Dear PoPville – “a fan was forcibly and wrongfully arrested for standing and clapping at the show”

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“Dear PoPville,

Yesterday turned out to be a beautiful day for a great free concert at the National Zoo to benefit the Sumatran Tigers, but the show was quickly ruined when a fan was forcibly and wrongfully arrested for standing and clapping at the show.

Sure, he was asked to sit down by one officer and booed by other concert goers for standing in the first place, but nobody came to the guy’s defense when 5 200 pound cops took down a 100 pound kid for enjoying the music he was there to see. What I have seen on twitter, instagram, etc., are a bunch of people cheering on the cops (which happened at the show) for arresting him, yet the park director or even the band never even asked people to remain seated during the show. When the kid first stood up, one guitarist thanked the kid for his crowd participation, but then stayed tight lipped when he was hauled off, only to later joke “that’s what we get for hiring the Hell’s Angels to do security.

I understand the issue of common courtesy, but again, this was no “majority rules” as some people claim – or at least I was not asked to vote – and it was never announced that it was a seated only show. I am not one to encourage protests or start riots, but I think it is appalling that my peers, fellow concert goers and supporters of music and Saving the Tigers! just sat there and cheered as someone was arrested for standing at a concert.

Open to any feedback, as I know many disagree. Thanks for reading.”

Ed. Note: DCist quotes a Zoo spokesperson’s response:

Last night at the concert, where guests were sitting on the lawn, one person stood up and was blocking the audience’s view of the band. He was repeatedly asked to sit down and resisted the requests. He was removed when he didn’t cooperate and was turned over to MPD.



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  • I wasn’t there but that’s a hell of a lot of cops for a small guy.

    • “A hell of a lot of cops?” You must never have had a security-related job. Overwhelming force is actually the best way to make sure no one gets hurt.

  • Accountering

    Meh, talked to a friend who was there, she made it sound like he deserved it. You do not have the right to go to a public show and ruin it for everyone else. Don’t be a jerk, listen to the police when they give you an order, and you avoid this.

  • wait, seriously? the guy was drunk, acting obnoxious, and when asked to sit down multiple times, did not. i say he got what he deserved. nice try though.

    • I doubt he was drunk–he couldn’t have been older than 16.

      • Being 16 or younger would be the reason I say he IS drunk. Anyone older wouldn’t show up to a zoo concert benefiting tigers to get shitfaced, unless you are a teenager.

        • He was 23 years old and acting belligerent. When the cops give you a reasonable order you listen, end of story. He was being a complete asshole and ruining the show for hundreds of other people. I witnessed the whole thing and feel the cops did a beautiful job of handling the situation.

  • Rich white kid removed from concert for being inconsiderate despite being asked not to be inconsiderate. Don’t they know that he has the right to do whatever he wants? What about manifest destiny?!

    • Who said he was rich? Was he wearing a Rolex or something?

    • He was standing up. Believe it or not, people do that at concerts sometimes. Just because you want to sit on your ass with a clear view of the stage doesn’t mean everyone else there wants to.

      I was there and thought this was pretty ridiculous on both sides… Since when can you not stand up at a rock concert? They didn’t announce that it was a seated show and there were not any actual seats there. But you’re allowed to stand up at shows where you’ve paid for a reserved seat too… Everyone in front wanted to stand at the beginning, only to be booed down by all of the lazy morons behind them. Guaranteed this wouldn’t have happened had everyone else stood up, like we all did during the last song.

      But yeah, all of this could have been avoided if he would have just sat down… But it’s pretty lame that they felt the need to make him do that.

      • “They didn’t announce that it was a seated show” Really? The police officer asking him to sit down didn’t serve as an indication?

      • justinbc

        Why the hell did he need to stand so badly? Does he have restless leg syndrome or something?

      • By “everyone” you mean 4-5 people, and most of them sat down when they realized that the concert goers behind them weren’t thrilled. The only two to cause problems, the kid who got arrested and the kid with the blue shirt/urban camo shorts, seemed high as kites.

