Old Dominion Brewpub Remains “Temporarily” Closed in Mt. Vernon Square


Last week we learned that the Old Dominion Brewhouse had “temporarily” closed but on July 7th their twitter feed said:

“We Will be CLOSED today for employee appreciation day! We will reopen tomorrow for the World Cup semifinal!”

Their feed has not been updated and when I walked by on Sunday they were closed. The OP also writes:

“Same sign up right now. Strange.”

Strange indeed. Updates if/when they reopen or someone new takes over the space.

UPDATE from a reader:

“I walked my dog passed there yesterday and DC taped a letter to the front basically saying they hadn’t paid two (or more) months of rent – something like $32K behind in total, plus interest, etc. – and were being evicted by mid-August without payment. Sounds like instead of trying to scrape up the cash they are just walking away. Somewhat ironic that a large new sports bar just opened at the Marriott Marquis… I have a feeling ODB probably wasn’t very good at paying their rent for some time.”



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  • Not too surprising. I used to go there after rec league bball games just for the proximity. They couldn’t seem to decide their path and stick to it. Sports bar? Japanese restaurant? Tourist trap? It was all of these, but did none well.

  • I take it this place has a big following?

  • Pretty much one of the worst bars in DC.

    I can’t believe they’re still in business.

  • It’s a ton of fun on Saturdays during football season! At least if you’re an Alabama fan.

  • Any idea if the Old Dominion Brewhouse in Hyattsville is still open, or if that location closed as well?

  • Technically, this was never a brewpub. They didn’t brew a drop of beer on premises.

  • I actually like ODB. Sure, it wasn’t nice. But they had good wings for $5 every happy hour, and you could reliably fit a group of 20 in there because it’s never full. The waitstaff was also friendly and great at splitting tabs.

    The beer selection was above par for a sports bar, too. I’ll miss having a dirt-cheap place to get a beer after work.

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