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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • RANT: The Nationals. The Wizards. The Capitals. The Redskins. Why cant DC get a winner in at least one sport. GEEZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Becks

    Rave: I am working from home the rest of the week!
    Rave: Found Chinese sauce flavoring packets at Giant over the weekend and made a really yummy Broccoli stir-fry. I am buying more of those sauce packets tonight! Can we say beef and broccoli? I think we can!
    Rant: I am scared to leave by my front door because of ground bees.
    Double Rant: My landlord doesn’t want to call the pest control guy to kill the ground bees in the front yard. Last year she waited until the neighbors called pest control, even though I had sent her emails concerning the bees and my severe allergy to them. I have spoken to her three times in the last two weeks about the ground bees. Does she as the landlord have a responsibility as to the outside of the apartment?

    • Emmaleigh504

      Bees by the front door reminds me of my evil mother. We had bees of some sort make a hive or something by our front door, in front of my bedroom window. My mom in her quest to get rid of them would pour water on them from my window on the regular. EVERYONE in the family got stung but her. They did eventually move on, but my dad and I hated my mom for a while b/c of the stings (we are not allergic so it was just an annoyance).

      • Ugh, traumatic memories of dashing from the front door to the car before the bees could get us!

        • Emmaleigh504

          lol were you there for that? I thought you got to miss it b/c of college. Mutti was evil 🙂

      • Becks

        I rush up the stairs, make sure the basement steps down are cleared, get my keys ready and make a run for the door. I hate getting caught between trying to unlock the door and the bees!

    • These might be mason bees – very beneficial and nonaggressive. They’ll sting if you step on them but will othwise leave you alone.
      I can understand your concern if allergic to getting stung – my mom was allergic and she had to be careful around bees.

    • Maybe call the DC Beekeepers and see if there is something they’d recommend. I know if there is a swarm, the’ll come and get them for you (well, really for them). PoP has had a couple posts about them this year.

      • If they are ground bees then they don’t swarm…but the DC Beekeepers might have some suggestions for you

    • Call the DC Beekeepers–They posted here not too long ago, they will re-hive them for you.

    • Ground bees are peaceful & beneficial, but if you feel you must fear them, flooding the burrow is recommended – they will move the nest.


  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: Can’t get my PIN for my new debit card and it has possibly been cancelled (banks says it’s fine, but store says declined).
    Rant: The brain trust at work decided the people with the loudest jobs should be in the middle of the office so we can all hear them and be annoyed when we try to concentrate. (researching “shifting chunks” is harder than it sounds!)
    Rave: Last week’s @Sweden, Emma, said I could be her roommate 🙂
    Rave: Tonight I’m having a great meal with Quotia Zelda and going to a lecture 🙂

    • Emmaleigh504

      Rave: My credit union has fixed my debit card! I have money again! I’m happy! If it were Friday, I’d be in love!

  • dcgator

    They’re young. Give ’em some time to play together. Next year should be a year of growth, and maybe, taking the next step. Wittman needs to go, though (Picking up a solid pass-first PG, playing Wall at 2, and Beal at 3 would be helpful, too).

    • Wait. Wha? Wall already is a pass first point guard. His problem is he can’t shoot a lick which would be a bit of a problem if he was the starting shooting guard. He needs to learn to shoot consistently.

  • Rave: Tickets to Madagascar are booked! Taking recommendations for things to do and see.

    • Oooh! Madagascar is amazing – i lived there for a year and a bit for work, and have lots of recs, if you’re interested (Literally just emailed someone else this morning). I can forward you the recs I’ve given people over the years, if you like!

    • Woo!!! Mada is awesome! I was there a year and a half ago and I have lots of info and recommendations, and I’ve been daydreaming about a second trip lately. Email me at lynnemada [at] gmail.com.

    • Or we could all meet for a drink or coffee to share Mada stories and tips.

    • Wow, thanks L2 and katielu! I’ll be emailing you both!

  • Rant: Mother’s Day brunch at the Iron Gate. It’s bad enough that restaurants honor mothers by charging twice what their food is worth, but the Iron Gate didn’t even have a kid’s menu. The prix fixe menu was designed for mothers who don’t have children–assorted pickles, shaved beets with goat cheese. It was all quite tasty to me and my wife, but my 7 year-old ate all of six bites. After paying outrageously jacked up prices, I had to take him to lunch afterwards.
    Rave: My wife, who is such a wonderful mother and spouse.
    Rant: The Peet’s near my office is a fail so far. My drink of choice is an Americano, which is pretty hard to screw up. The two from Peet’s that I’ve had so far taste more like weak coffee than espresso.

    • There no reason for a real restaurant to have a kids menu. Sympathize with the rest of your restaurant rant, but continue to wonder why anyone would go out to dinner on Mothers Day. Just the ought makes me want to do a juice purge that weekend.

      • I disagree with basically everything you wrote, Irving Streete. Kids menus are great, especially if they have items other than the typical kids junk food. And dinner out on Mothers day is lovely.

        • I think Mother’s Day is a crock. I celebrate “Mother’s Day” year-round by doing stuff with my mom when I can, and talking to her and telling her I love her while I still can; and by being nice to all women whether they are mothers or not. (I celebrate “Father’s Day” in a similar way.) Hallmark and all the other businesses trying to sell me crap that my mom doesn’t need can kiss my ass!

          • Emmaleigh504

            +1 my parents never really had us celebrate these holidays because everyday should be mother’s/father’s day. We should treat them with respect and love all year, not just one day a year. Besides, a meal out on another day is far better because the there won’t be the awful crowds!

      • normally, i’d give restaurants a pass on having a kiddie menu, but if they are running a mother’s day special, that means by definition they are trying to attract clientele with kids! maybe some of us are grown up kids and can finally return the favor to our moms for raising us, but tons of my friends are new moms whose partners/families/friends wanted to take them out. seems a little tone deaf on mom’s day to not have something for the kids of the moms!

