Thurs. Afternoon Rental Option – U Street/Adams Morgan

1759 U Street Northwest

This rental is located at 1759 U Street, Northwest. The listing says:

“Wonderful renovated upper levels of brownstone w/ 4 BRS & 4 BAs. Open kitchen w/ seating & stainless steel & granite. Back used as patio or parking. LR w/FP and separate DR w/ small FP. Wood floors throughout. 2 BRS and 2 BAS on 2nd & 3rd level. Basement rented separately, Management company will bill monthly for pro-rated utilities. Convenient to shopping, restaurants etc. Available July 1st”

You can see more photos here.

This 4 bed/4.5 bath is going for $6,000/Mo.

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  • Wow, a group house at 117th & U? I can’t believe someone hasn’t chopped up this 4BR house into six condos yet.

    • Oh, and definitely not a good deal. People who live in group houses can’t afford $1,500/month rents.

      • i’m sure there are people paying that for a one bedroom somewhere not as nicely located who would happily split with other people to live in the u st area. whoa re you to judge what people can and can’t afford?

        I don’t live in a group house, nor do I have any desire to, but that doesn’t mean no one else likes the environment of having built in friends.

        • Yeah. I know people who pay around that for a really nice row house on 11th St. in columbia heights. It isn’t my thing, but each to his/her own.

        • Fair enough. I suppose the sort of person who pays $1,500/month to live in a group house would have to be the type who doesn’t care that everybody but you thinks they’re a dumbass for doing so.

          • well its not like they don’t have their own bath and bedroom in this house. Sure sharing a kitchen and living room sucks, but I guarantee there are people who think this is a good deal.

          • I don’t think they’re a dumbass for doing so, so apparently it’s not “everybody”

        • “whoa re [sic] you to judge what people can and can’t afford?”

          Hear that, PoP? Shut ‘er down! Opinions are no longer appropriate on these posts asking for…opinions.

    • why bother? if its paid for and you are getting 6k a month in passive income, then why invest a bunch of time and effort into a remodel.

  • Interesting that it’s not separately metered. Makes me wonder if there’s a C of O. Also if the people in the basement can control their own heat/AC.

    • You can look it up in PIVS – I just did and there is a C of O.

    • I’ve been hearing that a money grab in the form of a huge crackdown on C of O violations is on the horizon, by the way.

      • Really? Please elaborate. Basement units only or the rental licenses/inspections for houses? Thanks

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