before he died, so this is not just a small town villager’s kind of problem. Indeed, its unprecedented spread is due to its infiltration into dense population areas right now.

          • pablo .raw

            That’s my point, Americans who go to Africa, Africans that come to the US; europeans or people from other nations who have been to Africa and then come to the US. An event with heads of state is not going to make a difference IMO.

          • I don’t think you understand what “prevent it from coming here, even a single case” means if you think stopping a heads of state meeting is going to stop it.

            There is a direct flight every day to DC from Addis Ababa–that is the flight that many Americans working in Africa and many Africans living in the US use to travel to many parts of the continent. There are direct flights from NYC to Lagos–again used by many West Africans to go home and Americans to go work there (and proselytize and holiday).

            When I fly home from Nigeria I come on Lufthansa–via Frankfurt. Airports like FRA, LHR, CDG, AMS are chock full of travelers who have come from or recently been in West Africa recently–or who have been sitting close to West Africans. And all of them have direct flights to the US.

            Without completely shutting down international air travel to this country you can’t with certainty stop even “a single death” from occurring. That’s just not how the modern world works. This is a country with superior infection control protocols and quarantine capability and I mean look–both Ghana and Nigeria have had deaths of travelers and in both cases neither has resulted in a single additional case. In the case of Nigeria the jury is still out for a week or so, but in the case of Ghana it’s been long enough now to confirm no onward transmission. If those two countries can handle not shutting down international air travel and keeping ebola mostly at bay I see no reason why the US should practically disable its own economy in order to keep 1-2 cases out. You disagree, and that’s fine. But the US is most likely not going to adopt your proposed approach. Hell, the US Government even told us that if we wish to evacuate our expat staff in Liberia, Sierra Leone and Guinea who are working on State or USAID projects that we can’t bill them for the expense–it’s unallowable and they expect us to continue work as normal.

            My suggestion then would be that you consider curtailing your own public activities and exposure to large groups of people until the epidemic is better under control, because in a city like DC you are never going to be far from someone who was recently in West Africa or touched someone who was. And stopping a single meeting from happening isn’t going to fix that. Everyone has different levels of risk acceptance and that’s a ok.

          • Yes, we can agree that everyone has a different level of risk. The government telling you that they won’t pay for your State/USAID-sponsored project staff to return home is not the government saying everything is groovy and fine, and it is prudent to stay there. The “government” has already recalled all Peace Corps volunteers in that area (with the exception of two, who are being quarantined). They made a judgment that it wasn’t safe for Peace Corps folks to stay. Right now, the government is considering elevating their message to restricting travel for non-essential personnel. Ebola may not concern you (which is a little frightening considering the fact that you have people on the ground over there if I’m reading you right), but rest assured CDC has an alert to hospitals in the US right now, others (Liberia and Sierra Leone leaders) are taking measures, and aid groups are pulling out. Hope your people stay safe.

          • Peace Corps is an incredibly risk adverse organization, more so since NY Times front page news about a Volunteer death

          • I certainly hope Peace Corps is more risk averse. After years of ignoring/failing to address sexual assault among female volunteers and sweeping it aside, they could use a little more risk aversion!!

          • [email protected]:09, my experience was the exact opposite of your sweeping generalization about Peace Corps.

          • What anonymous 12:09 says about the Peace Corps having a history of failing to address sexual assault is pretty well documented, though apparently it’s started to change recently.

          • What is reported in the NY Times was the exception, not the rule. Yes, there have been instances where assaults were not handled well. One instance is too many.
            All I’m saying is that my experience – and the experience of other women I know – was quite different.

          • The Peace Corps is also having a severe volunteer shortage right now, so they’ve been doing things to make it more appealing. I think their willingness to remove volunteers in this situation sends a positive message to those that are considering joining.

          • “What is reported in the NY Times was the exception, not the rule.”
            Anon @12:09 never said it was.

    • CNN reports that the leaders of Liberia and Sierra Leone have cancelled their attendance at the summit.

  • Rave: Customer service at Le Diplomate. Had a bad experience there a few months ago and spoke to the general manager about it. He has gone out of his way to remember us on each subsequent visit and the staff clearly has been asked to be extra considerate. I am very impressed – for such a busy restaurant that wouldn’t notice if we never came back, they treat us like we are special to them. I am a fan for life.
    Rant: May have eaten too much at Le Diplomate last night!

  • Rant: A sinus headache combined with the constant pile driving outside my office means I have WAY less patience than I normally do. I may just need to close my door today because I am surly.
    Rave: I made a delicious salad last night and enjoyed it while sitting on my building’s roof deck. Sometimes, it is the little pleasures that make a day awesome.
    Rave: Dinner date tonight.
    Major Rant: The ongoing violence in Israel and Gaza.

  • Rant: My crowdfunding campaign needs help– please read, share, and donate if you can: http://startsomegood.com/biodenergy
    Rave: New camera lens arirving today.

    • pablo .raw

      How do you like the A7? I decided to go with the X-T1. What lens are you getting?

      • The menus and controls are completely different than my old Sony, so that part is driving me crazy, but I love the smaller size and it performs really well in low light. I’m getting a 70-200mm lens for it so I’ll be ready to do some wildlife photography in Madagascar. πŸ™‚

  • Rave: Spoke with the dean of my department about my licensing issues and she’s making it all better!
    Rant: I’m applying for licensure in DC as an extra bit of insurance and all these little fees are adding up!
    Rant: The conversation I had with a friend who told me teachers are overpaid because they get a lot of time off and all they do is play with kids all day and he knows this because he “know[s] a bunch of teachers. none of them work hard”.
    Rave: Little Red Fox for breakfast, yum
    Rant: That place is so freaking expensive for what it is.