  • Good! This should serve as a lesson. Don’t eff around and ruin everyone else’s good time, lest you end up with five cops on top of you.

  • I was also there last night. This kid getting arrested wasn’t the end of the disruption cause by this group of kids. A bit after he was hauled off one of his friends kept trying to stand as well. In order to diffuse the situation, the band let him up on stage – but it was clear he was annoying the band the whole time he was up there. The first kid kept resisting being hauled off to the point where it took a good chunk out of PTM’s set – a huge disappointment for everyone who came out to see them. I understand it stinks to be seeing a band where the whole crowd is sitting down instead of getting into the show, but sometimes you just have to go with it. If a cop asks you to sit down, sit down or go stand off the side if you really need to stand. And if you start mouthing off to the cops and they ask you to leave, maybe grabbing onto the barricade and resisting arrest isn’t the best course of action?

  • I was there, in the first row, this kid as well as at least some of his friends were visibly wasted, bottle of alcohol in hand. He was asked multiple time to sit down as a courtesy to the many people behind him and then to at least step to the side and talk to the directors/cops. It was only after forcibly resisting, latching on to the barrier and trying to fight the cops that he was forcibly removed.

  • I was there, the kid was being belligerent, along with some of his friends later. Two cops calmly asked him to sit, or to move off the lawn, he grabbed the barrier when they tried to escort him. He resisted arrest for about 25 minutes, the cops were trying to be fair, but he would not physically let go, and was pulled away.

    this youtube video starts about 6-10 minutes after it all started (also read the poster’s comments)

    • justinbc

      Seems like the best solution would have been to put him in the tiger pen so that he could show them how much he supports them directly.

  • Seems to be differing versions of what happened. Read the comments over in the DCist section of the same story.

  • Good line about the Hell’s Angels. Some people know their classic rock history!

  • The police shouldn’t be used to enforce manners.

    It isn’t right to use violence against someone who mildly inconveniences you.

    • He probably wasn’t arrested for being rude. He was likely arrested for either 1) disorderly conduct by disobeying a police officer, or 2) public intoxication.

      • You’re right, those were probably the “official” reasons entered into the record, but really, he was arrested for being rude. Michael is right.

        • Riiiiight. Because the police LOVE to make up reasons to arrest people for no reason. The paperwork and diversion from serious crime really make their day. So you think his arrest had absolutely nothing to do with his being drunk and belligerent to the police and his refusal to come to the side of the crowd when ordered to do so?

          • Hate to break it you…cops arrest people because they don’t like them, or a person mouthed off, and then they need a reason. The most common one: resisting/disobeying a lawful order/etc…pick your poison based on jurisdiction. Also, while there are plenty of good cops, there are plenty of lazy ones. And the paperwork they do on a simple resisting arrest, which didn’t actually occur so they can write whatever they want, means they are getting paid while pulling easy duty as opposed to real police work. Happens thousands of times a day, ask any one who works in a courthouse. Now I wasn’t there, so I don’t know what happened, but the argument that cops never make things up because they want to fight real crime…fantasy land.

          • …. Says the criminal defense lawyer, who by definition has an agenda and whose clients never have a reason to lie about their own involvement in things. Besides, we’re talking about an instance where the whole thing was caught on tape. So your speculation about mistaken identity or lazy cops is the fantasy here.

          • Like I said, wasn’t there. Have no dog in this fight, and I readily admit that clients lie as well. But cops lie all the time, and their most often told lie: “he was resisting.” I’m not commenting on this episode, only responding to the comment about how the cops can’t be wrong because they would never make up something due to the extra paperwork it causes. That isn’t a good argument in this guy’s defense, mostly because its false.

          • Sorry, meant to say “in the cop’s defense”

      • If it’s wrong to arrest someone for being rude then I think it is also wrong to arrest someone for disobeying a police officer that says “stop being rude.”

