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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • Rave: 3 day weekend! Happy for a little break from work. Not going to the beach though, not warm enough yet for swimming up here.

    Rant: Friends are all out of town this weekend. Maybe the peace and quiet will be good for me.

    Rave: Getting back in touch with nature. My favorite new thing is running through Brookside gardens especially because TV is horrible lately.

    Rant: Screws in my car tires, and people blocking alleyways in my hood by parking illegally.

    • I think tv’s been great lately. I have trouble keeping up with everything I dvr, and I only have basic cable! Check out Hannibal, Comedy Bang Bang, Turn, Fargo and The Americans.

      • Those shows are not really my bag… Maybe Comedy Bang Bang though… I’m a bit worn out on the shows about serial killers, drug dealers, and spies that TV pushes every year…

        Dusk Till Dawn was an OK new series that just ended. Silicon Valley is pretty funny to me these days and Million Dollar Listing as well. I usually prefer multi-layered ensemble cast shows like Boardwalk Empire, SouthLand, and Entourage. I also miss Archer a lot. I hate waiting during the show breaks though, especially for HBO. I don’t have cable tho, the Internet makes things much easier without commercials! 🙂

        • Have you tried Orphan Black? Or Damages?

        • Hannibal is much more than a serial killer show. It’s probably the best drama on network tv.

          • I know, It’s mostly the name that puts me off. I am waiting for Game of Thrones to end before I do a major marathon, haven’t seen it at all yet. I tend to like shows and movies that have wacky explosions and car chases more than the serious/morbid/gory ones… My favorite show ever was probably CHiPS… hah.

    • My lady friend had a flat last Saturday morning caused by huge roofing screws from all the construction around Connecticut. Any way to get after construction companies for leaving debris strewn about the streets?

      • I think it’s absurd that construction companies do that. I used to do roofing work, and we had a big magnet on wheels. You push it around the site when you are done and it seriously picks EVERYTHING up. Took all of 5 minutes.

  • Rave: Tried a new (for me) method of grilling a whole chicken last night and it turned out to be one of the best chickens I ever cooked.

    Rave: Leaving early today and buying a new bike.

    Rant: Nothing! Today’s a great day.

    • Can you share details on your grilling? Was it with an indoor or outdoor grill? Did you marinate the chicken?

    • I’ve been getting intimate with my skillet at home lately… I love cooking salmon and steaks on it (Teriyaki, old bay, basil, onions), they come out perfectly every time. I only wish my stove put out more heat to sear things a little bit faster/better. Best thing is how easy it is to clean it when I’m done using it.

      • I love my cast iron skillet and dutch oven! After my grill, they’re my second favorite cooking devices.

        Have you tried heating up the skillet in a very hot oven before putting it on the stove?

        • Haha, for me, most of the time, using an oven is too much work! I think I just need more burners on my stove top! 🙂

    • What kind of bike are you thinking of getting?

  • Rave: Couch dumped in front of neighbor’s house (not by neighbor) finally picked up by city after two illegal dumping requests. Thank you DC.gov.
    Rant: People who dump things on the street. Call 311. It is SO easy to get rid of bulk items the right way.

  • Rave: Beautiful day outside, looking forward to the long weekend.

    Rant/Rave: While I am happy my daughter is getting older (she is one now) and running around giving her more independence, that said, she is also grabbing everything in sight. This morning I noticed my smartrip card was missing (I always have my stuff together) as I prepared to walk out of the door to catch two busses and the metro to head to work (I do recall hearing my wife tell her to put daddy’s stuff down). Of course this would be the one time I had absolutely no money with me so I was literally stuck in the house as I refused to ask people for money (if worse came to worse, I would just go to Safeway and get cash back). Luckily my wife was able to stop by the house on her way back from dropping our daughter off at daycare and I kept the car today after I dropped her off at work. I guess I will be looking all over the house this weekend for the card as it had a good bit of money on it. And yes, I know I should have registered my smartrip card…

    • Emmaleigh504

      One of my Coworkers, who is Jehovah’s Witness, has a toddler grandson who likes to take credit cards and put them under the neighbors’ doors like he’s seen the grownups do with religious material. It’s cute when it’s not your money!

      • My cleaning lady’s foster daughter once took one of my credit cards to kindergarten for show and tell. You have to laugh!

        • Dohhhh!!!!!


          I just know my smartrip card is somewhere in her daycare bag. If not, that is likely $150 down the drain.

