“So I’ll be posting this ad nightly for the next 7-10 days before I have Gary put to sleep.”


A reader writes:

“I saw this Craigslist ad, about a healthy 3-year-old cat whose human says he’ll have the cat euthanized if the cat isn’t adopted soon, due to a seemingly unaddressed behavioral issue. Washington Humane Society tells me that humane euthanization, unfortunate though it would be, wouldn’t be illegal in this situation. Perhaps you could share?”

Original Post 6/2/2014
I have a beautiful 3 year old Russian Blue mix named Gary that’s in need of a new home. He’s a wonderfully playful cat that is quiet and always uses his litter box like a gentleman. We’ve had him since he was a kitten and he was truly treated like a baby by my wife and I. Unfortunately Gary hasn’t taken well to our real baby and he has begun spraying around the house. We’ve been keeping him locked away for the last 6 months, and he doesn’t spray when locked up, but whenever we let him out he feels the need to mark his territory.

I can’t keep him locked away forever, and he’s making life difficult for our other cat too because they’re frequently locked away together. So I’ll be posting this ad nightly for the next 7-10 days before I have Gary put to sleep. No adoption fee, and if anyone is willing to shelter him I’ll pay for his food for the first 6 months. I’ll also consider trading him for another cat.

Update 6/3/2014
Thank you to everyone that sent suggestions. While not everyone agrees with my plan of action, I believe everyone’s comments come from a place of compassion for Gary.

I don’t know how I did it, but what I failed to mention in my post is that Gary is an aggressive cat. If Gary met 10 people, he’d mildly stalk and swipe at 5 of them, ignore 3 of them, quasi enjoy one of them, and aggressively peruse and attack one of them. I decided a long time ago that I could manage his aggression, but I can’t deal with his spraying, which is probably why I over looked it.

With that being said, all of the organizations I’ve researched state that any surrendered pet must pass a temperament test, which he won’t. In the last two years my wife and I have been the only ones who could pick him up, and only three or four people have been able to pet him. When we take him to the vet he either has to be sedated, or he stays in his crate. (On a side note, Gary is neutered, declawed [which was a mistake], and I’ve been working with a vet from Atlas Vet [who I hold in the highest regard] but with no success).

Gary could be a wonderful addition to someone’s household, but he doesn’t make things easy. He loves to play and soar through the air after toy mice, take up a third of your bed at night, help you type emails when you’re working, and curl up on your lap at night.

It’s not an easy decision for me to give him up. My feelings of failure and guilt overwhelm me and I’ve broken down sobbing several times over the last 6 months at the thought of losing him.

In the end I have a limited amount of time to spend at home; and Gary makes it impossible for me to spend time with my 10 month old daughter and manage him at the same time, which puts me in a him or her situation.

For what it’s worth here are three videos I made of Gary that give a more complete picture.

His sweet side from when he was a kitten: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fq68r72F…

His not so sweet side (please save the “you’re provoking the cat” comments, that’s not what this was). https://vimeo.com/35857573

Gary trying to adjust to Frank. After a few months they become buddies. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q2h2q3TI…

Again, any and all suggestions are welcome.

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  • Isn’t this exactly what rescue organizations are for? There’s several good ones in the area who could take him.

    • Rescue organizations are often already at capacity and don’t make a habit of taking in animals from owners who simply don’t wish to care for them anymore. It doesn’t hurt to reach out, but I’d be surprised if a rescue organization can take him, especially if he has territory issues. He’d likely be placed with other cats, in a strange setting, exacerbating the problem.

      • +1. Rescues do end up with some “problem” animals, but that’s not their primary function. The ones in the D.C. area tend to focus on rescuing adoptable animals from overcrowded “kill” shelters, especially ones in rural VA and WV.

  • The spraying may also be less of a behavioral thing and more of a medical thing, especially if he’s getting older. Hey, we all have to pee more the older we get. I’d get him to the vet and see if there’s something they can do medically, especially if he’s not aggressive toward the baby.

    • he’s only 3

      • I bet it’s behavioral given that it started with the baby’s arrival- a common scenario, btw. With another cat in the house and a new baby, this cat is having territory issues. This is totally a case for Jackson Galaxy- I know he could solve it quickly if he had the details and a home visit. That said, this poor guy can probably lead a good life if someone with time, patience, and perhaps a single-cat only home comes forward and works with him. The owners, while well-meaning, are probably screwing up somewhere in ways they don’t even know. What a shame- Russian Blues are so beautiful.

