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  • I’m sure each brand makes an efficient line nowadays, but we had a Carrier Infinity heat pump installed a few years back. Very efficient and it’s made the house *so* much more comfortable during the summer.

    • Alex – I’m going to be replacing my heat pump in the next couple of years. Who did you have install yours? Were you satisfied with their work and price? Thanks.

      • We had Argent Heating & Cooling (VA company) install ours. They were very quick at replacing both the inside unit and the condenser on our roof (crane needed!). Very happy with the install. I can’t recall if the price beat the others, but it was very reasonable.

  • Consumer Reports or cnet might be a better resource — this is a pretty objective thing to measure, so you’ll get more pertinent info about currently available models there than from what PoPvillagers remember was true when they bought their units at some point in the past.

  • you need to read up on efficiency ratings – every brand makes more and less efficient units. i would second the recommendation for Carrier. We got a high-end Carrier AC unit to replace one that the people who flipped our house must have stolen from a trailer park or something and the difference is amazing. Particularly great is how quiet it is – if your unit is located in a location outdoors that you also use in the summer you will love a quiet AC.

  • The energystar program maintains a list, and their website has more lots of other helpful info. Installation quality will matter more than the base unit in many cases. Note that this link has a link to a spreadsheet that has the rating for pretty much all models.

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