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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • pablo .raw

    rave: Nice weather, finally was able to sleep after a weekend of sports photography and driving a lot.
    rant: Police is in my office looking at the security cameras trying to find a murderer

  • willindc

    Rant: Glover Park gets me almost as riled as the Chain Bridge for crappy drivers; get with it people! I just want to get to Safeway and back; you’re not fooling anyone with your last minute cutoffs, double parking and rubbernecking the girls’ softball game from across the road (creepy!). Just drive.

    Revel: The weather has been seriously nice since that brief hot spell. 57 this morning, cool evening the night before, I walked 4 miles and didn’t come home drenched in sweat! I hope it sticks around longer before the oppressive, muggy summer weather checks in.

    Revel: Joined POPville after hearing a lot about it, this is a great site and I’m happy to be a part of this community! Looking forward to reading more great content and learning the in’s and out’s of DC.

    • Doesn’t help that they keep changing the lanes between Calvert and Hall. I hate the stretch so very much.

  • Farragut

    RAVE: My parents were here this past weekend, and we had a lot of fun at the Nats-Mets game on Sunday.

    RAVE: I got an ice cream helmet. Haven’t had one of those since I was a kid in St. Louis.

    RANT: The Nats lost in 15 innings last night? Ugh, the bullpen’s going to be tired tonight…

  • RANT: I swear it irritates me every time I walk by it, but why in the hell is Park Place above the Petworth Metro empty? Prime real estate with great new facilities yet the developer can’t fill them? Is he or she asking too much rent? Is it because the space hasn’t been built out? From what I can tell if only a crappy Cricket or Subway can cement a lease, it leads me to believe the developer is trying to keep out locally owned businesses. I heard Sala Thai barely got “approved”!

    • From what I gather, they and a lot of developers like them who have built luxury apartment buildings/condos with retail on ground floor are asking a ton per sq ft. And it would be better for them to sit on empty retail space and take the write-offs then let a local business come in at lower leasing rates.

      • How is this acceptable to DC government & community leaders? Wish we could do something.

        • I am not defending the developer or past DC government administration decisions by any means, but I believe the developer got some huge and lengthy tax breaks just to build in Petworth, of which they were one of, if not, the first guys to build in that neighborhood on Georgia Ave. Thus, when it comes to dollars and donuts, it’s better for the developer to lose some if any money by letting them sit vacant and hold out for a high dollar tenant that may sign a long term commitment lease down the road.

          I am in complete agreement with you. It’s not acceptable to have empty storefronts in a neighborhood that is that close to breaking out.

          • So who do we ask? Bowser, Graham, Donatelli, Gray? Who do we write to? Do we start a petition? Now I wish we’d “organized” over a year ago. Sometimes, ranting on a Rant neighborhood blog post doesn’t get the neigborhood anything. That the money makers are risk-averse is… to be expected, but it shouldn’t mean that they can screw over a neighborhood that way. Does anyone have enough knowledge about these things to get something started?

        • They promised us a coffee shop. Where is our coffee shop?

    • I don’t get it either. I had given up bitching about it, because I thought the Safeway coming in would be their cue to go ahead a fill the space up. Is nothing going on still?
      I have asked, on here and on the Park View neighborhood blog why that building wasn’t being slammed with vacant rate taxes, and who to ask that question from if not a blog, and I never got a response.

    • I completely agree. And, to top it off, Fenty and Graham gave the developer a 20 year tax break on this property after it was built, and for no particular reason. It would be nice if they were generating some jobs and sales tax, at least.

      • (I’m Anon at 10:26) ahhh, I didn’t know about the 20 year tax break. That would explain it. It has been a mystery to me for years!!
        Yes, jobs and taxes, and so much more, those vacant storefronts, right at the Metro are holding the neighborhood back. I bet a lot more would have improved by now if those store fronts had been hosting good local businesses. There’s no reason for the intersection to have a luxury apartment building, upscalish french restaurant, brand spanking new streetscaping, and still be so…. iffy. I blame that building. Not cool!

        • What can be done? Will Bowser be able/willing to help if she is elected Mayor?

          • My understanding is that she hasn’t been very helpful so far in her position as a councilmember, so I doubt anything would change if she were elected mayor.

          • I’d like to ask Graham to do something about it, actually. Next time I see him at an event, I will bring it up. He probably did what was in the best interest of the neighborhood then. Now, something needs to be done. Maybe it’s a good lesson, that if you give a developer a tax break to help a neighborhood spring forward, it has to be stipulated somehow that they can’t do something that will so obviously hold it back. Meh, that’s why I’m not in local politics.

          • Why don’t we start an online petition? Does anyone gave experience doing this? Posting it on the community list serv alone would generate lots of signatures. Maybe a picket outside the metro??? That’ll get media attention.

    • Yeah, and there are quite a few spaces like this along Georgia south of the metro. With a number of new condo buildings coming in, with ground floor retail, I worry about the number of vacant/for lease spaces already there…

    • http://www.popville.com/2013/03/dear-popville-why-is-park-place-retail-still-vacant/

      TL;DR version: Donatelli doesn’t have complete control of the building from the equity partner, and the EP is very risk-adverse and not familiar with the DC market.

    • Random idea…

      In some vacant storefronts either the City or Developer will have a contest of sorts where people write down what they want to see in the building and put post-it notes on the windows. If a bunch of people did this randomly (hopefully with the help of either the CM or ANC) it might draw attention and get the developer to act?

    • As someone who moved to Park View in 2005 when that building was still in the planning stages, I am definitely frustrated that so much of the retail space is still empty. But that empty space is definitely not holding the area back
      -New restaurants and bars have opened/are opening in the area.
      -At least three new residential buildings have been built within a two block radius of that space. This doesn’t include two across the street that have been/are being refurbished and updated.
      -There is the new Safeway opening at the end of this month.
      -And there are the rowhomes in the area that have been selling quite briskly
      Lots is happening and will continue to happen.
      And while it’s unfortunate that that retail space is empty, it’s actually not that great of a space when you look at it closely. In fact, that might be the real problem. The largest remaining vacancy – where the Gillian Clark restaurant was supposed to go – is oddly shaped and doesn’t have a ton of floor space. I am not sure what kind of business could make a profitable use of it. The other spots might be big enough to hold a coffee shop or small retail shop – neither of which might generate enough revenue to pay the rent – which is not going to be cheap.