        • Agreed, the owners sound pretty clueless and have aggravated the situation in multiple ways.
          I’d urge anyone who is thinking about having kids to get the cat AFTER the kid is born. Or at least raise a kitty and child simultaneously so the cat gets accustomed to the kid from the beginning. So many of my friends who’ve had children recently are abandoning their cats because of the onset of cat behavioral issues and not having the time/energy to deal with them. It’s awful and truly selfish.

          • I agree that giving up on your kitty can be awful and selfish, but it can be kind of impossible to time family planning around the acquisition of a cat. For instance, I have a kitty who is 13 years old. Am I supposed to wait five years for her to pass away before I start a family? No. Will I do everything in my power to make sure she adjusts well when/if I do have a kid? Most definitely.

          • I guess my point is don’t get a cat before you have a kid. It’s something every single person should consider before deciding to get a cat. Be equally responsible to your pets and any new child you decide to introduce to your home.
            I’m happy you enjoyed a cat for all these years, but it’s completely unfair to dump your cat(s) once a kid comes along. My friends who recently had a baby gave up their cats one month after their kid arrived. It’s pretty obvious that they didn’t make an effort to socialize the cats and train them. Apparently, it was too much effort. These cats were their entire world pre-child – they even had art made of their cats and hanging on the walls of their apartment. They went from adoring their cats to ignoring them. I’ve witnessed this multiple times over the past few years with other couples.

          • justinbc

            Not everyone plans their pregnancies.

          • Also, perhaps the owner wasn’t married when he/she got the cat. Don’t be absurd. Honestly, suggesting one doesn’t get a pet if there is some chance in the 18 years you might have it you may want to start a family means almost no one single would ever get a cat.

          • @Dup:
            Please don’t get a pet if you are even entertaining the possibility that you might get rid of it one day because it’s suddenly become “inconvenient” due to your life choices. It’s not fair to the pet to live a few years in a good home to then suddenly be abandoned. Pets are not disposable objects.

        • Fair enough. You’d think though, with how distraught he claims to be, that you’d exhaust every possiblity before giving him up.

          • It sounds to me like he has, crazy cat person. I love cats and also would exhaust all of my options before getting rid of mine, but in this situation I can’t really blame the guy. “Don’t get a cat before you have a kid”? So don’t get a cat your entire adult life because you may or may not have kids someday? That’s ridiculous, not to mention it severely cuts down on the potential adoptive families for cats who badly need homes.

          • Yes, don’t get a cat if you think you’ll one day abandon it. It’s not a piece of garbage for you to throw away.

  • I wonder if they’ve tried medication. Our cat was a real dick for awhile – attacking us (with the intent to harm), hated other cats, etc. We put him on Prozac and he’s been a great guy ever since. He’s even nice to the new mini-human.

  • Okay, so he LIED in the first ad omitting the aggression and is willing to “trade” his cat for another cat. He “locked the cat away” for six months rather than seeking out help for this behavior (which probably made it worse) and is doing the same thing with the other “innocent” cat.

    Some animals are difficult to handle and it may not be any fault of the person. That does not give people license to do whatever. If you consider this cat, know that other information is probably omitted or what information is there may be untrue. It is very sad for the cat but this person wants to relieve his guilt and make this someone else’s problem.

    This is why it is NOT COOL to “get” and “get rid of” animals on Craigslist. Has this man exhausted all shelter options? Can shelters or trainers weigh in to PoP with any advice other than “euthanasia is not illegal here”? A shelter would actually be in a position to give informed advice on behavior and rehoming issues whereas he is most likely to get warm-hearted but uneducated (animal-wise) craigslist folks, and he probably knows this.

    What this person is doing should be considered a form of animal cruelty and he should get some penalty.

    • As a fellow animal lover, I think you are drawing a lot of conclusions and as a result, being a bit too hard on the guy. He has a new baby, the cat is attacking everyone and spraying all over the house. that’s a rough situation to be in. he clearly states that he has been working with the vet to no avail and we don’t really know what “locked up” means.

      • Locked up, means locked the f up. And they locked up the other cat too.

        • My two cats are “locked up” in my apartment every day for the last 13 years. You have no idea what locked up might mean so just pipe down.

