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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • Revel: They resurfaced Florida Avenue east of Georgia!

    That really should not be as exciting as it is…

    • They did?! This is SUPER exciting news! I will drive ridiculously out of the way to avoid driving Florida Ave between Georgia and N Cap.

  • Rant: Waiting to hear back from the Federal Govt about a job. Weeeeeks of anxiety!
    Rave: Spring? Spring!

    • Good luck. Hope those weeks don’t turn in to months. Gov can be soooo sloooow.

      • For my first government job, I submitted an application in August and got a call for an interview in January.
        When I got the call, it had been so long — and I’d applied to so many federal jobs in the interim — that I was hurriedly trying to remember which job it was that I’d applied for!

        • Something similar happened to me last year. The worst part is that the e-mail was from a national-security related agency, and at the same time I was doing interviews to support my husband and friends’ security clearances, all of which seemed to be getting renewed at the same time. Awkward to have to e-mail someone back and inquire whether the “interview” they ambiguously requested is for a job you applied for, or for someone’s security clearance renewal.

    • Uh oh, so is my husband… *stares you down*

      • Thanks etcetera. I hope not too. They initially gave the end of April as a time frame, so I hope they stick to it.

        Oh Sweet Thing, I’m sure there’s more than one! (I hope…)

  • Rave: Hearing the Joon Rhee Self Defense jingle on The Americans this week. Great show, made even better by that bit of local nostalgia. I hope they can work in a Mr. Ray’s commercial in a future episode, although I’m not sure if the Jennings could pick up the Baltimore stations in Falls Church.

    • There used to be a Mr. Ray’s in downtown Silver Spring. I think they would show up on channel 20 sometimes.

  • Rave: Amazing day

    Rant: The animalistic mentality of so many DC residents. Take what they want with no shame or conscience. A grown man walked up to one of the newly planted street trees and started working on the support wires, twisting and bending and finally breaking them off and taking them with him. People standing round at the bus stop looking right at him and he could have cared less. He took it back down the alley and used it to tie on a license plate to a car. It is one level of bad to do that with nobody watching but to do it in broad day light with people watching and you feeling no shame must put you at the lowest level of humanity (I know we are talking about a tree guide wire here, it is the principle not the subject, what other crimes or disrespect would this kind of person show without caring?). As a person who always wants the best for myself and mankind, whose first thought is generally to do the right thing and consider others whose thought on said problem above would be to put the license plate in my window and drive my butt down the street to AutoZone and guy some bolts for 49 cents, I don’t even begin to fathom the mentality of people like this.

    (We should be able to see how many POP readers are in this mentality by the replies lol)

    • Why didn’t you try to stop him or call 911?

    • I agree whole heartedly with your analysis, but on the other hand, I find this image humorous. The guy was being very resourceful and he seemed to know exactly what he was doing.

    • So if you saw this first hand, does this mean you said something to him?

    • Very well put and the occasions to ponder the issue you raise occur all too often. At its most basic, we all are guilty of mistreating others by both seeing those who have little to nothing – I’m guessing the mentally ill homeless guy thinks the same thing about me as I pass him on my stroll back to my office from the food truck. Although i do sometimes buy a meal for the beggars I pass, I often do not. And when I don’t offer food, shelter, compassion, etc for those that I know clearly need it, I am doing a version of the same thing as the wire thief.

      But most of us see a difference – I feel justifiable guilty for my omission, while the wire thief seems to feel justified by his act of commission. And while’s my “not giving” has greater repercussions than his “taking” (basic human needs vs. a leaning street tree), it somehow seems worse. Not sure what my point is here, but…

      • “And when I don’t offer food, shelter, compassion, etc for those that I know clearly need it, I am doing a version of the same thing as the wire thief.”
        Umm, no, no you’re not. One is illegal, the other is not. And if you pay taxes, you are indirectly giving to people who need assistance, arguably to fund more effective efforts than buying one person a meal.

      • “Not sure what my point is here, but…”
        That makes two of us.