      • It’s not holding the area back completely… but I bet there would be even _more_ new stuff, rowhouse sales, etc. if Park Place were filled up.
        I’m surprised there’s no Starbucks — seems like they’d have the national-chain cred to allay the equity partner’s fears.

        • I am surprised about that as well. One would think Starbucks would be a perfect tenant for that location. But that ship has now sailed since there is going to be a Starbucks in the new Safeway.
          But there’s still Dunkin’ Donuts, Five Guys, Potbelly’s, or any number of other local/national chains which should be acceptable to the landlords (if not to some in the community) and which, given the rapidly changing economic makeup of that area should be chomping at the bit to get in there.

          • On “But that ship has now sailed since there is going to be a Starbucks in the new Safeway” — there’s still a chance. The DCUSA Target has a mini-Starbucks inside, and there’s still a regular Starbucks across the street. πŸ™‚

          • Columbia Heights has a Starbucks and across the street there is a Starbucks in the Target store. Both seem constantly busy.

        • A Starbucks is coming with the Safeway.

          • Not that I am an expert in the matter nor do I drink Starbucks but those kiosks inside grocery stores/Targer are not the same as a stand alone Starbucks location.

    • The largest space on the corner of New Hampshire and Georgia is renting for $10,000/month. It isn’t that big of a space and even if one could afford the rent, the landlord is asking for significant liquidity requirements and net worth in order to open a business there. There are definitely not looking for local businesses unless they have VERY deep pockets.

      • So that makes it Starbucks or nothing?
        Yeah, I held off most of my youth with the hopes of marrying George Clooney, but that didn’t really happen either.

  • Rant: workworkworkworkworkworkwork. This weekend, this summer.. it is going to be brutal.
    Rave: My Mom reminded me that at least there’s job security in being overworked? Le sigh.

  • Rant: we used a tax professional recommended on popville and it was a mess. Amount other issues he didn’t enter our bank account info and the DC tax refund check ($1500) sent via mail is lost/stolen? it is been 1 month since they mailed it!
    Rant: DC OTR procedure now that the refund is lost. Anyone has similar issue (lost refund check)? what did you do? are we going to see that money ever?
    Rant: worry someone cashed our refund, we had a bank debit card and passcode sent via usps stolen a few months ago, how is that even possible?
    Rave: lesson learned: I will stick with Turbotax!!

    • sorry to hear about your trouble, I always do direct deposit. maybe someone else had a similar experience?

  • I recently had a bachelor’s party. My buddies took me to a stip club where they paid for me to get a lap dance. I told my fiancee about it and she was pissed. She accused me of cheating. What do you guys think?

    • If you can’t communicate in advance about something as simple and straightforward as this and make sure you’re both on the same page, why are you getting married?

    • Tell me more.

    • I think it doesn’t matter what the rest of us think. The two of you are the people who are in this relationship, so what you define as cheating is what’s important. It sounds like there was a lot of willful neglect before the bachelor party – when she got wind of the idea, she should have expressed her feelings at the beginning rather than be mad after the fact, your buddies probably should have run it by you/her, and you probably should have broached the topic with her and asked her what she thought, assuming you knew it was a possibility.
      Now that it’s over, you need to sit down and have an adult conversation. You can’t change the past, but as the two of you are going to be married you need to figure out what expectations are going forward, and what both of you can do to repair any damage.

      • “It sounds like there was a lot of willful neglect before the bachelor party – when she got wind of the idea, she should have expressed her feelings at the beginning rather than be mad after the fact” — what if she knew he was going to a strip club, but thought that only LOOKING would be involved and didn’t anticipate any lap dances? Why are you blaming her??

        • I’m saying that if I were in her position and knew that (a) he was going to a strip club, and (b) I would be mad if it progressed beyond looking, it only seems fair to lay that out. In an adult relationship, people should be able to express what their expectations are to their partners.

    • Your fiance sounds ridiculous.

    • Take her to the strip club. It will give her a better perspective on things. FWIW, I’m a woman, married to a man, and I don’t think a lap dance is cheating. But then, I’ve been to a strip club. Interesting book on the subject: G-strings and Sympathy by Katherine Frank.

    • A problem might be that there isn’t really a female equivalent for the way strip clubs make men feel. Yes, there are male strip clubs, but (I’ll speak for myself, and myself only here) I wouldn’t really be in to it. Nothing I do can make my boyfriend feel the way him going to strip club makes me feel. Maybe telling him that I was grinding on some guy at a bar/club? And in that, I would have to grind on some guy which I don’t necessarily want to do.
      Honestly if it’s an issue that you guys have talked about before (how going to a strip club would make her feel) and you still did it, then that’s a problem. I know there’s pressure when you’re around the guys and they’re trying to get you to do something, but is it worth starting a marriage on possible bad grounds to try to impress your friends?
      If it were me in my relationship, I would consider it cheating. Other people wouldn’t though. It depends on your own personal feelings. Some girls like going to strip clubs. Either way, it’s something you should know before you do it.

      • Not necessarily true. In my youth, I dated several women who found just the atmosphere in a straight male-focused strip club got the hormones racing one who very, very much enjoyed going to much gay strip clubs because they were (are?) quite raunchy. I wouldn’t have cared about her getting a little lap-dancey with the guys (who were not inevitably gay, if that matters in this situation) and she would have cared not a whit if I had a naked girl sit on my (clothed) lap.

        • Yep exactly what I was trying to say. Everyone has their own view of it – I find male strip clubs awkward and overwhelming, other females/males like them. Some women don’t care if their boyfriends/girlfriends get a lap dance, others do. Some people like it, some don’t. I’m one of those who don’t! I was just referencing my own personal situation πŸ™‚ I think as long as both partners communicate their feelings and both are willing to listen, that’s what’s important here.