          • How about you not play dumb? He clearly doesn’t mean the cat has been “locked up” in his apartment. “We’ve been keeping him locked away for the last 6 months…but whenever we let him out he feels the need to mark his territory.” You mean to tell me there’s room for interpretation there? I don’t think so.

          • +1 Anonymous
            It sounds like the cats are locked away in a room. So yeah, they’re probably going to have behavioral issues as they aren’t meant to be locked away like that.

  • My sympathies, we lived with a cat that tormented the entire household. We finally found someone to adopt her, funny thing is, she became ultra sweet when the lady came to pick her up. This is from a cat who bit everyone who tried to pet her (a cat lover told me this was because she was over stimulated). She would walk by company and scatch them without notice. We could absolutely not have children around her. Tripped me out that she became so docile when the lady came to get her, like she knew and was saying I promise I will behave. Sad state of affairs.

  • ugh. this makes me so mad. I wish I could have another cat, but I already have one who takes up 1/3 of our bed. I”m asking around to see if anyone can adopt. He’s a beautiful cat. Your “pet” should not be put down because you don’t know how to care for him properly.

  • Can you take him to a no-kill shelter? You might try Homeward Trails: http://www.homewardtrails.org/. You can email their Returned and Relinquished Animal Coordinators on the contact us page.

  • Sent this to Homeward Trails – hopefully they can reach out to the owner and find room for the cat, if the posting is real. Poor kitty 🙁

  • justinbc

    There was a recent episode of “Cat From Hell” that I happened to have on which dealt with a super aggressive sprayer:
    Obviously all cats are unique, and what works for one won’t necessarily work for all, but it’s worth the owner taking a look into (although it sounds like he’s clearly given up hope on this particular cat).

  • We’ve been going through a very similar issue with our cat so I can certainly empathize. Those recommending they reach out to a rescue organization, please provide specific names of ones that will accept a cat if you know of them. I assumed that might be an option too but we’ve tried calling many in the area and they say they will not take a cat in from an owner.

    • Some rescues will consider an “owner surrender” if you give them a large donation. (In general, rescues don’t like to accept owner surrenders because they don’t want to be seen as guilt-free places where people can dump their cats — i.e., as an alternative to surrendering them to a shelter and knowing that they might be euthanized.)

      • Washington Humane Society accepts owner surrenders. In fact, when you adopt from them, you have to sign something saying that if you ever are unable to care for the cat that you must return the cat to them. I got my cat from WHS, and she had been adopted there as a kitten, but was returned at 1 1/2 yrs old for being too rambunctious. They get owner surrenders all the time. When you adopt from them, they tell you where they got the cat and the woman I talked to said that usually people just say they are moving and can’t bring it with them, so clearly this is something that happens frequently.

        • By “rescues,” I meant “no-kill rescue organizations,” which WHS isn’t (although apparently their kill rate has been dramatically reduced in the past several years as a result of new leadership).
          WHS HAS to accept owner surrenders — regardless of where the animal was adopted from — because they have a contract with D.C. for animal control and serving as the municipal shelter.
          WHS and most (all?) no-kill rescues have a requirement that animals must be returned to them if the owner doesn’t want them any more.

          • But given that WHS (and other shelters as you mention) accepts owner surrenders, the humane thing for the CL poster to do would be to surrender their cat to WHS instead of euthanizing it. At least that gives the cat a chance.

          • Yeah — it seems like the owner is taking it as a foregone conclusion that Gary is “unadoptable” and will be euthanized, but if he’s given to a shelter, at least there’s a _chance_ that he won’t be.
            Posting an ad on Craigslist saying “Adopt my pet or he/she gets euthanized” is kind of emotional extortion. I guess in this case it’s certainly succeeded in getting people’s attention… I just hope it succeeds in getting the cat adopted (and not by someone who will resell him to a “buncher” for use as a laboratory animal).

          • There’s also a chance that he’ll live out his last days in a strange place, surrounded by new cats, feeling constantly threatened and stressed. At least if the owner euthanizes, he’ll have died surrounded by familiar people and things.

  • Please don’t declaw your cats. It’s psychologically scarring and physically painful process that can irreversibly change a cat’s personality. It can turn a docile, sweet cat into one that has behavioral problems. I’ve seen it multiple times. If you can’t deal with a cat scratching your furniture (or refuse to train them – the spray bottle works wonders!), then don’t get a cat.
    Declawing is simply barbaric.