    • Why do so many commenters use “animal” as their adjective for inappropriate behavior? I don’t get that at all. It comes up every time some teenager does something idiotic, threatening, or violent.

      Stealing tree wire is clearly a selfish, destructive act, but it’s also quite human, calculated against the hassle of losing a license plate, and kind of McGyverish. Animalistic seems demeaning, and completely inaccurate.

      Now, if he was rubbing his scent against the bark to mark his territory, then yes, that’s animalistic.

      • There will always be people who attempt to prop up their own egos at the expense of others.

      • Yes! Someone also pointed this out last week and I meant to comment then. You can strongly condemn someone’s actions without denying their humanity, and without attributing the actions of one to a whole group of people. Particularly in regards to teenagers, I think of the Burn’s documentary about the Central Park Five. There was a lot of mass hysteria and fear of teenagers, which was stoked by this type of language: wolves, savages, herds/packs, etc. It would take me forever to get into all the reasons why I think this is messed up, and I only have so much time for lunch.

      • Probably to express the same frustration, anger and disillusionment that motivated the criminal behavior that prompted the response.

      • Oh you get it just fine. People who use this term are implying these people are less than human. That is what it means and you know it.

        Animalistic is meant to be demeaning, but it is not in any way inaccurate. It is in actually a factual usage. All humans are animals. Not all animals are humans. Most humans think humans are above (etter than) animals. I do not believe this in any capacity, but the OP obviously does.

        Now the way the OP used it is completely wrong. We have no understanding of the morality of the rest of the animal kingdom (nonhuman variety). The OP has no idea if other animals have the concepts of conscience or shame. We do know that humans do. So the idiot OP is completely incorrect in ascribing human traits to the rest of the animal kingdom. And you are correct: this is a human act. As is fighting in packs, beating people to death, raping, robbing and stealing.

        But it makes humans feel better about themselves to think these are not human traits.

    • Well, one take away from this is how easy seems to be for someone who “wants the best for him/herself and mankind, whose first thought is generally to do the right thing and consider others…..” to do absolutely nothing in the face of a clear need. You neither intervened to protect the tree, nor intervened to help someone whose needs clearly exceed your own, and whose material resources are clearly less than yours. Nope, in the spirit of wanting the best for others you decided to troll on Pop. I’m getting that from your last provocative sentence and your first one about “animalistic mentality” — a handy red flag. I, personally, find this type of entertainment a little sick. But that’s just me. And I can’t fathom the mentality of people who can pat themselves on the back for their own “humanity,” while participating in, and likely benefiting from a society that supports great disparities. To quote the OP: ” lol” What a funny, funny world we live in. And what widely differing views we have of both “humanity” and “man’s inhumanity to man”.

      • “someone whose needs clearly exceed your own, and whose material resources are clearly less than yours”
        Ha ha, you have no way of knowing this based on the fact that he needed something to attach his license plate to his car. For all you know, the car was a Lamborghini. If you think OP has way overcooked his/her point, I hope you realize that you have too. I really hope this was an attempt at satire or something.

    • “The problem is you lived your whole life believing there are rules. There are no rules”

      • This. Go to K Street, Wall Street, and Congress and tell me if there’s meaningful rules.
        The only rule is “Don’t get caught.” The OP got distracted by this silly nuisance instead of focusing on the routine immorality just a half mile away. Gotta love DC.

    • can’t we all just agree that the biggest threat to social order are tourists standing on the left

  • This is a vague question for the bikers out there. I had a full tune-up recently for my bike where I had to get the brake pads replaced. When I asked one mechanic if they could do the bike in one day, the guy (mechanic 1) hesitated and said they were out of brake pads. Then, another mechanic (who has made mistakes with my bike in the past) whispered something to the other guy, which prompted mechanic 1 to tell me, “Oh, actually, yes, we can do the bike today.” I was confused- no brake pads, but then there are brake pads. Well, fast forward two weeks, and my “new brake pads” (red ones on the front, unlike the black ones on the back brakes) are squeaking and causing people to comment that I need to get my bike looked at. Was I had?

