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  • This place has great food, awesome happy hour specials and lovely decor but it’s always dead. I’m not sure how they were managing to remain open. My guess is that it’s either switching formats or “temporarily closed” becomes “permanently closed.”

    • Whatever you call that style of building (short, flat brick edifice with arch plate glass windows) it’s no wonder they were always dead. Plus, a sign that says “new management” and “make your experience even better” says to me “Be glad you never stopped in before.”

      But I do love me some Eastern European food.

    • Totally agree about the great food. I stopped in randomly one weekend for brunch and it was great. But yes, it was empty.

  • I hope they’re ok. I’ve been there a few times and I really like the food at both the restaurant and cafe. The owners seemed nice too.

  • I’m in agreement with the other commentators; I always enjoyed the food and service. but there is something off-putting about being the only occupied table in the house. Too bad. I’m not sure what they can do to revive the place

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