    • SFT

      This seems to make the rounds every so often. Thought it was a fun way to look at teacher’s heavily inflated salaries!

    • dump your “friend.”

    • Just wow (RE the friend talking about teachers). As the daughter of two parents who were teachers, I wanted them up at all hours of the night grading papers, staying late repeatedly to help kids after school, and buying supplies with their own money.

    • Either dump your friend — or have your friend do a day or two of substitute teaching.

      • Preferably in a “high risk” area.

      • epric002

        + a million. forget about compulsory military service- everyone should be required to volunteer in public school classrooms/substitute teach. opinions about teaching and teachers would change REAL fast.

        • Meh…i substitute taught for 3.5 years. I alternated between running around like a chicken with my head cut off and sitting around doing nothing because the classroom teachers didn’t want the substitute special Ed teacher pushing in. And after the first year or so, you learn which jobs/schools are worth going to.

          • epric002

            1 month was more than enough for me. i broke up 2 fights in 1 week. the first was between 4th grade girls, and the second was b/n a middle school boy and girl, in which i almost ended up on my ass. $60 a day to potentially get my ass kicked by middle schoolers? nothankyouverymuch. i also did a semester of volunteering in an elementary school during college. there are some bad teachers (just like there are some bad everythings), but a lot are really wonderful, and they put up with A LOT for not very much money. i have the utmost respect for teachers and what they do.

          • There was one time there were three fistfights in my class in one day. I didn’t return to that school. I had a few schools whet became a regular and got lots of requests and it was usually not too bad. I also made more than $60 a day and was good at getting the jobs that were half day+10 minutes where I’d still get paid for a full day.

    • I am continually shocked when anybody says that about teachers. Forget the fact that we can argue all day about how “hard” they work (the answer is ‘very’ and ‘extremely’) but the salary compensation frankly doesn’t live up to the sheer amount of responsibility they carry, in my opinion.

    • special_k

      I don’t think your friend has a very good understanding of the teaching profession.

  • Rave: Pitch Perfect at NoMa Summer Screen last night. Weather was perfect and the crowd was great.
    Rant: The girl leaves for a week on Sat.
    Rave: No other rants. Life’s pretty good.

    • I was also at Pitch Perfect and had such a great time (towards the end, I was really singing along!). I do really wish that there were some kind of small lanes cleared or marked in the grass, strictly designated for walking (it gets so hard navigating to the food/bathrooms when it’s packed to the brim – I’m also bitter though because I got stepped on and hit in the face with a cooler last night.)

  • Rant: My PoC at a govt agency made an error in paperwork that would have cost my company tens of thousands of dollars. Confirmed with third party vendor that this was the case. It was an easy fix and not a big deal since we caught it early so I emailed PoC and asked her to fix it. At which point she got incredibly defensive, started yelling at me saying “I’m a government official!” (I don’t know what her point was) and shifted blame to everyone in her department, one by one, by name. I told her I’m not interested in who is to blame and I just need the issue to be fixed. She made the same mistake with three other vendors but insisted that there was only a problem with this one. I backed off because I was tired of listening to her talk for 40 minutes straight and said I would look into it again. 5 mins later, I got an email saying “I will fix the paperwork to the other three vendors as well.” Her emails to me since have been really defensive and not at all apologetic. I’ve previously had a very friendly working relationship with her so I’m confused by this outburst.

    Rave: Just ordered a flirt pole after reading epric002’s rave yesterday. So excited to tire out my overly energetic pup!

  • Rave: I love forgettable pop music. It’s my dirty little secret. Right now I can’t get enough of Kim Cesarion’s ‘Undressed”. I could seriously listen to it on loop all day – and I hate myself a little for it.

    • I have a dirtier secret– Songza’s Total Request Live station. Having a blast revisting all that forgettable pop music from the late 90’s/early 00’s.

      • I listen to this too, and I hate this music…lately nostalgia is my drug of choice.

        • Yep, exactly. When I was in high school my best friend and I used to watch TRL and make fun of all the terrible music… and now those memories have turned that terrible music into something that makes me genuinely happy.

  • Rant: My roommate secretly used my shower yesterday and apparently doesn’t know how to properly turn off the water. When I went to turn on the water I was blasted with cold water. NOT HAPPY.

      • I know that the person I live with sometimes turns the hot and cold water off without turning the shower/faucet knob back to the “faucet” setting, and if I don’t notice this ahead of time, when I go to turn the water on it blasts out of the showerhead instead of the tub faucet and hits me in the face. I bet that’s what Coco’s talking about too.

        • why you be getting in the shower before the temperature is correct? craziness!

        • Exactly. In my case it is the little lever thing you pull or push to turn the water on or off.

          It is surprisingly difficult to figure out how to use showers that you aren’t used to, so I don’t blame her. Still annoying when you aren’t expecting it!

  • Rant: car behind me gets into a pissing match with the car behind him – someone trying to cut him off in nearly standstill traffic by driving up the shoulder. Car behind me decides to accelerate to prevent this and hits me hard enough that my head and neck still hurt a day later.