          • Is it registered? WMATA will just send you another one with that amount or add it to another card within a few days. It’s actually great.

    • If your yard is small enough, cover it with thick tarps, weighted down with heavy objects to keep them from blowing away. Without light, everything will die.

  • Rant: I am trying to kill everything in my yard but some of the “weeds” seem to be enjoying the roundup. I heard vinegar works. Does anyone know of anything really good that will kill everything. My plan is to kill everything, till it all up, seed it with Pennington and then cover it with topsoil, water it and hopefully I will have a new lawn in a month or so. Would love any other advice.



    • I’m curious – if you use weed killer, will anything grow after you sprayed It?

    • Yes vinegar does kill weeds however to work best you need a 10 or 20 percent acidic vinegar which I find hard to find. Adding salt to the solution helps also.

    • Roundup works on the weeds that have already come up but you’ll likely have a new crop coming up right behind. Try Preen (pre-emergent weed control). You’ll have to wait before putting down grass seed though.
      If you till the soil you’ll bring up more weed seeds so you’ll need to reapply the above
      Vinegar doesn’t work – the leaves might die but the root isn’t affected.

      • Hmm, I wasn’t familiar with Preen — I’ll have to look into that.
        I’ve got landscaping fabric down and mulch over that, but there are some tenacious weeds nonetheless. When I pull back the landscaping fabric, it’s like a crop of thick bean sprouts underneath. Gross!!
        BTW, I’m still interested in your heliopsis (sp?) and Joe Pye Weed extras, if you’ve still got ’em! If you do, let me know here and I’ll ask PoP to put us in touch. (I think I had your business card from that unofficial PoP Happy Hour last fall… but I’m not sure where it is now.)

    • Good luck starting over, but weeds love new grass and seed as much as they do old grass. As far as killing what’s there, try covering your grass with clear roll plastic and baking it without water – works great (and fast) and no toxic Roundup – this weekend should be a perfect time to do this. And save the plastic for next time!

    • If your yard is small enough, cover it with thick tarps, weighted down with heavy objects to keep them from blowing away. Without light, everything will die.

      • Second this – and you won’t have a ton of roundup seeping into the groundwater. You can till everything under first, then cover to kill it all. The decomposing weeds and grass will make the soil richer this way too.

    • Roundup is poison to plants, animals, insects and people. Don’t use it.

    • Thanks everyone. It sounds like the tarp method is preferred. So to get it straight, just buy a tarp (I am guessing a dark color). Pin it down for a couple of days and everything should die. After that I need to till it (leaving the dead grass and weeds in place) and then cover it up again so that the roots of weeds and grass in the newly tilled ground are now on the surface. After everything is dead I can then plant the grass seed and cover with topsoil and water twice a day for the first week and then in the mornings thereafter. Is this correct?


      Thanks again!!

      • A few days won’t do it – it usually takes 4-6 weeks. Clear plastic is better because less heat is reflected back.

      • Why not put down sod? Easy, and instant lawn. (after you till and break up clumps of soil)

      • You usually don’t cover the grass seed – most grass seeds need light to germinate.

      • Are you absolutely committed to grass? I have had great success with my front “lawn” (typical rowhouse size) planting with ground cover. More interesting, spreads quickly, almost no weeds, and essentially no maintenance. If you want, I’ll give you specific plants.

  • Rant: Still have NO idea what I’m doing this weekend, staying home or going camping. Too many factors is causing indecisiveness. Responsible me says stay home, irresponsible me says go play in nature!
    Rave: Made homemade scones last night and they turned out great! Can’t wait to experiment more!
    Rave: Dacha tonight! I really do hope this becomes a regular Friday thing
    Rave: RJD2 Pandora station
    Rave: PoPville helped me get my sushi fix! Thanks friends!

    • skj84

      When I’m on vacation I just like to live moment by moment. No plans, just see where the day takes me. However it is going to be beautiful weekend. Go outside and play! Enjoy Dacha. Its my favorite beer garden in the city. Just people chilling and drinking beer.

    • Yeah the RJD2 station is great.

      It’s a shame, in a way, that Pandora is still by far the best at the radio function. Google All Access Pass, Microsoft, MOG/Milk etc just are not nearly as good.