    • I don’t know if you were had, but new break pads are usually pretty squeaky until they’re a little worn and broken (no pun intended) in.

    • Have you tried cleaning your rims with rubbing alcohol? That might help.

    • Probably not had, just not great mechanics. Squeeking happens when the angle of the pad is off. Basically, vibration can turn the brake into a tuning fork. It’s an easy readjustment, 5-10 minutes. First try cleaning the rim (metal part) with some rubbing alcohol and sand down the brake pad a tiny bit. If that doesn’t work, take it back. Read this: http://sheldonbrown.com/brandt/brake-squeal.html

    • Could be a lot of things. Is it constantly squeaking or only when you apply the brakes? Like anon 10:34 suggested, clean your rims with something, also clean the brake pads as well. The fact that they’re red doesn’t mean anything other than you got cool guy aftermarket pads.

    • Emmaleigh504

      Maybe the first person was mistaken and the second person wanted to quietly correct him without embarrassing him or making a fuss in front of the customer who may complain or think they were being had or lied to.

    • Thanks for the advice, everyone. I’ll do the alcohol thing and look at the pads, and maybe give it some more time for breaking in. I’m already paranoid about this shop because I had an issue where I was constantly having flats in one tire, and I knew something was inherently wrong with the rims or tire itself after the third time. Mechanic 2, at the time, told me that pumping my tires every day would solve the problem (I’m not a road bike warrior, but even I know that advice was wrong. The guy was treating me like an idiot). It took the woman owner of the shop to inspect the bike and quickly determine it was indeed a defective tire. As a female rider, I always wonder if some of these mechanics don’t take me seriously, especially when my bike is not $2,000.

      • Which shop? If you don’t want to answer, that’s cool. But definitely sounds like time to move to a new shop as you’ll always have suspicions about the old one. There are other factors in why a tire might go poof constantly (cheap rims, etc) but it shouldn’t take several times of same issue to change up shops.

      • gotryit

        Sounds like you should trust your instincts and find a new bike shop.

      • Don’t think it has anything to do with you being female. They always acted that way toward me and my $50 bike too.

      • No I know it was a tire but he was right. If you fill your tires to the right pressure everyday you will be less likely to pick up road debris and puncture a tire. I used to get flats all the time then someone told me that and I think I have only gotten one since. Most bike mechanics are a holes and the work is not that hard to do yourself with the right tools and google.

      • Sounds like a crappy shop. Which one? I’m not in DC, but can recommend the Spokes on Quaker lane, if you’re in Arlington/Alexandria. I do most of my own work, but they’ve done a great job for me in the past as well. Keep in mind that this is the busiest season for bike shops, so going to a new one might mean leaving your bike for a few days.

      • I’d rather not name names because it is my neighborhood LBS, which I use frequently. And, while Mechanic 2 bears watching, the rest of the staff and the owner have always treated me very well. Probably a good idea to look for a new mechanic.

        • You should check out Bike House! It’s an awesome collective that teaches you how to fix your own bike. By working with them you can learn how to fix bike pads, tires and clean and lube your chain. No need to pay a snotty mechanic for basic maintenance.

    • It’s that they are new and the angle is off. Fix the angle and then the squeaking will stop once they are broken in.

  • Rave: Daughter’s third birthday next week, celebrating this weekend. Short years, long days – can’t believe she’s turning three.
    Rant: MIL staying with us in our tiny place because she’s incapable of getting herself from point A to point B. I like her – it’s just we won’t have any privacy this weekend. All she’s going to want to talk about is her other son’s marital troubles. Nope.
    Rant: Just found out husband’s colleague is losing her husband to brain cancer at the age of 51. Terrible terrible.
    Rave: Working with great people. Got cc’ed on a really great note from someone to my boss, telling her what a great job I’m doing on a task. I always do the same – let a supervisor know when someone does something well – so it was nice to be on the receiving end.

    • Happy Bday to your daughter – mine is 11 and I can’t believe it. Find myself often in serious reminiscing mode, esp when I see younger kids. Wistfully beautiful.

