Harrar Coffee Hosts Ethiopian Coffee Ceremony Every Saturday Morning on Georgia Ave


Harrar Coffee and Roastery is located at 2904 Georgia Ave, NW.

From an email:

“We have this Ethiopian Coffee Ceremony going every Saturday mornings at 11:30am, when we roast a specialty coffee and offer consumers free samples. During the ceremony, our barista also wear traditional Ethiopian clothing and we talk about the tradition.”

Ethiopian Coffee Ceremony

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  • Love the coffee there but I really wish they would partner with a good bakery to step up their cake and cookie game… The pastries they have there now outside of the baklava are nothing to write home about.

  • That gauzy dress by an open flame burner just makes me frantically nervous. (Totally justified, as in many years of catering I’ve put out 3 buffets & one person on fire!)

  • that woman always has the sweetest smile.

  • awesome coffee here. definitely excited to try the traditional coffee on a saturday very soon.

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