      • Yeah, what pru and jerseygirl said. It was a Mother’s Day brunch, which guarantees that some kids will be present. I certainly don’t think that kiddie menus should be required at fine dining restaurants, and that’s not what I said. But, if you’re having a special (and expensive) meal for mothers, then you ought to take the extra little step to ensure that mom can have a good time by offering something that the kids will eat.

        • They’re also trying to maximize revenue on the biggest day of the year. And, there is an argument be made (which I will sidestep but which I doubt others will) that a child who is not ready for the restaurants menu is not ready for the restaurant itself. There are a lot of restaurants in Washington, some more flexible than others. Iron Gate is trying to establish itself as a top-tier fine dining establishment. Would you expect Komi or CityZen to have a kids menu?

          • Exactly what I was going to say. Iron Gate is a high-end restaurant that caters to adults with expense accounts, Am-Ex Platinum & Black cards, or IMF/World Bank salaries (who don’t pay any taxes). It’s not a kid-friendly establishment. It’s like going to Komi or Makoto and asking “Where’s the kid’s menu?” Get the f#ck outta here, lol.
            Furthermore, why are you giving into your kid’s whims on what to eat? My parents took us (starting at around age 7) to high-end places one or two times a year in order to teach us how to properly behave and dress in a nice restaurant. They branded it as more of an “adventure,” as we’d have to eat “grown up” food and we got to pretend to be adults for the meal (even got cranberry juice in a wine glass while my parents drank a bottle of red wine – I felt so fancy). If we refused to eat the food, we got no dessert and were grounded for two days. That usually shut me up. Carrots and sticks.

          • Well, if they were trying to exclude young kids they failed, because the place was full of them. On Mother’s Day, they are trying to maximize revenue by catering to women with children, so it hardly seems like a stretch to cook some eggs and bacon.

          • Also, to Anonymous 12:19, you’re making a lot of assumptions. My kid is actually a more adventuresome eater than most. His favorite food is nigiri sushi. He loves spicy food. So, if he wouldn’t eat this food, probably no kid would. And as I have said several times now, this was an event where one would expect children to be present. Many “high end” restaurants to do a great job on Mother’s Day. It’s not hard. The Blue Duck Tavern is great example. Oh, and Iron Gate is no Komi, and if Komi did do a Mother’s Day brunch, I imagine that Johny Monis would do a better job catering both to mothers and the children who made them mothers in the first place.

          • I agree that parents should be encouraging their kids to eat “adult” food, but why do you think they should have to pay for adult-sized portions or do some complicated meal sharing scheme?

          • I’m sure they don’t mind kids, as long as they’re eating the tasting menu, so they can profit-maximize. And I agree that IGI is no Komi. But they certainly think of themselves as high-end, and I would ever expect them to toss off bacon and eggs for a kids menu regardless of the day. Blue Duck, as a hotel restaurant, has different imperatives.
            A couple of questions, not to be rude, just curious (and I know we have different opinions here but I’m trying to be not trollish). Did you ask when you made the reservations if there was a special menu and would there be accommodations for kids? Did you say anything when you got there? What was their response?

    • I agree about peets. I work near the one on 15th street and they had a free coffee day on Friday. My co-workers and I tried the various iced teas and iced coffees, and no one was thrilled with their drinks. I started going to bean and bite when the caribou closed, and will continue to go there for their superior and locally sourced coffee.

  • QUESTION: What are the best Mexican restaurants in/around DC? (Please note: I’m not looking for a long string of comments on how DC has no idea about “true” Mexican cuisine because only states out west know how to cook that. FYI, I’m not out west, I am in DC so I could care less about what is in New Mexico).

    • Mama Chuy’s is quite good – I just recently discovered this place. El Chuco is okay. The original Tortilla Coast (Cap Hill) is acceptable. As for chains, Guapos and Rio Grande are okay as well. Those are my suggestions – take ’em or leave’ em.

      • Mama Chuy has great tacos and sopas and guacamole (and I’m super picky on guacamole), and super affordable. Also, Tacos El Chilango, if you order them with cheese – are amazeballs (I had them without cheese, and they were pretty middle of the road, but with cheese, they’re on another level…).

    • Hahaha, +500. I’ve heard good things about Rosa Mexicano.

    • Oyamel for great, high quality, but pricey/fancy Mexican. El Chilango for awesome, affordable tacos. Mama Chuy is also pretty good, and inexpensive.

      • I’ve been to Oyamel twice (last time about 4 yrs ago, I think), and found the quality to be lame. I remember having some sort of tortilla (hard shell) with an assortment of mushrooms on top, but the mushrooms where greasy and not appealing (and I love the ‘shrooms).
        Maybe they have improved since my last visit?

        • I’ve been there many times over the years and really like it. Their margaritas made me unable to drink the syrupy things passing as margaritas everywhere else. I typically eat vegetarian there so maybe the veg stuff is better than the non-veg?

    • justinbc

      Here are some places I enjoy. They may be debatable based on Mexican authenticity, but I’ve still had good meals there within the genre regardless:
      El Centro DF, El Chucho, Tacos El Chilango, Casa Oaxaca, Taqueria Juquilita, Las Placitas, Oyamel

    • Not sure what type of Mexican food you are looking for (people call all sorts of food Mexican), but for good Tex Mex, I like to go out to El Paso on Glebe and Pershing. It is a hike and you need a car or to really want to walk to it from Ballston, but it is good hole in the wall Tex Mex.