      • Thanks, T! It really does feel like yesterday that she was born. Nope, she’s three. A crazy, running, jumping, talking, singing three year old.

  • Got back from a trip to India.

    Rant: It was hot and dirty
    Revel: People are so friendly and helpful.

    • It was cold and dirty when I went! I would have liked the warmth. And yeah, I had to throw away a lot of the shoes and clothing I wore there. I’d love to know how the locals are able to get all that grime out.

  • Baby isn’t due until late summer, but I’m trying to start researching some in-home day care options in and around Eckington/Bloomingdale/Shaw/Noma. Anyone have any suggestions?

    • Good luck – I’ve been looking for decent childcare since January. Been on day care wait lists for going on 16 months. I am still home with my baby after a brief stint with a now-fired nanny.

      It’s awful, but good luck

  • The guys who give directions outside Smithsonian Metro frequently ask tourists “Smithsonian or Holocaust?” It reminds me of Eddie Izzard’s “cake or death?” bit.

  • Rave: Fun weekend ahead with friends and outdoors and sports!
    Rant: Packing up my apartment. How on earth did I accumulate so much stuff.
    Rave: Excited to take next step with my bf and move into together.
    Rant: Moving is expensive!

    Question: Anyone have a rec for a good (reasonably priced) interior house painter? Dont need a ton of work done, just living room and a few kitchen walls. Thanks!

    • Packing is THE worst! I asked myself the same question when my fiance and I moved back in December…..I made about 4-5 trips to Goodwill and STILL have a ton stuff to donate.

      Congrats on the move- always very exciting!

    • Emmaleigh504

      Ugh packing. I have to pack up my office for painting. How did I get some much crap at work?

  • Rant: Why is it the metro only seems to work whenever tourists come into town (I’m looking at you, cherry blossom season)? Annoying, to say the least.
    Rave: Super happy today is Friday, and a beautiful Friday at that!
    Rave: My birthday is on Sunday 🙂
    Rave: Wizards are in the playoffs- are we slowly overcoming the Washington Sport Suck!?

    • Federal Pressure.

      The Fed Govt would never allow metro to screw tourists during cherry blossom festival. CBF and July 4th are the 2 uses of metro that the feds really care about. They want their workers to get in on time… but bad press from tourists on Cherry Blossom or Independence day mean waaaay more than commuter complaints.

  • Rant: Got the brush from a dude who I thought liked me. Not only do I feel like a reject, now I feel like I can’t trust my judgment of other people.
    Rant: Gonna be alone forever.

  • Rave: kissed a cute girl last night after our kickball game
    Rave: Really surprised it happened, and that i feel like i am “interested” in seeing her again (well aside from our weekly kickball game). Is it too soon to be thinking like this?!
    Rant: I didnt get her number, but will see her next week

    • Haha, at my bocce game last night we had a long discussion about our 5 year success as a team staying together. We decided it’s because none of us have hooked up with each other.
      But then again, your priorities might be different. Ours it to have a fun and friendly team, yours might be to meet a potential SO.

      • this is about the third year we have had the team, a lot of new players and changing people but the core group has been together for a while. And theres already people hooking up on the team (so thats already out of the bag). The good thing is this particular girl is not in the “core” group and is outside the social circle just enough, which is good because some of my friends hooking up seems ‘incestual’

        • I said that partially in jest, it works for our team and we’ve been lucky to have met randomly and have remained intact and good friends for 5 years. Aaaand because there was a hilarious email posted to Dead Spin this week about the not hooking up with your kickball teammates.

        • Kickball is all about hooking up. This is why I play bocce 🙂

          During my softball-on-the-mall days, we used to play right next to kickball teams. There was one girl who turned her t-shirt into a dress (no bottoms!), complete with thigh-high tube socks. The poor outfielders kept missing balls because they couldn’t stop staring at her!

