Renderings for Capitol Crossing Development and Possible Future Home of Eataly

Rendering via Property Group Partners

Earlier this month we were psyched to learn of a potential home for Eataly in DC. Here’s lots more info from PGP’s website:

“Capitol Crossing will be a multi-phase master-planned development located in Washington’s supply-constrained Central Business District that is bordered by Massachusetts Avenue to the north, E Street to the south, Third Street to the west and Second Street to the east.

The 247,000-square-foot site consists of a recessed portion of US I-395 that slices through the east side of the CBD, which is surrounded by a multitude of public transportation options.

The project will be built over the active highway utilizing a platform to support the development of an expected 2.2 million square-foot mixed-use project.

The development’s focus will be predominately office. It will also include a significant ground floor retail component, below-grade parking and a small component of residential use.

Washington has encouraged the development of a platform over I-395 since the initial approval in 1990, with the expectation that it would re-connect F and G Streets between Second and Third Streets as originally conceived in L’Enfant’s master plan for the city. Restoring the site to grade level and filling in the highway overpass will result in a dramatic transformation of the area into a true destination.

This is the largest continuous undeveloped site remaining in Downtown Washington. Its size will offer tremendous opportunity for private firms to lease large blocks of contiguous space for current needs as well as future expansion space.”

Check out many more renderings here.

And how the site looks today:

3rd and Massachusetts Ave, NW looking east

looking south

looking west

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  • One of the renderings says “Eaterly” above a door. Either they are playing with us, or that is a good sign! This will be incredible for that area. It should link the Union Station/Hill area with Chinatown/Mt. Vernon/Judiciary Square in the same way City Center hopes to link Chinatown with Metro Center.

  • Yay! More glass cubes!!!

  • maxwell smart

    Great. Another incredibly generic DC glass office building. Yawn.

    • What do you expect? The developer is spending a metric ton of money to deck over the highway, so of course they’re going to want get their money’s worth in square footage on top.

  • Holy hell that’s a lot of asphalt in the first rendering. Is this going to be at all pedestrian-friendly or just another car-ridden nightmare?

    • If the road pictured is Mass. Ave, that’s not the developers fault.

      What I don’t get is how they intend to do below grade parking. The “below grade” space is already occupied by a highway.

  • Wow, that is incredibly bland. This should be at home along the Dulles Toll Road.
    But I’m sure it’s maximizing square footage in this Class A commercial property.

    • In case you haven’t noticed, DC and areas along the Dulles Toll Road are a helluva lot more alike these days than they used to be.

  • I liked that it was a no-man’s land there. It kept Capitol Hill distinct…like you really needed to “cross something” to get there…. Now, it’s blends too easily.

    Now that said….. let the haters hate….

  • “it” not “it’s”

  • Looks like Ballson. Ick. They’d better have some nice amenities to make up for all of that ugly.

  • I wonder where the homeless encampment at the northwest corner of Second and E will migrate. That block is such a mess.

  • I cringe at the thought about how much traffic is gonna suck around here until this is done. That area where Mass and H meet between 2nd and 4th is bad enough now.

    • It’s been my experience that traffic has gotten much, much worse almost everywhere in DC over the last five years or so. Many busy areas are nearly in gridlock most of the time. It’s never really going to get any better, with so many people moving here.

    • This was my thought. I lived in that 300 Mass building years ago before CityVista and all of that stuff north of Mass Ave was there and traffic was already pretty crappy around that exchange to get on 395. I recently rented a car from Union Station and came out onto H Street up to that exchange and it took 20 minutes to get through there. Always the worst part of the trip in a cab from Union Station north on Mass.

      I wonder what will happen to the new congregation of homeless that hang out in that park across the street from there.

  • Better than a highway overpass, but still terrible.

  • Folks love to look a gift horse in the mouth. Do you realize how much the space sucks right now? Do you realize that any improvement is a vast improvement?

    • Do YOU realize that this is a false choice? We’re talking about one of the most desirable real estate markets in the country – if not the world. Yes, I think it’s fair to expect major developments like this to be in good taste.

  • Popville negativity at it’s best. A 7 acre parcel of land that currently serves as a highway will be redeveloped with offices, restaurants and streets that connect one part of the city to another (all while keeping the highway!) I say hurrah for glass cubes! Not every building in the city needs to have marble columns or bricks.

    • I wouldn’t necessarily take popville coments as being representative of the entire readership…

  • Another thought. With the investment, when will developers start to go in and tear down L’Enfant Plaza and the atrocities of architecture that are in that area and build more functional office space? That is such prime real estate and is one of the most depressing parts of DC.

    • The answer is: eventually. The issue is that the land there is either owned or long-term leased by the Federal government, so change is going to come much, much more slowly.

  • I really need some visual to show me how this appears over 395. My brain will now let me understand it. Where will you get on 395 now from Mass Ave? I cannot visualize this at all. Seems pretty cool though. Although there is a lot of office space open and opening up in the traditional Metro Center area, I’m sort of surprised the city is that constrained for office space just a few blocks east.

    • Nevermind. I saw the site plan on the website. Crazy. And now I’m thinking, forget traffic on the Mass Ave/H Street area, what will 395 traffic underneath look like while this is going on?

  • djdc

    “…with the expectation that it would re-connect F and G Streets between Second and Third Streets as originally conceived in L’Enfant’s master plan for the city…”

    I’m confused why the plans don’t show this happening. And it doesn’t look possible to connect them to First Street either. Still a great project and will make an amazing difference.

    • This:

      Helped me visualize this better. I don’t think I had realized it was basically building completely over 395 in that area except for the on/off ramps. F Street appears to reconnect, but G street seems a bit iffy to me. Probably just pedestrian traffic I’d guess.

      • Also F Street ends at G’town Law anyway, so sort of an empty selling point if you ask me, but I guess if you are a GULC student, this makes it easier to get over to Chinatown or the Judiciary Square metro stop.

        • djdc

          Yeah, it looks like they couldn’t extend them to First even if they wanted to, so maybe they figured why bother connecting to Second. Agreed it will be much better for pedestrians without that huge highway gap there.

  • Good news for the east end of downtown, but likely bad news for the homeless shelter at 2nd & E, which is sure to get displaced by this development, if you know anything about the history of this town and its unspoken apartheid rules keep the distance between the homeless and the privileged as far apart as possible (see Central Union Mission, which did profit from the sale and all, but sheesh).

    • You’re right, providing more space to shelter the homeless downtown within a few blocks of this development is just like apartheid. Careful though, if your your astute observation is accurate, speaking out about it could get you thrown in prison.

    • How do you reconcile your statement with the fact that the Central Union Mission is opening up in the Gales School two blocks away?

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