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  • justinbc

    Damn, I totally wanted to ironically purchase their meat grinder, but I don’t see it on the list.

    • Its often the case that various items aren’t initially included in the auction. Sometimes it’s because they are still in use for some purpose. Sometimes they are added later. Sometimes they just don’t belong to the restaurant (or in this case the bank).

      However, you can usually get the item if you want it. Talk to the auction house – they’ll put you in touch with the auction manager for that specific sale. Better yet, go to the restaurant now (especially since the auction is happening so quickly) find the item (be sure it works) and ask the manager about it. You might be able to buy it on the spot (just be sure the seller is in a position to sell it – liens, etc.).

      • Professional auctioneer (no relation to this liquidation) checking in. I second this person’s comment. Unless the slicer has “walked away,” it’s still there.

        …here we go. Found it. “Control-F” is your friend for finding text in a webpage.


  • I wonder if they;ll let all the people asking about their now-useless gift cards use those to buy kitchenware!!

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