    • Did you go to the recent RJD2 show at the 9:30 Club? I was the opener. 🙂

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: allergies that make me feel like I’m slowly dying.
    Rave: 3 day weekend to work on some things that really need to get done around the house (closet clean out, wardrobe auditing, etc).
    Rave: Summer farmer’s market opening tomorrow (Star Hollow Farms). I need to start planning what to can this summer!
    Hope: Will blueberries be uber cheap this summer like last summer so I can make boatloads of blueberry butter?

    • The blueberries I’ve seen at Giant have been way too expensive to justify buying. Maybe they’ll go down.

    • Honey works wonders for me with allergies! Bees know something that we don’t! 🙂

      • Emmaleigh504

        Hoping to get some local honey at the farmer’s market, even if it’s just the placebo effect, I’ll take it!

        • Or get the raw honey at whole foods, which I believe is made in Maryland. It’s what I use, and I’ve noticed a difference with my allergies.

  • Rave: Long weekend
    Rant: Being a “grown-up.” I feel like I used to figure things out easily, but since buying my place I feel so lost on a ton of things. Speaking of, does anyone have a recommendation for HVAC service? I’ve struck out twice already this morning.

    • Cropp-Metcalfe struck me as knowledgeable when I had them come out to give a second opinion on my HVAC system.

      • I used them too when I replaced by HVAC. They were more expensive than others but really seemed to have their act together.

      • Thanks! I tried them but alas they were booked out too far (which suggests they really are good). I’m struggling to find someone remotely reputable who services DC who can come in the next two weeks. [And bemoaning how I’d rather be planning a boating/tubing/farmer’s market trip then researching HVAC companies.]

  • Rant: someone hit my parked rental car. I saw it this morning, but due to the placement and timing I think it was someone yesterday, AT WORK! We have a key card access only garage under our privately owned building, so this is a coworker! They didn’t leave a note and I don’t remember what the car was. Thank god my car is ready, I am so over this. Too bad this is going to cost me money, not the glass bowl who hit me.
    Rant: This is in addition to the car keying that has been going on in the same garage lately. If you’re in the garage you obviously work here and are a gainfully employed adult. WTF?
    Rant: my string of good luck contacting DC OTR has worn off. I spent an hour calling every five minutes only to get a recording that they were too busy, then it hung up. Once I finally got in the queue I spent 40 minutes on hold. It took 2 minutes with someone in billing to get this straightened out, but no one is allowed to give out the direct billing number.
    Rave: this day is nothing but crap, but at least I’ll have a fun and relaxing three day weekend. It can’t come soon enough!

    • You didn’t get insurance on the rental car? I always do. The one time I had a rental car get hit (no note left) the insurance covered it 100%.

      • I elected to use my own regular car insurance, which has a deductible. I didn’t think very much would happen in the week I have this thing. Lesson learned.

        • When mine got hit, I was at a rest stop, away from the car for about ten minutes. I didn’t even notice the damage until I got to my hotel, so I don’t even think I reported it to the police. Insurance still covered it.

        • Accountering

          No! No lesson learned! Rental insurance is a HUGE rip-off. They make a killing on it. You are much better off using your personal insurance, and taking the chance (its a numbers game, you aren’t more likely to get in an accident in a rental than your own car)


          • I get that the likelihood of an accident is the same, but if it’s my own car I have the choice of living with the damage or fixing it. With a rental I don’t have that choice.
            I’ll contact my credit card company and see what the deal is. I’m dropping off the rental and picking up my car at lunch, so I’ll know more then.

          • That said, I do agree that it’s a rip off, it just feels less that way when something happens. But I’ll find out the resolution soon and will update the PoPulance.

          • Accountering

            That’s fair on the living with a scratch or whatever…

            Perhaps a better option (not sure how often you use rentals?) is to lower your comprehensive deductible (or collision if you like) to $100 instead of $500? I did that for comprehensive at least. The last thing I wanted was to have some jerk key my car, and then find out I am on the hook for $500.

            I think this may be an example where if you are going to stress about it, you may be better of taking the insurance… But by the numbers, I can assure you you are better off passing. With that said, your peace of mind and such is not something I (or anyone) can put a price on., so its certainly a decision you and anyone else has to make.

            Hopefully it works out well for you!

          • Well, I know nothing now because the Enterprise person wasn’t there. Either they’ll call me about it or assume it happened after I dropped it off. I can dream, right?
            New Rant: the body work is done and looks great, but my exhaust is rattling like mad. Now I have to call my insurance again and take it to a mechanic. Does this shit ever end?