        • If you’ve been asked to leave by someone in charge of a space and you refuse police demands to do so, you’ve committed unlawful entry (also known as trespassing). The reason you were originally asked to leave is completely immaterial. As long as it wasn’t illegal discrimination on the part of zoo staff, the police don’t have much discretion here.

      • public intoxication is not a crime in DC.

  • I’ve read from several other people who were there close to the guy who was arrested say he was a belligerent A$$hole. That he was acting out, refusing to sit, blocking the view of others, cursing, and that he brought this on himself.

    To whom ever wrote this article… Have you ever tired to subdue someone who was actively resisting your attempts to do so? Someone who was grabbing on to objects around him to try to resist your attempts to bring him under control? How would you have done it? It’s not one on one… Not every Officer is a D-1 wrestler. The more Officers the better so no one gets hurt…. Especially the Officers…

    Props to the cops…. I’m tired of clowns who don’t know how to act in public disrupting a good time.

    • I agree. I was taught that the safest way to restrain someone large and resistant is to have 5 people — one for each of the person’s limbs, and one more person who can see what everyone is doing and supervise/intervene as needed. Props to the cops for handling a difficult situation safely.

  • This guy was wasted and was a public disturbance. Maybe he didn’t deserve the amount of cops, but he definitely deserved the arrest.

  • I was there, and didn’t see anything until the police swarmed. Since most of us further back on the lawn didn’t see what originally started the altercation, we assumed he was starting a fight or something! I’m glad that everyone was seated at the show, even if it wasn’t required – the stage wasn’t very elevated, and sitting on the lawn ensured that everyone could see. I think the police originally got involved because they were worried about people sitting behind the guy getting upset. Also, he and his friends were obviously intoxicated (wasn’t he with the tambourine guy?!) Unfortunately, I feel like it was FAR more disruptive for a pack of officers to try to restrain the guy (who did put up a longggg fight) than for them to leave well enough alone. Also, it was frustrating that the audience had to sit around watching them all wrestle next to the stage for 10 minutes instead of enjoying the show!

  • “but nobody came to the guy’s defense when 5 200 pound cops took down a 100 pound kid for enjoying the music he was there to see.”

    What did you expect, for other concert goers to confront the police in order to defend this prick’s right to be a jerk and block everyone else’s view of the show. As the band tweeted afterwards, “Don’t think we won’t fight for shit, we just don’t fight for stupid shit.”

    • justinbc

      I found it funny that the person stating “nobody came to the guy’s defense” has clearly placed himself within that same category, yet expected others to do differently.

  • I guess he didnt get hugged enough as a child and wanted to be the centre of attention at everyone elses expense. selfish and entitiled

  • “but nobody came to the guy’s defense when 5 200 pound cops took down a 100 pound kid for enjoying the music he was there to see.”

    What did you expect, for other concert goers to confront the police in order to defend this prick’s right to be a jerk and block everyone else’s view of the show? As the band tweeted afterwards, “Don’t think we won’t fight for shit, we just don’t fight for stupid shit.”

  • Accountering

    They should have just tased him. Physically resisting the police is never okay, and should be dealt with harshly. Once they decide you are getting cuffed/arrested, thats it. Its your job to not put yourself in that spot, and if they overreach, your recourse is dealing with it after via complaints/lawsuits etc.

    • Tasers were pretty great until everyone realized that they tend to kill people with certain heart conditions.

  • I was there and this guy was completely out of line. I was amazed by how brazen this guy was – refusing to leave, holding on the rail, etc. The guy was being a complete jerk and ruined part of the show for the rest of us. Follow the rules – its not that hard.

  • Actually, the invitation’s follow up emails implied it was a seated show on the grass, and the guy (and another in a blue shirt) were being unreasonable. They were repeatedly asked to sit down by a majority of the crowd, Zoo people, event people, and the police before anything remotely physical occurred, and refused. They were selfish and ruined the show for everyone else who was there to support the cause and enjoy the music. For anyone in attendance paying remotely close attention, it was a pretty predictable scene.