    Rant x2: guy who hit me drove like this with a little girl in a car seat with him. Poor kid was crying, probably terrified.

    Rave: 2 more days til the terrible job is over and I become the oldest law school student ever.

    • Setting a fine example for his future teen driver, I see.

      • Eaxctly! Not to mention the fact that she could have gotten hurt….all so that he didn’t have to let some jerk into his lane. Crazy.

        • Yeah, that’s awful. When I have the kids I babysit in my car, I take extra precautions. I don’t know what I would do with myself if they got injured while in the car with me, even if I were in the right.

    • congrats on the job/law school shift. my husband is going to be applying in the fall and worries about the age gap all the time. You’ll do great!

      • saf

        I don’t know if law school is different, but I went to grad school as an older student. Turned out that there were a few of us, so I wasn’t alone, and that it didn’t matter ALL that much anyhow. I hope he finds that to be true!

        • I think he’ll find it to his advantage (Alex, too) – you’ll have real world experience and know this is what you want to do. In grad school, I know I personally felt like I (and many others) were there due to not knowing what else do to after college. Or pressure for an advanced degree. He’ll have the gift of employment, military, and life experiences that a lot of other students won’t have to put what he is learning and doing into perspective. Hopefully that’s to his advantage.

      • Thanks jindc!

      • My mom went to law school when she was in her mid 40’s. She went to school at night while working full time (and still with kids in high school). There were others in her age range – partly because it was a program designed for people who continued working full time during law school.

      • I went to law school after having been out of college for a few years. There were a lot of people directly out of undergrad, some who had worked or pursued other degrees before attending law school and a sprinkling of people returning to school mid-career. I will say that being older and/or having work experience really is an advantage in terms of having (and keeping perspective) throughout the law school. And don’t read “One L” and any of those other meant to scare the crap out of you before you attend books. Just my unsolicited two cents.

        • I’ll expand on this a bit. Don’t read anything “about” law school while you’re in law school, period. And that includes the legal tabloid Above The Law. All that crap will demoralize you, and is full of bad advice to boot.

    • Older people like you who have the drive and motivation to change their life are inspiring. I often feel resigned to my fate and struggle with finding my right path, and showing me that I don’t have to have it all figured out in X years takes some of the pressure off.

  • Rave: the new ‘Interstellar’ trailer

  • Revel: I posted yesterday about needing to sit down with my landlord to discuss subletting my apartment. I was afraid she might be resistant, but she was SO NICE about it. Really flexible, and said I could either sublet, or just find someone who was willing to sign a new 12 month lease. To top it off, she seemed genuinely happy for me that things are going so well with my relationship. So glad to have that off my shoulders, and thankful that she was understanding!

    • Glad to hear that the landlord was so receptive!
      Just a heads-up… your usual screen name is displaying (at least for me) to the left of “Anonymous (from yesterday),” in the spot where an avatar picture would be. It was also displaying in the same place for many (most?) of your posts from yesterday.

    • Emmaleigh504

      I’m glad it went well! Good luck with your upcoming changes!

  • Rant: Talked to my mom last night and learned that her redneck racist boyfriend has convinced her that she should look at property in the mountains (at least a 4-hour drive from my hometown area) because he “doesn’t like black people” and there are “too many” black people in her neighborhood and in the town.
    Not only does she not seem to question his extreme prejudice, it sounds like she’s actually prepared to act on it and give up HER house — which she spent years getting just the way she wanted it — to accommodate HIS unreasonable preferences.
    I don’t know if he’s deliberately trying to isolate her, but that would certainly be the effect. Right now it’s a relatively easy 5-hour drive for me to visit her. And she frequently sees my brother, who lives about 30 minutes away. I stayed fairly calm in last night’s call and listed a bunch of reasons why moving to the mountains isn’t a good idea, but this morning I’m just furious.

    • Sorry about the weird boyfriend. I obviously don’t know either of them, but it sounds like your mom is caught up in a new relationship and the lure of doing something impulsive and off-the-wall after years of playing by the rules. I wouldn’t worry too much about him trying to isolate her. Maybe you could convince them to get a smaller “vacation” spot in the mountains (his pick) and keep her house in town (I realize finances may not allow this)? That way, you say, you’d love to join them for weekends and vacations, and she’ll keep the equity in her house until the market rebounds further.
      My parents moved several years ago from the liberal college town where I grew up to the traditional south. It’s amazing to me how much their political opinions have changed being around new friends who are all ex-military/ex-intelligence, gun-toting, tea-party type conservatives. I’ve heard political statements coming out of their mouths I never would have expected – I think a lot of it is who you surround yourself with.

    • skj84

      Wow. How long has your Mom been dating this man. I would be very worried if I were you. The casual rascism and isolation tactics are giant warning signs. Good that you tried to reason with her, but you may be facing an uphill battle.

    • They’ve been together for almost six years. I think she must have been desperately lonely to have gotten together with him in the first place — she was hoping to end up with a professor type (I grew up in a college town), and instead she’s got someone who can’t even speak English properly. (I’ve heard him say things like “them exercises we done” and “them donuts.”) And he has the nerve to mock stereotypical “black” dialect!
      I’ve been trying to tread a fine line in pointing out to her what she’s missing out (for example, he won’t watch any movies with sex or swearing in them, which basically means any movies made for adults after the early 1960s) but not directly saying, “Why are you with this white-trash guy??”
      To be fair, he does treat her well (except for the isolationist stuff), and given that she spent 25 years basically waiting on my dad hand and foot, I guess there’s some appeal in a guy who cooks for her and won’t even let her do the dishes.

