Disgusting things People Do on Metro – Vol. 12 – Spit Sunflower Seeds


@ExistentialMG tweets us:

“dude chewed and spit out sunflower seeds my whole commute.”

I guess of all the disgusting things we’ve seen this isn’t the worst but c’mon!!

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  • justinbc

    And nobody said anything to him…?

    • As a woman, I’m not saying anything to anyone on the metro who I can’t take in a fight.

      • ah

        Besides . . . do you want to spend the rest of your commute having the passenger spit the seeds at you?

      • You don’t need to specify “as a woman” here. The logic would be the same if you were a man.

        • Last fight I saw here in DC was between a big guy and a much smaller guy. Little guy stabbed him a few times before he even knew what happened. Just because you “can take” someone in a fight doesn’t mean you’ll actually win in a fight. Plus, guy spitting seeds on the ground is looking for a reaction.

          • Exactly right on “looking for a reaction”. I’ve been on metro with seed-spitters twice before, and both times they were looking around to try to catch the eye of anyone watching. When they did, they gave that direct, challenging, “what you gonna do about it” look. Chilling sociopathy.

      • +500. There are too many aggressive and/or unbalanced people in this town for me to feel safe calling out any random person for crap behavior. Anyone who is antisocial enough to spit sunflower seeds on a crowded train is probably also antisocial enough to get aggressive when called on it.

        • Well put. And I think that goes for a whole bunch of antisocial behaviors: “Anyone who is antisocial enough to _____________ is probably also antisocial enough to get aggressive when called on it.”

      • When people are doing rude or inappropriate things, like swearing along to music out loud on the metro, about 50% of the time I politely ask them to stop. I’m a small woman, and generally, my smile and politeness and the fact that I’m asking (cause no one else says anything but looks on in disgust) are so shocking to them that they stop, often even saying sorry. Hell, I’ve stopped shady people at my apt building door from coming in behind me by simply asking “Do you live here?” with a smile. They are so surprised they usually say no and back off.

    • And risk getting yelled at/threatened/assaulted?
      Maybe if I were a big, imposing guy I’d say something in these situations. But otherwise? Not worth the risk, methinks.

      • justinbc

        I’m not saying you, or the unknown OP, or anyone else so surprised by this comment should have said something. I’m just surprised that during morning commute hours with a presumably relatively busy train nobody would say something with this behavior going on. It’s usually some old lady actually who will speak up. Nobody is gonna hit an old lady. (in public, I hope.)

        • Would you have said something, and if so, what would you have said, in what tone? The way that you post here, about everything and in a way that you know everything, you are bound to get some feedback your way…

          • justinbc

            Asking if anyone said something to this individual in no way implies that “I Know Everything”. It’s a simple question, not an accusation against the poster. The reading populace here seems so quick to fly off the handle and be offended by every little thing, sometimes it helps to actually calm down and read carefully. And to answer your question, I very likely would have said something, unless the person was clearly deranged/homeless looking, in which case they probably wouldn’t have cared or even understood.

    • This is one of the most ridiculous things you’ve ever posted. And that’s saying something. The person knows he’s doing something wrong so what do you think the most likely outcome would be? The guy saying “Oh, sorry. I didn’t realize that this is wrong. I’ll stop immediately”? Please. In the real world the most likely outcome is a verbal argument at best, with a strong chance of being assaulted. Not worth it.

      • -1 I’ve called people out for this type of crap dozens of times. Making fun of people on the Internet is not the way to change their behavior.

        • Good luck to you and Justin then, cause that shit is going run out soon.

        • “Making fun of people on the Internet is not the way to change their behavior.” And for the person who spits sunflower seeds out on the Metro, calling them out in person won’t, either. Do you seriously think that all that person needs is a little education from you? And I didn’t post the comment at 10:53, but I agree with the sentiment. If you haven’t had a seriously unpleasant experience calling strangers out yet, you will eventually.

      • justinbc

        I’ll let the other comments here and below act as my response to how “ridiculous” my simple question was.

        • Justin – I don’t know you, but for a while I’ve been wanting to post that I really don’t understand the bashing you take on this board. You are simply offering opinions and comments on the posts like others do. However, you actually put your name on yours, unlike many “anons” who frequently call you names and ridicule your comments, seemingly regardless of the subject at hand. Anyway, just wanted to let you know that your comments are appreciated and welcomed by some of us.