    • Cantina Mexicana on 23rd St in Arlington

    • jim_ed

      To add to what the others have said – Taqueria Distrito Federal is the best in the city for authentic, mexican style tacos. Since you mentioned around the city as well, I’d recommend checking out DC’s own Little Mexico (for lack of a better term). Its the stretches of Kennilworth Ave and Edmonston Rd between East West Highway and Bladensburg Rd. There’s probably 40+ taquerias there, with the best being La Placita and Tres Reyes, although which is better between the two is a toss up. Also over here is Alamo restaurant, which is like the mexican restaurant time forgot from the 1950s. Its worth a visit for the decor alone, not to mention pretty decent enormous plates of your mexican classics smothered in orange cheese and a drink menu that features throwbacks like side cars and rob roys unironically.

      • epric002

        +1 for taqueria distrito federal.

      • It’s been a while since I’ve been to Alamo, but I’m pretty sure they have a pretty extensive tequila menu. It’s worth going for that as well.

      • I went to Diego for the first time this weekend – it’s not the greatest but it had good salsa and the shredded beef chimichanga was good. The margs were strong and we didn’t have to wait for a table on a Saturday night!

    • El Centro (awesome carnitas)
      District Taco (quick service, good quality)

      • lindz0722

        +1 to El Centro and particularly the carnitas. I’m always pleasantly surprised when I go here at how good the food is (14th Street location, anyway)

      • Seconding the District Taco rec. I got a burrito there that was nothing short of magical.

        Also, the Well Dressed Burrito is pretty good.

  • jim_ed

    At least the Wizards had the common courtesy to rip my heart out and stomp on it on Game of Thrones night. It gave me something to immediately watch so I couldn’t dwell on what could have been.

  • Rant: tried revisiting things with a guy friend that I friendzoned because he seemed to have emotional issues. He still has the issues.

    Rave: that I’ve grown up enough to recognize it when I see it, and not waste time with someone who has issues and isn’t capable of a healthy relationship.

    Rant: he’ll probably eventually figure his shit out, but inshallah I’ll be married to someone else by then. Timing is everything.

    • I am scared this is about me.

    • Does your name start with a M by chance? lol I was put in the friendzone by a girl and then when she tried to come out and back in the bone zone I wanted nothing to do with her as I found her to be a bit pretentious. What comes off as issues with him may be a reflection of your issues. Maybe HE figured it out.

      • Note: Guy weirdly defensive about potentially having been dumped by an anonymous popville poster who may possibly be someone he was totally going to dump first definitely does NOT have emotional issues.

        Good rule of thumb: Ladies, do not date anyone who refers to any state of a relationship as “the bone zone”.

        • “And you win a lol! You win a lol! You win all the lolz!”

        • +1000 Seriously.

        • Not defensive. The other person was not an Anon on here. Bone zone is joke referring to the friend zone. Leave here, get a funny bone, then return. BONE ZONE!!!!!!!

          Also, you are the typical male apologist found in DC. While you are out getting your funny bone attached maybe opt in for some balls too.

          • Please tell me you’re under 25.

          • jim_ed

            Oh god, PoPville has its first Men’s Rights Advocate and I just can’t stop laughing. This means we’re precipitously close to having people rant about being incel and the death of chivalry. Please stop, dude – my sides hurt from laughing.

        • Becks

          Nice! Verdy nice!

    • Inshallah all too often means “probably not.” You may not want to burn any bridges.

      Bs… inshallah ya 7abibti.

  • RANT: Comments posted on articles about bicycle accidents. The fact that *some* cyclists do not obey the law does not give you the right to intentionally operate your vehicle unsafely around cyclists. The lack of logic and selfishness here is really, really sad.

    RANT: Cyclists who don’t follow the law because they are selfish. You endanger pedestrians and other cyclists. Your unpredictable behavior makes it difficult for drivers to understand what to do around other cyclists like me. Was riding my bike on Sunday and was entering an intersection after stopping at a stop sign. Had to abruptly slam on my brakes because two CaBi riders blew through the stop sign going the other way. SO shouted out “You know you have to stop at the stop sign too!” Asshole sarcastically says “Yeah,” without a bit of remorse.

    • skj84

      +1000. Bicyclists and drivers really need to start looking out for each other. Biking is becoming more popular in this city and drivers need to be aware of them and biking laws. On the flip side Bikers need to follow street rules when riding in the street. When I ride my bike follow driving rules. I try to stay in the bike lines as much as possible but sometimes I have to ride in the street. Also it drives me crazy when cars use the bike lane as the double park lane.

    • Here we go again….

    • Agree with all your points. Then again, debates in this country are so black/white. I feel like it’s hardwired into the American psyche to jump to extremes. Who knew that the world actually operated on shades of grey?
      That said, the dumb cyclist girl who tried to blow by me (in the 18″ of space between me & the curb) on my right side while I was taking a right turn at stop sign on my scooter this morning definitely deserved to “lose her momentum.” She nearly took me out because she couldn’t go around the left side or stop at the stop sign.

  • Rant: Heat (hot), Wizards (suck)
    Rave: Coffee meets bagle girl texted me sunday! Nice to see a girl follow up after I planted a good night kiss on her after the date thursday. My confidence got a little boost!

    • She sounds like a woman.

    • I also tried CMB and I am thoroughly underwhelmed. Also, I know we’re not supposed to correct spelling, but since you’re trying to attract mates: it’s “bagel.”

      • It is what it is, I only like the people who i would actually be interested in seeing. (i.e if you live in Virginia you would have to be a 10, if you profile seems prententious probably not gonna work out). I have been on the app for about two months, iv gone on two dates, probably ‘connected’ with about 10 people, actually texted about 5. Still beats any of the other casual dating options out there IMO

        • By specifying that you’d only see someone in VA if she were a ten, you sound like the pretentious one. Open your eyes man, there are good (and good looking) people all over, and, depending on what part if town you’re in, parts of VA are closer to you than some parts of DC

          • Agreed, i tried dating someone who lived in arlington and its just too much of a production, its not them/their fault. Its mine. I also am from maryland and we just dont tend to get along with NoVa folks

          • Accountering

            Yes, but then you have to go to VA 1/2 the time, which to many of us is torture.

