Washington, DC

639 Florida Avenue, NW

Over the summer we learned a new Asian restaurant, IChing, was coming to 639 Florida Ave, NW by the Howard Theatre. I’m happy to share an update from the owner:

“The Philosophy for IChing is simple, it stands for change on how to accomplish balance, harmony, prosperity, happiness, and longevity. IChing is a teaching that combines between Taosim and Confucius wisdom dated back to 3000 B.C. Today it is known also known to be use in, what is call Feng-Shi.This area is changing very fast and I like to bring all those elements into our cooking and happiness to our community.

This has been a long project for me. We are at the construction phase. We were suppose to be due to open in fall 2013. Our plans have been delay, this building is so old. There is a lot of work to be done for the safety of patrons. We are now looking till sometime in March 2014. The poster that we had posted up was to get a vibe from the neighborhood, and it work. People are curious of the Chinese boy. The meaning of this poster is to give an idea of something ancient, and Asia. He is also waiting at the step of the front door to be unlock.This establishment will be a friendly neighborhood restaurant that you can bring your family, friends, or for a business meeting.

Our cuisine is Vietnamese, Korean, Thai, Japanese. My executive chef is a born Japanese.His name his Munehiro Mori. Experince for 30 years.(Cashion’s, Raku, Asia Nora, Wolfgang Puck. His cooking introduces cross-cultural ingredients with the same spirit of innovation with a European flair. We are very exited!”



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