          • justinbc

            Thanks AMDCer, that’s always nice to hear! 🙂 If I let stuff like that get to me I probably wouldn’t last very long anywhere. People seem to all too often assume the worst, rather than the best out of others, especially when they think they “know” them.

          • Because he trolls like a know it all on every topic?

            Look at the H St Sports bar thread. Someone made a comment about the height of the chairs and being too high for children. Does he have kids? Does he know hwo young children do with high-seated chairs? No, but he comments on to put them in a high chair or pick them up and place them in the seat. That is not kid friendly. And then he just walks away from the thread instead of acknowledging he may have erred.

            But hey.. he gets PoP hits, so it works for him.

          • justinbc

            “walks away from a thread”
            Until PoPville adds a feature that allows you to get notifications of when someone replies to you it’s rather impossible to know every time that someone does. Besides, I think the other comment in that thread succinctly wrapped up my point of view without me having to go into it further.

          • Nah, you spoke as if you knew exactly what is appropriate seating for children, and told people how to deal with their children.

            Then you walked away.

            You never responded to peoples posts about the dangers of children fallign from high areas…

            But hey, you be the expert on all things. I am sure you have many children that you can tell parents how to seat their child.

            Your mom must be proud of how perfect you are at everything.

          • Try this experiment, Justin – start posting as Anonymous for a while and see if you get the same backlash. I bet you don’t. Pretty hilarious that they call YOU the troll!

          • justinbc

            @Anonymous: I frankly don’t care if your child cannot manage to sit still in their chair and that you’re incapable of figuring out some compromise without blaming the business. It’s as simple as that.
            @AMDCer: I’m sure it would result in totally different reactions, but why give in to the trolls? They’re amusing sometimes. 🙂

        • Honest question Justin — at what point did you take on this self agrandizing internet persona in multiple forums?

          • justinbc

            I don’t think that word means what you think it means, but based on what you probably intended, let’s say sometime around 1990 just for argument’s sake.

  • I wish the picture had included the spitter.

    • Yep, because I’m sure they would’ve seen it and been like, “Omg, I can’t believe I’ve been publicly shamed on PoP! How embarrassing! I’ll never, ever do that again!”

  • I would have loved to see a cop make him get down on the ground and pick every shell up. Or just arrest him.

    • Are you kidding? Metro doesn’t actually care or they would enforce their own rules and regulations.

      Metro only puts the signs up on the wall to keep their print office employees and cleaning crew working.

      Lets not forget the cute little hipsters who walk right past the guards, Starbucks in hand, without so much as a word or a glance… they are no better.

      • justinbc

        You are allowed to walk with Starbucks in your hand. You’re just not allowed to consume it. So if the guards just see someone carrying it there’s really nothing they can say about it.

  • I’ve never seen anyone do this on Metro, but I have seen the shells on the floor. Worst I ever saw was a girl on a bench at Fort Totten eating crab legs. At least that wasn’t on the train.

  • What’s even more disgusting is that nasty carpet. I’m sure that when Metro was being designed, the thought was that if they put carpet in it and made it a bit more upscale than your usual subway car, people would treat it with respect and not do things like spit on it or dump food on it. But this is DC. We can’t have nice things here. The basic, unwritten rules of civility do not apply here.

  • The person who was doing this is human trash. You’re not going to properly socialize him in a 10 minute subway ride. His parents dropped the ball on that years ago. All you can really do is post about him here so that decent folk can shake their heads in wonder.

  • People only do what they think they can get away with. If the community stands up and demands better eventually behavior will change. It’s so frustrating to read comment after comment about how the cops aren’t doing enough. Turns out we aren’t doing much better.

  • As Janet always said – if you see something say something.
    But seriously – my friend is 5’5″ and maybe 130 – he has no problem telling people when they are being jerks in public spaces.
    If the anyone had said anything, and said it loud enough for the whole car to hear – I’m sure a few folks would have gladly defend the OP if the offender responded in an aggressive manner.
    Some has feet on the seat – I say something. Music too loud – I say something.
    Use your words people!

  • I really feel sorry for the Metro workers that have to clean the cars each day/night. That has to be one of the worst jobs. I wonder if Metro disinfects each car or ever wipes down the hand rails. Does anyone know?

  • One word: taser.

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