            I had this argument with someone from SS. Sure, there are good/good looking people in MD/VA. However, there are 630,000 people in DC, and a huge proportion of them are female, and highly educated. I am quite certain I can find a compatible girl in DC, and save myself the trip to MD/VA, except for when I want to go.

          • I don’t think they’re implying that there aren’t good people in VA. If they’re anything like me, they find driving or long public transit rides incredibly draining and their relationship would suffer if they had to deal with that all the time. A lot of people think nothing of sitting in a car on 395 for two hours, and you’re probbly one of them, but that is torture for me and would make me miserable no matter how great the person I’m dating is.

      • +1 on the spelling.
        I had been trying very hard not to say anything about it, so I’m glad someone else did. 😉

    • I’m more of a Beer Meets Donut kind of guy. *burp*

      • sorry i am not good at spelling certain words. Get a life.

      • binpetworth

        That’s my kind of date 🙂

      • Accountering

        See, I normally don’t wade into spelling issues, because frankly, it is stupid. However, I would say donut is an acceptable (almost) way to spell doughnut. Bagle is not an acceptable alternative to bagel.

        With that said, a date with beer and *donuts* sounds pretty good to me!

        • Emmaleigh504

          Some of us were not born with the spelling gene. I didn’t even notice until everyone chimed in to correct it. Relax people, this is a casual site, not a job application.

        • Most days I only have a few mins to give the rants/raves a quick skim. I had been reading the posts as coffee and beagle girl. assumed she had a fun dog. with one transposition of a letter an imaginary furry creature was created in my mind. gotta say, i’m a little let down.

  • RANT: People that always post things on Facebook about their new car; just booked vacation to…..; honored to have been promoted….etc. If there is one thing that gets under my skin it is people that blow their own horn and brag on everything they have/do. #idiots

    • justinbc

      Well, isn’t it -their- Facebook page? Should they be posting how great someone else’s car or vacation is?

      • The best Facebook friends are the ones who post mostly about things that are neither braggy nor complainy (e.g. funny observations, a photo of something beautiful, a declaration of how much they loved the movie they just saw, etc). That’s generally the content I try to stick to.
        And sure, what’s wrong with bragging about a friend’s accomplishments? Especially if they’re too modest to do it themselves.

        • justinbc

          I think you totally missed the point. It’s a page dedicated to whatever the hell YOU want it to be. So whatever content YOU want to post is virtually free game, as long as you’re not breaking Facebook’s policies. The people who question what other people choose to post about themselves are the ones that I really wonder about…

          • Of course. And people can do whatever annoying things they want to in real life as well, but that doesn’t mean they’re not being annoying.

          • Deep breaths, Justinbc. Deep breaths. Deep breaths.

    • If you don’t toot your own horn, who’s gonna do it for you? Miles Davis was certainly never shy about tooting *his* horn.

    • I think it’s a sad state of affairs that people are called “idiots” for celebrating something that makes them happy/proud of themselves/excited. There are far more offensive things put on facebook than that, in my opinion.

    • If your response to learning a friend has been promoted is “idiot” and not “congrats,” that’s probably a sign they’re not actually a friend. Click the button, take them off your friends list, problem solved.

      • +1. I’m having a hard time thinking of Facebook friends whose postings actually elicited this kind of response from me.

    • I think there are subtle/contextual tone issues that determine whether something is genuine rejoicing or smarmy bragging. It might also be the personality of the person posting, and the reader’s opinion of that person.

      • Related food for thought:
        They Feel ‘Blessed’
        Blessed Becomes a Popular Hashtag on Social Media
        By JESSICA BENNETTMAY 2, 2014
        The article quotes Deborah Tannen giving a good explanation of what makes certain posts get under one’s skin:
        “ ‘Blessed’ is used now where in the past one might have said ‘lucky,’ ” said the linguist Deborah Tannen. “But what makes these examples humble-brags is not ‘blessed’ itself but the context: telling the world your fiancé is the best or that you’ve been invited to do something impressive. Actually I don’t even see the ‘humble’ in it. I just see ‘brag.’ ”

      • Yep. I have a friend from college who is leading a pretty awesome life. She has a great job, hot (so hot) husband and adorable son, lives in a glamorous city in Europe. Hey, I’m happy for her and like to read updates about the cool things she’s doing.

        When she tags photos of her her son #littleprince (or other such pretentious hashtaggery), though, I’ll admit I sneer a little.

        It’s all about tone.

    • I agree with you all except for the promotion part. I have “friends” that seem to always brag on everything they have. After a while I just learned to ignore them. Unfortunately, some people feel the need to make the world aware of their each and every purchase/trip.

    • Interesting – I have made a concerted effort to publish things like this – particularly work things – after reading about how women tend to obscure their professional accomplishments and how it hurts their careers (see, for example:http://www.forbes.com/sites/levoleague/2011/12/02/why-is-self-promotion-so-hard-for-women/). It can feel uncomfortable but I still try. Just some food for thought.

      • On Facebook though? Do you have that many Facebook friends that could help you professionally that you think it matters?

        • Definitely – I am Facebook friends with colleagues (pretty common in my office) as well as tons of people from college and grad school who I don’t speak with regularly but might prove useful professional contacts. I also work in an advocacy field so many of the issues people talk about on Facebook (meaning politics) are work-related for me. I would say close to 75% of my Facebook friends are potential networking contacts (meaning a job in a related industry).

          I probably post something professional once a month – hopefully not overkill!

    • This article really made me think about how I and other people interract on Facebook.

      As the author asserts “A Facebook status is annoying if it primarily serves the author and does nothing positive for anyone reading it.”

      Take a hard look at some of your friends’ Facebook updates, or maybe even your own. You’ll find a lot of them are solely there for the purpose of crafting an image, or getting attention, and are of no real interest to most of the people seeing them.