    • I agree. I made the decision not to declaw mine 13 years ago. Sadly I have zero pieces of furniture that haven’t paid the price over the years.

      • Also made this same call when I got my baby 5 years ago, she was my first pet as an adult. So glad I didn’t do that to her. I don’t have nice furniture, but her companionship is worth so much more to me.

  • Awww, poor baby and poor owner. Dealing with cat who is a sprayer is no fun. And if he’s antisocial to boot, the owner doesn’t have a lot of options. Hopefully someone can take him in.

  • I like cats. My gf is super allergic to cats therefore I can’t have one. But I was just talking about wanting a Russian Blue the other day. This article makes me sad. I’d love to take in Ol’ Gary but I can’t. However, I’m sure he’s going to find a home with some excellent humans. Good luck Gary

  • The poster should be “humanely euthanized” and all his money given to the cat. I assume that he will also “humanely euthanize” his child when it cries too much and before it’s toilet trained.

    Where was this posted originally?

    • This post is monstrous. Shame on you.

      • Not the OP, but I wouldn’t call it monstrous by a long-shot. It’s demonstrating a point. The person who wrote the ad stated they “truly treated him like a baby.” If they’re so quick to KILL their cat when a human child comes along, that says a lot about them. An animal is a lifetime commitment, whether it develops problems later in life or not. I say SHAME on the person who wrote the ad.

    • Please go home to your 15 cats and tubs of ice cream and episodes of Snapped, thanks.

  • Props to the owner for trying to do the right thing and opening himself up to criticism from the interwebs. It seems like you’re doing your best and genuinely care for your cat. We’re not all perfect and do sometimes make mistakes. I hope your kitty finds a good home.

    • +1,000,000

    • Yeah because having a healthy cat killed because they had a kid is really the right thing to do…they’re real top drawer pet owners.

      • The guys is practically having to choose between the cat and his kid, and it’s obvious that putting the cat to sleep isn’t his first choice. He’s been working with a vet, is trying to re-home the cat, and has been dealing with this for 6 months. Calling him a despicable human being isn’t going to change anything. He already feels bad.

        • Oh woe is him. He has been dealing with something inconvenient for six months. Give me a break. I volunteer for rescue and I have pets with behavior challenges as well- I get that it isn’t easy. However, if the best course of action is rehoming the pet, giving him 7-10 days before you decide to have him put down is pretty pathetic. If you KNEW this was going to be the case, try to find a home earlier. If you’ve already been dealing with this for six months, you can deal with it for longer than another 7-10 days while you find your once beloved pet a good home.

  • If you want to get a pet, think about how it’ll fit in your life 1,2,3…..n years down the lane. Think about the possibility that your pet will eventually grow up from being a cute kitten, puppy, etc and it will have a personality of its own. If you think you would not be capable of adapting your life style to your pets’, do not get a pet. Adopting a pet (or a kid for that matter) is a commitment for life. Killing an animal just because you are not human enough to take care of it is abominable.

    • +100,000
      This is something EVERY person needs to think about before adopting an animal. When you get that cute cat or dog at age 24, what are you going to do when you decide to start popping out kids at age 33? Giving it up simply because you had a child and that animal is not adapting easily is just monstrously selfish. Own up to your responsibilities to both you kid AND your pet (who came first!).

  • What a terrible person. Also, who would just trade their cat with him/her? Most people get pretty attached to their pets…

    • “Most people get pretty attached to their pets…”
      Agreed. This person sounds like they totally lack empathy and has zero attachments to his pet. Should be interesting to see how he raises his kid.

    • Yeah, here take my wonderful sweet cat and I’ll take your monster simply because if I don’t, you’ll kill him…

    • Seriously. And what kind of cat owner is going to think, “this person is posting an ad that they are going to have their cat killed because it’s not adapting well to their baby, I should definitely give them mine.”

  • Seriously try the cat prozac. It works. Our cat stopped biting us and now plays gently with our one year old (even though the one year old is not so gentle with the cat).

  • I hate the euphemism. You’re not going to put Gary to sleep, you’re going to kill him. At least have the guts to state your intentions plainly.

  • I volunteer at a local no-kill cat rescue group and got in touch with the head of the group, who is now talking to Gary’s owner. Hopefully if we get a cat or two adopted this week (which is likely), we’ll have room for Gary. He sounds adoptable, plenty of adopters are fine with past behavioral issues, and a lot of times they are resolved in a new home.