        • Your credit card should also provide some amount of coverage as well.

          • I don’t think Jeslett actually paid for the rental car — if I remember correctly, she was rear-ended by someone, so the other party’s insurance was going to cover it. (Well, probably her own insurance was paying for the time being, with the plan of their getting reimbursed by the other insurance company.)

          • Yes, you’re right, I was rear ended. I did need to use my credit card to secure the rental, even though my insurance is paying for it. I contacted Visa and they have started a claim, which can be canceled at any time if my car insurance covers it or if the rental agency doesn’t charge me. I’m off to go find out.

    • The good (and bad!) thing about DC is that everything is monitored. Private parking garages usually have fairly decent security cameras. Try talking to building security or building management to see if there is footage.

      • I emailed our facilities manager about it, but I don’t think we have any cameras. We got an email on Monday that someone had been keying cars in the garage, if they wanted to catch the person they could just watch footage…if there were cameras. Since no one has been caught my guess is we don’t have any. Also, it’s not a stand alone garage managed by a parking company, it’s part of our building, which we own. It’s also the worst designed garage I have ever seen. If I had something bigger than a compact car I’d be terrified to go in there.

  • Accountering

    Rant: Work – actually had to put in an 8-hour day yesterday, and no POPVille. The horror! Bastards.

    Rave: It’s amazing out. Heading to the river for a long weekend of boating/jet-skiing/wakeboarding/beers and other related nonsense.

    Rave2: Friday, and leaving in a few short hours!

    Rave3: POPVille HH on Wednesday. For those of you who haven’t made it yet, you should come! They are awesome, and it is always fun putting names to faces.

    • Do you have a boat? Do you mind sharing a few details? Where do you keep it? How much is upkeep? Where do you take it out?

      I LOVE “boat life” and now that I’m starting to have a little bit of disposable income I’d love to start thinking about what it would take to be able to spend my weekends just like you described!!

      • Accountering

        I may have stepped in it here. It’s the parent’s boat, which is the best kind of boat, right?

        Its kept on their dock in Tappahannock VA, on the Rappahannock river. We just take it out on the river down there. It was brand new when they got it a couple of years ago, so I don’t think upkeep has been too bad.

        The biggest expense has been the 10 year old Ford Expedition they bought for the sole purpose of being able to get the boat out of the water in case of hurricane, and that big POS just kicked the bucket.

    • We didn’t get the “You can leave 59 minutes early this Friday” email yet, so I don’t think it’s happening for this holiday. That doesn’t affect me since I put in extra hours this week.

      • Are you in gov? 59 minutes early is usually an informal word-of-mouth dismissal that comes from managers.

        • Yes, I’m a contractor and my company lets us take that hour off without using pto. We usually get the email from the head of our agency the day before.

      • epric002

        we got ours yesterday, for some reason. not that applies me anyway since i’m a slimy contractor.

        • Emmaleigh504

          All the feds in my work group passed off their work to us contractors in anticipation of an early dismissal, and then didn’t get it! I would laugh, but none of them took their work back 🙁

  • Rave: Won first round of kickball playoffs, still undefeated.
    Rant: None
    Rave: Going tubing in harpers ferry saturday! and i dont have to drive!

    • Is it warm enough for tubing this time of year? I wanna try that some time (haven’t since I was a kid) but I’m thinking of waiting til July or August.

      • that is a good question – i dont think they would put us out there if the water was freezing (might be a bit chillier) but its suppose to be fairly warm saturday with some sun so i think we will be good! I did do it in late september once (white water rafting) but its the same location as tubing, and that was a bit chilly

    • You might check on the tubing situation before you go. If the river is too high they won’t let you do it.

      • we did check, i think they altered the times they are running shuttles but so far they have said they are open for biz!

  • GiantSquid

    Revel: Boss is cutting us loose early this afternoon.
    Rant: Need to swing by Wegmans to pick up food.
    Revel: Great bike fitting yesterday, can’t wait to take it out for a longer ride.

  • skj84

    Rave: Amazing weekend planned! Going to Jazz in the Garden tonight, then staying on a friends boat for the rest of the weekend.

    Rant: I have to go shoe shopping. I hate shopping. I need a pair of versatile flats and I have to try shoes on before I buy. I love fashion I just hate the process of buying things.

    Rave: Sales!!!!!