    • If I were your fiancee, I’d be pissed too.
      It sounds like you don’t think you did anything wrong and you’re looking for community validation. But it doesn’t really matter what the rest of PoPville thinks about lap dances — what matters is what you and your fiancee think.
      It sounds like you’re on completely different pages — you need to talk this through, and if you can’t get it resolved, you need to postpone or cancel the wedding. Marriage is not something to proceed with just because the caterers, etc. have already been booked and you’ll lose your deposits.

      • Accountering

        A lap dance is one thing, a lap dance at a bachelor party? Come on… She is wildly overreacting. I would re-assess. She could be a bit annoyed, but for her to react like this… not good.

        • It doesn’t matter what we think. The OP has to deal with the reality on the ground, which is that HIS fiancee is upset. If he dismisses that, with the attitude of “You have nothing to be upset about,” then this marriage is DOA.

        • Agreed. This is pretty dumb and I’d question her over-reaction.
          The guy is paying for a lap dance…..it’s not like he’s actually having sex with her or the stripper has any serious romantic interest in him. It’s a transactional service, which is about unsexy as it gets IMHO.
          PS – Fiancee should be happy it was a strip club and NOT a stripper hired to come to a hotel room or someone’s house. That’s where it really gets shady.

        • Accountering

          Well, he is asking us for our opinion, so apparently it matters a bit. I agree, the marriage is in trouble. There are certain things that are indicative of much bigger problems, and this appears to be one of them – to me at least.

          • The OP wants our opinion/validation, but he’s barking up the wrong tree. As KenyonDweller said, this isn’t about whatever validation/criticism the OP gets from PoPville people; this is about the OP and his fiancee working it out (or not).

    • don’t get married to her.

    • What do YOU think? Entirely blameless wholesome fun? Bad, but no big deal? You went ahead, even though you knew it would irk your fiancee? Are you so spineless you can’t say no to your buddies?

      Own the decision. At this point, I’d apologize. I doubt you’re going to do it again anyway. Some fights recur, some fadeaway, but they are more likely to fade if you actually do learn from experience.

    • My wife certainly wouldn’t be pleased if I made it a frequent event, but she wouldn’t consider it cheating in the context of a friend’s bachelor party. But, reasonable people can differ, and this is ultimately a matter of you and your fiance drawing the lines in your relationship. Forget about any validation or criticism you might find on this site, and go talk to her about it.

    • “It’s better to ask forgiveness than ask permission.”
      -Everyone who got what they wanted

    • has her jealousy been an issue before?

    • Did she know going into it that that going to a strip club was the plan, or did you not clarify that part until after it actually happened? If you knew that it would be an issue and kept the information from her so that you could do it anyway, then I have no sympathy for you. Disrespecting your relationship is not more acceptable because it was your bros’ idea. And if the shoe was on the other foot, I doubt you would like it, either.

      And I agree that Popville’s read is ultimately less important than the read of the person you’re marrying. Going into the discussion with the attitude that she’s wrong is not going to lead you anywhere good. Your job is to figure out where she’s coming from and deal with the problem, not try to steamroll her into not being upset with you.

    • I am a woman and I think that’s crazy. A lap dance is not cheating…not even close.

    • Real question: Who narc’d on you? O, did you stupidly ‘fess up?

      • i recently left a relationship with woman prone to jealousy. i would never again be with a woman that i’d have to “fess up” to. if a person can’t handle what i choose to do, she can’t handle me. and i can’t handle her.

        you must make compromises but be careful what you sacrifice for a relationship.

        • ROFL at the idea of a woman who isn’t “prone to jealousy”. Have you taken up dating unicorns?

          • My girlfriend of 2.5 years. But we have an open relationship and are not big into monogamy. Works for us.

          • maybe i’m just hopeful and naive.
            but even if i can’t find it, dealing with jealousy is not worth being in a relationship for me.

          • justinbc

            So if you bring someone home who’s hotter than your girlfriend, she has no issues with that?

          • My girlfriend is more likely to bring home a hotter girl than any I’d be able to snag. πŸ˜€
            But yes, I can do that, if I want. We don’t live together.

          • As a woman in an open relationship, no, I have no issue with the fact that several of my partners have other partners who are hotter than me. It’s not like I’m in competition with them to be The One. That’s sort of the whole point.

          • justinbc

            That’s rather enlightening. So what happens if he / she decides they like the new person better? Do you still stay in the relationship as the second best alternative or just end it? (I realize that scenario isn’t limited to open relationships, but it seems like it would be more prevalent.)

          • There’s definitely tensions that can arise when you have “primary” and “secondary” partners. When that happens, you act like mature adults – you talk about the issue, describe your feelings, and see if you can come to a resolution. Sometimes those designations of “primary” and “secondary” will change as feelings progress and people break up. Just like monogamous couples. Other people prefer to not have any sort of designations with it comes to their partners.
            And as the previous poster said, it’s not a competition. More love for everyone.
            In the case of my girlfriend and myself, we have our own play partners but there’s no other relationship-like with those people. We’re not poly and we prefer to keep things more casual. “Friends with benefits” – with equal weight on the friendship and benefits – is more of our preference.

          • (I am the woman posting above.) I assume my partners’ interest in me is based on at least a little more than just my relative hotness! Maybe I have hobbies in common with them that their other partners don’t, maybe I’m a better cook, maybe there’s a TV show we both love that their other partner can’t stand. (Or, if we’re going to focus on the raunchy side of things, maybe there are specific acts I like that their other partners don’t.) “Liking” isn’t really a linear thing. Can you take all your friends and say “I like A better than B better than C better than D”? Or is there one friend who’s lots of fun at a ball game but a pain in the ass when it comes trying new restaurants because they’re so picky, one friend who’s great to go for a jog with but you’d never watch a movie with because they talk over the dialogue? I have several partners, and none of them are “second best.” I like them all for different reasons. I assume they feel the same way about me and their various other partners.

        • Well said, PP!

      • Here’s another idea, and a personal anecdote: I just moved in with my boyfriend. Beforehand, while we were ending our leases and making all the irreversible decisions, I – really a very even-keeled individual under normal circumstances – became intensely sensitive. I absolutely flipped out about things that I wouldn’t normally consider threatening to the relationship at all. The commitment felt huge, and terrifying, and I was looking for every sign that things were about to fall apart and I was going to be stuck holding the bag. Consider that your fiance may be experiencing something similar. Assure her that you love her, not just by your words but by your actions. Talk about whether she’s nervous, and why. And try to respond to what she’s saying. If you actually care. If not – if you can’t tolerate a bit of insecurity before an enormous, life-altering commitment – then good riddance, I guess.