    The guy arrested and another teen in a blue shirt were pretty clearly intoxicated and thought they were tough guys showing up the cops, never thinking about anyone around them. I’m really not sure how anyone who was there could think the teens were being anything but selfish before they police dealt with them.

    Yeah, I get it, you want to stand and dance for your favorite band and what not, but sometimes you just have to deal with the situation and they were apparently unable to do so. I just hope the experience does not drive future events away from the Zoo because it was a pretty cool event (albeit not the best planned).

    • I totally agree. I was seated in the back, but even from afar I could tell from the guy’s demeanor and the way he reacted to the cops (pretty violently, he was the one who instigated the physical altercation) that he was the one in the wrong. I noticed immediately that one cop had a longish conversation with him, and back up came quickly when it was clear he was fighting back. He grabbed the fence (which looked close to falling over on the seated crowd) and was very clearly not going anywhere without a fight. He physically resisted police demands and I was surprised that people thought the police shouldn’t have reacted exactly as they did. The crowd in front near him cheered the cops on as they dragged him away, so I assumed he was being an asshole.

      It was a weird crowd in general. It was a short, early-evening show at a family-oriented venue to raise awareness for endangered cats. There were a lot of very young kids in the audience, so staying seated made a lot of sense so they could enjoy it too. I’m really not sure why people thought it was appropriate to act like they were at a concert at the 9:30 Club.

    • These people WERE NOT TEENS. Both 21+.

  • Granted the guy may have been drunk and belligerent, but since when is it not okay to stand at a concert? Is this Footloose? Maybe he’s our Kevin Bacon.

  • Props to the cops.

  • Also there; the zoo police did everything they could to avoid doing anything “excessive” as they were quite clearly sensitive to (if not hindered by) the tens of camera phones shoved in their faces by aspiring young sensationalists. The whole thing could have been handled in 2 minutes but for the fact that a squirmy jackass can, it turns out, thwart the efforts of even a gaggle of trained officers when they’re walking on eggshells. The kid both provoked and then resisted, lashing around in a way that could have injured (or been construed as assault) – however tiny and effete he was. The # of officers called in would not have been but for somewhat of an oversensitivity to the kids’ camera phones and trying to avoid any potentially misconstrued forms of restraint. Can’t win em all.

    In any case– POPville, please do better than dcist and consider amending the original post. The Zoo Police deserve a bit of credit here.

    • Amen. I generally dislike cops in general and I was initially concerned this would turn into a police brutality thing, but I was shocked by how gentle the cops were. No tasers, no kicks, no tackles…that’s why (as the original poster points out) a skinny 100-lb asshole was able to prevent a takedown for a good ten minutes…

      Fun fact: while the police were wrestling with this guy to the side of the stage, this guy’s buddy “Guy #2/blue shirt guy” decides to stand up and get himself a “selfie” with the band. Doesn’t even seem to care about his buddy’s fight with the cops.

      What ticks me off is the lack of reporting about blue shirt guy. Once the concert FINALLY gets going again, blue shirt guy decides it is the perfect opportunity to stand up in the front of the stage, since it worked out so well for his buddy. Cue audible groan from the crowd. His friends try to pull him down. He starts making even MORE of a scene than the first guy. The security starts moving in… And Portugal. The Man takes pity on him and brings him onstage to prevent another scene. What does this complete a-hole do next? Decides to dance around stage, touching band members, picking up instruments, generally being annoying. And the band played on…

      • And did you catch the band at the end saying okay get this guy off the stage? What class acts. Really showed what “true fans” they were.

        • Haha no I missed that. The weird thing is, blue shirt guy actually seemed to know all the words to all of the songs. Maybe he was a true fan after all?

          • Can confirm – I know Blue Shirt Guy, and he is a legit fan. Funny to hear his side of the story against all this. Also funny to see everyone calling him a “teen”

    • +1 for the use of “effete”

    • Squirmy small creatures do require a lot of people to hold them down without harm. I had a 28 pound dog that required 4 people (one pretty much lying on top of her) to hold her down to remove 2 stitches from her foot.