    Also don’ forget about PoPville Brunch club! First Brunch is June 1st at Ambar. There are five spots left! Second Brunch will be June 28th location TBA. https://groups.google.com/forum/#!forum/popville-brunch-group

    • I just applied to join the brunch group. *Fingers crossed* 🙂

      In all seriousness, this is a great idea and thanks for getting this started. I a great group of friends in DC, but I think it’s time that I expand my social circle a bit.

    • I’m going to a wedding that weekend and I’m sad to miss the first PoPville Brunch club outing, especially because I love Ambar! But I wanted to say thanks for organizing, and I hope to make it next time 🙂

  • Rave: Completed first week of bike commuting between Navy Yard and College Park
    Rant: Legs didn’t want to work this morning. Shut up, legs.
    Rave: Night group ride last night was so nice out.
    Rave: Memorial Day weekend. Remember to honor your vets in your life and you can start wearing white.

    • Emmaleigh504

      and seersucker and linen.

    • What route do you take from College Park? I know they’re planning to connect the Northwest Branch to some of the DC trails, but not for another year or so. I ride to the College Park metro and take metro to work.

      • Coming into work in MD, I ride to Rhode Island metro and just bus all the way to work because i don’t want to get sweaty coming in, we don’t have showers.

        Going home, I bus back to College Park then ride the Anacostia Riverwalk Trail until either Rhode Island Ave or Bladensburg. I still don’t have a good route to get home in Navy Yard from there. I have mostly been biking west to Brookland and take the MBT home but the hills there have been killer. But it’s the safer route. I’ve taken Bladensburg all the way in to H St and biked home from there but it’s probably the most unfriendly bike route and the roads and sidewalks suck. But it’s quicker and mostly downhill most of the way.

        • I once got on Bladensburg from one of the local trails, with plans to ride to the Arboreatum. I changed my mind after a few blocks of the very busy street and crappy sidewalks.

    • GiantSquid

      +100 for the Jens Voigt reference!

      • Ugh I’ve been doing this commute on my PUBLIC bike… I’ve been looking at cheap used steel tube road bikes to make this trip. Jens Voigt is mah hero!

        • GiantSquid

          I wish there was a way to open a used bike store in DC while taking as much precaution as possible to avoid stolen bikes. Sellers have to provide proof of ownership such as receipt, NBR info, etc. Mr. Squid and I could use some beaters to put on our trainers, don’t want to shell out moolah for brand new bikes.

          • Agreed, I do a lot of window shopping on craigslist but I’m always like “stolen… stolen… nope…”

        • What’s wrong with you Pubic bike? I thought you were a big fan.

  • Rave #1: The weather!
    Rave # 2: Apparently Noon is the new 2:00 pm (shh!)
    Rave #3: One of my favorite annual events in the neighborhood takes place at the African American Civil War Memorial on Sunday. Hundreds of motorcyclist dressed in yellow and black from various Buffalo Soldiers clubs around the country arrive around 10:00 am for a rally and wreath laying ceremony then leave around 11:30 am to bike downtown to join Rolling Thunder. Unfortunately this event is woefully unpublicized and I just happened to stumble upon it a few years ago. There will also be a few re-enactors in Civil war garb.

  • RANT: Avoiding those annoying “clipboard people” on my way to work, on my way to lunch, on my way back from lunch, on my way home, on my way to the gym…

    • They are my biggest pet-peeve. Does that method even change anyone’s mind? I wish they would not approach workers going to/from the metro, obviously rushing to make those narrowly-timed connections. Don’t the clipboard folks realize that commuters are on the edge anyway by dealing with metro’s issues?

      • They’re not trying to change peoples’ monds, they’re trying to make money. I just walk right by them and pretend they don’t exist.

        • you’d think panhandler laws would apply

          • If I remember correctly, panhandling isn’t illegal in D.C., but “aggressive panhandling” is. (Like the guys who offer to “watch” your car for $10, with the understanding that if you don’t pay up, you’re likely to come back to a broken window.)

      • Yes, it’s profitable. (I assume you’re talking about the charity muggers, Greenpeace, Child Fund, etc?) I used to work for an organization that used them. Big money maker.

  • epric002

    rave: friday!
    rave: going to pittsburgh for a friend’s wedding. am thinking about trying it sans walking cast. i think if i ace wrap it up REALLY well and stay off my feet it will be ok. will be bringing my real camera to entertain me since i can’t dance.
    rave: kind neighbors who agreed to dog sit for us, and kind foster sitter to watch the foster dog.
    rave: got lots of photos of my adorable fat baby nephew at the beach this morning.