      • seriously! I can’t believe someone volunteered the night’s event. There’s an unwritten code that the evening get sealed in the vault and can only be opened in the future by the attendees and when not in the company of their spouses.

      • As a woman, I definitely do not think a lap dance is cheating! That said, I wouldn’t be a 100% happy my bf got one, but a bachelor party is a special occasion. Try to explain to her that in your eyes it was definitely not even slightly cheating and that have you known she had such a strong opinion about it, you would have never done it. And now that you do know, never again. (or never again tell her about it)

    • Did you run it by her before you went? Did you know how she felt before your bachelor party? Or did you just surprise her with the info?

      Maybe this is just a knee-jerk reaction, but the polite thing to have done would be for your best man to have run this by her ahead of time.

  • Rave: All the roses, specifically the glorious yellow ones at the corner of Sherman and Fairmont.

    • They are utterly gorgeous!

    • +1 on roses!
      I bought a “double knockout” rose last night. I think this is what one of my neighbors has — I thought theirs was a rugosa rose, but apparently the two are different (though both are tough and less finicky than traditional roses).
      I’m embarking on outdoor plants in earnest this spring/summer — finally possible now that my house has an outdoor hose connection, something it lacked until last fall. I’ve been buying flowering perennials that until now I knew nothing about — dianthus, salvia, and verbena canadensis. Got a nice container garden going in the back (where there’s no accessible soil), and might plant some of them in the front too.

      • May I put in a plug for native plants? There’s lots of critters that depend on native plants for survival. NPS has a great resource on native plants for wildlife habitat and conservation.

        • Emmaleigh504

          +1 on native plants. They also survive better. I was lazy with bringing my pots indoors last winter and most my fancy flowers died, but none of my native plants seemed to even notice. My native violets are going gang busters πŸ™‚

        • I attended a workshop DDOE did a while back on gardening with native plants (and took home two somewhat ailing-looking barberry plants that died)… but I’m a novice when it comes to outdoor gardening, and I’ve been getting basically what’s readily available at Home Depot.
          Will see if anything native is readily available.

        • Emilie and MPinDC: Also, if you have any native plants that need thinning out, let me know — I’d be happy to take your extras!

          • I just posted a notice in my community garden forum about this! I have extra heliopsis and some joe pye weed (little joe).
            Also lots of melapodium (annual) and LOTS of volunteer sunflowers (that grew into 8′ tall multi-branching plants that bloomed until frost.
            American Plant Nursery, Benhke and Johnson’s all have staff that are (probably) going to be more knowledgeable than Home Depot….

          • Emmaleigh504

            I’ll have some violet seeds in the fall. I have to harvest all the seeds or my tiny pots will be over-run with one variety.

          • MPinDC, I googled those flower names. The heliopsis look very pretty, and the Joe Pye Weed is nice too!
            If no one from your community garden forum has called dibs already (and/or depending on how many extras you have), I’d love to take your extras!

  • Rant: why is that the person who hit me with their car doesn’t have problems and I do. I’m extremely greatful that I wasn’t seriously injured, but it’s a week later and I still have some neck pain. So now I have to take time out of my day to go see my doctor. I lost my work badge, which I think is in my car, but my car is at the shop for at least 8 days total, so I had to get a new one. I have to pay for a new badge. I also hate my rental car.
    Rave: I’m thrilled the accident wasn’t worse and that my insurance is paying for it and that the repair people are very professional and diligent.
    Rave: work is going pretty well. I think my boss likes to talk overall strategy with me, which makes me feel like he respects my thoughts about it.
    Rave: going dancing tonight! I self identify as a swing dancer, but I’ve decided I need to be a more active participant in the community, not a semi-old-timer who only goes to big events to reminisce with other semi-old-timers.

  • Accountering

    Rave: Fun date last night – she was able to figure out my SN based on my undressing of the guy who made a poor argument in favor of office at the new Reeves location.

    Rant: Car got stolen this morning. Super lame. Who steals an 11 year old orange Honda Element? Like, seriously?

    Rave: Sounds like I am going car-lite, and splittling my buddies Jetta with him. He is a consultant and is out of town Mon-Thu, and works from home Friday. This should work well, I only need to Jetta to get to work in North Bethesda.

    Rave: Slept well last night, and needed it.

    • Yikes! Hope you get your Element back; that’s a pretty handy vehicle to have!

      • Accountering

        It is a useful car! Super annoyed! I need a new dining room table, and now have no clue how I am going to get that done. I would ask you if you knew anyone, but you would refer me… to me!


        • LOL!
          And I was keeping you in mind in case I was able to snag a china cabinet to go with my table/chairs set. πŸ˜‰
          If you get a dining table where the legs come off (e.g., anything IKEA), you can transport it in the Jetta, as long as the back seats fold down.

    • Hypothetically, would you keep the status quo of fun date +stolen car or undo both to not have the car stolen?

      • Accountering

        Of course I would dump the fun date. Then I would still have my car, and we could have had another fun date later this week/next week haha!

        Also, very un-cool trying to get me in trouble here, knowing my date from last night knows my SN! πŸ™‚

        • Was the fun date in any way connected to the car being stolen? (I.e., did you get there by car?)

    • Accountering

      Andddd I am an idiot. When I took it up to the house in Petworth, I parked it in a different spot on Biltmore. Police found it quickly. At least it wasn’t stolen….

      Props to the Cops – I am still an idiot for not walking another block from where it was originally parked.

      I think this goes back to my rave and how I needed some sleep haha!

      • Hahaha! Glad to hear they found it.
        When I lived in Adams Morgan and was street-parking every weeknight for two years (while I was on the waiting list for a parking space at my building), about three times a year I would forget where I’d parked my car.
        I never reported it as stolen, but it did require some loooong walks to locate it.

        • Accountering

          I was positive it was gone. I parked it twice last night was the problem, and distinctly remember taking a wierd semi-illegal u-turn to get into this tiny spot in front of a mini cooper. That was all the first time parking. Second time apparently was not even a little memorable. Normally I text myself the intersection. Will have to do that EVERY time from now on.