      But cool that the entire population of Popville, DCist and CityPaper went to the concert! Zoo concerts go on all summer – not all with “Mission Impossible” self-destructing records – but always a fun evening to enjoy some good music.

  • I wish this kind of enforcement would happen at the movies, too.

  • I see white people.

  • Sounds like he was a dick (and yes, he should have sat down when the cops asked him to…that is just asking for trouble), but it should never have been an issue in the first place. It is a rock concert and people stand and dance at rock (read: all) concerts. To those who think it is rude, you are crazy. You didn’t pay for a seat and even if you did, I would say suck it up. He may have been the first, but I guarantee it would have been many people if nothing was done right away. There is nothing to see anyway; you are there to hear the music, not watch some guys jump around holding instruments.

    Case in point, sometimes I want to sit at a show at Merriweather or elsewhere (including seated venues like the Hamilton), but if someone in front of me stands up (as they inevitably will), either I stand up or I suck it up and stay seated.

    • You say that like this was a Rage Against the Machine concert, as opposed to a Portugal. The Man – whoever they are – concert.

      • I never said people should bust out nails and start moshing, but if someone wants to stand up at a show and dance a bit, then they should be allowed to do so. If you are too lazy to follow suit, then that is your problem. Portugal. the Man is an Indie/Alt rock band. It is not a children’s show like Raffi or something. It is the type of band you would go see at 930 Club/Black Cat (they get a little radio play on DC101).

        • As a previous poster mentioned, this venue wasn’t like Merriweather. The slope to the stage was super gradual, so someone standing up in front had an immediate impact on the experience of the rest of the concert goers. What do you think would happen if you went to Black Cat and sat down in front of the stage? My guess is that the bouncers and other concert goers would ask you to stand because you are ruining the experience.

          • My guess is the bouncers would ask you to stand up for safety reasons, i.e., so you don’t get trampled, but not because you are ruining anyone else’s experience. I don’t see how slope or venue matters. If you by a pavilion ticket to an amphitheater show, and the person in front of you stands up, you won’t be able to see the stage. Ditto with a concert on the Mall.

        • No, actually, people should expect to follow the rules set forth by the venue. If you go to 9:30 you know you can’t stand in front of stairwells or in the middle of the floor. If you go to a seated show in a theatre, you know you may be asked to sit down if you dance in the aisles or stand at your seat. That’s life. You accept the limitations of the venue or realize you might be asked to leave. The band, the zoo official, and security had all asked the guy to sit down. Instead, he starts a fight and yells profanities. If he truly wanted to stand and dance to enjoy the show, he could have gone to the back slope where the officer directed him. On a similar note, if you show up belligerently drunk or high at 9:30 they will kick you out. This is no different. The kid was a disturbance and was exceedingly rude and mouthy. He would have been kicked out of anywhere for behaving similarly.

          • I hear there is a rule against standing anywhere in the zoo! All of the rules you cite are safety rules that are required for fire code reasons with the exception of a seated show at a theater. I assume, by that, you mean some sort of play or symphony, where people stay seated. I have been to tons of rock shows at theaters and ballrooms and no one is getting told to sit down in their seats and no one is complaining. I am not defending the kid because he sounds like a douche, but I think anyone who goes to a concert, free or otherwise, at a concert venue or at a zoo, should expect people to stand and have a good time, and I don’t think that, in itself is being rude, as people seem to be insinuating. Maybe people didn’t know what type of band they were going to see, but that is your problem. The target market for this band is probably 16-30 year-olds. They are not a “family” oriented band. It is a rock group, who was playing a charitable event, plain and simple. Do you think everyone would have remained seated if the “secret” Foo Fighters show was held at the zoo?