      • Interesting article. I didn’t agree with every example the author provided, but it was thought-provoking and did make me think, “Hmm, would that post of mine about ____ have qualified?”
        I still think it’s sometimes hard to articulate what makes something sincere vs. smarmy/attention-seeking/cloying/annoying. It made me think of two friends of mine whom I met through the music scene, both of whom knew a lot of well-known music types. With one guy, it always came across as name-dropping. With another, it came across as interesting anecdotes that happened to involve well-known people.

      • justinbc

        That’s only if you view Facebook as a means to entertain other people, rather than being an outlet to say whatever you want, regardless of whether or not the viewer gives a shit.

    • I find it kind of ironic that you post this on a forum called rant and revel, which people often use to post their own humblebrags (while the rants tend to consist of first world problems). Anyway, my approach towards facebook is to first ask myself if I would find the post interesting if someone else was to do it. For example, I don’t give a damn that you just booked a flight. Now, once you are actually on your vacation and have some cool pictures to post, go for it — people go to some interesting places and I love seeing that stuff. For me, posts like “Just booked a trip to Thailand” are basically “Hey, look at me!!!” whereas pictures of cool stuff are more like “Hey, I just experienced this cool thing and wanted to share the moment.” Just how I see things…

  • Rave: Taking the step into the PoPville universe by posting on here!
    Rave: Let a friend come up with my username and his explanation was “I took what I know about you and boiled it down” – I have no idea what that means but I’m going to trust that the connotations are good (though they likely are not)
    Rave: Have always loved the dating stories, excited to hear more/add my own funny ones
    Rave: Seriously wonderful three day weekend because I skipped Friday to hang out with visiting friends
    Rant: Still having trouble focusing at work today

  • RAVE: I landed a new job with better pay at the precise moment I needed it the most, practically, financially and spiritually. It’s the beginning of a new phase of life.

    RANT: The high from this amazing blessing has worn off, and life is normal again.

    RAVE: I had an OKCupid-engendered date this weekend with a fantastic woman who also happens to be the very epitome of all the human characteristics I find mind-bogglingly sexy. As a friend used to say, “she looked good in pants.”

    RANT: totally think she’s not at all into me, and part of me strongly suspects it could be a weight issue, and I know I totally need to lose at least 30 pounds to exude any sort of ‘sexy’ vibe. Damn you, bad habits and self-destructive patterns!

    • the girl might or might not be into you, for any number of reasons. But plenty of overweight people are successful in relationships.

      My wife is obese. I am not overweight. Both of these have been true our entire relationship. It did and does not keep me from finding her attractive–both physically and because of her personality. So lose weight if you want to, or just eat well and exercise and see what happens. But don’t assume it will be the determining factor in finding love!

    • Don’t fall into self defeat cycle. She may not give a hoot about your 30 lbs of manly teddy bear middle 🙂 but you being self conscious about it will surface as a lack of confidence, which she may not dig. Then you’ll tell yourself it was the weight that did the relationship in, but she’ll be all “dude was hot but he was always ordering beet salads and wearing slimming black sweaters in 80 degree weather”. LOL

      • Indeed, some women like guys with a little bit of meat on ’em. When I dated a skinny guy… it felt like hugging myself, which was weirdly unsatisfying.

    • As someone currently in different phases of interviews with different companies, can’t wait to leave my current gig of 5 years… congrats on getting the job!! It’s a long journey, must be a huge relief to be on the other side. Enjoy your next life chapter.

    • I’m a chunker and have dated a series of wonderful and attractive and successful women.

      If I can do it, you can do it!


  • Rant: growing up!
    Rave: beautiful weekend, went to the arboretum and Meridian Hill drum Circle

    Question: I’m heading to NYC memorial day weekend for just 2 days. I’m staying in Murray Hill/Grammercy Park area- does anyone have any restaurant recommendations for that area or nearby (West, East Village, Chelsea, etc)? Doesn’t necessarily have to be fancy, just a good spot with good food and a good atmosphere. I lived there around 10 years ago so I have some ideas of what I want to see and do but I’m sure the food scene has changed! Thanks!

  • Rant: Don’t know if my long-distance, cross-cultural boyfriend is breaking up with me or not, thanks to his ever-increasing elusiveness on phone and Whatsapp. Can’t figure out what’s going on, and it’s making me into a love-lorn teenager and/or psycho stalker.

    Rave: No raves. Gutted.

    • That sounds awful. Best of luck.

      • Thanks, Logan Square. At this point, I feel like I’m being gas-lighted. He says there’s no problem (and asks why I always look for problems), but it sure seems to me something’s going on. Ugh.

        • Life is way, way too short to be in a long distance relationship. They don’t work unless it’s of known, limited duration. Sorry you’re hurting.

          • I needed to hear this today. I’m inclined to hold onto something that I really shouldn’t, even if they guy was staying, but he’s being relocated. I need to make a clean break. Thanks again

          • Accountering

            This is the most succinct definition of the terribleness of long-distance relationships. Good on you.

          • Having been in a LDR myself that fell apart, I agree with this 100%

          • I was also in a long-distance, cross-cultural relationship. I don’t recommend it. (Nothing necessarily wrong with a cross-cultural relationship, but the long-distance factor exacerbates any existing language/cultural issues.)

        • I was in a long distance thing for 2 years, used that time to get to where I needed to be to have a long term relationship and now we have been married for 15 years. It was time limited though (Peace Corps).

          • On the plus side, I’ve gotten a new language out of it, learned so much about his religion and culture, and enjoy the flip side of being a love-lorn teenager/ psycho stalker — utter giddiness at loving someone so different from me in every possible demographic trait.

            Rave: Since I posted, we reconnected and he revealed that a family crisis had kept him preoccupied for the past few days. Up, down, never a dull moment.