          • Actual LOL at your texting yourself the intersection. πŸ™‚
            (Not a bad idea, though!)

          • When I lived near Cardozo I always told myself that remembering where I parked my car was the thing that would save my brain as I age. Now I usually park on my block. I need a new brain game.

          • Some friends keep a map on the refrigerator with a small magnetic car and put the car on the map where it’s parked when they come in. That’s partly because there are two of them and one might have parked the car and the other might need to find it, but it would for you as well.

      • Emmaleigh504

        lol when my car got stolen I waited forever to report it stolen b/c I was trying to catch all my friends at work and between classes to ask if they remembered where I parked. I also walked all over my ‘hood just in case. It was stolen πŸ™ RIP Sydney, you were a good car.

    • Sorry about your car – actually when my old Honda was stolen (then recovered because they crashed nearby) the cop said old Hondas are the most desired & stolen car in the country. Be sure to check online for tickets – you might get lucky and find it.

  • Rave: THE WEATHER!
    Rant: Moved into a new apartment, and the bedroom is on the basement level. Have been waking up with a sore throat in the mornings, just not feeling 100%. I think it could do with the humity levels and or mold (ugh…). Anyone have experience with this? The previous tenants had a de-humidifier in there, maybe I should look into that. Thanks popville!

    • De-humidifiers are awesome. We run one in our basement all Spring to Fall and it makes an amazing difference in the feeling of our whole house. I think we paid 100ish dollars for one at Home Depot. I highly recommend trying it.

    • Yes, definitely look into a de-humidifier for a DC basement. My parents use one in their basement in the Midwest, and have to empty the water it collects almost every day. Imagine the amount of water you’d get in a DC basement! Also, inspect your A/C unit (if you have a separate unit) thoroughly for mold. My A/C unit gets mold in it at least twice a year during the summer. I have to monitor it, and then call the building staff to fix the problem. Most people, though, wouldn’t think to look into the unit with a flashlight, so I think there is a lot of mold flying through the air in people’s apartments. I’m thinking of getting a dehumidifer myself to protect my piano from the swamp conditions here in DC! Good luck.

  • justinbc

    Rave: Another excellent annual Lamb Jam event last night at Eastern Market. I miss the setup at the Ritz from a couple years ago, but I have enjoyed the outdoor element to it the last couple of years. I don’t think we’ll go the VIP route anymore though, there’s just so little added value for it here. Favorite dishes of the night were the chow fat noodles from Erik Bruner-Yang representing his soon-to-open Maketto restaurant and the lamb bolognese from Bryan Voltaggio representing his Aggio restaurant.
    Reminder: PoPville happy hour tomorrow at The Partisan! I’ll probably be there from 5 to about 9, depending on how many folks arrive. Looking forward to welcoming new folks and seeing familiar faces.

    • Loved the lamb, but I was bummed about the drink situation: nothing non-alcoholic except water, and the water tanks actually spent a good portion of the evening empty. How do you run out of water?

      Wondering whether it’s worth politely suggesting that next year, a nice tank of lemonade or iced tea might be appreciated, and a steady water supply definitely would be.

      • justinbc

        Oh wow, I didn’t realize that. (I stuck to booze all night) Yeah, I can see how that would be really frustrating to a lot of people, especially for someone who might be pregnant or otherwise unable to drink alcohol. There was at least the one yogurt drink from Occidental? Should have asked them to make you a large one πŸ™‚

        • I did down a couple of the drinks from Occidental, and they were delicious! So that was a plus, yeah.

  • Rant: Work and life are busy, busy, busy with not a lot of rest in sight.
    Rave: I have been a productivity monster at work. I swear I am more productive when I’m traveling and away OR working from home than when I spend every day behind a desk. If only my organization had a more flexible approach to when, where, and how I worked.
    Rave: This weather.

  • Here’s a rant: the guy in the picture with the two megaphones. I’ve seen him in Chinatown a few times, and he’s really annoying. Can’t tell if it’s a mental health issue, classy street narcotics, or both0

  • Rant: DPW (or contractors) again – not only did they screw up trash can collection (per my rant yesterday), a big heap of crushed cans were dumped at Ft Totten instead of being recycled.
    And a technology rant: A few days ago Thunderbird started stalling/not responding. Now I can’t touch anything without it freezing up. Tried re-starting, compacting folders, running in safe mode, repairing folders. It still wants to re-download hundreds of files (that are already downloaded) each and every time and doesn’t respond when I try read or write a message. So frustrating!!!

  • Rave: BagelGirl cooked me dinner and made strawberry shortcake for desset, wine was great! Also really happy she opened up and told me some personal things that she had gone through recently, but it seems like she is doing much better now (just graduated law school) and things between us seem to be going in the right direction.
    Rant: Didnt get back till 11:30 so im a bit tired and have a busy day at work!
    Rave: I really like this girl πŸ™‚

    • Accountering

      I stand corrected. It sounds like somehow this has worked out for you. Congrats, and glad things are going well!

      • ^^Its always nice when things just go smoothly and both people are on the same page. Sounds like you are doing well too, aside from the Car fiasco!

  • Logan Square

    Rave: finally registered

  • Rave: Beautiful Friday, and woke up to a job offer after many months of applying. Best part of it is that it is one of the jobs I applied for and then moved on from when I didn’t hear anything back. The interview request was like finding money in an old ski jacket.
    Rave: A couple of weeks to get myself on the right sleep schedule.
    Question: Does anyone have ideas for flexible ways to make some extra cash in the District? I’m not strapped enough to give up every evening bartending or something (and don’t have experience), but would really like to find a way to bring in some extra “fun money.” Something like weekend moving work, driving for Uber (opinions?), or blog-writing would fit my desired level of commitment. Any other suggestions?

    • GiantSquid

      Dog walking?

      • That would be my ideal by far. Unfortunately I feel like working a 9-5 takes away most of the opportunity for that, or am I wrong?

    • When this question has come up before, people have suggested looking on Taskrabbit, and Victoria suggested catering work. (If I remember correctly, she has a friend who always needs people for this on a temporary basis.)