    • Hate to sound real Mom-ish, but don’t do it. I once thought I was good to walk around Six Flags when I was younger, after a hairline fracture to my ankle without my soft-gel cast. WRONG. Sooooo wrong. The fracture turned into a clean break. I had never been in so much pain in my life. I spent the next month in a hard cast. Lesson learned

      • epric002

        oh i just meant the wedding/reception, not the whole weekend. i’ve been very good about wearing the cast to/from work, on dog walks, etc, but i take it off in the house and while sitting at my desk. as long as i plant myself at a table during the reception i think i’ll be ok w/o it.

    • Instead of Ace bandage, try a vet wrap (or horse wrap). It sticks to itself, it gets much tighter than an ace bandage, and it comes in all kinds of pretty colors.

  • rave: Our Veterans, those who have given their lives for us and those currently in service.
    raveL: remembering what this weekend is really about.

  • Rave: Great neighborhood gathering at Dacha last night to support our local dog park (that is all volunteer-run so requires dondations to pay the maintenance bills). So many people came out, lots of folks made donations, and just affirmed what an awesome little community we have in Shaw. I love our hood.

  • Rave: Got up at 5 this morning and went to the gym. First early morning workout in a long time. I could definitely get used to doing this once a week or so.

    Rave: Belonging to a gym that’s open 24 hours.

    Rant: Got the “posting too quickly” message five times in a row!

  • Awhile back(maybe even a year) there was a person who wanted to do an ice cream shop on the random/rant threads if you are that person can you email me at downtownfan at gmail dot com.

    Also, if anyone out there is interested in doing a food related business in Petworth please shoot me an email.


    • I think JinDC was fantasizing about opening an ice cream shop, but not considering it as a serious career move.

  • Rave: Ta-Nehesi Coates absolutely killing it. Such a powerful article.
    Rant: Our country’s inability to own up to – let alone learn from – our past mistakes. We pretend that history occurs in a vacuum and has zero effect on the present day. Even the post-war Germans admitted to their mistakes, continues to make restitution to victims, and have made huge strides to ensure that history doesn’t repeat itself. WTF is wrong with the United States?

    • epric002

      that was a great article!

    • For sure! And after the slaves, we can make restitution to the Chinese Americans for the railroads.

      • And the Irish for their indentured servitude. And I think Egypt should pay me and my fellow Red Sea Pedestrians reparations for building the pyramids!

      • Chinese were actually freely hired and paid (albeit poorly) for working (in often terrible conditions) on the railroads. They were however enslaved under the worst conditions ever to work in the Guano mines on the Chinchas Islands in Peru – digging concrete-hard bird poop for fertilizer. In the mid-19th century guano was more valuable than gold and saved half the world from starving to death.

        Want to know more? Read my latest novel -” Son of Fortune” (published by Knopf)

      • Did you read the article? It’s not about reparations for slavery, but more about the very recent housing discrimination against African-Americans throughout the 20th century that inhibited them from building inter-generational wealth. This is clearly documented discrimination perpetrated by the FHA, banks, and homeowner associations that has had the effect of wiping out generations of black homeowners, which then led to forcing African-Americans into housing projects and shitty schools. It was a downward spiral. This was discrimination that wasn’t perpetrated against ANY other ethnic group. Even the Japanese who were forced into internment camps received reparations. Blacks were also often blocked from receiving Social Security and Medicare after they were introduced by the New Deal and LBJ, as the law carved out professions primarily held by blacks (like sharecroppers) and did not allow them to pay into those programs with their pre-tax wages.
        Seriously, read the article and don’t blindly respond to his headline. It’s a thoroughly researched article that’s backed up with rich multimedia and original sources. He’s going to win a Peabody for it.
        What’s sad is that you don’t even know your country’s own history. Willful ignorance.

        • epric002

          +1 you really ought to read the article.

        • Whoa whoa whoa, Internet Assumer. I know all about redlining, or at least, as much as an informed person and not scholar would know. And it will SHOCK you to know, that unlike a lot of people that would cry “learn your history” I knew about before this article. And it was truly wrong.

          But this article discusses a lot more than redlining – did you read it yourself?

          But that’s cool. Keep talking, Internet Assumer.

    • he has been writing for the Atlantic for a while now.

    • Is it in the print edition too? Too long for me to read online and it doesn’t seem they have a “Print friendly” version – so printing is 60 pages!