    • I am trying to remember all of Carolyn Hax’s advice on “what to do when a close family member has a significant other you can’t stand” and “how to phrase your objections when you think a close family member is about to make a big mistake.”

      • You can never go wrong by channeling the Hax. She would be rich if I had to pay her every time I quote her advice to someone I know. πŸ™‚

      • I think she usually advises not criticizing the SO directly, but saying things like, “So, I notice that you’re not doing [activity you liked] as much as you used to” or “You seem ______ recently.” And I’ve been trying that for years, but I guess I’ll need to step it up.
        It’s bad enough that she’s with this guy in the first place, and that she’s done so much to accommodate his preferences (in hobbies, entertainment, etc.) while he’s done nothing to accommodate hers. But the idea of her MOVING to a comparatively remote location to accommodate his prejudices is just too much.

    • valentina

      No offense, but why would your mother tolorate being with someone who is racist? Being in a relationship with him is almost like saying it’s okay to be not like people because of their skin color and she agree’s with it.

      • I think she used to be a little bit racist (like the song), and being around him has made her a LOT more racist.
        I think she is also so desperate for company and so desperate to keep him that she’s willing to overlook a lot of things.

  • Rave: Great first date post breakup last night with a new guy.
    Rave: He wants to see me again πŸ™‚

  • epric002

    rave: the couple we met last night who are interested in foster puppy were just lovely! assuming that the dog intro and cat test go well, we just might have found him a forever home! πŸ™‚
    rave: flirt pole! (again, i know). long walk + 10 minutes of flirt pole = a very tired puppy who will sleep in his crate while we’re at work.
    rant: allergist requires no antihistamines for 7-10 days prior to appt. WTF. i am going to a a hive-y, rash-y, itchy, miserable person. harumph.
    rave: rodrigo y gabriela at wolf trap tonight!

    • Ugh, I forgot about the no antihistamine rule. I think I took a cold shower when my hives were really bad prior to allergy testing, or in desperation, put an ice pack on my hives to numb the itchy area.

  • GiantSquid

    Rant: Pulling infected hairs and whiskers on one dog’s face at 2:30am because he keeps scratching that spot
    Rant: I think the fleas have returned.
    Rant: Brain wouldn’t shut off last night/this morning
    Revel: warm milk with a splash of rum, vanilla, cinnamon, nutmeg, and cloves

  • Rant – Drivers who ignore the traffic lights in Washington Circle, specifically the right turn arrow for 23rd St. Every time I walk around that circle I am nearly run over by drivers who don’t stop at the red arrow and continue to drive through the crosswalk when pedestrians have the walk signal. Today was no exception. A cab driver sped through the red light and stopped just short of hitting me and other people in the crosswalk. It doesn’t help that people have like 10 seconds to cross at the light. Ugh. Washington Circle is my rant all the time.
    Rave – One day closer to my vacation in the Adirondacks!

    • Somewhat related, I can’t count how many times I’ve had irate drivers honking at me for stopping at the red arrow to turn right onto Massachusetts Ave from Thomas Circle!

  • Rant: Job searching (husband, not me). He seems dejected, a new opportunity came up but it’s in a different city, it’s just a generally tumultuous time. Fortunately he is still employed, but, a change is necessary soon.
    Rave: A raise! Hooray! Going to add up to an extra $400 per month, I’m having fun trying to decide how to spend/budget it.
    Rant: It’s not Friday yet.
    Rave: Carolyn Wonderland at the Howard last night. Unbelievable. The crowd was so disproportionately small given her enormous talent though!

  • Formerly Broken Jaw

    Rave: I’ve got nuttin’ this week.
    Rant: I’ve got nuttin’ this week.

    Just meh.

    • Formerly Broken Jaw

      Okay, maybe I do have something–that messy Bob McDonnell trial in Virginia with the slut-shaming defense.

  • Rant: Forgot a shopping bag at a restaurant last night with a great bottle of champagne in it, and it is not in their lost and found. Even had a receipt with my contact information, but alas someone must have been thirsty.

    • That stinks. Same thing happened to my boyfriend’s $900 iPad this week (he even had it set to display “Lost, Please Call: ” and his phone number when it was charged up. Someone charged it up but never returned it. Some people just aren’t nice.

      Hope you get an extra great bottle of champagne to make up for the lost one! Take comfort in knowing that 95% of people are probably decent and would have returned it.

  • special_k

    Rant: One of the alumni from a dog rescue I volunteer for is lost. If anyone is in the Shaw area (6th and O Streets NW), please be on the lookout for a friendly but shy female hound (black, white, and brown) and call (202) 379-6535. Photo is up on the forum. Thanks.

    • I saw this on facebook yesterday. Did the dog go missing from home or from doggy day care? Will keep my eyes out and hope she’s found soon.

      • special_k

        She slipped out of her collar and harness while being walked by her dog walker. Her parents are devastated and especially concerned since she’s a shy girl. Thanks for keeping an eye out.