    • justinbc

      I hear Uber advertising that they’re looking for UberX drivers pretty frequently on the radio. You might also want to see if there’s something you can do with whatever your education background is involving tutoring.

      • I’d definitely be interested in making some cash tutoring, and I’ve helped multiple friends and friends of friends with graduate and undergraduate papers and projects. If anyone has suggestions about how to do this in a more focused or formal way, I’d appreciate hearing from them. I don’t want to go the Craig’s list route , and I haven’t yet contacted local colleges to see if they have on-campus writing assistance programs. I’m also wondering if there’s a way to do writing assistance in settings other than schools.
        Thanks for the idea Justin!

      • Ooo, thanks. I would be really curious to know of possible ways to track down tutoring opportunities if other people on here do it. I have experience teaching (though left education a couple of years ago) and some tutor-able knowledge. I’ll be looking in to it.
        My question about UberX is if it is actually worth it when you work a day job and don’t want to do the late weekend shifts (partially for my social life, partially for not getting vomit in my personal car). I might try contacting them to try to make sense of it.

  • GiantSquid

    Revel: So close to paying off the evil loan of doom and being debt-free.
    Rant: I really don’t like my commute and the person it makes me: angry, aggressive, not patient, etc. It’s two hours of my day I’d rather be doing something else. So I either need to find a job in the District or we need to move to MD.
    Rant: Was gone from work for a week and was able to catch up on work in four hours. Now that we’ve accomplished some big projects and streamlined processes, there really isn’t enough work to justify my job being full-time. I am VERY thankful to be employed and making money that helps pay off the aforementioned evil loan of doom, but at the same time, I hate sitting at work, wasting time or doing non-work stuff.
    Rant: Mr. Squid is out of town for work the rest of the week.
    Revel: Walking the dogs last night, had a lovely conversation with a fellow pedestrian about our dogs and them being spooked by bikes, scooters, motorcycles, cars in the rain, helicopters, etc. Nice to know it’s not just our dogs being crazy.

    • willindc

      I know that feel! I live in NW and commute to the back of Herndon every day. The feeeels.

      I’m not sure what you do, but my company dabbles in technical recruiting so I’d be happy to throw you a hookup!

      • GiantSquid

        Thanks for the offer Will. I do graphic design and illustration. Currently serving as webmaster and email marketer for current job. Mr. Squid used to drive from the Hill to Dulles every day. That’s our benchmark for sucky commute.

    • For your hellish commute – have you tried audio books?

  • Rave: Killed my rowing test, including beating a couple of kids 20 years younger than I am. I ain’t a-goin’ gently into that good night.
    Rave: Do not live in the suburbs in an immense house like the one where I spent much of the weekend, babysitting for friends. At one point after a little errand-running past the quaintly named housing developments and to the strip malls and “towne centres” Girlfriend looked over and whispered “maybe this is why he drinks so much.”

  • Rant: Birds are nesting in the gutter/rafters. We don’t have access to the attic, so the only way up there is with a 30′ ladder (which we don’t have). Anyone have any recommendations? Is this a roofer or pest control job?

  • Rave: Got up early for a pre-work run for the first time since before the baby (almost a year old!) was born. Felt absolutely delightful! I was a little worried it would be uncomfortable from not having nursed yet, but it was just fine. I may need to get back in the habit of doing that.
    Rant: Baby squaked for a bit after I left, and then the cats got annoying shortly thereafter, so my wife couldn’t go back to sleep after I left. I hope that’s not just because I was up early! I wouldn’t want to force less sleep on my wife just because I’m getting up.
    Rant: I miss weekly pre-work walks with my wife, but our daughter thankfully sleeps late enough that we can’t both leave the house early enough to fit one in.
    Rave: Our roommate may take some time off between jobs, so maybe she wouldn’t mind being back-up for if the little one wakes up while we’re out – so maybe we can return to the habit for a little while πŸ™‚

  • Rave: My re-debut at the Anthony Bowmen YMCA is going well. Three days in a row and I plan on going tonight!

    Rant: Employer mandated fun potluck today. If we do β€œSpirit Fingers” again I am so outta there!

  • Rave: Chuck Close and Frank Gehry had dinner at Big Bear last night. WHOA!

  • Rant: friend-zoned. thanks to popville at least I have a name for it
    Rave: picked up a killer dress for some future date
    Rant 2: Overwhelming coop board responsibilities
    Rave 2: planning to forget said responsibilites at wednesday’s HH with a drink in hand

    • how do girls get friend zoned? I thought that was a guys only problem

      • Hahahahahahaha. The same way guys get friend-zoned? It is not a gender specific problem though its certainly often presented like one.

      • girls can get friend-zoned, but it’s within 25 seconds.

        • THIS.
          It goes something like this: A – “Will have sex with” or B – “Will not have sex with.”
          If B, go to Friend Zone. If A, go to rest of dating potential checklist. The whole process can be completed in about 30 seconds.

          • Hmm…25 seconds. I like to think I’ve gotten past that point a few times, so how is it that I am still friend-zoned down the line? Unless just wanting to hook-up and friend-zoning are not mutually exclusive.

          • justinbc

            I can’t speak for your case specifically, but in many cases it might be personality conflicts after you get to know someone better. Meaning that you’re initially attractive enough to be interested in, but once he knows you better he can’t ever see himself dating you…yet you’re not annoying enough to not be friends with. Either that or he thought you looked cute at first, and then some particular outfit revealed a less flattering image? Or he was always drinking around you when you thought he might be interested, then realized sober that he wasn’t? Again, all pure speculation based on an imaginary guy and knowing zero about you.

        • Unless of course you’re a lesbian and neither of you are willing to make the first move. This leads to weeks or even months of sexual tension until finally you know each other too well to consider ever hooking up.

  • justinbc

    Random question: A while back someone had pasted a link for those stars (I think they were designed to somehow limit the effects of earthquakes?) that you see on the side of DC homes on here. My thread searching is not turning up any results, anyone happen to remember what they’re actually called?

  • Rant: My keys are slowly but surely working a hole into my pocket. I’m afraid it’s gonna get bigger and I’m going to lose my keys, phone and badge. I put the keys in my backpack. Now I’m paranoid about getting the backpack stolen and not being able to unlock my bike tonight.

