Awesome Coming Soon Signage Posted for Jose Andres’ Chinese-Peruvian Restaurant, China Chilcano, Coming to Penn Quarter

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418 7th Street, NW

I know I get exciting by the most routine coming soon signs but this one is especially cool. Back in October of last year we learned about Jose Andres’ new Chinese-Peruvian Restaurant, China Chilcano coming to the former Olsson’s Bookstore space and once hoped for Wagamama in Penn Quarter. Hopefully, China Chilcano will not toy with us like Wagamama…

From the October press release:

“Highlighting the rich flavors, bold colors, diverse textures and unique aromas, the menu will apply time-honored Chinese techniques to Peruvian ingredients. From the classic Peruvian causas or ceviches, to Asian favorites like dim sums and sumais, the dishes will showcase Peru’s multi-cultural influences and ingredients in true Jose fashion.

Building on the success of China Poblano, the restaurant’s working name, China Chilcano, will pay homage to Peru’s celebrated fish stew and one of its more traditional drinks, the chilcano.”

You can read the full release here.

Can’t freaking wait.

photo 1
looking north toward Verizon Center

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looking south toward Penn Ave and Navy Archives

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  • Considering how terrible some of Andres’ restaurants have become (Jaleo?), and how middling the reviews were of China Poblano, this place’s sister in Vegas, I’d rather hope this does end up like Wagamama.

    • I have to agree that China Poblano in Las Vegas is pretty weak. My sister and I were so unhappy with the food that we spent our lunch there considering where to go to go for dinner. Jaleo in DC, remains excellent, although the one in Vegas is not as good as the original, so I have hopes that China Chilcano will be much better than its Vegas siblings. Most of the food in Vegas is underwhelming as chefs concentrate on being stars rather than actually cooking good food.

      • The last time we ate at Jaleo, the experience was pretty dismal. The patatas bravas were mushy and cold, the meat was under-seasoned, and the soup was over-salty. And I have to say I’ve had some really great dining experiences in Vegas, too–though I suppose since the downturn, it isn’t what it used to be. The one consistent comment I have seen about China Poblano is that Andres apparently doesn’t know what Dan Dan noodles are supposed to be, though he insists on Twitter that he does.

  • It would be nice to get a new restaurant in the Penn Qt someone other than Mr. Andres once in a while….

    • Oh, you mean something like Daikaya? Oh, you mean something like Nopa? Oh, you mean something like Flight? Oh, you mean something like City Tap Room? Oh, you mean something like The Partisan? Oh, you mean something like Menu MBK?

      • Really enjoyed both Daikaya and The Partisan for dinner, Flight’s a good date spot with interesting wines, and MBK’s on my list for the near future. The dining options are certainly improving in the area.
        (Not the anonymous above)

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