I Originally Thought This was Just an Ad for Halloween

3530 Georgia Ave, NW

Back in October we noted The House’s new look. Didn’t realize the sign out front was going to be permanent. Seems odd to spend so much money/effort and then leave a dated paper sign up:


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  • Well, as long as it’s done in a tasteful manner….

  • I love the House. Been there twice and always super awkward, but great. I think both times I was the only white fellow there. One of the patrons was having her birthday, got drunk, got on stage, and proceeded to get naked. Good times

  • This place should be shut down. It’s close to a school not to mention a major retail strip. What a shame.

  • Well not that I care if this place lives or dies but they were there long before the school.

  • The models in the ad are actually the owner and his wife. He must really love it, because someone scrawled “I’m gay” on the owner’s face about a two weeks ago (Score 1 for E.L. Haynes) and that dumb sign is still there.

  • I live really close to this place and I usually forget it’s even there. It’s impressively unobtrusive and most of the time there’s not much going on outside. Is it even open when school is in session? Even after school stuff? I never really got the school nearby argument, there are no windows, it’s closed when kids are nearby, and there’s a sign with one scantily clad person, but that’s it.

    • exactly
      this place is extremely subtle
      and as others mentioned has been there before the school. so am i to assume you are shaming whoever decided that location for the school as they knew what was on the block prior to choosing the location?

    • Lotsa sticks in wrong places.

  • The poster is kind of trashy-looking, but I guess it’s better than the “GIRLS GIRLS GIRLS” sign that was there before.

  • Complain about the Macombo Lounge if you need something to be mad about, That place is a hole. I’m not keen on strip clubs near schools either, but it is quiet, and the outside is in good shape. No reports of people killing eachother there either.

  • Referring to this sign as “dated” doesn’t come close to doing it justice!

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