  • justinbc

    Rave: SAVOR was as good as ever and continues to be my absolute favorite DC food and/or beverage related event.
    Rant: Thanks to suggestions here I found my Cava tzatziki and harissa @ the Yes Market on 8th, but was bummed to find that they’ve got a 30-40% markup over what Whole Foods charges for the same product.
    Other: Unofficial (sorry no free t-shirts) PoPville Happy Hour confirmed with the folks at The Partisan for May 21st, hope to see as many of you as possible there!

  • skj84

    Rave: Epic Weekend! EU Openhouse was a blast even though I only made it to two embassies. The rain and lines put a damper on traveling. I also made it to a friends going away bbq, then dj’d at a dance on Sat. Sunday was brunch with my girls and a rooftop party at a friends fabulous apt. So much fun and the boost I needed after a bad week.

    Rant: Exhausted. I think I got maybe 10 hours of sleep this entire weekend.

    Rave: Going to take it easy this week. Just focus on finding a job and my upcoming race.

  • Rant: Should’ve known better than to get excited about a DC sports team. I hope RG3, Beal and Wall don’t join Ovi as great young players/prospects who can’t seem to win a championship. (I’m not giving up hope on Ovi and the Caps yet, but last year wasn’t very inspiring).
    Double Rant: Feel kind of lost with my life in general (work, relationships, friends). Everything feels really stagnant, it seems like I’m just treading water not going anywhere. I feel like I should change something, but I don’t know what to change or how to change it, so instead I’ll post anonymously to strangers on the internet in an attempt to get something off my chest since I’m not very comfortable talking about things like this with my friends.

  • Rave: Was super excited to try Pizza Parts & Service while I was around H St yesterday
    Rant: That will be the last time I go there. A half hour after I ordered a confused employee came out and asked what I ordered so I showed him my receipt. A few minutes later I was given a pizza that didn’t have the toppings that I ordered (pepperoni & sausage, not a complicated combo) but they were toppings I liked so I took the pizza anyway. When I got home to eat it was pretty obvious that this pizza hadn’t just come out of the oven, I don’t know how old it was but I would estimate a few hours. Maybe their pizza is good when it is fresh out of the oven but I’ll never know, this was utter crap. Not exaggerating when I say that I’ve had better pizza at 7-11.
    Rant: I get so excited to try new pizza that a bad experience with it can literally ruin my night. And this was BEFORE I watched the Wizards game

    • Sorry to hear about your experience but it’s not surprising. Steak & Ice was a total shit show. Sad to see the Taylor guys did not clean up their act with this new venture. As my dad always aid (and he actually did), can’t spit shine a pile of shit.

  • Accountering

    Rant: Back to Accountering

    Rant2: The people who stayed at my house this weekend. Didn’t lock master closet with all extra clean linens, so they decided to go in and pull everything out, as opposed to just sleeping in the beds that were all freshly prepared. Very annoying. Have to wash everything as a result.

    Rave: Had a pretty good weekend. Fun Thursday/Friday/Saturday, and wound up at a very very interesting house party on Saturday in Mt Pleasant.

    • Anything in particular that made this party interesting? Inquiring minds and all…

      • Accountering

        Just a very unique party, compared to things I normally attend. At a unique house, with a different crowd of people than I would normally meet on a weekend evening. Had a good time for sure, and happy to broaden my horizons a bit

        • You describe it as a unique house and unique people – what made it/them unique? Just curious

          • Accountering

            I am normally more of a sports bar, rock-ish music kind of guy. This was a house party in Mt Pleasant, at a house where all the residents are vegan, and there was a bike rack with a half dozen bikes in the living room when I walked in.

            Nothing negative in the least, just interesting, and very different than my normal Saturday nights. Very cool thing they have going.

    • Did you go to the baby shower in Ashburn?

      • Accountering

        Hehe, no. My decision was made for me when I woke up at noon on Saturday, and realized that this thing was at 1pm. Turns out there was over 50 people there. Thats a big baby shower! Called the mother to be yesterday evening to be apologize. She was very gracious, and I told her I would buy her and future father a beer next time I saw them (post baby arrival, for the mom at least!)

        Went to the gym, and did some other take care of myself things. Felt pretty good about my decision.

    • Were your houseguests staying there in your absence? Seems odd that they’d go messing with the linens without even asking you.
      Or maybe you were away and they were random airbnb-type folks or something?

      • Accountering

        I AirBNB occasionally. Has worked out EXCEEDINGLY well for the most part, but normally I lock my master closet. Didn’t do that this time unfortunately. Live and learn! 🙂

  • Rave: Amazing weather this weekend. I went to yoga and then had brunch with girlfriends on Saturday. Then I spent Sunday baking bread, putzing around the house, and spending lazy time on the couch with my partner. A perfect weekend.
    Rant: Apparently my garden plot is going to be razed to make improvements to the local elementary school. I am sad that I am losing my garden and annoyed that we weren’t informed before the planting season. But improvements to a public school seem more important than my tomato plants.
    Rave: A quiet Monday morning in the office gives me time to catch up on odds and ends.

    • Same thing is happening to my community garden – I tbelieve the garden will re-open after renovation but it isnt clear if this will happen. Hope they don’t pave paradise and put up a parking lot.

  • Rave: As teenage girls will, my daughter had a challenging relation ship with her mother, compounded by mom’s deteriorating health (among other factors). As repressed Irish types (family motto: “suck it up”) we don’t talk much about painful things. And so this weekend I smiled to see, and continue to smile as I recall it, her new tattoo: a mouse with a sewing needle, after Grandpa’s nickname for my wife, and the costumes she sewed for my daughter when she was young. As happy a Mothers Day, I guess, as it could be.

    • That’s adorable!

    • That’s a very sweet post – thanks for sharing it!

    • My very Irish family’s motto is, “go with the fucking flow.”

