DC Pizza Opening Soon on 19th Street – “build your own pie | ready in 3 minutes”

1103 19th Street, NW

DC Pizza coming to the former Fish! Maki Sushi Joint by Kaz is looking ready to open very soon. Their website is now live and explains their process. Hours are listed as 11am-9pm daily. You can see their menu here: dc-pizza menu (PDF)

Prices are listed as “UP TO THREE TOPPINGS $8.62, JUST CHEESE $5.99, additional toppings $.99”

Their Facebook page explains it succinctly:

“Choose the crust, sauces and toppings you love and we will bake it up in less than three minutes! Yummy”

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  • wannabe &pizza but not as dank

    • anonymouse_dianne

      Exactly. Doing what &pizza is all ready doing very well. And certainly with more than 3 toppings!

      • I don’t really have a problem with the concept copying (as mentioned below Bergami’s and others are similar), but seems lame they would limit to 3 toppings when &Pizza allow unlimited!

  • Really thought long and hard about the name, didn’t they?

    • And yet we routinely mock the new businesses that “try too hard”. Where exactly is the line between trying too hard, and not trying hard enough? Where does “clever” end, and “twee” or “hipster” begin?

      • brookland_rez

        Well, first of all you have to come up with something original. Merely copying someone else’s idea without even putting your own spin on it is automatically not cool. &Pizza is cool because they were the first to come up with a new concept. Their concept was indeed clever– an individually sized pizza made custom to order in minutes, all for less than $10. That’s cool.

  • Anyone else think of Cosmo Kramer when they read this?


  • Calm down, it’s only pizza

  • brookland_rez

    Everybody is copying &pizza. First Custom Fuel, then Bergami’s at Rhode Island Row, now this. Looks like this is the new food fad in DC.

  • binpetworth

    Name aside, I for one will be happy to try this place out. Since Luigi’s closed, there really hasn’t been an option for pizza in this area, and I and several coworkers have remarked how a good pizza by the slice place would do great in this part of town. Hope they have some decent pies!

    • Not as good as Luigi’s, but The Italian Deli over on L between Connecticut and 17th does pizza by the slice, as well as custom Neapolitan pizzas.

  • I love &pizza and, if this is remotely as good, I’m all for it. They have some healthy-ish options, and I’m a sucker for pine nuts and arugula. I can think of worse things than another cool pizza option.

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