Even Strip Clubs are Getting Small Plates – MPire Club Opening Soon on M Street

1819 M Street, NW

A reader sends word that MPire will be opening soon M Street downtown. Their website says:

“We are pleased to announce the Mpire Club will be opening soon.

The Mpire Club is committed to providing unrivaled service, creating the finest in food and beverage, and implementing hospitality best practices. Combined with our avant garde design and esthetic, the Mpire stands ready to provide a completely new experience.

In the building formerly known as Joanna’s 1819 club, a new state-of-the-art facility has been built for your entertainment & dining pleasure.

We look forward to our guests joining us to relax and enjoy specialty cocktails, eat executive chef inspired house made entrees and small plates, and enjoy the beauty and talent of our exotic lounge performers. All the while our guests will be surrounded by a luxurious and contemporary interior design.

Please join us once we open and allow our hostesses, management, and performers transport you to a new level of recreation and hospitality…”



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  • And judging by the logo, all the dancers will be depressed and resigned to their lot in life. Sexy!

  • Is it against some law that , in this area, they can’t look respectable ? I’ll say one thing for the joint on K St, a window helps it look less seedy.

  • Isn’t this on the same block as Camelot? Is there that much demand in lower dupont?

  • can we get a male strip club? or are those only allowed in industrial zones?

  • Hey Popville – perhaps you could avoid lending your platform as free advertising to businesses that degrade women?

    • why is it degrading?

    • LOL Lighten up. It’s a business, not political oppression or religious dogma. And one in which smart women can make a lot of money (I did when I was dancing). It’s not inherently degrading. Trust me, the dancers take far more advantage of the patrons than the other way around.

      • Your point would be a lot more meaningful if you didn’t preface it with “LOL lighten up”. Dismissing and “laughing out loud” at another person’s concerns is a solid way to get yourself dismissed.

        • It wasn’t to dismiss, it was to diffuse. It’s just a strip club and this commenter was starting down the “degrading to women” path as if strip clubs are somehow the root of all evil against women. Just an attempt to point out it’s not that big a deal. You know, like most things on the internet.

          • It’s “defuse,” not “diffuse.” And it’s dismissive. Defusing a situation would require that you try to win the other party over in some way, not that you laugh at and dismiss his/her concerns.

          • I want to party with you 4:28! Whooooo!

          • Your bashing on someone who worked as a dancer in your effort to bolster the argument that strip clubs are oppressive under the guise of you trying to teach this person about proper argument is patronizing, misogynistic, and stupid.

          • I can’t even follow what Anonymous 2:47 pm is talking about. Who’s supposedly bashing the former dancer??

      • “dancing”

    • Personally I think they’re degrading to men, who line up like slobbering dogs in front of a steak they can’t have. The women don’t give two figs about these guys yet they sit there captivated like morons shelling out their money for pretend attention.

    • Be a bit more sex positive and then perhaps you won’t find erotic dancing and various kinds of sex work (non-coerced and absent a pimp) as degrading as you do. Listen to some Savage love podcasts with actual sex workers- will open up you mind to an alternative opinion, or at least it did for me.

      • +100
        Just like in corporate America, there’s both good and bad employers when it comes to sex work. Strip clubs in DC are rigorously regulated.

  • I see my office building in the background.

  • Couple of points:

    1) Is this owned by Camelot as well?

    2) This is not degrading to women. It’s a celebration of women’s bodies and feminism. THEY have the power in these venues.

    3) There’s no sex in the champagne room.

    • saf

      #2 – Wow. Just wow. That is simply not true. This is women as commodities.

    • Ok, I’m going to have to call BS here. A celebration of women’s bodies and feminism? Really? You think men go to strip clubs to “celebrate feminism”?
      Disclaimer: I don’t think strip clubs are inherently bad places. There are good ones that treat employees well and there are also bad ones. However, the claim that strip clubs of any kind are a “celebration of feminism” is just outrageous.

    • LOL at “celebration of women’s bodies and feminism.”

      • It’s a celebration where the women in question have to pay rent for their pole space, rent their costumes from the club owner, and pay fines for made-up infractions. Super empowering!

  • maxwell smart

    What is it with strips clubs in this city? It’s like the classic Blockbuster vs. Hollywood Video, Subway vs. Quiznos thing. Clearly Glover Park couldn’t support 2 strip clubs a stones throw from one another, so does M Street really need 2 in a row?

  • That building has sat empty for years… the value associated with a strip club license explains why the building did sit empty for some long as the license runs with the building. My buddy did the appraisal years ago and found that the value of the license was worth more than the building. So ideally you wouldn’t have two strip clubs next to one another but again because the license runs with the building there really is no other option.

  • The plates might be small, but the cup size is large?

  • Wow, tons of super judgey moralists on PoP’ville today. I have no problem with strip clubs, as the ladies are making good money and the idiots are willingly parting with it. It’s a transactional exchange.
    Lay off the haterade, people. Especially since this doesn’t affect you at all.

  • You haven’t really lived until you’ve eaten patatas bravas off a stripper’s rack.

  • Personally, I respect strippers doing an all-American thing….doing whatever it is to make money and having power over men. I don’t go in strip clubs often (usually get dragged in with friends, co-workers, etc.) but I enjoy myself knowing how empowered these women are.

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