Willie T’s Lobster Shack Coming Soon Signage Posted at former Marvelous Market next to Kramerbooks

1511 Connecticut Ave, NW

Thanks to a reader for sending word about the new coming soon signage for Willie T’s Lobster Shack located in the former Marvelous Market space next to Kramerbooks just north of Dupont Circle. I look forward to comparing them to the pricey but delicious Luke’s Lobster Shack.


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  • The Washingtonian reported on this in January 2014. Willie T’s Lobster Shack is a concept from the owner of Marvelous Market – Warren Thompson/Thompson Hospitality. I guess “Warren T’s Lobster Shack” just didn’t have the same ring to it. The same company also owns the very average or below average restaurants Austin Grille, BRB Burger, American Tap Room and even a car wash. If, say, Think Food Group (Jose Andres) is the gold standard for restaurant management companies in this region, I’d say Warren T’s Lobster Shack has a big uphill climb.

    • I think I’d still put this “restaurant” group ahead of the Clover group that owns Tynan Coffee/Cafe Deluxe/Tortilla Coast. They are HOR-RI-BLE!

  • I miss many things about DC since relocating to Boston. DC’s “budget” lobster places are not among them.

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