        • She slipped out of her collar AND harness? Wow how did that happen? I’m so paranoid about something like this happening with my dogs…

        • I use a martingale collar on my dog – it won’t slip off. Still, when my dogwalker takes her out, she (dogwalker) will put on the choke collar and hook the end of the choke collar along with the martingale collar. So the dog isn’t actually on the choke chain, but if the collar breaks then the choke collar will hold the dog.
          I also check the collar regularly for any damage or sign that it needs replacement

    • I’m around there. Can you post a pic or link to a pic?

        • Thanks! I’ll take a walk and see if I see her … if she’s shy she may be hiding somewhere though.

        • Wandered down 6th from Florida to O and in a few surrounding blocks, didn’t see any doggies hiding πŸ™ Maybe I’ll take another walk this afternoon (good excuse for a walk on a nice day…)

          • special_k

            Thanks so much for looking. We’ve advised her parents to keep in mind she may be hiding in bushes, under cars, etc. given her fear.

          • epric002

            @ special_k- highly recommend that her people take a look at the lost & found dogs- dc metro area FB page. i’m almost positive she was posted on there, and they have some wonderful tips about how/where to look for lost dogs, what to do/not do if spotted, etc. even if you are (or think you are) really dog savvy, there is some great info available there.

          • special_k

            Thanks, epric002. I did post there yesterday and we’ve used their tips before for other lost alum. It’s a great resource.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: Car sick from my metro ride.
    Rave: Ready for my obligatory DC flag tattoo!

    • Ooh, where are you going to get it?

      • Emmaleigh504

        On my left shoulder. That way my tattoos do a zig zag across my body (left ankle, tramp stamp, right lower arm, then left shoulder). I’m going with pink and cherry blossoms instead of stars. My sister and I are going together to get tattoos (she’s getting something different), just like the first tattoos we got! Sister bonding!

    • There’s something about the stop-and-go motion of the Metro that makes me nauseous every time I ride the train. It’s weird because I never get that feeling on any other train or subway, only Metro.

      • Emmaleigh504

        The side to side rocking on the red line gets me sick all the time. But I usually don’t get sick b/c most of my ride is on the smooth yellow line, but today, bleck!

      • I had to stop riding since they’ve been doing the manual driving since that wreck in 2009. It got so bad I had to get off halfway to/from work almost every day, which in an outdoor station in winter is really not pleasant. Plus it sucks if there is a 20 minute wait between trains. I now drive to work. I’m that person, but at least I don’t feel sick all day every day.

        • Is it the manual driving that causes all the unpleasant stop and go and rocking movements? I knew it had to be something! I’ve been in various subways and trains and I’ve never felt nauseous in any of them. But the Metro, ugh, I can’t ride it for more than a few stops. I’m lucky I can bus or walk to work. (Yes, even the bus is more pleasant than the Metro for me)

    • justinbc

      My house is getting its giant DC flag tattoo in just a couple weeks πŸ™‚

    • Ooo! Where are going to go to get your ink? I’m looking for a place.

      • Emmaleigh504

        I think Jinx Proof. I got a tattoo there a while back and they were really friendly and did a great job. I was going to try Tattoo Paradise b/c it’s in my ‘hood, but every time I go in there they are really rude.

      • Cirque De Rogue on H st. have some awesome lady tattoists!

  • Rant: convinced myself for the last few weeks that I was pregnant, and I’m not. Half annoyed that there’s still nothing (we haven’t been trying long enough to worry, I just wanted it to be speedier), and half annoyed that I’ve wasted the last few weeks not eating soft cheese and sushi. Seems like this weekend is a good time for a wine/soft cheese/sushi/coffee/deli meat jamboree.

    • I thought I might be and freaked out (because I’m in no place to have a kid) but alas…negative test this morning… wine, here I come!

    • I’m in the same boat. We’ve been trying, but not long enough to worry. This is my second, and boy I wish I could recreate the halcyon days when I got pregnant the first go-around (looking back, the weird shaky sickness I had after a long night of drinking was probably indicative that I was pregnant!). But, just so I don’t go crazy, I’m not giving up anything (I’m not a big drinker anymore, and I don’t often have soft cheese and deli meat) until I’m confirmed pregnant. Otherwise it’s too much pressure.

      • I’m not much of a drinker and don’t love deli meat either, but man did I miss coffee for those couple weeks… πŸ™‚

    • Just curious- why can’t you eat cheese when you’re pregnant? That’s the first I’ve ever heard that. Deli meat I’m guessing it’s because of the nitrates and sushi because of the potential for mercury. Also no coffee? I could understand not overdoing it, but none? That would be a disaster for me!

      • It’s not all cheese. Just some soft cheeses (brie, gorgonzola) because the way they are cured involves bacteria that can be harmful to fetuses in the early stages of development. You’re right on the money with sushi and deli meats. And coffee is ok in small doses — say, one cup a day — but the sweetener in diet soda is generally not.
        But with all this stuff, especially once you’re out of the first trimester, it’s all about moderation. You can have a turkey sandwich, just not every day. And you can have tuna, just not all the time. Sushi has the extra danger of raw fish, but cooked options – like California rolls – are just fine.

      • you aren’t supposed to eat unpasteurized cheese because of potential bacteria, and deli meat can have listeria. But lots of cheese is pasteurized.

    • SFT

      As long as the soft cheese is pasteurized, the sushi is cooked, the deli meat is steamed, you stick to 1 small cup of coffee, and just a sip of wine you’ll be fine while prego. But moderation sucks, so jamboree it up while you can!

    • considering the recent fruit recall due to Listeria, I really wonder if these ‘no no’ foods are useless.
      There was a melon recall for listeria a few years ago, too.