    • THANK YOU for taking an active approach! I wish I could help, but I have a kitty with barely-acceptable habits at home. But I would never, ever even think of having her put down for her behavior/personality.

    • That’s great news, Anonymous 12:03 pm!

    • thank you. I hope that Gary gets another chance and thrives in a new home. He probably needs to be an only cat in a quieter household without so much competition for his owners’ affection.

    • Thank you, thank you!

  • Animal rescuers would like to see Craiglist ban ads that involve giving away animals for free. The main reason is that people in dogfighting rings have revealed that this is a major way they get bait animals. They send girlfriends or someone else dressed nicely to put on a good show. These people really have no way to know who they are handing over the animal to.

  • So many hateful comments here about a man you’re really just making assumptions about. I can’t say I’m surprised honestly but it’s hard to believe you’re really a loving animal owner when you display such vile spirited behavior towards members of your own species.

    • Um, this dude pretty much put it all out there, so we didn’t have to assume he is a shitty friend to Gary.

    • Clearly you have never volunteered/worked in rescue. For those of us who have, we see horror story after horror story. It’s hard not to get jaded about the human race after we see so many animals beaten, burned, made to endure horrific physical pain because of humans.
      Sure, this guy is not physically abusing his cat, but he’s still a sh*tty owner and I would never adopt out an animal to this family after seeing an ad like this.

    • How does one go about having a healthy 3-year-old cat “put to sleep”? Do reputable vets do this?

      • They do indeed. Pets are considered property by law. A friend had a similar issue with a formerly gentle cat and new baby. No severe attacks but many swipes/pounces at the infant baby (this is not a toddler who provoked the cat). They tried medication, it didn’t work, and chose to euthanize the cat. Vet (at a very reputable local vet hospital) did so without question and even allayed their worries that this would hurt their chances of adopting from WHS, should WHS call the vet for a reference.

        • “Vet (at a very reputable local vet hospital) did so without question and even allayed their worries that this would hurt their chances of adopting from WHS, should WHS call the vet for a reference.”
          Ugh. UGH. UGH!!!
          Couldn’t they have at least tried to seek a new home for the cat??

        • You’re right they do. But I’ve also heard of compassionate vets refusing to do such a thing if the animal isn’t truly aggressive/dangerous. Many people call an animal “aggressive” without truly understanding what that means.
          In the cases I’ve mentioned, often the vet will take the animal and find it a new home or partner with a rescue to do so.

      • They sure do. Especially aggressive cats. Nothing illegal about it and a decision an owner can make for a variety of reasons, even moving away where it would be unfeasible to bring the pet (countries with extensive quarantine, for example). Unlike some commenters here who seem to think a person can anticipate every eventuality when they adopt a pet (let’s be real, no one gets a cat/dog thinking they’ll someday abandon it) vets know that euthanasia is far better option than abandoning a pet on the street or the nearest park.

        • “Euthanasia or abandonment” is a false binary. Even if people don’t want to take the time to advertise the cat and try to find a new home for it, they can still give a cat to a shelter, where it has some chance of finding a home.

          • Please. An aggressive adult cat in a shelter, up against bright-eyed kittens and mellow tabbies and pure-bred persians? All you’re doing by taking that cat to a shelter is giving it 10 days of fear and confusion in a small cage before it’s killed. It’s better to take responsibility for the outcome yourself.

        • “(let’s be real, no one gets a cat/dog thinking they’ll someday abandon it) ”

          You’d be surprised. I’ve worked with animal shelters and have several friends who are veterinarians. There are a few people (rare, but it happens) who acquire young animals (puppies, kittens, etc) because they’re cute, then abandon when the cuteness phase has passed, to replace with a new cutie. I can’t understand it, but that’s how some people’s minds work.

  • give this guy a break, at 10 months old, i still hadn’t had more than 3 hours of sleep in a row. people have more going on in their lives that what may be in the few paragraphs.

    • That’s still no excuse, IMHO. They need to live up to the responsibilities and commitments that they made.
      Taking in a cat and then junking it when it’s become inconvenient due to their life choices is just the latest in many bad decision they’ve made regarding their pets (other examples: locking up the pets all day long, de-clawing, not considering consequences of taking in pets when they first adopted them, etc.)