    Rave: Buying my first road bike soon.

  • Rave – Last night I decided it would be a good idea to make ricotta cheese instead of unpacking and doing laundry.
    Rant – Suitcases still need unpacking and clothes still need cleaning.
    Rave – I have homemade ricotta and it is delicious!

      • Mmmm my favorite of all the cheeses! I’m a little intimated by the burrata recipes online but maybe I’ll try it out the next time I want to avoid doing laundry. Have you made it before?

        • justinbc

          No, but I saw an article on doing it at home last week and have been wanting it ever since! It’s so perfect for summer since we grow tomatoes and basil already.

          • Making me homesick for Italy. Nothing better than a nice Burrata di Bufala. Call me when you make some, I’ll bring the wine.

    • Homemade is the best – and it’s really easy! Another great cheese to make is mozzarella – and it’s fun because stretching the cheese is part of the process πŸ™‚

      • It was my first time making cheese and it was very easy! I want to start making more cheese now. Do you have a favorite mozzarella recipe or are they all pretty much the same?

    • Emmaleigh504

      Tell me more about this ricotta cheese making! It sounds fun!

      • I used a recipe from the Smitten Kitchen blog (it’s my favorite food blog.) It made some really rich and creamy ricotta, almost like cream cheese. You just heat some milk, add lemon juice, strain the liquid, and you have cheese!

        • Emmaleigh504

          I know what I’m doing tonight! Thanks!

        • I also love Smitten Kitchen! Recent she posted about finding a partner that possessed the “pro-whim” trait aka the Strawberry Rhubarb Pie Bar Test. “1. Find a potential mate. 2. Say, ‘Do I need to good reason to make strawberry-rhubarb pie bars?’ 3. If they answer, as mine did on Monday, ‘Nope. I think they’re always welcome,’ you’re probably on the right track”

          • Emmaleigh504

            (Of course I typed in the wrong name on my work computer. oof) I love that idea about the pro whim trait. I think I’ve been dating the wrong way my whole life πŸ™‚

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: Bizarro world dreams last night that included most everyone I know (real and imaginary) and dead frozen bodies taking out the live not frozen bodies for funsies. The boys basket ball team from my middle school was particularly good at killing the alive not frozen people (well done Jason of “pass from Leach to Price issss…incomplete!” fame, Brian, and Marc; y’all killed all my friends!).
    Rant/Rave: I’m in a weird mood thanks to that dream.
    Rave: I like to end on a rave, but I can’t think of a good one b/c I’m kind of high on allergy meds. high on allergy meds! πŸ™‚

  • Rave: Registered for the Army Ten Miler this morning! It took 80 minutes, but oh well…
    Rave: Finally made my way to Yards Park yesterday evening. Really enjoyed hanging out by the water. Now to convince my friends that Trapeze School is a great idea!

  • Rant: too many guys have beards now. it used to just be your typical brusque axe man looking kind of guy, and that shit was hot. now with all the skinny boys running around with them like they’re this year’s wire frame glasses it’s totally ruining my girl crush / affair with beards. it makes me very sad.

    • Some random guy on the street seriously asked my boyfriend how long he’s had his beard. Like he needed street cred or something. I mean, he’s had it 4+ years so he kind of does, but really?
      Also, his beard is super hot.

      • justinbc

        People ask me all the time how long it took to grow mine, as if it’s been one long-continuous growth that’s never trimmed back.

        • Beards are overrated. Hopefully girls infatuation with them ends soon…i cant grow one. One time i was at a pre-game and out of 10 guys, i was the only without a beard. I mean come on give me a break.

          • Emmaleigh504

            Don’t worry, some chicks prefer beardless! And some don’t care either way. And if you are 1 out of 10 with no beard, you stand out from the crowd, you’ll be remembered!

          • and you’d be the one I’d be first attracted to! I do not like beards, or mustaches (which I think are somewhat worse than beards)

          • Part of the reason I was attracted to my husband is because he can’t grow pretty much any kind of facial hair and has very little body hair. Facial/body hair is completely disgusting to me…

          • Dude, that’s some great odds for you.
            Most women I know despise facial hair (too itchy, scratchy, or annoying….especially during sex). I’d say a sizable minority of women think facial hair is sexy. But the odds are in your favor.

          • justinbc

            It’s certainly polarizing. Some hate them, some obsess over them. I will say that the scratchy part can be easily prevented and if you’re man isn’t doing so then you need to introduce him to the Bluebeards line of products.

          • Well, you’re in luck, I heard on NPR that we’ve reached Peak Beard. I think that obviously rigorous scientific finding comes from Oregon, so take it with a grain of salt.

          • justinbc

            I read the actual article that peak beard discussion was about (since of course it got posted to my FB wall by like 5 people who assume I care about all beard related things). I found the discussion on non-sentient species evolutionary habits much more fascinating than what they posited about actual human behavior.

    • The skinny jeans hipster kids are ruining it for me too:( I want the paul bunyan panty dropping beards only. Looks super silly on guys who can’t lift and axe.

    • There was an oped piece about this from some female blogger recently as well. Something along the lines of “I’m tired of guys with beards who don’t even know how to change a tire.”

    • Haha, I was never a fan of beards (I have super sensitive skin and gahh any amount of facial hair was not fun) – and then I met my boyfriend, who always has a beard/scruff. Seems like my skin got used to it eventually at least. They do seem to be getting more popular again…

    • According to the BBC, we have reached “peak beard” (slightly less traumatic than peak oil): http://www.bbc.com/news/science-environment-27048100

    • justinbc

      If it makes you feel any better, I’ve actually used an axe in multiple scenarios.

  • Rave: At least temporarily, lap dancing has replaced gentrification on this site as the topic most likely to attract superior types with an overwhelming need to browbeat everyone else, because they’re ALL wrong and must be corrected

    • Really? I didn’t see much browbeating in that discussion. WAY more browbeating in yesterday’s gentrification-related discussion.

