Saloon 45 Coming to Sandy’s Flowers space at the corner of 18th and Swann St, NW

1821 18th Street, NW

More restaurant/bar news for 18th Street just south of Adams Morgan. A recent liquor license placard posted at Sandy’s Flowers says the space will become Saloon 45:

“Will provide a small menu approximately 5 to 7 items of mostly fried foods along with over 50 specialty craft beers chosen mostly from local brewers. We have a small selection of wines and cocktails. Drinks and food will be provided in a quiet relaxing environment either inside at a table or outside in our summer garden. Summer Garden Seats #36, Total Occupancy Load #85.”

Hours are listed as Sunday through Thursday: 8am-2am, Friday and Saturday: 8am-3am.

CityPaper reports that the owner is a professional poker player who took 45th place in last year’s World Series of Poker.

Updates as they get closer to opening.

Looking north towards T Street and Bar Charley and Lauriol Plaza

Swann Street side

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  • Translation: the same microbrews you can get elsewhere along with mediocre, but probably overpriced bar food. If only more people had bought flowers.

  • wait…what happened to Sandy’s? did she relocate, or go out of business altogether?

  • The hours are really confusing, especially because it’s on the corner of a quiet residential street (I used to live on the other end of that part of Swann – it’s fantastic).
    8am? what?

    • When people apply for licenses, they usually apply for the full extent of the hours available, but rarely, if ever actually operate during those hours. It’s often easier to apply for them from the beginning than get a special exception say for a World Cup game on at early hours or something along those lines. The hours on the placard are the hours applied for, not necessarily they hours they will be open (or the Dupont ANC will allow in a “settlement” agreement).

      • “Ward One Resident”…you don’t really know what you’re talking about, but thanks for trying

  • I loved Sandy’s flowers (as did my wife). Very sad that it is gone. Does anyone know what happened?

  • But they had me at “mostly fried foods.”

  • How long before they get a cease and desist from the Kamal Foundation’s lawyer (who’s on retainer)? I know “Saloon” is generic, but for you IP lawyers out there, I think something that’s been around since the 1970s has some secondary meaning. This was a poor naming decision.

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