      I ate cheese because cheese is delicious. I stayed away from samples of things because of other people’s germs.

      those of you trying, I hope it happens quickly for you! Even just the process of fertility testing is awful and I wish no one had to go through it

      • Thanks, all. Any tips for those of us still trying, aside from chilling out and enjoying our wine while we can? πŸ™‚

        • depends on age, really. We needed assistance because, much like my husband, his ‘stuff’ didn’t want to follow the rules. We did all the testing together – many guys, I think, refuse to admit it could be them. For us, it was an easy process and IVF worked the first time with very low doses of drugs. But you probably aren’t there yet at all!

          If you really want to get pregnant, and if you aren’t already, I suggest using a fertility tracking app like ‘fertility friend’ and start tracking. I think a lot of couples don’t know their most fertile days and end up assuming incorrectly and then frustrated (I have way too many friends who did this!). Those ovulation sticks are helpful. Charting is a great tool for all women, really.

          And get on day care lists now πŸ™‚

    • They say (whoever they is…) to “drink til you see pink”, meaning, don’t give up anything until you know you’re pregnant.

  • Rant: The banks are such a crooks, I can’t get a a mortgage without having to give up my first born. What is wrong with these people? Any recommendations on a pain free institution?

    • That depends on what you consider pain free. What exactly are they asking you for?

    • If you mean all the documentation you’re going to find that at all banks as a result of the mortgage meltdown a few years back. If you’re referring to something else, then maybe some banks could be better than others.

      • Yep, we bought right after mortgage meltdown and it was extremely difficult as first time homebuyers– 25% down, documentation for everything about our lives that could possibly be documented, etc. We ended up going with a small local bank that was a little more reasonable, but once we refinanced it was even worse. I spent almost every day that summer sending the bank a new round of documents they requested. It felt like it was never going to end.

        • Yeah I had a very reasonable lender (who I’ve since worked with three times) and I STILL had to hand over document after document to satisfy the underwriter. They scrutinized every transaction in my bank account and even the day before closing, they called wanting proof that a $1500 check I had cashed was not a loan that I would then owe to someone else. I had to have the person write them a signed letter stating that it was not money I would owe back. It was incredibly frustrating, but that’s just the state of affairs these days.

          • When I was in the process of buying a place my grandma sent me a $100 check as an early housewarming gift. I cashed it but then when the underwriter looked at my bank statements they said I had to “document the source of income” and prove that it was a gift not a loan. I was putting down 13% and they were worried about the source of $100! Had to get my grandma to sign a letter that she did not expect repayment. Totally ridiculous. But we got a 3.5% mortgage rate so it worked out in the end.

          • The best for us was when 3 weeks AFTER we closed and moved in, we got a letter from the lender (also dated post-close) saying they needed updated bank and salary statements for my husband in relation to the loan!! We were baffled given the deal was done, what were they going to do try to get the money back?? Best we could figure was it was related to them selling our loan. Still seemed so silly.

    • epric002

      i feel ya. having to provide the exact same financial documents 6 times, while failing to understand that quarterly statements are only issued on a QUARTERLY basis somehow helps prevent underwater mortgages? um, how about you not be willing to lend me double what i can actually afford, and in return i only have to give you the financial documents once or twice?

      • Haha, yes! All it does it prevent giving mortgages to people who aren’t willing/able to run around like a hampster on a wheel.
        Just think of it as the industry’s form of hazing. You need to be subjected to a bunch of bizarre rituals before you can be initiated into the club of homeowners. πŸ˜‰

    • My realtor recommended getting into a credit union, if possible. I did — and it went very smoothly. Of course they immediately sold my loan to a big, evil bank. But I still would suggest looking into it. This was a couple years ago.

      • Same here…I went with my credit union…it was smooth sailing. A very limited amount of back and forth.

  • Rave: Still gorgeous weather and had an awesome date night last night.
    Rant/Help: I know of a wonderful little 6-year-old female cat who desperately needs a home. My friend’s Mom passed away recently and this was her Mom’s cat. My friend can’t take her because she travels a lot. I can’t take her because I have two sick cats at home. The cat’s name is Badness (don’t be fooled by the name) and she’s a lovely little white, grey and black cat. If anyone can take or foster, get in touch (allisonjhazen(at)gmail.com) and I’m happy to pick her up and drive her to you.

  • skj84

    Rant: went out to a networking event yesterday and I was not feeling it. Plus I feel like job search is going to hit a roadblock in August.

    Rave: I went dancing last night. Need to go out more. I need to amp up exercise, running and dancing seem to be a good fit.

    Rant: I had a dream last night where my friends surprised me with dinner on the Rooftop of Roses Luxury for my birthday. I woke up before things got good.

  • Rant: Girlfriend is always stressed.
    Rant: This makes Irving stressed, in summertime, when the living should be easy.
    Rant: Stressing about Girlfriend on trip to Gulf Coast when I should only be stressing about being bored and/or annoyed by family on said trip, plus finding a decent wine shop.
    Rave: Girl in town for said trip and having an executive session dinner with her and the Boy tonight. (BTW, thanks to what’s-his-name, the real estate mogul with a beard, for the Crane and Turtle rec for the last family outing.) Where to go? — such a delicious dilemma.

