Brick Oven Pizza and Tavern Coming to 637 Florida Ave, NW in Shaw

637 Florida Ave, NW

More big news for the 600 block of Florida Ave, NW – a recent liquor license application says this will be a:

“New Tavern with American food specializing in brick oven pizza. Live entertainment with DJ, dancing and cover charge. Occupancy load is 450. Summer Garden. (15 SEATS)”

They’ll be located right next door to the new IChing Asian restaurant still being built out:


This is also across the street from the new Aroma pizzeria take out at 634 Florida Ave, NW:


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  • 450 in a townhouse? Am I missing something?

  • awesome! cannot wait. now, what is going into reta lewis’ spaces?

  • More pizza, eh? Even though there are three pizza places already within two blocks of this? OK… Better than an empty storefront, I guess. Hopefully this will put Pizzarro out of its misery.

  • Yeah that’s gotta be a typo for 45

  • I thought this was going to be an asian spot. Did I miss an update?

  • In addition to the capacity issue being confusing, I am also confused about the pizza/semi club thing they are trying to pull off. The dancing/cover charge thing to me sounds like they might be trying to do too much at once. Can I take a break from the dance floor and go grab a gourmet wood fired pizza before going back into action cutting a rug? Either way, the cover charge thing puts me out. Out of principle I don’t pay for the privilege to then buy drinks at outrageous margin, unless I know someone in the band.

  • Lost interest with the DJ and cover charge. Oh well—easy come, easy go.

  • If that occupancy load is accurate, live entertainment, DJ, cover charge….this is a nightclub that is attempting to get a tavern license instead.

    Which is standard for DC.

    If Heaven and Hell has a tavern license…. then what the heck is a nightclub?

  • As a neighborhood resident who is already having issues with Flash Bar, this definitely concerns me, particularly given the amount of noise and questionable behavior that already stems from their bar. Having an outdoor patio that is open until 3 am doesn’t really seem all that neighborhood-friendly. It looks like it is owned by M & I, LLC, although I can’t find any information about the company anywhere. I’m wondering if it its the same owners as Flash?

    • flash could have been cool but they totally blew it with their outrageous covers, douchebag bouncers and general identity crisis

      the pizza place at 8th and Florida is absolutely terrible – overpriced and horrible quality. not looking forward to this pizza either. havent tried aroma pizza tho

      • Huh? Flash is packed to the gills every weekend. They charge covers (in the range of $5-$20) because they bring in international live acts and DJs. People need to get paid, duh.
        Flash isn’t just another one of the the trashy “clubs” you find in Adams Morgan circa 2001. It has a musically knowledgeable, digitally connected, and higher income international clientele. Most people going to Flash are attending to see a specific DJ or act whose music they actively follow. That’s why they can charge covers. They aren’t making money on volume, unlike a places like Madam’s Organ, Heaven and Hell, or The Velvet Room that just want to get in as many people as possible.
        And yes, I agree with the posters above. This new “pizza restaurant” definitely sounds like a nightclub that’s trying to operate on a tavern license. My guess is that DCRA lets them get away with it, so long as no one complains too vociferously during the license review period. If you want to hold them accountable, the comment period for the license review is now open. Residents should organize quickly.

      • Pizza D’oro is the best option for late night pizza in this area- decent product and very friendly owners. All the cops eat there so you know it is good late night grub! On T btwn 8th and 7th. I agree- the one on FL and 8th is awful.

    • What are you talking about? Its a great place! Have you ever been inside?

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