Get Psyched – Marketing Campaign Starts for New Book Store and French-Fusion Restaurant Coming to Petworth


Thanks to a reader for sending:

“We received this card (front and back) at Petworth Citizen last night about the new Asian French fusion restaurant and new bookstore coming to Petworth…”

Ed. Note: The campaign is working on me – I’m getting pretty psyched. Also, I’m told more new businesses are in the works too…


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  • Please can there be more restaurants open for lunch? Please?

    • DC Reynolds is open for lunch, almost nobody ever there. Without worker-bees in the area, I wonder how many places can afford to be open.

      • Thanks for the tip! I’ll check it out. Sala Thai is getting old.

        • Sala Thai is also pretty terrible when it come to Thai food. Not a huge fan or Reynolds food but not terrible. Looking glass is open for lunch isn’t it? IF so I think there food is better. It’s at least a little cleaner. Reynolds seems to have a funky smell inside quite often.

          • DC Reynolds smells like the basement of my old frat house. Brings back memories, but don’t want to eat there. Agree on Sala Thai. It’s very meh.

          • I wasn’t very happy with the Sala Thai on U Street, but I’ve liked the one at the Georgia Ave.-Petworth Metro.

  • “I’m told more new businesses are in the works too…” – What a tease! Any hints? Can you at least tell us if you’re talking about this stretch of Upshur? I’m still anxiously awaiting news on the Murrell Building and the replacement to the China American Inn…

    And for the record, I’m another Petworth resident that’s super excited about these two openings as well.

  • The restaurant side of the card is nauseatingly twee, and yet I welcome ANYTHING new to the neighborhood with wide open arms.

  • I’m “all in”!!!! We need more restaurants in the area and the demand is high! Families with strollers with labs are all over the place! I think some citizens are trying to recruit new eateries to Petworth. I’d encourage everyone to keep up the pressure!

  • notlawd

    I am way excited about this too. What can residents do to recruit more restaurants to open here? I am all for participating in a campaign, just don’t know how to get one started. I would love more places further north on Georgia as well, especially on Kennedy Street. All the restaurants on that 11th Street strip in Columbia Heights are always packed, and we have the same clientele. More so than lunch, we could use a few brunch options that served a classic breakfast and bottomless mimosas.

    • Some friends and I started emailing and calling some of our favorite spots in DC asking them to consider Petworth. The response has been HUGELY positive. Petworth is already on many people’s radar, however, nothing concrete yet. If you think a place would fit it, email them explaining why and ask them what you can do to help. The residents of Petworth must promote our great neighborhood if we want to convince people to build here. It’s a team effort!

      • Interesting, especially that you’ve gotten positive responses. Any mention in those responses as to what’s keeping more from opening new restaurants here? And do you have any particularly useful statistics/arguments you use in your emails that you could share? I’m just not sure what would push a restaurateur to look here, as I’d assume most are already aware of the recent high home sale prices, low commercial rents, lack of dining options, incredible popularity of 11th St, the new Safeway, the success of Petworth Citizen, etc…

        • I actually had some of your same assumptions and was surprised to find out how little folks knew about what was happening in Petworth. Many people were unaware that completely renovated houses were selling for $750,000 minimum – some more. Some were even unaware of the revitalization of Upshur with Petworth Citizen and Crane & Turtle. Most were aware of the Safeway, but not the vacant retail space available nearby. It’s a gold mine. We spoke about the lack of dining options – especially a casual/family friendly eateries, a bakery, deli and ice cream shoppe. We have some outstanding dining options in Chez Billy & Domku (which are always packed!), but lack some of the basic needs. We also talked about the growing number of families in the area and the heavy amount of foot traffic around the metro. I think Petworth would greatly benefit from an economic development group as I don’t feel anyone is currently doing anything in that regard.

          • I’ve been to Domku since its reboot and I’ve never found it to be packed. But I’ve not been since Tom Sietsema recommended it in is most recent dining guide. I imagine that has brought some new interest.

  • They were handing out these cards inside Petworth Citizen a few weeks back during the Celebrate Petworth Street Festival. They won’t have traditional sushi, but I learned that chef Makoto Hamamura will be offering several tataki dishes using smoke. Considering how much I love the tuna tataki at Izakaya Seki, I think my wallet is going to be in trouble having this just a short walk away.

  • excited about both coming to the area. I just hope that crane and turtle will be so much better than petworth citizen. I still spend money at Petwroth citizen because I am desperate for a neighborhood spot, but lets not kid ourselves, its mediocre at best most nights.

    • I was not impressed with Petworth Citizen when it first opened. The beer selection was fine but the food choices were not great. I have returned since then and found that the menu has gotten better. In an ideal world it would reach the level of a Meridian Pint – great beer selection and great menu. But it’s good enough for me now as a once in awhile option.

      • The beer selection at Meridian Pint might be great but the food is terrible. I think the food at Petworth Citizen is a lot better.

    • I’ve found Petworth Citizen to be good and, more importantly, good enough. For a full upsurge in restaurants (and cafes and businesses, for that matter) to succeed in the neighborhood, it’s not necessary or positive for every one to serve haute cuisine. The neighborhood north of the metro needs — and is supporting — a neighborhood pub with good drinks and good burgers.

  • I would just another basic family friendly option like Ulah Bistro or Cafe Delux. Or another outpost of Meridan pint! Upshur is really coming along. And don’t forgot about the falafel place way at the top of the hill on the end. I worry its a bit removed from the rest of the strip and may not get enough business.

    • The key is filling Park Play above the DC metro, but it looks like Donnatelli is standing in the way of that.

    • +1 for the falafel place! I hope he is hanging in there. If he was on that main strip of Upshur where Domku is, he would be killing it. But I suspect he doesn’t mind the current location because he runs a food truck during the day. That’s his primary operation.

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