  • rant/rave: My grandmother passed away at 95. Sad she is gone, but pleased that she is no longer in pain. She was very depressed at the end, not being able to take care of herself. She was always very stylish and I could see that it was hurting her to be a “patient” 24/7.
    rant: our system of elder care in this country. It’s shameful.
    RAVE: hospice nurses – truly amazingly strong people
    rave: knowing my grandma felt so much joy in the presence of her great grandchild, even if only for a short time. My kid until this week had FOUR living great grandparents! Amazing! And three of my four grandparents have lived until at least 95. We really are lucky – saying goodbye is hard but I’ve had meaningful relationships with all of my grandparents. Lots of memories and love.

    • Emmaleigh504

      I’m sorry for you loss. It’s so nice to have grandparents for such a long time. I’m glad she got to meet your baby.

    • Sorry for your loss – but 95 is certainly a great age and so wonderful that your kid started life with that wonderful connection! My grandmother passed away last fall at 99, having been receiving some intensive medical care for the previous couple years. We were all ready for the end, I think, no one more than her – so I understand how you feel. It’s so wonderful to have the feeling of gratitude and love so you can mourn as needed but then celebrate her life!

    • I’m very sorry for you loss. I’m glad you have so many memories and it’s such a joy to have relatives around for so long.

      • thanks, all – Parkinsons is a biatch. Now my grandfather, also 95, has to figure out what to do with himself. Being married for almost 68 years, I think you lose part of your identity as an individual. We’re trying to convince him to go to assisted living, which is expensive but worth it.

        Given how fast our population is aging, I really don’t know what our society expects to happen to all these older folks (well, they assume their children will care for them but most don’t have the means to do so)

        • Emmaleigh504

          My Grandparents moved into a retirement community ages ago. It has different levels of living (apartments, assisted, memory ward for dementia/Alzheimers, and end of life care). They love it. When my grandmother was dying of Alzheimers they took really good care of her and my grandpa could see her every day. He made good friends with the other spouses of Alzheimer’s patients, and the overall community is really close. When my granny died, the support and love that the residents and the staff showed my Grandpa and all the family was really, really touching. Sadly, it’s super expensive (they don’t call it Bentley Village for nothing), so I probably won’t get to move there.

          • it’s also the case that if you don’t get in to one of the facilities while you are still able to care for yourself, when you really NEED them, you can’t get in. It’s levels of care – you get in when it’s minimal then are in the “system” and they’ve got ya. If you’re already in need of more care, you can’t get in. At least around where they live. It’s like an insurance program – you’re screwed if something happens (like a stroke or a bad fall) before you can get in to a facility.

        • saf

          Oh, Parkinson’s sucks. I’m sorry.

    • So sorry for the loss of what sounds like a wonderful grandmother! So happy for you that she was able to meet your child, and that you were able to have this much time with her.

    • So sorry about your gram. But yes, hospice workers are incredible saints. I still donate every year to the place that took care of my grandparents at the end.

    • My mother was a hospice patient and as a result of the amazing compassion they showed my family and her, I now volunteer with 2 organizations. It is the most rewarding and humbling thing I do in my daily life. Thanks for sharing your story and I am sorry for your loss. I trust that you will cherish all the amazing memorizes of her!

    • valentina

      I’m so sorry for you loss.

  • Rant: so Portland is off the table. i did not like it at all. While interviews there went well, I’m wondering if I want to switch to retail design at all now. Good food though.
    Rave: Seattle, which was just a small side trip, was great! The jobs have more potential. Just playing the waiting game now.

    • You didn’t like the city or the job? Is one visit really enough to know that you absolutely hate a place?

      But, yes, Seattle is awesome.

  • Rave: Sharknado 2. It surpassed the original and gets a seat at the table with Godfather II and Empire Strikes Back.

  • Rant/Rave: finally got WordPress working on my site. It was easy enough that I feel like a fool for not getting it done earlier.
    Rave: made an interesting and delicious cocktail by accident last night.
    Rave: nascent creative projects with my lady. I don’t want to get my hopes up, but they are up.
    Rave: yesterday’s desire to be crafty has continued today.
    Rave: job interview in 3.5 hours for a job I really want.
    Rant: ran into a former coworker from a different office. She asked if I was in for an ex parte meeting. I told her, no, I’ve been here the whole time, I just am not allowed to go to meetings.

  • Thanks to all who recommended corrective shoe repair the other week. Brought in a suitcase for a fix and it came back today good as new!

  • Rant: what was supposed to be fun silly summer fling has now become drama rama.
    Rant: woke up on the wrong side of the bed today and everything is making me cranky

    Could be a rave: Does anyone know if Fia’s in Petworth carries stuff in the size 12-14 range? Everything on the website is in the smaller ranges – I’m trying to figure if it’s worth a crosstown trip.

  • Rant: Realized I was behind on my monthly volunteer hours last night and volunteered until 1:30 a.m. I woke up exhausted, never a good start to the day.
    Rave: My volunteer session was really successful last night and the hours flew by.
    Rave: Baseball game tonight with my coworkers!
    Another rave: My boyfriend is home from work today and reported that the dog is walking around the apartment with his favorite toy in his mouth and all upset that he can’t find a good spot to hide it. He is just too cute.

  • Rant/Rave: Biggest proposal of my career to date is being submitted in 4 hours. Just waiting for it to come out of editing to do a final read through. Rant because I will be on pins and needles until the receipt confirmation comes through. Rave because I am so ready to be done with it, and it’s actually really good!
    Rave: Going home to Atlanta for a few days. I plan on sleeping a lot.

