Soul Saving Center Church of God Completely Demoed at 11th and W St, NW


Thanks to a couple readers for sending emails about this. One thinks it will become condos. Has anyone seen any renderings?

Here’s what it looked like during demo last week:



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  • i always thought the lighter building to the right was a connected addition to the church

  • this is probably for the best that church looked pretty old and “shoddy”

  • the next two buildings down V are owned by the church as well as the parking lot on the corner of V and 12th. I do not think they are moving or building condos, I think they tore the building down to have more parking.

    • The other church is completely separate. There (were) two different congregations on this corner!

    • More parking? For what, the church? No way that’s the case. My guess is the remaining church will soon be gone (within the year) and the whole block is condos.

  • Guys were on the roof of the grey auxiliary building with blowtorches (I believe they use them to peel off the tar roofing?). So I think that will be getting knocked down, as well. The sign with the developer info shows a condo building and cars parked next to it. Still, they knocked down this church in less than 5 days. Pretty crazy.
    The other church to the right of this one (they also own the large grass lot at 12th & W) is still going strong every weekend. I doubt they’re going anywhere.

  • That whole side of the block is owned by the church, from 11th to 12th , they aren’t moving.

  • Still got the Soul Saving Station on the 400 block of M St NW if anyone’s wondering.

    • And the surreally hilarious messages on their marquee that blend pop culture with religious messages. Paging Don Draper!

      • I love that marquee! Easter message: “Silly rabbit! Easter is about Jesus!” And on the other side: “Jesus Christ is proof that you can’t keep a good man down!” I hope the Soul Saving Station never goes away.

        • Heh — those are actually pretty good! (Especially in comparison to the super-cloying messages on most church signs I’ve sign.)

  • The sooner that side of W get built out the better.

    • Why? Who cares? The church is pretty chill and the empty lot actually looks nice; I like seeing a big patch of greenery out my apartment window. Plus, the church members have parking in that lot so they’re not illegally parking on the street.

  • brookland_rez

    I guess the soul saving business was on the decline. Who will save our souls now?

  • Kinda surprised. This church seemed to be a-rocking on Sundays.

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