Sugar Daddy’s becomes The Cakeroom in Adams Morgan


Thanks to a reader for sending:

“The recently opened Sugar Daddy’s bakery in Adams Morgan is now called The Cakeroom — but they still have the old banner up top.

A chalkboard sign out front last night said it’s a new name but they would still have the same pastries as before. Is this a change in ownership?”

Anyone hear anything?


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  • wandafish

    I’m glad they changed the name.

  • Interesting. I’ve been there twice and haven’t been very impressed. Nice people, not bad desserts but certainly nothing worth a special trip.
    Still seeking a truly awesome dessert place in this city. Might try Red Light tomorrow.

    • If their desserts are anything like their premixed cocktails on tap, don’t bother. I and the worst Sazerac of my life there.

    • I tried Red Light. Thought it was…OK. About on par with your average $30 entree restaurant. Pretty skimpy dessert menu for a place calling itself a dessert bar though. Kramerbooks is good for down home desserts, WHEN their stuff is not stale or old, which can be a problem there. The new bakery at 14th and T is pretty good too. I didn’t care much for the main courses at Del Frisco’s but wow, their coconut cream pie was like the best thing I’ve had in my mouth in months.

  • I saw the headline and thought the whole store had closed for a minute. That would have been a problem, since my birthday cake for the weekend is coming from there.

  • On the company’s website, under the locations tab, Washington, DC, is still listed as one of the five locations.
    And after the name Sugar Daddy’s it has (The Cake Room) in parentheses. Wonder if the business focus is changing on selling whole cakes in catering.

  • I am also happy about the name change– I will say that I got my birthday cake from this bakery about two weeks ago and it was wonderful. It was carrot cake and they have definitely done a good job with the cake recipe– I will say the frosting was a touch on the (too) sweet side.

  • Same owner, just a change in name for legal reasons.

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