  • Rave: DC United! Great game last night
    Rant: Working on a beautiful day.

    • Yeah, great game at RFK, beautiful weather for soccer-watching. This season is way more fun than last season.

  • justinbc

    Rave: 4 day weekend trip to Philly starts tomorrow.
    Rant: So many bookmarks of things to sort through to do + eat + drink while there, consumed about 3-4 hours of my morning already.
    Rave: All the BYOB restaurants up there.

    • I hope Ranstead Room and or Southwark are on your list for drinking!

      • justinbc

        Ranstead along with Hop Sing, Franklin Mortgage, Emmanuelle, and Monk’s Cafe πŸ™‚

        • Is Monks still good? I went there often when I was in high school because they had good food and never carded.

          my priorities have changed as an old foggie now. I want franklin fountain and zahav whenever I’m home. And a trip to Di Brunos. Always Di Brunos.

          Note – the BYOBs are great but if you live there and are at the mercy of the state stores for your wine, it often isn’t THAT great (according to my dad, the great wine collector)

          • justinbc

            I don’t know about the “still” part or not, but they’ve always had a world class beer list, which is the main reason I’m going to Monk’s. Oh and I’ll be bringing all my own wine from my collection at home, so no need to worry about PA liquor stores πŸ™‚

        • Let me know what you think of Hop Sing. I like great cocktails, but my tolerance for jumping through hoops for a service I am paying for is extremely low.
          IMO, I wouldn’t bother with Franklin Mortgage. It’s fine, but nothing special and the service can be super slow.
          I like the Southwark because they’re classy and old school. It’s not going to be on a list with Hop Sing because it’s a restaurant and bar anyone can walk into, there are windows and lights, but the bartenders know their stuff.

  • Rant: Been a week since a great first date where he also seemed genuinely interested without any word from him since? Why do guys do this?

    Rave: NoMa movie last night was great!

    • Additonal Rant: Getting no less than 40 emails re: Boehner suing Obama in the past week.

    • “Why do guys do this?”
      Because women leave it up to us to call the shots? Do you not have his phone number? Any particular reason you can’t call him? If you leave the ball in someone else’s court then you just have to wait ’til it’s served.

      • Yes, I did reach out (Monday) . No response.

        • Well, that’s lame. I’m sorry. πŸ™

        • Fair enough, apologies for assuming you hadn’t. It won’t make you feel any better but it’s not just a guy thing – ladies do this too. People do weird things, sometimes because they’re dicks, sometimes because they’re fine people who for some reason don’t do the right thing.

      • Probably wasn’t anything you did. Sometimes it can be a great person and you’re just not feeling a connection. I do think it’s polite, however, to let the person know (at least send a quick email), so they aren’t sitting around waiting. Best of luck on the next date, which I’m sure you’ll get soon!

    • Did you try reaching out to him?

      • why didnt you reach out to him?

        • If she hasn’t reached out to him, it’s probably because women are frequently told that they shouldn’t — that they have to let the guy do the pursuing, etc.

        • ^^poster from this, i usually wait for the girl to say she had a good time before i follow up and ask them out again. Just ‘man’ up and send him a text and say you want to see him again, its really simple

          • See, I think this is equally risky. If you’re always waiting for the girl to initiate contact after a date (which seems a bit passive), and if she’s had it drummed into her head that the guy should always be the one to initiate contact after a date… then both of you will be waiting for the other to call/text/e-mail and nothing will happen.

        • I did reach out. Just got no response.

          • Hmmph, that’s lame of him. NEXT!

          • Then just move on

          • ahhh i see, well then what can you do. Maybe he was just being polite? Its tough out there…been on my fair share of dates that i had a good time (yet never heard back)

          • Anonymous 2:44 — Sure, but you can’t blame her for being a bit disappointed/annoyed/puzzled that someone who acted like he was interested in her turned out not to be.

  • Rant: I hate my job, hate myself, hate my life.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: My Grandpa just reminded me there was a show I wanted to watch on PBS last night about a family who adopted a baby rhino.
    Rave: He actually reminded me yesterday.
    Rant: but I didn’t check my email before going out, so I didn’t set the DVR.
    Rave: PBS will rerun it or have in online for me to watch!

    • I stumbled upon that show last night and thought of you!
      I missed the first 20 or so minutes, so I taped the 9 a.m. rerun today. It’s also being rerun at 3 p.m., but I don’t think there are any more reruns scheduled after that.

      • Emmaleigh504

        I’ll just have to hunt it down online!

        • Looks like it’s viewable at http://www.pbs.org/program/my-wild-affair/ !
          (Or if you have a VCR, I can lend you the tape.)

          • Emmaleigh504

            Thanks for the link! No VCR, but thanks for the offer.

          • Wait, there are people that still use VCRs? You’re so retro.

          • We totally still have (and regularly use) our VCR. You can reuse the tapes over and over again and it’s cheaper than a DVR.

          • What Allison said (although I don’t actually tape stuff all that often).
            I don’t have cable, and I refuse to get a DVR because I don’t think there should be a monthly subscription cost. Why can’t they make a product that just records live TV off the air, the way a VCR does/did?
            The only problem with using a VCR in the days of digital television is having to reprogram the auto-off function on the digital converter box, so that the digital signal doesn’t shut off before the program is set to record.

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