  • Rant: Got up early to take coughing cat to the vet – cat ceased coughing, vet found nothing wrong, positive that cat will begin coughing again soon. Devious animal.
    Rave: Trying my first class at [solidcore] tonight, and am really excited about it!
    Rant: Not looking forward to being ungodly sore for days.
    Rant/Rave: Finishing up with cleaning out the old apartment this weekend, including having a cleaning service come. So ready to be completely done with moving!

    • Would love to hear how it goes for you at solidcore! I’m trying them on Sunday I think!

    • please let us know what you think of Solidcore!! I’m intrigued and live close by… but looks $$$?

      • It’s definitely expensive… no way around that. It looks like the best deal is the 3-month unlimited package. If you go three times a week, it works out to about $25/class. A pricey commitment, but if it’s as addictive and effective as people suggest, I’d be willing to move the money I spend on eating out toward working out, instead!

    • Emmaleigh504

      Poor kitty. Hopefully, kitty is done coughing and you don’t have to take another trip to the vet.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: Having a difficult time waking up in the morning. I’ve been late to work all this week.
    Rave: The boss is on vacation, so he didn’t see. Hoping I’m just feeling lazy because he is away and I’ll be back on track next week.
    Rave: The Easter Bunny left me chocolate at my desk.

  • Smilla

    Rantish question: Is anyone else experiencing an increase in error messages when you tap your SmarTrip card at Metrorail faregates? My card is maybe three years old, and I use it every day (almost always Metrorail, rarely bus). I keep it in a card holder in my bag, and I take it out of the holder when I tap it (I tap and not swipe).

    In the past couple of months, I’ve noticed that faregates are giving me an error message more often — maybe 1 out of five times — and I have to tap two or three times or go to another gate before it will work. I realize that following someone through the gates too soon can cause this to happen, but this is happening even when I’m not following anyone. It doesn’t seem to a problem with a specific gate either.

    I can get a new card, but, if a lot of people are experiencing similar problems, I wonder if there’s a problem with the faregates, Metro’s software, or something else.

    • I doubt there’s any particular reason for it. I’ve had the same SmarTrip card for about 10 years and there are occasional periods where I swear it’s not working properly a lot of the time, and then I’ll go for months or longer without any problems. Honestly it could be the way you’re using it – instead of ‘tapping’ or ‘swiping’ it, try just holding it on the sensor until it registers. Mine doesn’t always register immediately and if I’m trying to do it too quickly it won’t work.

      • 10 years? I’m jealous. I’ve had mine just completely die, as confirmed by the station manager, when I’m trying to exit.

        • Something like that. I bought it when they first issued SmarTrip and I’ve had it ever since. Like anything that is manufactured it’s possible that some batches of cards are worse than others.

      • I’ve had mine for eight years and I’ve never had problems with it. It rarely leaves my wallet.

      • Smilla

        When I say “tap,” I’m doing pretty much what you describe — I put my card on the sensor until the gates open. I call it a “tap” because when it works properly, I don’t need to hold my card on the sensor for very long.

        Based on everyone’s feedback (thank you!), I guess I’ll get a new card and see how that works.

    • I’m impressed it’s lasted three years! Mine usually die around 2 years, and they die a slow death – exactly in the way you’re describing. Sometimes everything is fine, and sometimes you’re standing in front of a line of people impatiently waiting for you to get through the gate, while you frantically flip your card every way possible. It’s probably time for a new one.

    • gotryit

      I’ve been getting those messages too – very similar patterns. I also thought it was a following too close / not registering my swipe, but I’m not sure.
      I fixed it (for today) by riding my bike.

    • Wow! My cards usually last about 3 years — so maybe it’s just hit the end of its useful life. I will say though, that I’ve had a lot more problems swiping at the handicapped gates where you swipe on the side than I have at the regular fare gates where you swipe at the top.

    • So glad to read this–I’ve had my card for about 6 years now and it seems like it’s starting to have problems. I didn’t realize that something could be happening to the card itself, I just assumed it was the turnstile having issues.