          • Yeah, actually I have been to rock shows at theaters where people are asked not to stand in their seats. Nothing to do with safety. Two off the top of my head were Kurt Vile and Everything Everything, the latter of which is a very dance-y band. And in those instances there was generally a designated place for standing and dancing at a bar in back of the seats. How is this different? It’s the venue’s call. And I wouldn’t be surprised if it was viewed as a safety issue given the flimsy-ness of the barricade. For the record, I go to gigs a lot, and I’ve seen Portugal. The Man twice before. You are not entitled to stand. Sorry. Sure, it’s standard for a lot of concert venues, but that doesn’t mean that every single venue must acquiesce. The zoo is not a standard concert venue and for whatever reason, whether majority rule, some predetermined judgment for the atmosphere of the show, or simply crowd control, they asked people to sit. Don’t like it? Fine. See them next time they play another venue in DC and pay for it. But don’t act like it’s a fundamental right to stand in a place security has told you not to. Move 20 feet back and dance away or get over it.

  • Wait, he was only charged with “unlawful entry?”

    …Guess that’s what hitting police officers gets you when you do it in the Zoo?

  • I was there with my girlfriend up in the front. Yes, at first, people up front wanted to stand in general but people in back did not. Great, I don’t mind laying around with my girlfriend enjoying good music and we brought a blanket. This group the kid was part of was visibly drunk, and very aggressively rude. One woman asked the kid who got arrested to please sit down, and he said eff you lady. My gf said that was uncalled for. And the kid said eff you too. So I did my dutiful bf responsibilities and said turn around, or there’s going to be… trouble. So guess who had a big ass smile on his face when kid got arrested.

    There is a reason the masses did not rise up to support this kid.

    • hahahaha.
      i can’t abide by a dude that would cuss out a woman.

    • +100! It is not the fact that this kid stood and clapped, it was the manner in which he and his friends carried themselves. He had every chance to either sit down or walk outside of the front row with the cop to “talk things out”. Instead the d-bag locked his arms around the fence and created a scene. I too was somewhat satisfied they took him off, I was also happy to see they did not use excessive force despite his verbal and physical (attempted) assault of the officers. If it is the 9:30 club and you paid the exorbitant $40 for the show, fine, stand, be a jackass, go nuts. This was a FREE family show at the ZOO, don’t be a jackass by taunting your fellow concert goers.

  • Two sides to every story: just standing up at a concert vs. drunk a-hole ruining it for everyone else. Seems like more of the witnesses are coming down on the drunk a-hole side. In any event, I think the band said it best: “Don’t think we won’t fight for shit, we just don’t fight for stupid shit.”

  • a lot of people are talking about how this shouldn’t have been an issue because this was a Rock Concert or the response was over the top. It was a concert at the Zoo! this isn’t Madison Square Garden it is federal property and the kid was intoxicated and belligerent. public intoxication is illegal and this is one of the instances where it actually deserves to be enforced.

    • So arrest him for public intoxication and let everyone else, stand-up and enjoy the show. I have seen shows at the National Mall (federal property) and people are allowed to stand at those, so why is this different? It was not a no-name band. They are touring internationally and playing major music festivals this summer (Firefly, Lollapolooza, etc.).

      But let’s be honest, if cops actually enforced public intoxication, 50% of DC could be arrest on weekend evenings after 10pm (not too mention the drunk people playing all sorts of “sports” down on the Mall every day during the week).

  • He was not arrested for simply standing and clapping. This jackass and his jackass crew looked to be 16, 17 years old and were BELLIGERENTLY drunk. Quite possible that when the first officer came over to ask him to sit he smelled alcohol on his breath. Thus, the police can arrest the moron on grounds of underage drinking. By resisting he only made things worse. This kid is stupid, I have been drunk underage at concerts and nearly shit myself at the sight of a police officer…I sure as hell did not invite them over by causing a scene.

  • who was the band?