      • Years ago I read an article about a study that had compared the quality of medical care varying ethnic groups received, and why. (warning: ethnic stereotypes follow) The study’s authors determined that Jews got better treatment because they were more forthcoming (or, kvetchy) to their doctors, whining about every little symptom, real or imagined, like a Borscht Belt standup routine, and thus giving the doctors more information to work with. The Irish — who were held up as the opposite extreme, I have no idea how Italians, Greeks, etc. fared — got worse treatment because they were so stupidly stoic, rarely going to see doctors and then having to be be coerced into admitting that, say, maybe their leg fell off because of what may be gangrene.
        Personally, I don;t go to doctors because I’m afraid they’ll they’ll tell me that my evil ways have finally caught up with me and I only have six months to live. And why fight it, because I deserve it (wasn’t even raised Catholic but I still got the guilt!).

        • I’m the same way. Every time I go see a new doc I have to write down every illness/broken whatever I’ve ever had. Otherwise I fail to mention it. I suppress my feelings and medical history and I don’t even mean to do it.

      • Family motto either “ignore it and it will go away” (except it doesn’t, but at least we can pretend that it did) and/or “don’t ask don’t tell” which lead to some interesting non-conversations about the indoor cultivation of cannibis sativia.

  • Rant: Lady Gaga tonight. I saw a few Little Monsters already dressed and ready to go at 8AM.
    Rave: boss is out for 2 days.
    Rant: boss is at a conference and clearly bored so I get random e-mails every once in a while.
    Rave: condo drama resolved. Developer was being slick but the person clearly didn’t read the document. Glad I forced the issue and pointed out that their assumption was wrong.

  • Rave: hill country’s nachos. Man those are the best thing ever.
    Rant: Allergies. All the time.
    Rant: someone put something stinky in the microwave at work. I sit across from the kitchen.

  • query: anyone interested in starting a brunch club? I love brunch but am lacking in the friends department, and I feel like they make brunch the most fun.

  • rave: really falling for the new boy
    rant: he lives in nyc. which i know isn’t that far, but that means no spontaneous mid week dates! wondering if i should just end things and find someone closer?

    • justinbc

      Is there any immediately possibility of him moving here or you moving there? LDRs are a MFer in a city where you’re constantly surrounded by other good options!

      • not anytime in the next year, which is why i’m wondering if i should just end things before they get too serious. i can really feel myself falling for this guy! but then i wonder if the frustration of not being able to see someone as often as you’d like worse than not being able to see them at all? but it’s been a LONG time since i’ve felt this way about anyone…

        • Enjoy it while it’s good, then. Sometimes LDRs work out, either because they do (I know a few that have worked for years *because* they are long distance) or because one or both of you realize it’s worth making other changes so it isn’t long distance anymore. Or it might fizzle out. But you can enjoy it while it lasts!

        • justinbc

          Part of the good feeling that occurs during LDRs is the elation once you see them again after being apart for a while. Ask yourself if you would still be just as happy to see them every day. If all you’re getting is the highs from short bursts of exposure then it’s a relatively unfair way to judge a relationship.

  • Rant: I think I’m being catfished.

    Rave: Since I’m 99.999% sure I can say all sorts of inappropriate things and not be challenged.

  • Rant: Neighbor’s car broken into.

    On Sunday morning at approximately 8:30am, a SUV was broken into on Vernon Street NW right off 19th street. Vernon is generally a pretty quiet street but weekend mornings tend to have lots of people up and about, walking dogs, etc. Did anyone see anyone scoping out cars or acting suspicious on that block?

    • When I got into my SUV this morning it was obvious someone had broken in as well (CDs scattered everywhere, glove compartment open with papers everywhere). Although, it doesn’t appear anything was taken. I am further up on Lanier Pl near the fire house though and hadn’t been in my car since Thursday afternoon so not sure when it happened.

  • skj84

    Rave: I finally joined the 21st century and invested in a working smartphone. An iphone to be exact. Why didn’t I do this sooner?

    Rant: I have to learn how to use the phone! My last phone was a early model Galaxy and was google based. I had some issues with gmail on the iPhone, and I really don’t like the metro transit app options. Anyone have any recommendations?

    • Accountering

      Welcome to the club! I just got my first smartphone (5S!) and am wondering why I waited so long!

    • If I can piggyback on your i-things request – anyone have thoughts on buying an older model (second-hand) ipad? All I want is to have it for travel, to be able to check email, read books, get online now and then – no games or heavy-duty needs.

    • I use BusTrackDC for metro transit and love it. Not that it doesn’t mess up every once in a while, but I’m inclined to believe that’s wmata’s reporting services. Anyway its app store icon looks like a red bus with a dc flag.

    • I personally like iTrans DC

    • Go to wmata website and bookmark the next bus/train arrival page. It’s probably the only website you’ll have bookmarked but its a lot more accurate than any of the third party apps. I have been using the bookmarked page for the last 18 months for the bus and its usually no more than a minute or two off, due to traffic.

      • actually the one I listed iTrans DC is really reliable. thats why I like it so much.

      • well I guess I should mention I am strictly metro only and no buses. 😀

        • Use the DCRider app. It’s really easy to use and scary accurate. It also pipes in comments that people are making on Twitter about delays, so you can know if your commute is fubar’d! I love it.

  • Rant: Moving in 3 weeks, LSAT in 4 weeks. Unfortunate timing for our lease to be up and for the June LSAT o take place. Constant state of stress in splitting my time between packing/Craiglist selling, studying, and life in general.
    Rave: Moving to a great place soon and the LSAT is almost over!
    Rant: Making new friends. My closest friends are all 3-8 years older than me. which works well since I tend to have more in common with people slightly older. It can be hard to start these friendships though since I can quickly be written off as young once my age is revealed. Not a big rant but sometimes frustrating.
    Rave: Fun plans on the horizon for post-move/post-LSAT!

    • can I ask your age? At 26, I find it nearly impossible to make friends my age, and when I start to have a connection with early 30 somethings, they tend to write me off.