    • Yep. I can only assume the hate spewing here is from non-parents. Look, you know your pets and what they are/are not capable of, and the bottom line is child > pet, every. single. time.

      • Yes, because people without kids have no love for humans and animals….this guy has a fucking kid and see how he is treating his animal and how he is trying to guilt his fellow humans to clean up his mess. If I could have pets and or a kid, I def wouldn’t treat this way. Get off your I’m a parent high horse.

        • + 1 million. This isn’t about non-parents versus parents. Hell, my mother had me and a small dog who wasn’t super fond of me, but she taught me how to behave safely around the dog. The dog snapped and growled at me as a toddler, but guess what, my mom never freaked out and claimed she needed to be put down or find a new home. I got in trouble for bothering the dog- not the other way around. As a result, I grew up with a love and respect for animals- and knew how to behave safely around them (knowledge I think many children today are severely lacking).

  • Ok, so this family has been locking this cat up for 6 months and claims they have done “everything possible” to rectify the situation, and now they are giving their once beloved pet 7-10 days to find a new home before they have him killed? Got it.
    Why wouldn’t they have tried finding him a new home MONTHS ago if it was really a problem? Now they’re trying to guilt people into taking a cat with behavior problems by threatening to kill him. Real wonderful pet owners. Hate to see how the kid turns out.

    • Ah!! I AM SO TROUBLED WITH THIS AS WELL! I don´t understand how they took sooo long! Man this just pisses me off because people that don´t truly have a regard and respect for animal life usually doesn´t have it for human either and sooner or later that side comes out.

  • According to the Craigslist post, the cat is going to a home in Maryland. Thank you to whoever adopted this cat.

    To the guy who posted the ad: rot in hell.

    • I hope the home in Maryland is for real and not just the cover story for some smooth-talking person looking to use Gary as dogfight bait or other unsavory purposes.

      • Jesus. To go someplace dark like that after a situation like this is pretty disturbing.

        • You call that “dark,” after the owner is threatening to euthanize his cat if no one takes it??
          There is a huge risk in giving an animal away for free, and there are some very unsavory characters specifically looking on Craigslist to acquire animals for free to 1) “flip,” or resell for a profit (not really applicable with a cat with problem behavior, but happens a lot with dogs), 2) sell for use as laboratory animals, or 3) use as dogfighting bait.
          It’s questionable as to whether someone who’s this desperate to get someone to take his cat is likely to do the “due diligence” to make sure that the new owner is on the up-and-up — asking for a vet reference, doing a home visit, etc.

    • Just checked the ad – it didn’t work out. GARY STILL AVAILABLE FOR ADOPTION

      • Oh no!
        Anonymous 12:03 pm (the person who was talking with the head of the cat rescue group they volunteer for), are you still out there?

  • To the people who were interested in Gary but he’s going someplace else, check local shelters and rescues, there are tonnns more cats available for adoption!!

    This story kind of reminded me of one I read about pitbulls the other day, about how people will rally behind a dog that’s going to be put down after biting someone by sharing, posting, petitioning, and filling out an adoption application. Meanwhile the rest of the dogs who are in the shelter who were found as strays or were owner surrenders, end up being euthanized because no one rallied behind them. It’s quite the dilemma and I still don’t know how I feel about it several days after contemplation.

    • this isn’t quite the pitbull that killed a 2 year old kind of story. PoP posts adoptable pets every month! I wish it was more often though. And I hope others who stepped up to adopt gary will consider adopting a different shelter cat. If there was room in their hearts for gary, surely there is another available cat for them to love.

    • That’s why I never oppose the euthanasia of an animal that ever, under any circumstances, injured someone. No, it’s not the animal’s “fault”. (What an anthropocentric concept to impose on a cat!) But the fact remains that sweet cuddly critters who won’t scratch or bite your kids are destroyed every day, while facebook gets its panties in a twist over poorly-socialized ones who will require “special” care their whole lives.
      We can’t save them all, folks. We can spay and neuter, we can adopt instead of buy, and that’s pretty much it. A lot of cats and dogs are going to be destroyed. Might as well be the aggressive ones.

  • timmah1

    Note to the guy giving up the cat. Maybe don’t create a video which makes the cat look worse than it is with the black and white video and the aggressive music. I know you’re trying to get people to see your cat is terrible or aggressive or whatever, but that is just absurd.