    • I have a magic card that always has $225 on it. No matter what. I haven’t put money on my card in 4+ years, but it always seems to reset to $225. And no, I don’t have metro benefits. And yes, I understand that I am a horrible person, devoid of all moral fiber for enjoying my free rides 🙂

      • Wow! Although it would be awesome if you could somehow find a needy person and donate it to them.

      • Smilla

        Wow! I should give you a hard time for stealing, but I can’t.

        I hope your card isn’t registered. Otherwise, I wonder if Metro could come after you for back payment should they ever discover what’s been happening.

        • I doubt that WMATA could get their $#!% together enough to track something like that! I do wonder if there are others like me wandering around this fair city, living above the law…

      • I love how nobody cares about this because it’s WMATA. Stick it to the man!

    • yowzers, i lose my card every few months…I am impressed and also scared that you can hold onto to your cards this long.

  • Rave: Mid City Women meet-up tonight at Showtime. If anyone lives in Bloomingdale/Eckington/Truxton Circle and is looking for a great group of new friends, come join us at 6. You can find us on the meet-up site.
    Rant: Squirrels.eating.my.tulips.gah.

  • Rant: This week has put me through the ringer on just about every front. I dealt with it by overindulging in happy hour last night, and I’m feeling it today.
    Rant: This whole Cuban Twitter fiasco has made my new job suddenly much less secure. Fantastic.
    Rave: Finally came to agreement with the sellers of the house we have a contract on, and we’ll hopefully be able to close next week as planned.
    Rave: Having a loving bf who I can lean on when the shit’s hitting the fan from all directions. Very, very thankful for him this week.

  • Rant: Lost my keys last night somewhere between my house, the Nats game, and my house again. Been trying to find them all morning. Anyone find a set of keys in the Navy Yard neighborhood?

    Rave: At least it wasn’t my wallet. Infinitely harder to replace.

  • Rant: Coupon I was going to use for dinner tonight is only good sun-thurs and I was a dummy and didn’t read the fine print.
    Rave: Dinner plans turned into brunch plans for tomorrow, and that is even better imo!

  • Rave: It’s Friday!
    Rant: Made a decision to go see a psychologist after months of struglling with depression and anxiety. so sad to com to the conclusion that I can’t control this alone.
    Rant: Called for an appointment with a psychologist and got placed on a month long waiting list. Looking for an earlier option since my depression seems to be coming back with a vengeance.
    Rant: The fact that I need a psychologist period.
    Rave: Office is almost empty today. Can actually hear myself think for the first time this week.

    • Never apologize or take it as defeat that you need to see someone concerning depression. Don’t ever take it that way please. Everyone has different needs and strengths/weaknesses. I am struggling with depression since last summer and even thought about suicide. Finding someone quickly to speak to and talk me through my issues has helped me immensely in dealing with depression. Wishing you the best of luck and sending positive waves to you.

    • Agree – Never apologize for doing something for your own health and well being. No one is meant to go through life alone and without some sort of assistance, it’s just not possible. We all reach out for help in our own ways, and if you think seeing someone is what you have to do to get better then its a great idea. Ignoring your instinct and urge to seek help will only hurt you in the long run. It’s funny how we as humans always feel the need to prove that we can do it all by ourselves, when in reality I’ve never met anyone who was capable of that! Good luck to you, get well.

    • Emmaleigh504

      Depression is a medical problem just like cancer or arthritis, don’t beat yourself up for seeking medical help for a medical problem. See a professional and get yourself well, that is the important part.

    • My girlfriend just started seeing Dr. Vani Rao. She’s expensive but sounds really good and doesn’t have a wait to get in. Prior to my girlfriend’s first appointment she’d already spend a considerable amount of time talking with all the psychologists, neurologists, and other doctors she’d previously seen.

  • Rave: It’s a girl!
    Rave 2: She’s healthy.
    Rave 3: Halfway to meeting her.

    • Congratulations!! wish I was in your shoes. I’m sure you already know how lucky you are. Big congrats!

      • Thank you! Feeling very lucky. We’ve been trying for a while and had a couple losses. I hope you’re similarly blessed very soon. Good luck.