  • FtLincolnLove

    Rant: Spent 3+ hours yesterday morning at the dealership getting my oil changed & tires rotated. Don’t ask me why it took so long.
    Rave: Said oil change & tire rotation was free due to the ridiculous wait πŸ™‚
    Rant: Had to trek back to the dealership (which is in Rockville, btw) this morning because I woke up and discovered a very, very flat tire. Turns out I somehow picked up a screw, which shredded the tire wall. Hooray!
    Rant: Said screw cost me $200. Stupid expensive tires.
    Rave: The fact that I can afford to pay for a new tire.
    Rave: Changed my tire like a champ this morning. My first time ever changing one!
    Rave: Running half marathon #2 this weekend…super pumped, although a little nervous as I have not run 13 miles since the Rock n Roll half back in March.
    Rave: Registered for the Army Ten Miler in October without any issues!
    Revel: Three day weekend coming up!

  • Does anyone know of a good therapist that accepts BC/BS? Suicide is weighing heavily on my mind. I used to have a really good psychiatrist, but she was in her residency and has since moved along. The places that I’ve called are either not accepting new patients or have ridiculously long waiting lists. I might manage to the end of the week, but July is going to be way too late. Thanks!

    • Keep up the good fight. How far are you willing to travel? Does it have to be a psychiatrist or are you open to social workers or psychotherapists? In the mean time, open up to one of your friends. I’ve been in the same boat, and slowly getting it back together.

    • anonymouse_dianne

      I have benefitted greatly from pastoral counseling in my hour of need. http://www.pastoralcounselingdc.com/

      They charge on a sliding scale and the therapists are all over the place.
      I also used a psychologist named John Becker, but I think he is in Florida now.

    • Accountering

      Hoping someone can refer someone to you. It sounds like you have your head on straight, and I just encourage you to remember that things do get better. You have a lot of living left, and whatever you are going through will pass. Please try and talk to a friend or family member tonight. If that can’t happen, I know there are phone numbers you can call and talk to someone as well.

      You are not alone in going through this!

    • Do you have any medical professionals you can ask? Your MD, gynocologist…?
      If you are contemplating suicide PLEASE call this number (Nat’l Suicide Lifeline) 1-800-273-8255
      From their website:
      After you call, you will hear a message saying you have reached the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline. You will hear hold music while your call is being routed. You will be helped by a skilled, trained crisis worker who will listen to your problems and will tell you about mental health services in your area. Your call is confidential and free.

    • Try the number on your insurance card and tell them it’s an emergency – they may be able to point you in the right direction. Worst case call the suicide hotline – 1-800-273-8255. Take care of yourself and hang in there – depression lies…and it can get better.

    • My experience in managed care is that they pay psychiatrists solely to do medication management, not to do any talk therapy. Given the urgency in your case, I’d see if you can find a psychologist or licensed clinical social worker.

      • A psychologist is what I’d like since I hate taking all the different types of drugs. I’m just having trouble getting an appointment too far off in the future.

        • Tell them that it’s urgent and that you’re contemplating suicide.
          If you’re a fed, your job should have some kind of EAP (Employee Assistance Plan).

    • What type of Blue Cross do you have? HMO, PPO?

      • I’m not sure. It’s federal and a job in itself trying to find someone excepting new patients.

        • I just did some googling for federal blue cross/mental health/accepting new patients (although there’s no guarantee the website is up to date)
          It’s a challenge under the best of circumstances to navigate through health insurance websites, I can’t imagine how hard it is to do this when you’re under duress. Hang in there!

        • Right now – tonight – are you OK? You don’t actually have to be – just good enough to get to tomorrow. Do you have a friend you can stay with or call if necessary? Even friends you may not be that close to will be willing to help you. Please – call a hotline or friend. Anticipate what might spiral you off and figure out how to avoid it. Sorry – does sound cliche – but metaphorically I’m saying lock up the gin and the razor blades. Or as John Irving put it so well – “Keep walking by the open windows.”

    • Hello, Not sure if you are in VA, but Woodburn Medical Facility is there in case of emergencies and other needs.

      The Woodburn Center offers a range of clinical programming. Emergency Services, staffed 24 hours per day, seven days per week, works with people in psychiatric crisis who need immediate attention. Outpatient Services are available for adults with serious mental illness, youth with serious emotional disturbance and their families, adults and youth in acute psychiatric distress, and older adults who may benefit from a range of services including individual, family and and group therapy, medications and case management.

    • Emmaleigh504

      Call your regular doctor for an appointment, they might be able to help you out finding a therapist with open appointments.

    • This is late in the day but you can always go to your nearest emergency room. If you can, choose the emergency room of a hospital that you feel comfortable with overall– I might choose Georgetown, or Sibley as a less likely to be crowded option. You would probably be seen first by a triage nurse, then by a doctor in internal medicine, then by a psychiatrist or other mental health professional. This is a good thing to do in an emergency, of course, but you will also leave with a scheduled follow-up appointment with a psychiatrist or other mental health clinician, and it is likely that they will take BC/BS — and consider your insurance when making the referral for follow-up care. The advantage of this approach is that you will see someone soon, and you’ll have an appointment for follow-up care, probably scheduled for within a week from your ER assessment. If you don’t feel that the person you’re referred to is a good fit for you, I’m sure that they would be willing to work with you to arrange a plan for your on-going care.

      I hope that things get better for you soon!

    • I’m afraid this is coming too late, but if you’re still reading: I’ve been in the same boat. Trying to find therapists was excruciating and my condition deteriorated as I put it off. Please check if your BC/BS insurance has a behavioral health hotline. They can connect you with a care manager who you can ask to literally call up every therapist on the list and inquire about availability. It’s how I found my current therapist and how I’m trying to get a little bit of myself back day after day. Good luck.

  • Rant: 4 hours of meetings so far today – that’s just too many.
    Rave: Registered successfully for the Army 10-miler.
    Rant: A friend that waited too long missed the registration.
    Rave: Excited for tomorrow’s HH. I’m not sure what time I’ll get there – but hopefully some of you will still be around!
    Rant: I might be hobbling. It seems I have some latent pain in my foot from this past Sunday’s run (unless I did something else and didn’t realize it).
    Rant/Rave: Last night at the Nat’s game was a fun time…except, of course, for the loss in the 15th πŸ™

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