  • Rant: obnoxious cops from out of town here for Police week. It’s like huge #%*+ing frat party every year.

  • RANT: Massive exodus of friends moving out of DC this summer. Already up to 8 people (who are pretty good friends) leaving for Europe after being in DC for 5 years 🙁
    RANT: Figuring out my next step(s). Girlfriend is moving to the west coast in a few months. I’m not particularly happy with my job. Lots of uncertainty.

    • i feel you on this, its not the best feeling but out with the old and be open minded with the new!

  • Rave: Talking with my 70 year old mother yesterday. After my dad died 20 years ago, all I had was her and my older sis. I feel pretty grateful to still have her in relatively good health.
    Rant: the Wizards are killing me.
    Rant: It feels like an icebox in my office right now. Cold enough to hang meat.

  • Rave: Got an appointment witha therapist tomorrow to discuss my depression /anxiety issues.
    Rant: Have to go near Eastern Market for the appointment. A little nervous since a man was beaten near the station and eventually died.

    • When I heard that story, I thought of you because I originally replied to your concerns about coming to Eastern Market a couple weeks ago. I still stand by what I said. I’ve been living on the Hill for over 10 years, and Eastern Market is really not bad during daytime hours (it has gotten so much better than it was in 03 when I moved here!). The man who was killed was out at about 12:50 am when Eastern Market is a really different place from what it normally is. Use common sense because you’re still in the city, but you’ll be fine! This area is predominantly Yuppie-Ville.

    • Have you not spent much time around Eastern Market? Unless you’re afraid of Old Town Alexandria or Georgetown you shouldn’t be afraid of going there. You might risk encountering an adorable dog or baby or buying a bottle of fancy olive oil though!

      • I used to live in Old Town Alexandria and now live 1 block from Eastern Market. I feel much safer here than I did there, especially at night. Old Town became so desolate after 8pm, but the commercial corridors of Capitol Hill are lively and full of people well into the night. Even my sister, who is generally afraid of urban areas, loves coming to visit and prefers my neighborhood over staying with her boyfriend in Logan Circle. You can dig up an isolated incident of violence in almost any neighborhood, even the suburbs.

  • Rave: PR’d my marathon on Sunday by ten minutes, cutting more than 19mins in the last year!
    Rave: Endorphins!
    No rants today – woo hoo!!

  • Rant: Feel that I cannot make it to the end of my workday in this cubicle.

    Rave: Brunch leftovers!

  • Rant- I think one of my dogs is sick. She had Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever and I think she may have gotten it, or something similar, again. She didn’t even look at her food this morning and normally she’s done in three bites. I made an appointment with her vet tomorrow morning but they said if it gets worse to bring her in as a walk in.
    Extra rant- Last time it cost well over $700. At least this time I can go in saying that it’s similar to what happened last time and just run that test “in hopes” that’s what it is so they don’t have to run every test there is..

    • is your dog on flea/tick treatment? my dog was on frontline and still got a crazy flea infestation. surprisngly the company that makes frontline covered the vet bills and half of the medication costs (capstar) for the flea treatment. i didn’t even know they did that, but my vet submitted the bills directly to them instead of billing me.
      either way, i hope your pup gets better soon! there’s nothing worse than sad dog who can’t tell you what’s wrong. 🙁

      • That’s great that they helped pay for it. I give them Vectra (which I don’t really like) and I’m supposed to do it on the 8th of every month, but didn’t do it until the 10th..Which it really shouldn’t make that much of a difference right? Idk..my boyfriend checked in on her during lunch and he said she was running around and happy and normal, but I just worry. I’m going to give her chicken and rice tonight and see if she eats that. If she doesn’t gobble that up I KNOW there’s a problem. Thanks for your kind words. I wish there was a way for them to tell us what hurts 🙁

  • houseintherear

    Rave: I really, really love and adore my mother, and I finally told her that yesterday. I also told her that every time I say, “I love you,” I am thinking about what it really means. And I thanked her for adopting me many decades ago. Great day.

  • Rant: Slept poorly over the weekend, leaving me somewhat scatterbrained for the past few days.
    Rave: Warmer weather.
    Rant: A bit too warm for my liking.
    Rave: My outdoor plants are doing really well.
    Rant/Rave: Agonizing (more than is warranted) over whether to purchase some attractive antique furniture I stumbled upon. I don’t need it and would have to get rid of some of my existing furniture (IKEA but nice) to accommodate it… but I am still tempted.

    • If it’s something you like and the price is right — and there’s a good chance a similar opportunity will probably not arise again — grab it. Otherwise you’ll spend months (or more) hitting yourself on the head. And, even though expense at the time seems rough, in a year you’ll be as flush or as broke as you usually and you’ll have great stuff.

  • Rave: Enjoyed a much needed vacation last week
    Rant: Received a phone call late Thursday that my interview for a position in my office had finally been scheduled for Tuesday. I assumed it was because I was out of the office. When I returned today, I discovered it was because they forgot me entirely. All the other candidates were interviewed at the beginning of last week and were expecting a decision on Friday morning. It wasn’t until a management meeting Thursday afternoon that they realized they hadn’t interviewed me. Everyone who interviewed knows, and felt the need to discuss how I was forgotten. I now worry that it will hurt my chances and may be just a formality to cover themselves for HR…

  • Rant: Had to walk away from a house in Baltimore that my fiance and I were planning to close on this week. Owners kept dragged their feet on making some necessary plumbing and h-vac repairs that became apparent during the inspection and were written into the contract. Nice house in a good area but couldn’t risk buying a property with major issues created by the homeowners when they flipped the property.

    Rave: Brewed beer with friends and held an impromptu bottle-share. Got a bottle of KBS!

    • I love that I know what KBS is courtesy of Saturday afternoon at ChurchKey with the beer-loving Mr. Niceguy! Great stuff!

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