New Early and Late Night Happy Hour Specials at RANGE

5335 Wisconsin Avenue NW

You can see the menus here and here.

From an email:


1/2 price pizzas
$1 oysters
$5 Flying Dog UnderDog Lager
$7 Revoked Celebrity cocktail
Tito’s, lemon verbana, lemon, apricot

1/2 price pizzas
$1 oysters
1/2 price shellfish towers

Bar only, to-go not available”


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  • Haven’t been, but would like to give it a shot. But to the point: is this a clear indication that they need to fill seats?
    Maybe putting a high-end restaurant in a mall isn’t exactly what people want? (or is it, as I said, I haven’t been)

    • I haven’t been there either, but I’ve gotten dramatically different accounts from different friends who have eaten there. From amazing to awful.

      • The first time I went, it was for dinner and it was so bad, I ended up getting comped the bill. The service was atrocious, the waiter kept filling up my water glass with sparkling rather than still, and three items had to be sent back to the kitchen because they were inedible. The second time was for a client luncheon, and while it was better, it still wasn’t anything exciting. I wouldn’t recommend Range to anyone.

  • They must be Popville readers – notice how they clearly state that HH specials are not “to go?”

  • The food is amazing. but as a I look at this picture it definitely feels like a shopping mall is NOT the place for them. Maybe they based their location strictly off of household income within a certain distance and decided this was the place…big mistake. Higher HH incomes actually don’t spend as much on going out to dinner or as frequently. This place might do better on 14th or Penn Quarter.

    • Nearly all indoor shopping malls that aren’t supermalls (such as Tyson’s Corner Center) are struggling. This was probably a more affordable opportunity to build out something so ambitious in the DC market than, say, someplace downtown or on 14th Street.

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