  • Rave: This weather. I adore spring.
    Rant: A ton of little things on my to do list that I have to get done this weekend. Feeling slightly overwhelmed.
    Rave: I’m looking forward to seeing friends and having a chill Sunday afternoon outdoors.
    Rave: An amazing yoga class last night meant that I slept so well. And I made a delicious green smoothie and had toast with homemade raspberry jam and cheese for breakfast. Great way to start the day.

  • Rave- Early leave today
    Rave- Bridesmaid sleepover tonight
    Rave- Going to the shore Saturday – Monday
    Rant- BF works Saturdays so we can’t leave until 5 tomorrow, but hopefully that means we can beat the traffic
    Rave/rant? Reading all the petty arguments that occur on popville (“You’re stupid because you’re a Republican!” “My neighborhood is better than yours!” “All public housing projects should be closed!”) It’s often very entertaining to read (also possibly enlightening about the crappy things people actually thing, but I’m sure most of it is trolling anyway). People take things so seriously and get in to it with random people on the internet. I just don’t get it! Take a step back and look at what you’re doing!

  • Rave: Going camping this weekend with friends! We are very excited!
    Rave (I think): It will be our 3.5 year old son and his 3.5 year old friend’s first time camping! Not sure what we are getting ourselves into here. Also friend’s two cousins and aunt are joining us. That is 5 adults and 4 kids (aged 3.5, 3.5, 4, and 9).
    Rave: Bought a ton of marshmallows, hersey bars, and graham crackers! S’mores here we come!!!!

    • GiantSquid

      I’ve never been camping.

      • The girl and I have talked about doing a ride up to Harpers Ferry and camping along the way or back.

      • Camping is fun, you should try it at least once. I am not sure you should do it with 3.5 year olds, but it is fun with other adults!

    • I spent a week camping in N. Wisconsin with a friend and her 2 year old (who – yikes – just graduated college!) and it was super fun and surprisingly easy. We’d get to our campsite and he would just pick up a stick and do a little tree-whacking medicine-man dance around the site while we set up the tent.

      One night we had an epic and terrifying (like hurricane) storm and he laughed all the way through it, sitting in the middle of the tent eating marshmallows while we braced our feet against the tent poles to keep from collapsing.

      You will have a great time! (Too bad those under 5, according to recent studies, won’t remember anything about it!)

      A good safety tip for the toddlers – just teach them “freeze” – If you see a snake, racoon etc. – freeze. If you look around and don’t see anyone (i.e. you are lost) freeze.

  • KSB

    Rave: Wasn’t able to take time off to attend a party at my girls’ school this afternoon but just got word of early closing at work so I’m going!
    Rave: Cleaning service coming to my house today after a LONG hiatus.
    Rant: Feel like we’re hemorrhaging money this summer. But it boils down to quality of life vs penny pinching, and at the moment, quality of life is worth it.

    • I wish I could afford a cleaning service.

      • KSB

        We have a company come out once a month and it averages out to $25/week. WELL worth it in the long run but definitely an expense that had to be cut when we really couldn’t afford it!

  • Rant: One of the cats keeps stealing the dog’s doorbell (that she steps on to ring when she needs to go out and pee) dragging it upstairs and leaving it in all different places.

    Rave: This weather – I’m headed to Rock Creek Park right now!

  • Rave – Spending the long weekend with my family in NY
    Rant – Frustrated with some of my NY friends who say that want to see me when I’m home but then cannot commit to a time to hang out. Then get annoyed with me when I’ve made other plans and can’t see them.
    Rant – Also frustrated because these same NY friends have never even made an effort to visit me DC and I’ve been here for over 3 years.
    Rave – Oh well! It’s my three day weekend and I’m going kick back and relax.

  • Rave: Teleworking, with warm cat on lap.
    Rave: Long weekend!
    Rave: Highs in the 70s today and tomorrow.

  • Rant: My good friend and neighbor’s cat is very ill and likely in his last days, if not hours. I feel so awful for her, because he has always been so special to her and has had quite the personality. Reminding me of when I lost my first cat- the mental fog and sheer devastation. Ugh.
    Rave: This cat has lived a very good life and has been well-loved. My neighbors will be there to help and offer support just as she offered support to me when I lost my beloved pet.

  • Rant: popville is now dead because everyone has probably gone home for the weekend. I’m here until 5 pm at the earliest. 🙁

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