  • Found Keys in Logan Circle yesterday 6ish pm. I found a set of keys with a Nissan car starter, a building fob, and a `Washington Sports Club membership tag . I’m calling WSC to see if it is registered and where so I can at least get the keys in the direction of the owner. If this sounds like your keys, respond and we’ll figure something out.

  • Rant: I have a ton of paper metro cards worth $30. This morning I was trying to add them to my smartrip card and kept getting the message that I was exceeding the transaction limit. My smartrip card only had $20 bucks on it and I normally keep a couple hundred on it at least so I know that wasn’t the issue. Come to find out that since they converted over to the faregate method, that most machines will not let you add over $20 at a time. I was advised to carry around the farecard (who does that?) and use it until it gets under the $20 threshold and then add it to my smartrip. Umm, the whole reason I have the smartrip is so that I don’t have to carry around fare cards. I asked if I could exchange my $30 farecards for $20 and a $10 farecards at Metrocenter but was told that they won’t do that. The station manager told me that my best bet was to keep trying different machines and one of them might let me do it. SMDH.

    Rave (yeah I said rave and not Revel): My 11 month old daughter is really walking well, like really well. She surprised me the other night when she fell as was able to push herself up on her own, no help at all. We are in for it now.

    • I think you might also have the option of mailing your fare cards to the WMATA – and they can credit them to your registered smart card.

  • For those who missed this in yesterday’s R&R – there’s an unofficial PoPville happy hour on April 30th at Acre 121 starting at 6:00 or so.

  • Rave: I’ve already said it, but I love my bocce team. What great people.
    Rave: I keep hitting the jackpot when I call the Office of Tax and Revenue. Okay, so I waited on hold for about 30 minutes, but the woman who answered was very nice and very helpful. She even took the time to review everything and told me what I need to do when contacting my mortgage company. It turns out my property tax bill was sent before my homestead deduction was input into the system, so I wasn’t seeing it reflected in my bill, but it actually is and now I have a credit.
    Rant: I thought I was in a good place with not buying a lot of new clothing, but then the season starts to change and like a prey driven animal, I stalk the new looks. Damn you online shopping!
    Rant: let’s see if anyone survives helping my friend move tomorrow. She’s a woman, there are 4 other women, and one man signed up for this. Oof.

    • i helped my friend move last weekend – it will take a lot longer than you think. That is my advice! That poor guy has it bad hahah

      • Ha, sounds like my moving scenarios. I’m of the belief that a typical woman can usually lift any furniture a man can, though. And yeah, I’ve never had a move NOT take the entire day.

        • Oh, I don’t think women are wimps by any means. I’m a woman and I’m not a wimp, but this isn’t going to be fun.
          I did have some friends help me move from my apartment to a POD and it took less than 90 minutes and was surprisingly easy.

      • movinghelp.com they have hourly rate labor only movers who can show up on the same day. I STRONGLY encourage this. We thought our move would take all day…we were done in 4.5 hours, including a 40 minute drive.

  • Rave: It’s Friday and I’ve got some fun plans for this weekend.
    Rant: Those plans all involve eating or drinking and I’ve been trying to lose weight :-/
    Rave: All the flowers and plants blooming. They’re making my walk to work MUCH more enjoyable. I practically walk into light poles because my head is just permanently fixated on all the gardens I’m passing. Thanks DC residents for keeping them up!!

  • Emmaleigh504

    Interesting: today I learned there is condom ice cream.

  • Rave: West Virginia for the weekend.
    Rant: DPW gave me one too many new recycling bins and they seem uninterested in picking it up, even though I’ve called and they’ve picked up all of my neighbors’ bins. Anyone want a new recycling bin?

  • Rave: I love the car that is today’s picture! It lives near Dupont Circle, and I walk past it all the time. I once even made up a little song about it to the tune of Desperado. (El camino, you know that you don’t belong here…) Glad to see it making a public appearance!

    • Emmaleigh504

      hahaha you and my dad need to hang out. When I was in high school he made up a song about a GTO that lived near us. He only sang it every time we passed it which was like 4 times a week.

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