  • Actually, the main zoo announcer (the woman) and the band had both asked those in the front to remain seated. Maybe you weren’t close enough to hear? I was also close enough to hear the kid yelling profanities at the audience behind him, and refusing to talk things out with the cop when asked multiple times to sit down for the show. I am convinced he and his friends were drunk and trying to make an unnecessary scene. And a second officer only appeared after the, by all appearances, polite and more elderly cop had tried to escort him to the sidelines to talk things out peacefully. Instead, the kid grabs onto the barricade and starts to pose a risk to other concert goers by lifting it up with him as he is being removed. He tangles himself around the cop that comes to help remove him from what has now become a disturbance large enough to stop the band from playing. Then, on the sidelines, when he could have gotten away with things even still, he grabs onto the stage and does damage. Of course more officers were needed. He was messing with the cops and had plenty of time and to deescalate the situation. Instead he chose to cause a scene and ruin the show for others. He was being stupid and was completely unresponsive to any rational conversation or requests. I don’t know what other choice the security officers had, and I was glad they were there. Also, the band released a tweet saying: “Don’t think we won’t fight for shit, we just don’t fight for stupid shit. #sitdown #standup #courtesy #manners #respect” That’s the essence of this. A guy was being a unnecessary prick, not “standing” up for his rights. I feel bad for the zoo and the officers that there are so many one-sided posts on this event.

    • justinbc

      It sounds like the majority of the one-sided posts are coming from either him or his friends, based on the overwhelming number of responses here from attendees who seem to assert he was a massive DB.

  • lovefifteen

    Oh, this poor 100 pound child’s constitutional rights were just trampled. It’s heartbreaking!!! The Constitution definitely gives us the right to be belligerently drunk in public, stand up during concerts, and ignore requests from police officers. The Founding Fathers would be appalled to see what Obama has done to this country. I think the OP should become a Fox News report. S/he is so good at reporting the truth in a fair and balanced way.

  • Remember when rock & roll meant resisting authority and a cop would be scared shitless to do this? Now the sheeple praise the cops who block their (seated) view.
    Rock is dead. The Man won.

  • I was there, the cops did everything you could ever ask to give this guy opportunities. They talked to him, he sat down. He stood up again, they talked to him again, talked to him a while longer, arrested him. Even when he was resisting they were pretty gentle. They did nothing wrong. Sure, maybe what started it was a pretty small thing, but if you start saying “you only have to follow police orders if you want to” then the police would have no authority ever. The guy could have prevented this whole situation by just sitting down – is that really too much to ask?

    I saw “blue shirt guy” walking up harvard st. after the concert. he was completely blasted. he couldn’t walk and his sober friend had to hold him up and prevent him from falling to one side or the other. then he decided to cross the street at a red light while cars were zooming by at regular speed – it’s amazing he wasn’t hit.

    being drunk/high is one thing. being drunk/high and causing problems for everybody else is another.

  • 100lb? Maybe he just wanted someone to buy him a cheeseburger.
    Seriously. I haven’t weighed 100lb since elementary school. Even through high school (being of an average/athletic build), I was probably sitting pretty at 160-170. Even if this kid was just a kid (teenager) he clearly had enough weight/force to require a couple of cops to restrain him without hurting him. As another commented mentioned, a <50lb dog can be a pain to move when they are dead weight/pulling against you. I have a friend, weighing 160lb soaking wet, who drunkenly knocked a cop out in high school.
    They didn't know what they were dealing with, and, from the looks of the video, they did just what they had to do to end the situation.

  • I absolutely 100% say “[email protected] him”. This kid thinks he, an individual, has the right to defer/reject/override a ton of other people’s enjoyment…for his own selfish needs.

    Pog mo thoin chump!

  • Dang. Everyone needs to lighten up. He STOOD. is that illegal? Arrest ALL the rude assholes everywhere then! Last time I checked this is America. Although it sounds like all the sheeple agree with it quickly turning into communist Russia. SMH

    • Whooosh!
      That’s the sound of the point going over your head.

    • You are easily identifiable by your use of “sheeple.” Way to attempt to make the same point over and over again…

  • Actually the guy that was arrested was not with blue shirt guy. And they were all adults. Ha

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