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  • justinbc

    All the snow this past winter wreaked a lot of our ceramic pots, hope they have better luck with them.

    • Yep, any cracks the pots have will turn into breaks with some agua and a freeze. Bummer. This is why my father swears by 5 gallon drywall buckets!

  • Very nice!
    I’ve been trying to do a container garden this year on my back deck, but I’m having mixed results, despite giving all the plants a good soaking every day (and being pretty good with plants in general). Last night I moved all of the plants from the actual deck (where they get direct sunlight for a good chunk of the day) to my kitchen porch, where they’ll be shaded most of the day — hoping that this will enable the ones that aren’t doing so well to recover.
    Any advice?

    • Once small pots dry out it is very hard to re-moisten the soil evenly. I would recommend emerging the whole pot into water to evenly re-moisten the soil. It also helps to have a large tray below the pot and water from below.

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