    • He probably shouldn’t also include a pic of his wife holding the cat.
      This dude is screwing up A LOT. He’s not making it easier for himself to unload his car.

    • Ugh, this idiot was paddling his hands at the cat – so yes, he was provoking him to scratch, despite his disclaimer! Cats are not dogs. They do not appreciate rough play, and if you play with them with your hands and feet, they start to see hands and feet as a legit play/hunting target. You’re basically training your cat to attack you.

  • Just checked the ad – the Maryland countryside home backed out. GARY IS STILL UP FOR ADOPTION!!!!!

  • What in the hell is this cat trading? I am not a cat person per se, but this actually made me cry a little bit. I am going to send this out to a few folks and see what happens….this is just so sad and I feel bad for Gary…he just wants so love!

    • saf

      No, he doesn’t.
      We took in a cat in almost exactly the same situation 15 years ago. He was 8 at the time and lived another 9 years. Poor baby was SO unhappy when he got here, but he never peed on anything. He just wanted to be loved.

    • Cause he ain’t got no love.

  • What an evil human to do this when there are options. Karma is a bitch and I hope someone with a heart will rescue your (beloved) pet… If you are capable of love at all . I pitty your child during the teen years when they misbehave and you send them away. Some people are horrible!

  • PDleftMtP

    This guy seems self-involved and clueless, but I do wonder how many of the self-righteous have really dealt with uncontrolled spraying. It sucks. A lot. We lived with it (part medical, part behavioral) with my 19-year-old cat until his seizures and kidney problems got too bad to control, but it was pretty miserable. Sleep on a piss-soaked pillow a few times before you tell us how this is really not that hard to deal with.

    And, while our cat was fine with the baby (which, shockingly, I didn’t specifically plan in 1994), if he hadn’t been? Yes, I would have tried hard to find him a home, but he wouldn’t have been staying in mine. Lived with the dude longer than my own family, spent God knows how much time and money trying to stay on top of his issues as he got older, and loved him to death, but I’m looking at this the other way around – if you think that’s a hard choice, it’s a kid you shouldn’t be having, not a cat.

  • No new updates to the Craigslist ad since the one yesterday saying that the Maryland countryside home had decided to get a dog instead.
    Poor cat.

  • Joel from Qualia Coffee runs a cat rescue out of his (cat friendly and baby free) home–contact him and you can trust he’ll take the time to find Gary s more permanent good home

    • How can I get the cat owner in touch with Joel? Gary’s owner isn’t reading these comments (I reached out to him last night to put him in touch with Tony, above, who wanted to adopt) now.

  • Well, this really does suck. Euthanizing a cat because he doesn´t accomodate. I completely understand why you would want to give him up for adoption because of your baby. I do have some questions tho. Did you do some research on why the cat can be spaying BEFORE locking him up? Or was it not worth it at all? Did you talk to a vet about what was going on? Did you reach out to a cat behaviorist to be truly informed? Why did you wait a year before deciding what to do? Cats don´t do stuff because they are mean or to piss a human off. There are several reasons Gary can act that way. I truly hope that someone adopts him because either way the cat is better of without you. I hope that your kid grows up being perfect otherwise he is at risk of being euthanized to.

    • Please re-read the original post — it wasn’t Gary’s owner who sent the Craigslist link to PoP, but a concerned PoPville reader.

  • Just another example of all the FAUX RAGE you people love to spew on here. It’s a cat that is clearly a pain in the ass. All of you are complaining so much– if you want the cat, YOU ADOPT HIM. Everyone loves to complain until they’re faced with actually dealing with the situation.

    Unless this cat turns into #BaneCat, ain’t nobody got time for that.

    • That’s a bit like “You have no right to criticize [insert restaurant name here]. If you don’t like it, go open your own restaurant.” You can find fault with how other people handle their problems without volunteering to take on their problems yourself.
      People have been way more sympathetic to a Forum poster who asked for help dealing with a cat who has a spraying problem. Why? Because she’s not proposing euthanasia as an option, and especially because she’s not going the emotional-extortion route that Gary’s owner is. (She says, “But, what can we do? Take him to a shelter? Who wants an 11 year old cat who pees everywhere? Taking him there is basically akin to getting him put to sleep and it makes me sick to my stomach to think about it.”)

  • If this guy is about to murder his cat, I’d hate to see how he raises his child.

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