From the Forum – Any advice or recommendations for moving a Central Air Unit? and No Parking on a large section of T Street for 2 Months?!?

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Any advice or recommendations for moving a Central Air Unit?

“I was looking for any advice / recommendations on moving a central air unit. Our place was recently redone, but when they installed the air conditioning unit, they placed it in the middle of the yard (bizarre right?). We liked the house in spite of this, but now we’re looking to move it and I thought that I would put the question out there before we considered it – Thanks in advance!”

Two Months of Sidewalk Construction on T St. NW in U St. Corridor?

“My boyfriend, who lives at 9th & T, and I noticed construction tape and temporary fencing around all of the tree plots on T st. for multiple blocks. He often parks on T and the notice prohibits parking on this side of the street for two months! Does anyone know what DDOTs going to do here? Hopefully not rip all of the trees out.”


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  • I don’t have any recommendations but where is the breaker for the compressor/outside unit located? Don’t think there’d be much involved in moving the unit closer to the home- as there should be plenty of slack in the wiring to do so. The unit needs to be in an area where airflow isn’t restricted or else the unit will have to work a lot harder and will burn out quicker.

  • Oh Takoma Park art. The close up of the kangaroo doesn’t even show the rest of the sculpture throughout the garden!

  • As far as the restricted parking is concerned – I see there’s a brick sidewalk. They have been replacing the sidewalks further southeast on M and 4th NW, so perhaps they’re replacing the one’s on T St as well.

  • It’s not difficult to move the compressor. But it will take some effort. Draining and saving the freon, re-piping the the pipe to the air handler and rewiring will be the biggest issues. I would also wait till cooler weather when a/c guy won’t be as busy and would be looking for work.

    • Do you know about how much this would cost?

      • Too many factors to give an answer on cost. It depends on where you move it to. Roof? Side yard? 10 feet from where it now? Once you figured where you want it to go call multiple a/c companies and get some estimates.

        • I want to move mine about 5 feet straight from where it is now to make room for a new deck. I’m not ready for the estimate phase, but I am assuming something like this would easily cost $1000+.

  • They are replacing all of the highway lights with historic lighting. All of the residents received a notice from the city a couple of months ago.

  • I live on the 1400 block of Euclid and feel your parking pain. 1/4 of the block has been closed off for new building construction since the winter and has been causing A LOT of traffic issues. It’s a two-way steet that allows parking on one side and it has been a nightmare. I feel your T [street] Pain

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